May 8th, 2005

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I just accidently sliced open my hand (yes, I stopped the bleeding before I started typing this up) and I realized that the tips of my some of my fingers and assorted other parts of my fingers either hurt (like a needle is being stabbed into me).
I am assuming that I damaged a nerve or couple dozen.
My questions are
Will my hand be like this for life? (No loss of control, just spots where it hurts)
What can I do to speed the healing process of the gash in my hand?

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I used to be very low maintenance when it came to my hair, Buying Loreal's $9 hair dye once a month or something, but then I discovered the salon experience. I just got my hair done about a month ago and dont have the funds to go in again. But, the color has faded, I dont have any complicated highlights, theres contrast since we dyed over them last time. but I want to go darked, a deep rich chocolate brown. (Im pretty close it isnt like Im blonde) so I guess my question is, Im pretty safe just going and buying some hair dye and doing it myself right? and also any suggestions on what brand to use?

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I'm in search of some really good icon websites. Something with much more than anime and movie themes. I've seen some incredibly cool icons on various LJs. Does anyone have any sites they can recommend?

Where did you find the icon you're now using?

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I've been going insane attempting to figure out what I want to do when I get into college. The one thing that really jumps out at me is behavioral sciences.

What career could spring out of getting a degree in behavioral sciences?


Where can I find something like Fraps that can record MORE than 30 seconds for me, for free? The clip is 3 minutes long so it's not like I need something big. All I can find is software that only records specific tv-stations, I can't use that for anything.

I was on TV the other day and I really want the clip on my computer ;)
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1. Why does Centennial Wireless make it impossible to find information online on canceling a plan and then they hit us with "you have to cancel in writing and in person" AND it's not canceled for another 30 days after that? Are other cellphone carriers like this?

2. I got a new cellphone (Cingular rocks!) yesterday... Who here uses wireless web stuff? Mobile AIM? Picture messaging?

3. I have an English final tomorrow. I've read everything except Oedipus Rex. Should I break down and read the damn thing or just find a really in-depth version of Cliff's Notes online and hope for the best? (I aced the quiz on it after watching the movie, but the questions were very general and were based on background information.)

4. Can I snuggle you? I really need to snuggle.
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Why aren't army boots comfortable?
I swear by the things, but not without layers of insoles. I spent all day friday walking around and I'm still feeling it today. I would have thought that army boots should be the MOST comfortable things you can get, they should be like super hiking boots....and yet they're hard as anything.
Or are they different when they're given out new? Are they comfortable then?

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does anyone know what i need to do to my computer so I can see the dancing icons dance?....becuase i can see them moving on other peoples computers but they dont do it on mine.....please help.

French Questions

I'm writing a story for French class, and I was hoping someone here could help me out. Two questions:

1. Can the French phrase "dans le noir" be used, as in English, to mean "not in debt"?

2. Are there any French dishes/meals/foods whose names, if taken literally, mean something else? (As with the English foods "pigs in a blanket", or "bubble and squeak".)

If there's anything else you'd like to share, please feel free. Thanks!

EDIT: I have plenty now, thanks.

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I'm stock-illiterate. :o( First of all, what are the best resources for educating myself about how the stock market works? I don't intend to invest in it right now, but I'd like to know how it works, what the numbers mean and familiarize myself with it for later, maybe. :o) What's the best resources out there, in your opinion?

Secondly, and I'm hoping this is a simple answer, what does it mean when a company's stock value is 15.50? How does that translate into money value? Does that mean the shares are worth $15.50 each?

How big of a fall is considered really big? How big of an increase is considered really big?

EDIT: Also, what exactly is the Dow Jones number?

There has to be someone here in the community who's an active stockwatcher. ;o)

i'm new!

so i'm downloading episodes of pete and pete,
how do i unqueue downloads on Ares? or will it just do it itself?

also, if anyone lives in NY...i'm trying to sign up for a road test...on the DMV webpage it says i need to have taken driver's ed (well, i did but i can't find the papers) to register online for a roadtest...i am 19 so the new laws don't pertain to me (about having to have taken a certain number of driver's ed course hours) but it seems like i can't sign up for one without proving i took driver's ed. do you have any ideas about this?

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I look at everyone else that breaks up and no one is freaking being this way. I don't understand why she made things have to be awkward, we broke up officially a while ago and we had a bad week but she's taking this one the point where we don't even talk, and when we do she's short and mean with me.

If maybe I did something during our relationship to deserve this it wouldn't piss me off so much. I just have to wonder if I wasn't so nice would she be okay with doing this. I'm not pushing anything, I'm just tired of stressing out and thinking, and knowing that you made all this up out of no where and you can stop it anytime you want.

What is she getting over? She decided this. Some one explain. No better yet, explain women to me.

No really, explain them to me.

Why is it when we break up and it was your decision, YOUR the one thats being awkward.

What are you getting over? You made the decision.

It's not like I did anything except treat you the best I could. I'd get it if I really was a jerk, I'd get it if all we did was fight or if we had goals that contradicted one another, but none of that is true. I'm fine with us not being good for each for what ever reasons she decided the day after you said it big part of it was you being afraid of love.

Maybe we can both do better... I can deal with that. But I dont understand why your being so mean to me, why you act like things have to be awkward between us when you fabricated the whole thing in a day all of a sudden after deciding that you weren't confused anymore.

I know I need someone that knows what they want but it's starting to seem to me that no one does, they just settle or they actually put the effort into the relationship. Ugh..

And how do you just randomly decide not to be awkward anymore... Like I don't get being weird around someone out of no where, so I don't get becoming normal around them the same way... when Deanya did this she was all like, how could she do that? Now she's doing the same dang thing.

So explain women to me in this reguard because I seriously do not get it.

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As a child my favorite cheese was "tiger cheese" as I got older it still was/is but probably around age ten I started thinking, "hey it sorta looks more like leopard cheese rather than a tiger, tigers have stripes" and honestly it was only in the past few years that it clicked for me that it was actually called "colby and monterey jack". But the question is, do you know what Im talking about when I say "Tiger cheese" or was it something I said when I was little and it just stuck within the family?

Wow I love prom!

1) Did you love your prom?
2) What did you do afterwards?
3) Did you have a date?
3a) If you had a date, did you dance with them the whole time?
3b) If not, did you still have a good time?
4) How many people did you/would you guess you danced with?
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What kind of program could I use to edit an animated gif (make it smaller, crop it, etc.)? I tried photoshop but after I altered it, it wasn't animated anymore.

Thanks :)
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Is there a disease, or mental disorder, or side effect from something, that causes people (young people mind you, who are drug and alcohol free) to forget things they knew? Like how to start a car. Or how a faucet works. Or where the milk goes.
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I want to see a movie but nothing particularly screams, "see me!". Below is a list of my choices this evening. The ones with a ♥ beside it are ones that I've already seen. It's not in a poll format because it's a long list and I'm hoping for maybe some opinions on the ones you have seen.

1) Help! Which movie should I go see?
note: most are free, so I'm not losing anything but a couple of hours

2) Has anyone seen The Ballad Of Jack & Rose? If you saw it while it was traveling the film fests, there's a good chance you saw it under the title The Rose & The Snake. I've been looking forward to seeing for almost two years, but now that it's here & I've seen the trailer, I'm less enthused.

Collapse )
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We have a new litter box (well. . . . we've had it for about 3 or 4 weeks). It's a LitterMaid. One cat started using it after I showed it to her once. The other cat is kind of a nervous little one, and we'd made the mistake of putting the batteries in it (and it did it's test run) in front of her, so she was initially scared of it. So we left both of our old litter boxes out, so she would be able to use them while adjusting. Eventually she started sniffing around it, but still wouldn't go in it. A bit before a week was up, I started putting her in it each night and petting her and talking to her . . . eventually she became willing to stay in it longer, and now she sits down in it sometimes. I'll even put her in it a few times a day now, and not really pet her the entire time. . . she's not scared of it anymore, but she won't use it.

Any suggestions on how to con her into using it?

I thought maybe it was a "well I still have my safety zone" (meaning, old litter box in almost the same spot. We'd put the litter maid where her old box was), so I switched "her" litter box, and the other cat's litter box (where they're at). . . . and she sometimes sniffs at the other cat's old box now, but still always uses her own.

I finally got her to walk into the littermaid by herself by putting catnip on the edges, so now she walks in and rubs her head against the edges.

I just don't know how to get her to actually USE it though. I've tried putting clumps of her pee and poop in it from her old litter box. . . .

So again, any suggestions?
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1) What is the difference between MySpace and Tagged. I'm on Tagged right now, but everyone says that MySpace is really addicting.

2) What is a way I can approach some of my teachers that don't particularly like me, and ask if I can have extra credit? I need to get my grades up for sports, and I have all my assignments turned in. The only other way I can think of to get my grade up is extra credit.

3) If you could buy any 10 books, and they were the kind of book that is more realistic, what would you buy?

4) How do you feel about the recent law that prohibits gay men from donating sperm?

5) What do you do when you need a self-confidence boost?
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My rule for drinking juice is that it needs to be more fruit based than sugar. Now, I've fallen in LOVE with this Strawberry Kiwi stuff, I think it's by Dole, and the bottle says "Real Fruit Beverage". I know its good if it says fruit juice and bad if it says fruit drink, but beverage? I know I can just check the ingreidents, but I dont have any at home now, and Im curious.

Family BBQ tonight... I hate my family. More than life. How can I prevent myself from punching them all in the face tonight?

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so, I'm trying to compile my list of summer reading books...

any suggestions??

I currently have
- Lolita
-The Brothers Krazamov
-100 years of Solitude
-I am Charlotte Simmons
-Frank Miller's Sin City

just to give you an idea of what i'm currently leaning for.

Anyway, thanks!

::EDIT:: I just finished my freshman year at Columbia where I was sorta forced into all the 'great' Western works (think at least one work by every great Greek author, Don Quixote, Decameron, To The Lighthouse, etc.) so I'm looking for something sophisticated and intelligent, but not overbearing and likely to show up on my next English syllabus. Anyway, thanks for the help and such
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another book question

I know, I know, there's been tons of "recommend books to me!" questions lately, but I'll try to change it up a bit...

Does anyone have any recommendations for really good realistic (or stretched realism) fiction novels? I'm thinking more on the lines of 'what's the most awesome book you had to read in high school/college English?' but I'm open to pretty much anything. Three of my favorites are Peace Like a River by Leif Enger, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Kurt Vonnegut is good... really good, actually... I'd just like to have some titles in mind should I go on a road trip to a major bookstore in the near future.

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Do you believe in the New Age version of karma, which is basically "what goes around comes around"?

"Kardecist and Western New Age reinterpretations of karma frequently cast it as a sort of luck which is associated with virtue: if one does good or spiritually valuable acts, one deserves and can expect good luck; conversely, if one does harmful things, one can expect bad luck or unfortunate happenings. In this conception, karma is affiliated with the Neopagan law of return or Threefold Law, the idea that the beneficial or harmful effects one has on the world will return to oneself." - from
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Grandmothers on Mother's Day

My mom is currently at the cottage with my dad for the weekend, they won't be home until Tuesday. I mailed my mom a Mother's Day card last week.

Being as my mom is out in the wilderness right now, should I call my grandmother to wish her a happy Mother's Day?

EDIT: Also wondering, is the "Eat Right for your Type (blood type)" true, or is it a bunch of made-up fad stuff? I was looking at this page when I started wondering.
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Not sure if you guys can help me out but it's worth a shot I guess

I live in the Palm Harbor/Clearwater area and I am killing myself trying to find a job. I'm only home for the summer from college [5 hrs away in St. Augustine] and will be going back in 2 months or so and I have applied at so many places, and they all say "we'll call you" but they don't. Anyone know any place in the area that is hiring or interested in temporary work? If I can't find anything I'll have to go McDonald's but that won't be any fun [even worse since I'm vegetarian but I've worked there before].

Another question: what do you consider bi-curious versus bisexual? I guess it's if you think you're interested in girls, versus having done things with girls and knowing you also like girls [or the same sex rather].
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According to this article, parents are more likely to pay attention to their children if said children are attractive.

"The researchers found that 1.2 percent of the homely children were buckled into the shopping cart, compared with 13.3 percent of the prettiest ones. When a man was in charge of shopping, none of the unattractive children were strapped into the carts, while 12.5 percent of the cute children were...The researchers speculated that Darwinian behavior was responsible for the parents' actions. Pretty children represent the best genetic material and, therefore, get more attention, the researchers hypothesized."

This got me thinking, as I have never been a terribly attractive person, yet my mother was always attentive to the max. As in, "Don't climb too high on that slide or you'll fall off and crack your head open and my life will be meaningless!" Also, it said that the researchers were the ones rating the kids' attractiveness, which seems to me to be highly subjective.

So, here's my question:
If you feel that you were an attractive child, do you think you got special treatment from your parents because of it?
If you were a less-than-beautiful baby, did your parents neglect you somewhat?
Aren't all kids supposed to be "beautiful" in their parents' eyes, anyway?


What is a good webcam for under $80 or so? A good quality picture/refresh rate is important, and it would be nice if I could take pictures or short videos with it too.

If it matters, I would be using it in my room, which is lit with those energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs and therefore a bit dark.

I have no idea how much webcams cost, is it possible to find one like that in my price range?

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So I'm sure this is a really stupid question, but it just popped into my head.

Where did hamsters come from? I mean, at one time they had to be wild animals, right? They couldn't have always been pets. But I can't imagine little hamsters running around in the forest. Did they evolve from something else?

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I'm trying to type up a Spanish reprt in WordPerfect and the spell checker/Grammatik is getting very annoying underlining nearly everything with red and green. How do I turn off the spell checker/grammatik? Or better yet, can I change it so it spell checks/grammatiks in Spanish?