May 6th, 2005


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*inspired by an earlier post

I recently have this desire to get all my old yearbooks, probably because Im a senior and Im nostalgic. but, problem is I only have them from about 6th grade and up. How could I go about trying to get the old elementry school ones? Im willing to pay and Ive tried calling the school and they werent exactly sure what they still had, I am planning on going back but are there any simpler ways?

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How much RAM does your computer have?

I have only 96mb. :/ And windows 98. I ran one of those system tests online and it said that 98-99% of computers that have been tested there are better than mine. Heh. I definitely need to get a new computer, with all the upgrading I'd have to do it seems it wouldn't be worth it. Someone told me 256MB isn't even enough these days. So I'm just wondering around how much most people currently have and if they're happy with it.
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1. Minimalists - how do you do it? By minimalist, I mean those of you who aren't packrats, and don't keep much stuff around, just the basics.

2. What are your thoughts on ethnic pride?

I was having a conversation with some of my friends tonight, and they don't seem to understand it. I grew up very involved with my culture and ethnicity so it's always been a big part of me, so pride in myself and where I come from is natural to me. But when they started advocating for "one human culture", that kind of started to scare me, because I think the diversity in the world is a beautiful thing, and can only exist if people are proud of themselves and where they come from and all that is a part of them, because how else can you share that with the rest of the world?
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So bored...

1. Do you use IE, Mozilla, or something else?
2. When's the last time you pulled an all-nighter (for doing whatever...partying, studying, working, etc)?
3. What's your biggest motivation when it comes to getting your assignments/work/projects done?
4. Do you harbor any odd and/or particular paranoia for anything?
5. Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
6. Which do you prefer: silver or gold?
7. Right now, at this moment, is the glass half empty or half full?

I guess I'll answer these in a comment.
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is this a real song?

I had a dream last night where I was with a guy, and we were hanging out listening to music, and there was a song about a couple who got pregnant, and decided to have an abortion, and drifted apart, but then ended up back together and had more kids, and the aborted kid looked on as the ghost of a girl and the song was about how sad she was because she couldn't play with the other kids. I remember in the dream just bawling about it.

I had iTunes on all night, and there are some songs I have downloaded because of the artist, that I don't know so well, so is it possible it was a real song, or did I just come up with a real doozy of a country song? Keep in mind I don't really cry at songs or TV or movies, mostly at real life, so it must have been good.
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(I know this sounds like a dumb question)but...
Me and one of my girl-friends were at a skatepark, and this older man was there sitting on the bleachers, and he asked us about her Pink Floyd tattoo, and he was saying that they were going to get back together for one final tour, and put their whineyness behind them.

I just wanted to know if this was too good to be true?

[x-posted to pinkfloyd]

Also, do you think Michael Jackson is innocent? Why/Why not?
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Ear Candling

Has anyone had their ears "Candled"? I'm wondering what to expect, how it feels, and if it actually works. I have a whole bunch of buildup in my left ear, and am needing to try something new.

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Open Letters

What would you write in a letter to someone you've never met, know nothing about, and don't expect a reply from? (Letters in question are going to soldiers stationed overseas that haven't been receiving letters from home.)

Do you have any favorite encouraging, uplifting quotes?

And finally, any bizarre news stories going on in your area? I heard last night that some penguins at the zoo have contracted chlamydia. Possibly from seagull poop...
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please answer my question.

i have this metal ring, only its the cheap kind that isnt continuous and has a gap in the back (it's like a "C" instead of an "O").

is there a way to somehow fill in the gap?


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Inspired by my angsty ranting reply to a question about Mothers Day:

For those of you with a not-so-great relationship with your Mom, (I know Im not the only one...) write an open Mother's day letter your Mom unloading all your angst.
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Miss Piggy

I've always had a love of Miss Piggy from the Muppets, and have decided to do a layout based on her. I generally just use desktop backgrounds because I'm not good at making graphics.

And because I know someone will tell me to google it, I've done an LJ search, join the muppets LJ community, donegoogle and yahoo searches (regular search and image search), and either come up with dead links, or pictures that are too small. The one successful search was through the, it has one Piggy wallpaper :/

Does anyone have any Miss Piggy images big enough to make a wallpaper out of? I'm trying to avoid a backgrounds community because they have a million people requesting, and nobody is ever making backgrounds, or they require an original picture and they'll make a background for you. (Unless you know of an active community with awesome, talented makers :P )


I'm going to California to visit my friend and his wife on the 13th. I'll be staying for 10 days. My friend has just informed me that they have roaches...just to "warn" me. ROACHES?! GROSS!!! I do NOT do well with bugs (even the tiniest) and I'm really really freaked out about this. I also don't know much about roaches. When I go to sleep at night if I leave the light on in my room all night will they stay hidden?? Also how can I prevent bringing back a roach in my suitcase or something? I am BROKE (my friend is paying my whole way for this trip) so I can't afford to stay in a hotel.
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Why can't SBC Global and AOL just get along?
Is anyone else having serious issues sending mail to AOL from a yahoo or SBC account? We've been on the line with the two companies all day and personally, I'm about ready to ram my head into that steel door over *there*.
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Do you know any of these groups?

Victoria Williams is playing at a festival w/ all of these groups. A couple of them sound familiar, but I can't place them. Do you know them? Are they good?

the frequinox  
the john butler trio  
the benevento-russo duo 
al howard & the k23 orchestra 
signal path 
hamsa lila  
papa mali 
the african showboyz 
delta nove 
tim easton
spoonfed tribe
ganga giri 
the bingo band 
ken will morton 
shamans dream world groove ensemble
ted quinn 
audio angel & dj truth  
mojow & the vibration army 
jamie janover & friends
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Regarding weekly BBQs for lunches, would it be Grill Outs? Grillouts? Grill-Outs?

I just sent a company wide memo titled "SUMMER GRILL-OUTS" and used "grill outs" in the message and now I think I probably did that wrong and am feeling stupid. (I blame an excess of coffee).
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What is the best way to lose pregnancy weight??? I just had a baby on april 19th, and I've lost some of it but I was just wondering of better ways to lose the weight. I play DDR, but I don't want to be spending money like that too often. My baby loves to go to the arcade, he is extremely well behaved. :-) But the it gets very loud sometimes and I don't want it to hurt his ears. Is there something that I could possible do at home? I know there are work-out videos, but they all seem so expensive, does anyone know of any cheap, but fun ones???

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What's your favorite place to just relax?

What's your favorite color?

Doing anything fun this weekend?

What's something you love about your significant other. (If this doesn't apply tell me something that you love about being single.)

My answers:

A jacuzzi or even a nice hot bath or if I'm desperate a shower ;)

Blue always has been, always will be!

Not a thing. Just trying to sell stuff on ebay/LJ

I love how she makes me laugh. Whenever we're together we laugh all the time. (We live together so we laugh a lot)

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I think I phrased my question wrong - so let's try again... :)

I have two issued license plates on my car. Front and back. My husband bought me a Superman license plate (you know, the kind you can get done in an hour at the mall). I think I used the wrong word to describe it.

Is there a law somewhere that says you have to keep a certain issued license plate on your car? I want to replace the back issued plate and put the new one there. But I'm wondering if it's not allowed on the back.. only on the front (so cops could see them easier). If I do put it on the back, do I HAVE to put the issued one in the back window? Or is the one up front enough?

Phew, hope that cleared things up :)

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My teacher broke our class up into groups of 3 to work on a project. This involved us getting together with whoever it is that she assigned to be our fellow group members outside of school. My group arranged to meet at "Girl 1's" home. Once we arrived, "Girl 2" became very obnoxious and started criticizing the girl's home. Her home may have been a very "modest" one, but wtf? Girl 1 didn't say anything in response but it honestly looked like she was holding back tears to me. At this point I was angry and started telling Girl 2 how awful that was of her and even though I had no respect for her I "told her off" in what I thought was a mature way. Girl 1 all of a sudden snapped and started telling ME off, saying I should stay out of it.

So, I feel stupid asking, but I'm a bit confused now. I'm wondering if what I did was wrong or not. I understand that maybe she didn't like the idea of someone "sticking up" for her and maybe she WAS going to say something. But then if you don't say something wouldn't some people be mad that you just stood there and did nothing? Another thing is maybe it wasn't my business since she was a classmate and not quite a friend. Can anyone tell me what they would've done or any other ideas? Thanks.
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Salaries, again

Looking at the post about who is underpaid/overpaid, lots of people mentioned that teachers are underpaid.

What do you think is a fair salary for teachers?

Should it be tied to years of service, amount of education earned, student acheivement, or anything else?
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My awesome mom still sends me a nice little how are you I miss you card every week even though I am 24 and live in another state. I enjoy getting these cards, but I don't know what to do with them. I feel really bad about throwing them out. I used to cut out the fronts and decorate with them in college, but now that I have a real apt, cardboard sheets don't really do it for decorations. I've just been putting them in a box or on a shelf for a year now and they pile up and kind of make a lot of clutter. What do you suggest I do with them when I recieve them? What do you do with cards people send you? I feel insanely guilty throwing them away.
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four unrelated queestions.

1. last night i slept for 17 hours. what is the longest time frame that you've slept?

2. i've been fighting this mucus cough for a few days, so everytime i cough, i spit. the other day during a nap, i coughed in my sleep and held it intending to get up to spit. i fell back to sleep and then DREAMED i got up, and ended up spitting it on my boyfriend. oops. he still won't stop making fun of me about it. what's the funniest thing you've done in a dream that you actually did in reality?

3. if you saw a spider in the same place, around the same time everyday, and never saw more than one spider... would you assume it was always the same one or would you assume there were a number of spiders?

4. this is a long shot but i'll ask anyway. i recently started using my Apple Mail configured to my new gmail account. the problem is that i can't use the "reply" box in my LJ Comment e-mails that i get. the box is present, as is the "post" button, but when i click the button, nothing happens. i end up having to use the "reply at webpage" link (which thank goodness THAT exists and works). has anybody else had this problem and do you know how to fix it?

EDIT to include:

5. what is the point of friending a community without joining it? in a lot of communities, some of the best posts are friends-locked anyway.

6. what would you suggest as a name for the spider in question #3? i have pictures if that would help. he's cute.

What do you hear right now?

I hear:

-cars passing on the pavement
-the girl across the street playing her recorder on the front porch
-her younger brother calling our neighbor's dog
-the scrape of my spoon against my bowl
-random teenagers walking past and bouncing a basketball on our sidewalk
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What's the longest amount of time you've worked? (I mean in a day, without sleep)

What kind of job do you do?

Can you recommend any good selling communities on lj? I'm in a few but most of them are people trying to sell things, not looking to buy.
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I want to start going to a firing range (pistols/handguns). Do I need to have my own gun in order to shoot, or do they provide weapons? Does that usually differ from range to range? I'm in NJ if that helps.

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So, I was talking to my teacher about music one day. He can play guitar and harmonica (as far as I'm concerned). I ask him how he learned how to play them and he says he just plays them by ear and trial and error until he gets it right. I ask him why he doesn't just use music to learn and he says he can't read music, he could never learn. I think to myself, "How can you not be able to learn how to read music? Especially if you're a Math teacher. All it basically is is counting and dividing."

So, my question is this: What kinds of things can you do or understand that you can't really understand how a significant amount of other people can't? What about something you can't do that most people find surprising because they can?

For me it's two things: I don't understand what is so difficult about comprehending Mathematical/logical concepts and how people can't read music.

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1. Have you ever been in the middle of a debate type discussion and the other person made such a good argument and/or made you see something in a different way that you couldn't refute it and now agreed with them?

2. After typing question #1 I realized it sounds kind of clunky. How would you have worded it to sound more articulate?

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What,in the realm of politics/society/culture, makes you angry? What would you want instead? Are you involved in any way changing things? If so, how? If not, why (other than issues like time, money) do you think you aren't?* Do you think it is possible to change things? Do you think it's possible for you to affect the change?

*Not meant to be an accusatory question... I think people can have very good reasons for not being involved (and bad ones), I'm curious what kind of reasons there might be.