May 11th, 2005


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Today I completed my last final in my last semester of my last year in college! *insert fanfare here* I'm finally done with undergrad!!!

But I have a question: I think I might go to grad school sometime, probably to get an MBA, but I know I won't go for a couple of years and I don't know which schools I'll be applying to. I know that grad schools want two or three letters of recommendation from previous professors. So should I get those professors to write the letters now and hold on to them, or send them to me, or what should I do? I'd rather not pay for a service that will hold them for me but I will if I have to...

I also get the feeling that I've asked this question before, but I peeked into the past and couldn't find it. Is there a way to search the old entries for ones that I've personally posted?

Perhaps Im just naive but...

I have a gyno appt. tomorrow to go on Birth Control, and I know or rather I have heard that they have to do a pregnancy test + the normal exam. so my question is, do they draw blood, or just take a sample of urine? or another way I dont know of? I havent felt well and I want to take aspirin but if they're gonna draw blood then I dont want to.
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it's going to be a looooong 4 months.

Any tips on how to NOT eat all the food in the house? I've only been home for less than a week and I've developed a horrible habit of eating while I'm bored, and it doesn't help that a close friend of mine is in the hospital... and as a family with 4 lifetime Girl Scouts in the house you can bet we have a LOT of cookies. =|

So how do I convince myself that just because there's food hanging around, that doesn't mean I need to eat it..? I don't seem to be getting full.

I keep adding questions...

Yay TMI-ish questions.

1. Someone here once identified themselves as a "menstruation activist" or something similar, and when asked to explain what they were for/against, said something about how there are... I think the number was 48? Some fairly large number of methods of dealing with menstruation and girls generally only know/are told about 2. I can think of four- tampons, pads, those cup things, and mentral extractors... what are the others?

2.1 I have fun friends, who are mostly coupled off. So, sometimes(often) the conversation turns to sexual things, and sometimes it's brought up that I don't do fellatio. My boyfriend is fine with this, other guys seem to not care since I'm not their girlfriend... It's always the female friends who are weirded out/can't seem to believe this. They tell me that if I change my mind they could give me tips, or that my gag reflex would fade/I'd get used to it after a few times... Why do they *care*? In the back of my mind I almost think they don't like it either and it's a misery loving company kind of thing.
2.2 How about you? do you think "eh, that's her business/between her and her boyfriend", or "huh, I bet she's just being childish about it/she'd change her mind of she tried"? and are you male/female?

3. Not TMI question: To you, what is the difference(if any) between flip out and freak out? Boyfriend uses them interchangeably, but to me to 'flip out' is to be smashing-things-angry, and to 'freak out' is to be whimpering/shrieking-hiding-under-the-bed-afraid.

4. Another not TMI one. My new roommate has a tribble. In Bruce Coville's "My teacher..." series, this kid.. peter? is getting his brain taken out for study. and one of his alien friends gives him a pet. I think he named it Poot, after the noise it makes. I think the description was something like a warm furry humming slug, and if you pulled it apart it made two of them. at some point in the books, all the little Poots made from pulling him/his other bits apart join together to make a Poot the size of a bus and they eat the kid... What was that species? and why did they eat the kid? I know there was a good reason.

5. I have paypal. I have a verified bank account. That 40 cents or so that they put in the account to have me confirm how much they put in and prove it's mine... what happens with those? Will they deduct that the first time I move money from paypal to my bank, or what?

Foot question

I appear to have gotten a very small piece of glass embedded in the bottom of my foot last night. I felt it when I stepped on it, and it bled like crazt, but I couldn't find the glass - so I can't tell if it's in my foot or not. I can't put weight on the foot, and it hurts when it's up, but I can't tell if that's from the glass being in there or from the small cut I gave myself trying to remove it (yes, that was as much fun as it sounds).

Do I need to go to the emergency room for this? Or can I just limp around for a day or two and it'll work itself out, if it's even in there? I don't know if the emergency room could find it either and I don't really want to go in if they can't do anything about it.

A new one

It always seems I come here for this sort of thing.

Alright so had my birthday party Monday, a friend brough her friend, who turned out to be very nice and very pretty. I'm thinking of asking her out my only hold up this time was, 1. She is friends with three people whom I've just started getting to know well. 2. These three friends own the bar I go to on a regular basis. 3. Two of the three owners are a couple.

Is it a good idea to pursue? I know that she is single.

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Who remembers rin tin tin?

I vaguely remember the opening sequence and we had a dog named after him "rinny" but otherwise, I have no recollection

Girls: Is your gyno a girl or guy? Do you care either way? why?

I see a girl, I dont think Id have a problem with a guy but when I was choosing I thought of my pediatrician who I was most comfortable with and it was a girl.

Why do you get uncomfortable when a girl talks about her period or other female issues?

Is there a band that you hated before you actually heard them, and once you did you loved them?

For me it was the Ataris. I never liked them, just first reaction but I had never listened to them. As soon as I heard San Dimas HS football rules, I fell in love.

What's the sweetest simple thing someone you were involved with said to you?

My ex and I were in a long distance online relationship, the first day I met him (I was spending 2 weeks with him in CA) we were walking around a park and he interlaced his fingers in mine and said "It fits"

I might be going to see Rocky Horror on friday and the only other time I went to a theater for RHPs I was way into it and dressed up as columbia. Im not doing that this time, so what would one wear that isnt a costume to RHPS?

yea...Im all out

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Would you date someone with a weird or "different" name?
(no offense to the following names, they're just not "common" now days.)


Or if he had a feminine name?

Computer games

Inspired by a news article I saw today about computer games for/by women, or lack thereof. I'd be grateful if you would answer my poll...

(I know the majority of active members here are female and that's why I'm posting here, but the male members are equally welcome to answer)
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OK I just got really frustrated and yelled at my computer, and my guinea pigs ran into their houses, chattering at me. ;o) I figure it's time to get some help from thequestionclub!

I'm trying to set up a My Yahoo! page, and I'm trying to create a module which will monitor my Yahoo! groups and put the most recent topics on my My Yahoo! this even possible? Like they have the latest headlines from and whatnot. I was just trying to get the most recent posts to my Yahoo!Groups to show up on my My Yahoo! page. I tried going to the Add Content page and search for the name of the Yahoo!Group and it isn't finding it at all, even though I know it exists. This is why I hate search engines. ;o) What am I doing wrong? Anyone here Yahoo! savvy and want to help me? :oD

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Alright ladies and gents. It's been brought to my co-worker and I's attention that there is a potluck that we are to be attending tomorrow at noon and I need to make something for it.

Problem is, I work until 4:30 and it takes be about half an hour with traffic to get home. I have about an hour and a half to have supper and get ready before leaving to pick up my boyfriend to go out tonight. I'd pass on the hanging out with the boyfriend but he works nights and I work days so we don't get to see eachother all that often as it is.

Any ideas for something I can whip up quickly or buy?
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gas cards

some stupid questions, but i'm not good with cars so...

1. how good is shell gas? i've always used exxon/mobil in my car.
2. can it damage your car's engine or anything if you switch between brands of gas (i.e. if i switch on and off between exxon gas and shell gas, will it do anything to my car)? (stupid, i know, but i'm poor so i don't want to do anything that would damage my car and thus cause me to be in a dilemma financially to hvae it fixed.)

snoop dog song?

does anyone know the name of the snoop dog song that has a little boy in the video with a snoop dog doll? when the kid plays with the doll it makes snoop do the same things. there's also a live version of the song with him playing the song with a live band at a house party. thanks!

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How would one go about getting hairdye off one's skin? (I am in the process of dying my hair and i'm sure that i'll get some on my face) Is there some magical foolproof technique?

For fun, here's a picture of something completely random.

title or description
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If a college is having huge problems as a result of drinking at frat parties, do you think it is justified for them to ban alcohol at those parties? Or should they just try to educate about responsible drinking?

What do you think of schools who have done away with the Greek system altogether, as a way to prevent the problems it causes?

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So, i'm living in a frat house for the summer. the price was right, location was good, a friend lives here.
I've been living here for three days now.
Technically, the contract said I moved in 3 or 4 days from now, but I asked nicely and he said I could move in early (other girls have also moved in early). The contract also stated that I pay my rent on move-in day.
The guy I'm supposed to give my rent to has not come for it. Nor, in fact, have i seen him since I moved all the boxes into my room.
Should I wait till the official move in day, in case maybe he's just collecting from everybody then? Do I hunt him down?

How can I keep cold cuts fresh? Even the resealable packages, I end up at some point asking a friend to smell it and tell me if it's bad, and it always is. Right now I have those Carl Buddig 2-sandwiches-worth packages. So far my best luck has been wrapping the resealable package in saran wrap, but now I have no saran wrap. How can I keep them from expiring, so I can get some more economical foodstuffs?

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So I got this e-mail from "" at my yahoo account. It went to my bulk folder automatically though, which makes me think it probably isn't an official e-mail?

Anyway, before I realized that I opened the e-mail and it said, subject line "*IMPORTANT* Your Account Has Been Locked"

"We have suspended some of your email services, to resolve the problem
you should read the attached document."

it has an attachment, needless to say.

Is this some sort of virus? have I already gotten it by opening the e-mail even though I haven't touched the attachment? or could it be legit?

Edit: I also got a similar e-mail immediately beforehand from "", also to my bulk folder, subject line "Your email account access is restricted" with body "To safeguard your email account from possible termination, please see
the attached file."

another attachment. it's a zip. the first one was a zip too.

Edit 2: Thanks everyone, I sent on to abuse, hopefully it all gets cleared up!
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I need a good quote for a short story I'm writing. Does anyone know of one, preferably by someone well-known, that has the general gist of "the minority has the right to rebel and try to turn the opinion of the majority"?

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Theres a necklace and I believe a bracelet that is sold to promote the fight again smoking. sorta like the "live strong" bracelets. The design is like..a silver sun or something, does anyone know the website they sell them on? I went there once before, or if a store carries them?

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I'm making a mix CD to cruise around with the top down, but I'm looking for songs that... well, the ones that EVERYONE knows, and that everyone knows the chrous too, and some of the verses, but that aren't like boy bands.

So far, I have:
1. Third Eye Blind- Semi-Charmed Kinda Life
2. Match Box 20- 3am
3. Blondie- Call Me

Any ideas???

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1. What's up with (high school) people that are "talking about going out"? It isn't a wedding proposal! You like him/her + s/he likes you = ask him/her out!! Edit: By "going out", I mean going together as in a relationship, not going on a date.

2. Why do some people love drama in their lives? Personally I like being the stable one who counsels my friends, but a lot of my friends love the drama in their lives, and say that if there wasn't any they would have no real life. And don't say they're bitchy drama whores, this is my best friend I'm talking about.
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Any last minute tips for passing the written portion of the drivers license test? Going into the DMV tomorrow. I'm studying like a fiend tonight but couldn't hurt to ask for some extra tips.


What type of plants would be good to place in a sunny dry sandy patch of land at the bottom of my driveway? I live in NC, zone 7b. I want something I can pick up fairly easily. My husband found some ideas in a gardening book (like sea lavender), but we can't find any of that without special ordering it. So, what would be cheap and easy to find and not block the view at the end of the driveway, and work for that type of environment?

Thanks for your ideas!

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I'm trying to download some episodes of a TV show from I got one episode of said show and everything was great, until all of a sudden it stopped doing anything.

At first, it would get like...70% downloaded and it would stop. Just not download any more. Now, when I try to connect to the site, it sits at 0% and says "connecting to peers" for eternity, but nothing happens, no matter how long I leave it alone.

I tried opening a new account with them to see if it was that account, and it wasn't, it's happening with all of them.

Anyone know what the problem might be?

Edit: On the chance it's the site, can anyone recomend another good place to download episodes of TV shows?
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Alright kids one more question...

I play the Sims2 and I love my game. I recently found out that the computer I'm playing it on has dos (2) hard drives. Well, my sims game automatically installed itself on the C drive and that happens to be the small one. The D drive (which is currently not in use) has 60 gigs on it and I need my sims to be over there. I'm eating all the hard drive space on the C drive. Now, short of reinstalling and losing everything I've spent so much time on building... how can I do that?

By the way, what in the hell is a megabit? Not a megabyte.

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would you be angry if a friend of yours tried to date your ex boyfriend that you really loved only a month after he broke up with you? What if you had only dated him for like two months? I am 24. Shouldn't I be over this stuff by now? Am I being immature to be angry or would you be angry too? Would you still consider this person your friend or would you decide that she isn't worth it? They are not dating, but I know she is trying hard enough. Do you think I am being overdramatic to be angry about it and I should be more mature? Or is she a terrible friend?