May 15th, 2005


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There was this interesting Canadian movie that came out a couple years ago called The Nemesis Game. I've seen it on cable and it's very interesting, very mentally stimulating. It raises a lot of questions, moreso than answers. This question is directed at the Canadian members of this community. Was this movie released in theaters? Have you seen it? Have you heard of it? Did it create a stir based on the interesting subject matter? Did it lead to any speculations? I just want to know because seeing it only on cable, with no knowledge of the film besides what IMBD says, just makes me want to know more about it.
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if you work for a comany that wears a quasi-uniform, and you are having a "company meeting," but are not working afterwards, are you expected to dress to the meeting??

it's at buttcrack in the morning so i don't know if anybody will be there if i call in the morning and i'd hate to feel like a dufus for dressing when i don't need to, but i'd hate even more to not dress when i was supposed to.

the other day a manager was working in the stock room and she wore her jeans.. i asked how come she was in jeans and she said she because she didn't have to be on the floor. but then she added that *if* the other manager had it her way, we'd be dressed all the time. so i don't knoooow.

if it comes down to it, i guess i'll end up dressing; i just wanted to know if you guys have been in this situation?

EDIT thanks for all your suggesstions! =) i ended up wearing dark gray pants with black sneaks that way i wouldn't stand out either way. haha. like, if i was supposed to dress, then it wouldn't be as obvious as jeans; but also if i wasn't, then people wouldn't think i tried too hard with the black pants!

anyway, it turned out that we didn't need to dress and most girls came in their pajamas with flip flops. ;P
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I want to hear from the guys in particular on this one.

Are guys as easy as everyone says they are? After having discussions with many men recently, the conclusion has been reached that if a man is straight and a girl has a pretty enough face, then they'd be on for a shag.

So tell me your thoughts on the subject, and what really gets you going about women - what turns you on and off?
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Unlocked cell phones...

I'm looking on eBay for a new cell phone, mainly cause mine is a POS, and I have a question. Some of the phones in the descriptions it mentions them being unlocked, so they can work with any phone company. I remember my friend mentioning this the other day when she was trying to find her own cell phone, however she said something about it being either good/bad/not working and I can't remember exactly what she said. Can anyone help me out?

Thx :)

EDIT: Ok I talked to my friend and she said that the cell companies won't activate unlocked cell phones and that is what she was talking about the other night and she said not to buy the unlocked phones. Good idea, however I just thought of something that makes me still unsure. I already have a cell phone so if I were to just get the unlocked phone and put my current sim card into the new phone would it work or would there be any other problems? I'm thinking their might be, but at this moment by brain is just glossing over those so I need some help.

Thanks :)

Paragraph of questions

I wrote this in my journal a few days ago. i know there are a lot of questions so answer as many or as few as you wish. I would just like to know if anyone else thinks these things. If anyone has thought/felt these things, what did you do about it/them?

"Did you ever feel that everyone else in the world is smarter, better, more talented, prettier, more successful, more able, and happier than you are? Did you sit and wonder if you'll ever be happy again? Did you ever think that this is the best it's ever going to get because you had your chance at happiness and blew it? THat this is it? DOn't you want more? Do you feel something drilling straight through your body from the top of your brain down to the back of your heel? Did you ever forget how happiness feels, how pleasure feels, how normal breathing feels? Did you ever grow comfortably numb? Did you then realize you CAN still feel when you're ripping your skin off and tearing your hair out, but somehow that doesn't make it any more realisitc? Have you ever actually made up fake reasons to get yourself out of bed to deal with obligations you just don't have the heart to face anymore? Have you ever passed through a large gathering of happy people and the longer you stay there the closer you are to breaking down in front of everyone? Did you ever think of turning yourself in to some institution or another so that you just don't have to deal with the world anymore? Have you ever needed a vacation from your body and mind? DO you wonder if you'd rather be stupid and happy or smart and unhappy just to hear your inner monologue scream at you that you don't have to worry about it because you're not that smart and you're unhappy and everyone around you is smarter and happier than you are?"
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My mom gave me some yarn. She doesn't crochet anymore and I now knit. But she smokes, and you can tell from the smell of the yarn.

Will a regular washing (or a few) through the washer and dryer take out the smell after I knit something up? Is there something else I can do to take out the smell?

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Question: you know how your computer records every website you've ever been to and you can scroll down the address bar and view them all? How do you remove all that information?

Question 2: similar, yet different. How do you remove your searches from the search engine bar? The computer I'm on has that function where if you type in a letter, it'll bring up every search you've ever done with that letter in order to make your search easier.

If you can tell me how to empty the cache where that memory is stored, I'd truly appreciate it.

I ask because I once in a while visit some sites I shouldn't at work and I don't want any to leave any trail behind me. I'm afraid they might check.
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the terminology confuses me

For those that are not easily identified, either through the lack of ID or memory, there is the labelling of such as John Doe....sometimes Jane Doe as the case may involve a female.

What is the origin of this term?

Why John?

Is anyone aware of when this was first used or how the first and last were decided upon?
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School spirit days

This coming Friday is Beach Day at my school, and because I'm a big fan of my school I'd like to participate.

However, coming to school in a string bikini is both inappropriate and very cold. Does anyone know what I can do for Beach Day that doesn't involve showing too much skin, and that will keep me comfortable enough to go through my day?

Edit: Got tons of ideas, thanks everyone! :)


what's up with all the "beware the heat" commercials??? what is it supposed to be advertising? at first i thought it was for anti-persperant, then i thought maybe it was an ad for shoes.. but now i'm starting to think its an ad about global warming. i went to the site and well i'm STILL confused! does anyone know what i'm talking about or what it's about???
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If this isn't allowed, just delete my post but I want to have icons made for a friend and I don't have any programs.

Someone please make icons for Pinky and the Brain? It's for my friend

For the Pink one, put "Narf" on it somewhere.

For the one with both of them, put "Do you know what we're going to do tonight, Pinky? Try to take over the world!" Or whatever type of pinky and the brain thing.

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Should I wash the dog before I mow the yard or vice versa?

If I wash him before I mow, he won't roll in grass clippings. If I mow before I wash him, he rolls in grass clippings and smells like freshly cut grass... which could be better than smelling like wet dog.

Just pick for me. I have no idea.

APA Style

I'm doing a few case studies for a research project in my high school psych class. The paper is supposed to be in APA format, but I have no idea how to organize the results and discussion sections. I've tried googling it and I've even looked in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, but I can't find anything. So how do I do this? An example would be excellent.
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Okay, can someone explain this "my hed is pasteded on yey" thing?
I've s
een it on many posts and always wondered wtf people are talking about. I get it'sa prlly a joke/post from ages ago but still somone please explain?
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Guys: Do you have girls that are specifically "used"* for booty calls? If yes, do you have any tips for retracking the steps and getting back to where you were before the girl went from girlfriend worthy to booty call?

Basically, I like a guy. Something happened last night that could end up resulting in me being just a booty call. This notion is so disgusting to me and I don't want to be it. I need to get back to where we were before it happened.
Girls too... if you have any tips or suggestions for me, please share.

*=so derogatory but I couldn't think of better usage.
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Let's say someone you knew lied on their college applications (saying they were the captain of varsity soccer when they really played on JVB for 2 seasons, or that they were the founder/president of upwards of 5 clubs that didn't exist/they were only members in) and got into a bunch of great schools doing it -- Yale and MIT, to name a few.

Would you report them? (And to whom?)

What if you knew that this person had no social skills and no friends and would probably be miserable for the rest of her life anyway?

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You know that disney movie, the fat kids camp movie with Ben Stiller...and the Lars guy from sweden?

I want to download, or find some quotes from the movie, and I can't remember the name =[.

Do you??

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cell phone & driving.

do you talk on your cell phone while driving?

does it bother you when other people do?

it drives me INSANE when my boyfriend does. he'll like, call someone while he's in the parking lot, and instead of just waiting a few minutes until the phone call is over, he starts driving right away and dives head first right into traffic while concentrating on his phone call. other people i know intentionally turn their phone to voice mail while driving or have their passenger friend answer for them. i constantly try to remind him that not only is it illegal, but it's dangerous, and it DOESN'T MAKE HIM LOOK COOL.

he always boils it down to it "bugs *me*" so he'll only get off the phone with *me* while he's driving... or if he's talking to someone else when i'm in the car he's like "i'm sorry, i know that bugs you."

the question: is there ANY WAY to make him really understand that it doesn't bug me just because it "bugs me" but because it's illegal and dangerous and completely unnecessary? he's had his phone for like four months which is long enough to be out of the "new phone -- must play now!" but short enough to KNOW that he has survived for years upon years without having to be immediately contacted for any reason.

yes i'm venting. yes i do that a lot. but it's also a genuine question because i don't know how else to get him to really *understand* without being a nag.
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A weird question

What is a disease/condition someone could have (someone elderly, in this case) that could make them
a) know they're not going to live much longer and have their doctor tell them so, and
b) possibly make them confused and forget people's names, etc?

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Bra Sizes, Politics on Friendlists, Student Strikes

Three questions for you today.

1. What do you do when you want to post a political post in your LJ, when you have a very very politically diverse friendslist, and the item of posting has the potential to offend both political factions of your friends (for a moment just looking at things in terms of right and left)? Does humour work in making both sides non-offended?

2. Throughout history, student movements have made changes. Though apparently one way they do this is through student strikes. Could someone please explain to me how students not going to class is supposed to make the government/the school/etc. change the way they do things? Is it what they do while on strike? Because a lot of what I'm reading seems to imply that these changes were all simply made because they didn't go to class, and no other actions.

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Harry Potter...and cat care

Two questions:

1. Why have the the Harry Potter books been so incredibly successful? (And is the reason for their popularity with children the same as the reason for their popularity with adults?)

2. Cat lovers: What would you say is the best type/brand of (preferably unscented) kitty litter? Why?

Two questions

1. Why, at the end of the outtakes in the movie Anchorman, did they include an outtake from Smokey and the Bandit?

2. Is there a community on livejournal for submitting your own websites so that others will test them and tell them if they're compatible and accessible by all browsers and systems? I don't mean a community for submiting and rating layouts, or for discussing web standards, but solely for having others test your site (livejournal or not).
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A Few Randoms

1. If you're a college student, have you already come home for the summer (if you go home)? What's your favorite part about being home? What's your least favorite?

2. Has anyone ever tried a "summer fling?" As in, a short-term relationship guaranteed only to last for the summer. How'd that go? How did you go about setting it up?

3. What's the coolest, nifty thing you've recently discovered?

3a. (So titled because of my answer down below) Did you call it "Regular Nintendo," "N-E-S," "Nes," or something else?

4. For guys (or girls, should this apply), how often do you find that girls you have ever been infatuated with say this: "Well, why didn't you ever say anything? I would have been interested." Or something to that effect, under the following circumstances: A. You now have a dating partner and are unavailable. B. He or she now has a dating partner and is unavailable. C. The feeling has passed or the situation makes dating not an option.

5. For girls, have you ever done this to a guy? Why? Did you know at any other point you would have been interested in him and, if so, why didn't you say anything? Have you ever said this to a guy but not meant it? As in, now that the situation is inopportune, why not just tweak his ego (or bruise it, as I've more often found) a little bit?

6. (As inspired by Whose Line? last night) Can you name a situation in which "Eenie Meenie Miney Moe" is an inappropriate method of selection?

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