May 9th, 2005

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credit cards and boyfriends

1. Is there anyone else out there who has memorized their credit card number and expiration date from shopping online so much? I even know the little number on the back they ask for sometimes. I know I'm a little addicted to shopping online, but I want to know that I'm not alone (my boyfriend thinks I am).

Which brings me to my second question.
2. I will soon be 21, my boyfriend will soon be 22. We've been dating for about two and a half years, and living together for a year. Somehow, the term "boyfriend" just seems so puerile and inappropriate for describing our relationship. Every time I say it I feel like a giggling high school girl. (Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just doesn't describe me!) What is a more appropriate term? I've heard people use "partner," but I think that sounds kind of funny. Any suggestions?

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What are your best and worst qualities, in your opinion? Give five things for each.

Also, if you could only give five words to describe yourself as completely as possible, what would they be? (And don't put "I like to eat cheese," as that doesn't say very much. ;)

My responses will be listed in a comment.
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Walk on...

I'm walking Bay to Breakers next weekend. Since no one is walking with me, I'm just going to listen to music while I walk. I need some song suggestions!

What songs would you recommend that I listen to? I'm looking for upbeat songs that will help me keep a good pace.
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photo album for your website

so i'm working on my website and i'd like to embed a photo album. i know about gallery but folks have told me it's fairly complex to set up. i've been googling for hours and checking out different places, but there doesn't seem to be a good software to use.

i want to be able to embed a photo album on my site. capability for slideshows and comments are preferable.

any ideas?

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I need a new message for my answering machine. I want something fun and witty, but Ive been drawing a blank. It has to be relatively mature, I have work, prospective jobs and relatives calling me, but it can be humorous.

Any suggestions?

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I've finally acquired software that allows me to upload my own songs to my phone for ringers.

That being said, what songs would you recommend for a ringer?
I'm looking for songs that aren't obnoxious but are noticeable.

edit:No rap, no pop (Britney Spears, N*suck, etc), please. I'm looking for any type of rock (from Slipknot to Styx).


Good God, some of you are babies.

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I've heard that Paula Abdul may get fired from American Idol, but I don't know the full story. Does anyone know where I can get the article or can anyone fill me in?

I'm interested.
Thank you in advance.

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I have a question that i really need answered. I forgot what you call the that thing in the middle of the car, between the passenger and driver seat, where you can shift your car into drive, neutral, etc with the handle. I'm writing a paper, and my head has gone blank! Please tell me :)
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New member full of questions!!

I have a plot bunny burning in my brain. I heard an old song the other day, and since then, I can't stop plotting.

But I need some info :)

How much snow is a blizzard? At what point would it become too dangerous to venture out?

In the mountainous regions of Idaho, in what month would a storm classified as "an early winter storm" occur?

Would the potential of volcanic activity in Yellowstone or the WA mountains affect Idaho weather?

How long would it take for a REALLY rural area to regain power after a major storm?

Any and all thoughts, feel free to toss them my way!! It's all percolating! :)
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What's the longest time you've made a boyfriend wait for sex?

What's the longest you've waited for a girlfriend?

[Edit:] For crying out loud, this is just a general question. Don't turn it inside out and make it sound like something awful.

holy crud

Can you guys think of some good songs for a mix CD. I would like the theme to be
something along the lines of "I Miss You" but not like...i broke up with you
sorry...or i miss how jerky you were....or anything like that. It's a good
thing. If anyone was wondering the CD is for my boyfriend who is a soldier
leaving soon for a while...but I don't want patriotic songs either.

ALSO, I accidently posted this to another community I'm in (not naming names) but I guess it was moderated and the mod wasnt being so nice to me =( which leads me to the many communities are you in?

I had another question too..but I forgot.

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Anyone here known anyone who's a member of triplets or more? (like quadruplets, quintuplets, etc.)

I'm watching the episode of Simpsons in which Apu has eight babies. I can't imagine being the parents of that many kids, but I wonder too what it's like growing up with seven siblings, all the same age.

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Is anyone else here more jealous of people they are not going out with that those they are not?
I mean, within relationships I am rarely jealous at all…in the slightest, but if I am attracted to a guy I get incredibly jealous if he has a girlfriend, if he flirts or talks with other people, this sounds totally backwards to me, well, granted jealousy in general is pretty backward, but why do you think this is?
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Evil Curses!

1. Has anyone ever sworn at you in a foreign language?

2. Were you in your homeland when it occurred, or a different country?

3. Did you actually understand the swear, or just assumed it was something vile?

4. If a Canadian swore at you in French, would you understand? (Canadian French being different from more colourful than France French)

5. How about if someone swore at you in German? Russian? Chinese?

6. Do you swear in more than one language? Which ones?

Sushi followup

To continue from an earlier question:

What does "sushi" mean to you?

(as in, what comes to mind when you think of sushi -- fish, seaweed, rice, california rolls, etc -- and whether or not you like it? I know what "sushi" actually means, but I am curious about what people think of when they hear the term)
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Hair Question

I am looking around for a place to get my hair done for prom, and all I want is for my hair to be curled and maybe partly put up so I could stick a flower in it. My question is what would this be called? Special ocassion hair? Most places I'm calling are charging $50+ for updos, but I am not certain that what I want is really considered an updo. I just can't imagine anyone charging $50 to curl rather short hair.

Am I going crazy or is this actually a normal price?

(And since I am here, if anyone happens to live in the Studio City area of Los Angeles and can recommend a good place to go to I would be highly appreciative.)
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What is a word?

Is it what the dictionary says it is? Is it what it is in common understanding? Is it what one group takes it as, changing the meaning to suit its own needs?
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How important are the lyrics of a song to you? I ask this because someone I know is always going on about how much she loves a certain band and earlier when they started playing on my playlist and I was talking to her I entered a few of their lyrics in our IM and she was all "What's that from?" and when I told her she said "Oh I never listen to lyrics, I listen if I like the way a band sounds."

I'm just wondering how many people do this.

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Fox News just (in the last 2 minutes) made a claim that having cleaner air is bad for the climate, environment, and global warming.

I can't find the article and I want to read it and see what scientific claim they are basing this on and which idiot published this.

Can you find it for me?

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I heard about this site that provides a background for you computer that changes according to the weather where you live. Like it is a nature picture and the weather and everything are supposed to be parallel to the actual weather outside. You put in your information so it knows exactly where you live.

I heard you can get it for free for 10 days. And since its thunderstorm season, I really want to do this, but do any of you know the site? Or have any other information?

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Does anyone know how/or if you can use an ABC order button on Microsoft word to make a large list of vocabulary words that i have in abc order?????? I dont see how to do that, and I really dont want to put this long list of words in abc order myself :(

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Is soulseek being a bitch to anyone else? I can't connect! >:(

What do you all think of soulseek? postive/negative?

What's your favorite horror movie?

Care to recommend me some music? I DON'T like mainstream stuff.

Why do you think my stomach hurts after I eat all the time? Like every single time that I eat.
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have you ever cried at work, or in front of an authority figure? tell me the story, please?

do you cry easily?

how can you prevent yourself from crying during confrontation? especially when you feel your eyes have already begun to tingle.

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If today was the very first day of your life, and you came into this life exactly as you are now physically, what would you do first? How would you spend your day. What would your plans be?

Since it would be your very first day of life keep in mind that you have no friends in those first moments, and you have no interest/disinterests yet. You are totally tabula rosa but strangely you are in the exact body you occupy at this very moment in time. You are also mentally competent -although you have been taught nothing your instinct,intuition, and reasoning ability is amazingly strong.
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Bit of a breast question here.
Collapse )

Less TMI question: Ladies(and men, I suppose), what colour is your hair naturally, and are your nipples more pinkish or brownish? My boyfriend says darker hair, more melanin, darker nipples. I wanna know if he's right.

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diffent post because it's completely unrelated:
Have your parents ever suspected you of something because of something you owned, when you owned that item for a completely different reason?

I managed to accidentally stab myslef a few months ago, and had to go to the ER for stitches. They let me keep the hemostats. I don't know why. I have them in my toolbox. I mostly use them to hold things shut/together- small bags of chips, the cardboard door of a cardboard fort... My mother helped me into my new apartment, and was in my toolbox looking for something to open a box with... and assumed I was smoking pot.
Or a comic I can't remember where one character gave a girl a bong, thinking it was a vase(he had filled it with flowers)...
mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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How many questions about sushi can be asked in one day?

On another note, have you ever tried to open a car that you thought was yours but actually wasn't and they just looked the same?
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A question for the guys (mostly)

Guys(/those attracted to this particular subject): What's so great about boobs? Why is it always(seeming to be) the chest area that you're so preoccupied with? Forgive me if I'm being crass, but what is this mysterious drive that leads to things like topless bars and calls of "show us yer tits!"? Though I admittedly don't have the inclinations or gender to know first hand, I can not for the life of me figure this one out. Little help here?
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New Car

I need to get a new car since my last one was deemed totaled. I'm looking for a smaller car that get good gas mileage and that's not a Ford. I have about $9,000 to spend on it. Any suggestions?

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alright so i had some very important emails that went to my bulk mail folder for yahoo mail and i deleted it automatically by mistake. It says that they're perminently deleted but is there any way to get them back?