May 7th, 2005


face painting

where would i go to buy face painting supplies? and also if you could post any links to sample face painting designs i'd greatly appreciate it.. yea yea i know i can google it.. but still.. maybe you'll find somethin i won't :P
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I'm dating a 25-year-old child

My best friend of five months and I have decided to take it to the next level. We've been "official" for a couple of weeks now. Not much has changed relationshipwise from being best friends (we still are), but we do love each other. The problem is a wide gap in experience. I've got 7 years of dating and 6 past sexual partners I've got to work from. He's never even held hands with a girl before me, and he's 25 (I'm 20). I was his first kiss, and will be his first everything else, as well as his basis of comparison if he ever dates anyone else. That's a heavy burden. Now, I love this guy enough to "train" him, so to speak...but it's hard when I'm dealing with a kid at heart who can't even say the word "sex" without burying his face in a pillow and turning several shades of red. He couldn't even flip me off when I asked him to. Emotionally I think we're alright for this stage, but there any way I can prod him a bit more about physicality? I've suggested goals of making moves and advances within a couple weeks at a time, but still. He's 25 for pete's sake, and has serious blocks against anything sexual, cursing, and anything that upsets him. I've been open and communicative about all this and he understands the problem, but I wish I knew what to say to him without completely dictating everything he should be doing. If I had to do that I may as well be dating myself.

Any thoughts, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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OK, I'm wondering if anyone here is like me. I am right handed in almost every sense. I bowl, shoot pool, throw balls, and shoot with my right hand. I'm even right 'eyed'. However I write with my left hand and do all things requiring small precise movements with my left hand. This can screw me up sometimes.

Anyone else have this thing where their "hands" are mixed up?

Why is this you think? I think its because my parents tried to mess with me when I was a kid. Like, trying to put my bottle on the left, or putting things on my left so I will be a "lefty" My dad's a true lefty, my mom's a righty. And all of my siblings are true lefties.

Also, for all the lefties out there, isn't it messed up when things are only made for right handed people?! Like for instance: pens on counters, or desks in school that are made for right handers.

Can you think of any other instances when lefties get the shaft?

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I know a lot of you in this community are dealing with depression . What do you do to deal with it? Are you on medication? In therapy? Do you cut? Do you drink? Do you lose a lot of friends because of the unstable emotions? (I do). What are some of the reactions you have when something triggers an "emotional crisis"? What are the healthy ways that you deal with it? What are the unhealthy ways? Is there anyone here who feels they have cured their depression? How? What advice would you give?
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Professional mental help

I was reading a story based in the 1700s... and someone in the book made a comment about seeking professional mental help.

My question being...

Did they have psychologist etc back then? Did they see and help people sort through their problems? Is it like the psychologist today?
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calendarically speaking

******question has been answered. thanks, guys!

where does the concept of a week -- specifically 7 days -- as a unit of time originate? is it a creationism thing -- i.e., and on the 7th day, god rested, and therefore the early believers decided to have a time cycle that'd repeat every 7 days? or is it a lunar thing -- and if that's the case, how does a 7-day cycle factor into the lunar calendar? is it just suppposed to be one quarter of a full lunar cycle or...?

for that matter, when whoever came up with the Julian calendar made it up, how did they determine that february would have only 28 days, and april/june/september/november would have only 30? i get the idea of having a leap year and accounting for that somewhere, but why is it in february specifically? why are those other months specifically lacking a 31st day?

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I just ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish a group project that I had to help present this morning (it would have gone quicker if all of the group members had shown up to assemble it, and one member didn't take 3 hours to write a three-paragraph data analysis, but that's another story). I'd like to be semi-caught up on sleep by Mondayish. My eyes aren't focusing too well, and fine motor skills like typing and fork/knife coordination seem very challenging. With this in mind, would it be better for me to power-nap now and risk being unable to sleep tonight, or to wait out the next 7 hours or so in a slight stupor in order to get a solid block of sleep tonight?
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Burgers. . .

So I've got some ground beef and I'm craving burgers. . .so, I am going to get my pan out and make burgers. A few questions though:

Do I have to put anything in the pan, like oil or butter? Or do I just put the burger down in the pan?

How long should I cook the burger for? I know I'll have to flip them, but how long on each side? I've never actually made burgers like this before. .


found on my friends page from dr_ian

I didn't write this. I found this on my friends page and decided to post it here.

One day, far in the future, there will be only six people left on the planet Earth because in a flaccid attempt to bring back dinosaurs, people died out. Three of the six people are pirates whose loyalties lay only with themselves. Of the other three people, one always tells the truth, one always lies and the other one gets things wrong continually. As humanity had already cultivated and raped the stars millenia ago, they had long lost the postal address of their home planet.

Imagine yourself to be one of those limp-wristed heliodisobedients, landing once again on the home planet of the species. Gathered together you see this 50% rapscallion group feasting on old trousers and toothpaste. You feel pity, don't you? Aren't you human enough to feel a little pity? Well assuming you are, you would search your supplies to try and feed them something less mintyfresh. On discovering your final boiled egg, you give it to them in exchange for a tonic, but they squander it and before you know it, you've lost track of who has it. You drink the refreshing tonic, and let out a hearty belch.

Suddenly you notice an ancient scrap of Egyptian parchment on the ground. On it are some very detailed notices somewhat exactly like this:

WATER makes RED TONIC fatal

Unfortunately the last line has been torn from the parchment and taken by a nearby behemoth. You look up in to the sky and notice a rainbow, with all the colours blending together, and as if by magic you can no longer remember what colour the tonic you drank was.

You speak to the all-knowing behemoth and it requests something both yolky and proteinous in return for the parchment. As the last boiled egg is now owned by the group with roughly 21 limbs, you must gain it back from them. At that moment, over millions of years, insects evolve in to sentient and intelligent life forms. One passing insectoid warns you that due to a slight bug in the fabric of the universe, only two more questions may be asked before time and space collapse in on each other. He also tells you that they must be asked after 7pm and exactly one minute apart.

The trouble is you have no timekeeping device. You suddenly notice that your house is nearby so you hop inside to quickly look for a watch. You have one pocketwatch but cannot retrieve it because it's in a boobytrapped cabinet. In the far future, crime is so rampant that it's normal to boobytrap your own belongings. You take the cabinet out from the wall and remove the back panel. The pocketwatch sits on the top drawer alright, but it's long since run out of winding. To get to it, you'll need to defuse the class-2B nucleohydrogen bomb attached to this cabinet. There are only three detonators. They are connected by red, white and blue wires to the central device of the bomb.

Not put off by a little adversity, you recall that you left yourself a clue should you forget which two detonators are fake. You jump to the switchbox and check it out. There's a bit of paper sellotaped to it, and it reads:

My first is in joy, but not in hot.
My second is in clay, but not in flat.
My third is in trap, but not in tail.

It looks like the last two lines have been removed and placed inside the switchbox, so naturally you try to open it, only to find that it is locked. Snapping yourself to bits, you realise that that the key is safely in your toilet cistern.

Moments later you get there and open the cistern. It's not good. The key is sitting right on the edge of the drainage hatch and is about to get flushed to goodness knows. Thankfully the key floats, because it is made of a futuristic metal called bundeerium. You realise almost immediately, as any human being would, that you can't reach the key unless you pour 2.5 litres of water in to the cistern, and you have to be very careful because pouring 2.6 or more will cause the cistern to empty losing the key forever. Due to profound and unexplainable circumstances, you only get one chance to pour water in to the cistern so you must be exact first time. You reach around and see a two litre container and a five litre container.

Before attempting this you decide to go and eat a sandwich. Whilst you bite in to mouthful after mouthful of succulent ham, soft and pastey cheese and rich fibrous cucumber, you realise that you have left your wirecutters in the attic, and there is a five digit combination lock on the staircase. You remember some amazing facts about the correct combination:

1. The number itself is smaller than the square of any combination of three of its digits.
2. It is coprime with its reverse.
3. All the digits are unique.
4. It is the largest such number that has these properties.

As you slide your tongue over the foamy, bouncy bread and the creamy butter, you ponder that you might be, as they call it, "fucked in the ass" with your current situation. Never one to give up in the case of insurmountable odds, you decide to exit the house, accidentally arming the cabinet bomb with a forty five minute timer, and notice quite out of the blue that your house is exactly thirty metres tall and is surrounded by even ground.

Looking to see the last humans, they are making their way towards a pirate ship which appears to be at a distance of 1.8 kilometres from where you are now. They are currently 400 metres away and traveling at two metres every five seconds. You remember from school that you can jog about seventeen metres in thirty one seconds.

You see a ginger cat. You turn left and there is an alley way.

What do you do?

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Is it just me or are there other people who are annoyed with the "signing" of comments and posts? By "signing" I mean the putting of some name or other (especially user names) at the end of whatever is posted.

I am pretty sure that you can see my user name in whatever I might post and I am almost certain that no one gives a rat's ass what my real name is or even what special little nickname I have given myself.
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Weird question, but...

Could anyone give me the recipe for plain oatmeal? (how many cups of oats, how much water, how many servings, etc) If you just copied the recipe off of the Quaker Oats box that would be perfect.

Thanks a million!
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inspired by a recent post (ok, the previous post. whatever)....

what semi-consistent behaviours among LJ users in general annoy you? what annoys you among the users in this community?

i know it's hard to think of random things off the top of your head, but let's just see what we come up with here.
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(no subject)

Do you know any texts by Lenin that essentially encapsulate his ideas in a short period, without being buried in fancy words? Speeches, letters, anything? If there's any, what is their name and/or the year they were published? I'm honestly trying to educate myself, but due to exam crunch, I don't have much time for fun reading. So, I just want something by him I can read in less than an hour, then get to his massive tomes over the summer.

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(no subject)

To you, what is the difference between a person that believes in women's rights, someone that is pro-gender equality, and a feminist?

I think there's a difference; no one seems to belive me, nor can I put my understanding into words correctly.
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(no subject)

What's your favorite line of your favorite song?

And let's say you were to buy something from a seller on Amazon. They end up refunding the sale because they don't actually have the item in stock. Would you leave bad feedback?

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I have a Saturday job, in the shop Mothercare. I work 8.45-18.45, and I spend all day on my feet. Now, I don't eat breakfast and I'm fine. Yet, when I come back from my lunch break, I get frequent dizzy spells and headaches and the lights seem too bright for the next 2 or 3 hours. I put it down to the "girl time", but it keeps happening. Why? In my hour break, I usually have a sarnie and crisps or a flapjack and a bottle of water or juice. I'm not underweight, infact, I'm obese. But, I don't get it. I'm also ill in another way, and could do without this. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

Do you lose your appetite after a big emotional upset, such as deaths/break-ups?

If so, how do you get it back?

I've lost 6kg in 4 days, can't make myself eat no matter what I put in front of me, and now i'm too underweight to donate blood, my jeans are too big and I feel useless.

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So, I am sitting here examining the lobster-red sunburn that my back and shoulders sustained today from standing out in the sun for 4 hours. I have extremely pale, pasty-white skin, so I fry pretty easily, and I wasn't wearing sunblock, eep. Anyway, I have these tiny spots on my shoulders that don't seem to have any melanin at all. They never tan, and they stay white even when I'm bright red from sunburn. They've been around for at least five years or so, so they aren't just blisters from this sunburn. Most of them are about half the diameter of a pencil eraser, slightly raised, and irregular in shape, sprinkled in a fairly dense pattern across my skin. Does anybody know what these are? Am I just missing melanin in some spots, or are they some strange kind of skin growth or birthmark? Glands? Fat deposits (my arms are very chubby)?

I first noticed the spots when I got a really nasty sunburn on my shoulders at least 5 years it possible that these are some kind of weird scars from that occasion? Can you even get scars from a sunburn?
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