May 13th, 2005

Office Petpeeves

I work in a cubicle farm surrounded by many small to medium offices where the upper echelon live.

It really irritates me that as I am trying to get work done, people will stand outside my cube and chit chat about nothing or stick thier head out of thier office to yell to someone in another office.

My other petpeeve is people that just walk down the aisle making random noises for no apparent reason. Bleah.

What is your biggest work environment petpeeve?
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(no subject)

When you buy someone a gift, do you ever want them to know how much you spent? I know it may seem shallow, if that's the word I'm looking for, but there's one friend I have, that I feel she should know.


Do jeans fall into this category?

I have a thing to go to today. I've recently got a job and now I have to go in to do the paperwork/watch some videos on health and safety/things like that.
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(no subject)

i have a question about coffee, mmmmm coffee.

i recently purchased whole-beans from my local coffee retail store and i'm wondering what the best way to keep them fresh is. i have them in the freezer for now but i don't want to ruin their taste that way. what do you recommend as the best way to keep whole-bean coffee?
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(no subject)

i am having this bug problem in my room. by one of my windows there are these tiny little bugs with black spots on them. i believe i am getting bitten by them. is there a website or something where i can type in the description of this bug to figure out what it is and how to get rid of it??
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Before I air my dirty laundry for all to see...

Let's say that I have a friends filter called "Friends One". In said filter I have Amy, Beth, Cindy, and Doris. I've made a post that only those four (plus myself) can see. A few months later, I realize that I have far too many filters and I decide to delete some.

I read through the FAQs, but I'm still not 100% I've got this right... If I delete "Friends One", will the entries that Amy, Beth, Cindy, and Doris see now be viewable by anyone or will the entry just get locked up to where only I can see it?
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Nine Inch Nails...

...what is the newest release from Nine Inch Nails?

I saw a video for it today, but I can't remember the name. If some song names are listed, I might be able to remember the title...

I have never liked Nine Inch Nails, but this song has made me want to listen to more of their songs.

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

1. Have you quit smoking?
(I'm talking about someone who was a regular smoker, not just 1 or 2 smokes a week)
2. How many tries did it take before you quit for good?
3. How long has it been since you quit?
4. Before quitting, how long had you been a smoker?
5. What method did you use to quit?
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Car question

This is perhaps a stupid question -- keep in mind, I know nothing about cars.

What the hell is a battery post? Is it difficult/expensive to replace, when "stripped"?
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friday. the thirteenth.

1. what was the last thing or the worst thing that really hurt your feelings?

2. what was the last thing your SO did to piss you off?

3. do long comments annoy you? are you less likely to read the long ones? i really like reading long ones but everyone always seems to post the shortest answer possible for some reason.

4. those of you who don't have your driver's license, how old are you and why don't you have it? i don't have mine and i'm actually surprised to see people frequently mentioning that they don't either.

5. did you have bad luck today, friday the thirteenth? are you supersticious?

Pizza question

Do you prefer your slice triangular or square?

For those of you who like Stouffer's French Bread pizzas, do you eat it from the rounded end or the sliced end?

Best pizza in your area?

Finally, what would you NEVER have on your pizza?
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Short Hair...

Anyone know of any good websites with good photos of up-to-date short hairstyles?? The real kind, not what they put into books that requires 40 hours of ironing and 3 gallons of gel... Everything I find so far looks like the styles are 10 years old, or way too high concept for my taste...

I'm looking to crop all mine off, and have a mental picture, but I'm looking for something to take in to the salon with me to give the stylist the right idea...

(no subject)

Wow, my dreams are weird. Last night I had a dream in which I had a green coin (what?) that allowed me to do whatever I wanted, like flying, for instance. I also could just point to a guy that I wanted and say "You. Me. Sex. Now."


What was your last strange dream?
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Horror Movies

to quote Scream:

"Do you like scary movies?"

if so, what's your favorite?

I like the Halloween series the best personally. But, as a stand alone horror, I'd have to go with Th1rt33n Ghosts.

I'm a horror movie fanatic!
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