May 10th, 2005

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job applications

Okay, I'm working on filling out applications for a new job, and most of them want a complete work history...

Well, I've had 15 jobs. Most of them were part time, more than one at once. (I'm 25.) So do you think it would be completely out of line to just type up one sheet to attach to each application? Some only have space for three, some five...would that make me look lazy, or organized? I just don't know, plus I DO want to save a little bit of writing. (I think I have about 12 applications!)

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Just curious

It is possible to get into college if you dropped out of high school and got a GED, right? It's not technical-vocational schools I'm curious about, it's "regular" colleges and universities. If you get a GED, can you arrange to take the SAT or ACT, then apply for college? I'm assuming it would be harder to get in than someone who went through high school and you probably wouldn't be getting into anyplace like Harvard, but I'm guessing you could get into someplace with lower requirements. Anyone who has been through this or knows of someone who has, enlighten me.

(no subject)

so I gotta's a question for ya'll. There's this guy who has a boyfriend. Well this guy really likes me and wants to be with me and I want to be with him. He is trying to get rid of his boyfriend as of now. Me and this guy's boyfriend used to be really good friends, but now were not. Is it wrong to take his bf away? I mean I'm not doing it be mean or anything, I just want to be with this guy. Any advice?

(no subject)

Can the word "trick" be an insult in the vein of "slut" to you? Where do you live? I was just wondering if that's strictly a regional thing.

Similarly, would you know what I meant if I said "teeter-totter"?
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roll into my life

Texting. .

So I am going to buy a text messaging plan for my phone. .and when I choose the one I want it has this as the description:

Allows you to send, receive, and reply to text messages (up to 140 characters) using your phone. Messages may be sent to and from any T-Mobile phone or e-mail address. $0.05 per additional text message.

My question is, does it mean that I can only text message between t-mobile phones with this plan? Or is it to any phone?? I don't want to buy the plan if it's for texting between t-mobile phones only.
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(no subject)

Can someone please just give me a short rundown of current American policies in the Middle East? I just want highlights, I don't need opinions flying back and forth its just for general knowledge so I can better approach a paper topic.

(no subject)

Does anyone know of anybody in Pennsylvania Lehigh Valley area that has kittens? Newborn kittens , between 3-6 weeks old? Ranging in like 10-30 bucks? I am determined to get a kitten today! I want something to take care of!!! :)

They would go to a good home, I just miss having a pet and I adore cats.

::EDIT:::between 7-8 weeks old. :)

I never thought this would happen to me...

...but my sister just picked out the WORST (as in, totally inappropriate) bridesmaid's dress EVER. (See? - check out the "back" view!)

Anyone who's been there have suggestions for places I can look online for a bridesmaids dress that's doesn't look like a choir uniform (i.e. anything and everything at David's Bridal) or a giant sack of ho?

I have to find something "better" for us to wear, or I have to wear that (eep!). By better, I mean it must fall into her definition of "romantic, old-fashioned/mideval, and black or wine/burgundy/dark red". Not that that dress is really any of those, but, whatever.

Thank you thank you thank you!
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random just got out of school questions

1. Would it upset you if you were walking to the parking lot and all of a sudden you saw a friend of yours and her boyfriend being all huggy and kissy on each other? Does that depress you like it does me?

2. Is it normal to just feel generally burned out right after getting out of school? I had my last final today and I feel so exhausted. Then again I got four hours of sleep last night so that could have something to do with it.

3. If you could change one thing about today, what would it be?

4. Did you ever give any of your teachers gifts at the end of the year? I gave my English professor a plant and she was floored.

(no subject)

A friend of mine recently stated that he did not want to hang out with me by ourselves anymore because I get upset and depressed and "want to talk about things". Even in groups, he points out that I am sad or depressed even though I don't say anything and I'm not trying to be dramatic. He knows I suffer from depression. We used to date so that complicates things. He wants to wait it out until I somehow get better and aren't always wanting to talk about stuff and cry and get upset around him. What would you do if this were you? If someone told you they didn't want to hang out with you by yourselves because you got upset too much and wanted to talk too much, what would you do? Am I doing something wrong? Is he? I am being too emotional and needy or is he being a selfish and shitty friend? Do you think there is anything I can do to resolve this situation?

I just want someone to like me for who I am, good and bad. Sometimes I get depressed and upset but for once I'd like to know that I can talk to someone about it without them deciding that I am annoying and they don't want to be my friend anymore. I try so hard to hide my depression most of the time and not let it bother people, even though they can still tell I'm not "my normal self". But, whenever I ask for help or want to talk, I annoy people and they leave. Why isn't there anyone out there who will be friends with someone who isn't always happy? People see my good qualities but they don't care enough to help me or want to stay through the bad times. It hurts so much. Why would you do that to someone?

(no subject)

An old face in the community, but in a new form and joining again.

My question is:

How many people know the original two people that founded this community, and why? :)
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(no subject)

how come when i try to play a specific song in winamp, it scrolls through a whole bunch and plays something completely different? something by a different artist even? does anyone know how to fix this? it's driving me insane.
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(no subject)

which do you prefer?
the traditional haikus
or american?

seem too free form and random
it feels like cheating

another question,
could you go through one day
writing in haikus?

the experiment
will start for me tomorrow
and what about you?

(refrain from counting
all the haikus' syllables
there's always mistakes)
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ok i know i just posted like four minutes ago but this just popped into my head and it has always bugged me....

what the hell do certain sayings mean? for example....

"you just want to have your cake and eat it too" ....WHAT?! what good is a cake that you can't eat "oh happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... ok that was fun, let's throw the cake away!"


"you've made your bed, now lay in it!" ...? because we make our beds just before getting in them?

i dunno. that cake one just gets me though. yeesh.

any idea what they might mean or where they came from?

what sayings really irk you?

(no subject)

Why is my IE screwing with me? The other day I tried opening it and I would click the icon, but the browser wouldnt pop up, Id hit ctrl+alt+dlt and it would show it running in "processes" but it never pops up, not even 30 minutes later.

I dont know if its only IE or if It was doing that with my "my documents" folder earlier, but now it'll work for maybe 30 - 60 minutes then do it again, so I have to restart.
And if the browser is open it freezes the window and everything gets stuck.

Is it IE? Ive never had anything like this happen before...

mp3 --> website & banned books

1. How do you convert a mp3 file that you have to some sort of a song format that you can put on a website? (Not to offer for download - to have the song play on the website.)

2. Why is James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl a banned book? I read it back in second grade and I don't remember much of it.
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(no subject)

I want to buy a digicam under 300 Canadian before tax. Do any of you guys recommend certain brands or models?

I had to take this community off of my friends list because of the lj addiction, but I miss it!
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(no subject)

Did anyone else have trouble swallowing sushi the first time they tried it?

It tasted really good, but the seaweed refused to go down my throat, which led to gagging, which led to napkin spitting. Sort lost my appetite after that.
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a few questions

1. Are there any movies that you just HAVE to watch when you see them on?
-For me, it's Chicago, Dirty Dancing, and Fried Green Tomatos.

2. What is it about warm milk that's supposed to make you sleepy? Does it have to be warm? Why/why not?

3. Are there certain foods you can only eat in very specific circumstances?
-I generally dislike raw tomatos, unless it's completely on it's own, sliced on a plate with a bit of salt. Otherwise...ew.

4. Does anyone have a pet that makes weird noises?
-my kitten doesn't meow, he cries. My new neighbours actually thought it was a baby crying/whimpering, but it was Booger.

5. Is anyone else unimpressed with the Kenny Chesney/Renee Zellweger marriage?
-I'm a huge fan of both, and I just don't think they're a good match, especially after 4 months

(no subject)

anyone use the new yahoo messenger? how do you locate people on your list in a chat? in the old messenger you could right click and hit join in chat but i dont see that feature anymore. HELP!!
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MG1 Corporation

Got a card in the mail today with a "Magic Match Scratch'n'Win". Scratched, and I may have won.

"May have" by the fact that the symbols matched, but it doesn't specify what the prize would be besides part of a general group of prizes (which would be cool to win if they were actual prizes). But it says to win, you have to call within 72 hours of receipt, and you'd have to "agree to and qualify for a MG1 homecare product presentation (no purchase required)".

Google doesn't seem to be turning up anything on this very unspecific company.

So, scam, spam or legitimate winning opportunity?
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