May 14th, 2005

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1. We currently have digital cable and wireless internet through Cox. It costs about $100/month. We're considering switching to DirecTV and Verizon DSL. Thoughts?

2. If you had to live off just one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

3. What's your favorite lip balm?

4. My sleep cycle got REALLY screwy during finals and I haven't straightened it out yet so I'm not getting to bed until 5am usually. What can I do to fix this?

5. If you watch late-night TV, who is your favorite host?

6. Have you ever bought an album because you heard one song and loved it, only to find that you really didn't care for the rest of it?

7. My mother thinks I'm crazy because I love to alphabetize things and do other tedious tasks like grade tests for her. Does this really seem weird? Do you like to do stuff like this too?

8. I REALLY need to clean my room, but I just haven't been able to get motivated. I've got a pretty big room and a pretty big mess. Any tips on how to tackle it?

9. What SPF sunscreen do you wear normally (if you wear sunscreen, that is)?

10. Any exciting plans for the weekend?
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I know that monkeys have been cryogenically frozen and thawed, and their behavior seemed unaffected. But to my knowledge, while many humans have been frozen, most of them were already dead or near death, and none has ever been thawed. And we can only learn so much from monkeys...

If you are young and healty, would you be willing to undergo an experiment where you are frozen and thawed out, to see if it has any subtle effect on your brain?

What if it were for one year? Five? Twenty? A hundred?

Do you think you would feel anything while frozen? If we're just chemicals, then you shouldn't. Time would be stopped for you. But if we have souls... it could be a hundred years of frozen hell. *shivers*


I'm planning on going hitchhiking in Europe for a few weeks this summer.
Any of you done that and want to share some tips with me?
More importantly, anyone willing to play the tour guide at your home town? :P Right, just being insolent as always.

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It appears that when I moved from the dorms to this little room in a frat, I accidentally packed my dryer sheets in a box to be left at my parents' house(actually, I think I know exactly where they are... but not here).
I'm currently broke, but I need to do laundry within the next 2 days or so.

What can I do to have my clothes not a massive ball of static, if there aren't any used dryer sheets that i could steal from the laundry room garbage?
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Studying Around Noise

I'm in my second-last year of high school and desperately trying to get the best marks I can to gain entrance into University. Getting good marks is really important to me (of course), so I study as hard as I can, and do my best when I'm writing essays and such.

My marks are clearly not as important to my family.

They love to argue and air their dirty laundry (figure of speech, of course) right outside the study, and as much as I know they have a right to talk and argue and do normal people things, I'd love it if it wasn't right outside the door while I was trying to work, you know? No matter how often I ask them (well, at first it was asking, now it's a mix of begging and yelling) they won't move their discussion somewhere else or lower their voices. Furthermore, when my younger brother wants to play online games or chat to a friend, I have to let him use the computer no matter what I'm doing (which doesn't bother me unless I'm in the middle of something important - yesterday, I had an essay to finish by a certain time and, because he wanted to email a friend, I had to call my teacher and ask for an extension).

Perhaps it's just teen angst, but this is really getting to me; and I was wondering if you guys could offer me any tips on either reaching a compromise with my family on the issue, or, failing that, how to ignore loud noises/distractions and concentrate on what I'm doing? I'd be eternally grateful if you could.

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There's a mushroom pizza that's been in my dorm fridge since Wednesday. If I don't see anything growing on it, is it still good? Or is it still too old to eat?

EDIT: I'm taking your advice and eating it. If I die of food poisoning, it's your fault. ;)

EDIT AGAIN: Said fridge now reeks of pizza. I'm defrosting it and moving out on Tuesday. If I stick a box of baking soda in there tomorrow, will it have sufficient time to get rid of the odor before I have to pack the fridge up?
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What would you honestly do if you "found" a purse with photo ID, cash, ss card, and a money order for over $700 that hadn't had the recipient specified?

Cuz I just had my purse stolen or accidentally taken home by a random person (could have gotten mixed in with their things given the circumstances) and I'm wondering what the average person would do with it. (Take the cash, dump the rest? Return it immediately? Return it void of cash? etc.)

EDIT: Also I'm not sure it's stolen, it could be in someone elses equipment bag - should I call the police and tell them or is it too insignificant!?
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I'm doing a project on Iraqi-Americans that's due in a couple of weeks. As you can probably imagine, it's insanely hard to locate people who I can talk to or survey or interview. If you're from Iraq (or your parents are) and you're willing to take a survey (it's only ten questions which you rate from strongly agree to strongly disagree,) respond to this with your email and I'll send the survey to you. It would be really helpful! Also, if you'd be willing to do an online interview, that would be amazing.

I'm not sure if I'll have any luck, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

Thank you!

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Does anyone know where I can find a flash file called (I think) "Sound of the new arrows"?

it was the original version of that annoying crazy frog thing, and was on the net about three years ago. It was (simply) a picture of a race car with a kid making car sound effects to it.