May 5th, 2005

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Do you currently like a food that you hated at an earlier time? I used to hate Dr. Pepper, Coffee, and mushrooms, but now I love Dr. Pepper and mushrooms, and can tolerate coffee.

On the flipside, is there a food or flavor you really liked at an earlier time that you can't stand now? My grandmother used to give me Vienna Sausages with every meal I ate with her, and I loved them. Now, they're just icky.

Inspired by an earlier post here.

1. Do you wear make up often? Every day?
If so how much? Foundation and all the works? Or something simple?
If you don't mind it would be interesting to know what country you live in and your age or if you need it because you work as such and such.
Because taking from some that I've noticed so many people wear makeup and I never notice. Strange.

2. How fast does your hair grow?
Does it differ by where it is on your body?
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LJ moods gadgets, and Esperanto

So there's all these fun things you can do with lj, like that thing where you can make a collage of your friends' userpics, or the thing that will list for you which words you use the most.

So two questions: do you have any links to things like that?
Especially, do you have any links to anything that will do something fun with all your recent moods? Like do a collage of them, or list them, or show you which ones you use the most?


New topic
1. Have you heard of Esperanto?
2. What do you think of it?
3. Do you speak it?
4. How/why did you learn?
5. Should I learn?
6. Do you have any resources for me, if I decide I want to?
It's always kind of interested me because it seems easy, but it would be an obscure and fairly useless talent. I might do it if I can convice my little brother to learn with me...

I'll be disappointed if there are no Esperanto speakers here, you guys are usually a pretty varied and unusual bunch. :)
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Why can't people ask questions here without being judged?

This is thequestionclub afterall. I thought when I joined this group that questions could be asked without being judge. Someone just got a handful of words when all they asked was if they could pass their math class or not. Geez people. If you don't have an answer to the question than skip that entry or something. You don't help the person out at all by being judgemental.
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I <3 Vandalism

What's the most interesting thing you've ever found written in a cement sidewalk?

Near my house in San Francisco, in big letters, was this:

"With a Chance for Eternity...I have Writer's Block."
Geeky Girls

Plus Sized Clothing?

Okay, a question for all the plus sized ladies.

I am in dire need of clothes, mostly jeans. I went to Lane Bryant last week and bought a pair of their bootcut jeans. Argh. They are horrendous. I used to be a Lane Bryant whore, but not so much these days. I hate stretch jeans, but I can tolerate a little bit of spandex in jeans. Their new ones, however, seem to be all spandex.

So, where do you guys buy your jeans from? Oh, I should probably mention that I am tall and a size 26. Points if you know of any jeans that are bootcut or flare with no spandex in them.

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K... So I'm having a huge disaster. I need their help right now. I ended up getting the MSN IM virus on here where it says "Is this you in this pic at" I'm fairly computer illiterate.

So... All of my programs use Firefox to open stuff. That is why I cannot update my anti-virus programs. My Firefox isn't opening. My chat programs are also not opening.

Soooo... I used

It found some Trojans and I deleted them and nothing is different.

What the hell can I do?!?!?!

Any and every opinion is welcome!!

I just got new defintions for AVG 7.0 and it's already caught a Trojan Horse that the other programs didn't. AVG is the only a.v. that has let me d/l definitions and use them because of the whole Firefox thing.

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Well this is my first post :) Anyway...My BF is always saying I don't know how to communicate (I think it's him). So what shall I say when we both get home from work or class, besides how was your day, What is wrong, and shut the *beep* up!!!! opps

So what is a good way to start a conversation with your significant other?
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What would be the longest (furthest, as well as just time in the car, considering traffic) you would commute to work each day?

My drive is usually 15-20 minutes. I love it, but I know there will be a time I'll have to commute a good 35-45 minutes, once we have our house built. To me, it's too far. Yet again, my boyfriend does that now, everyday.

Fun with finals

Hello all- I'm in a bit of trouble here. I'm in the midst of writing a review of my notes in order to do well on my philosophy exam tomorrow at noon. It's going to take a while (at least three more hours?). However, I also have a big honkin' mountain of spanish grammar workbook pages to go through, also due tomorrow. They may take a little bit longer (five hours, at the very least). Question: do I ignore the spanish for now in favor of finishing my studying for philosophy, or do I slog through the mind-numbing spanish instead? Also, if I do decide to work on philosophy and then go through the spanish, should I work late into the night to finish the spanish (15 points of my final spanish grade) or go with sleep to do well on the exam (1/3 of my final philosophy grade)?

Hoo-ray for tedious, unending assignments. X_X
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For the musical types

I bought a Peavey Studio Pro 112 used, oh, nearly 10 years ago. (I feel so old writing this)

When I turn it off, it makes a loud noise, like a *POP*! Does anyone know why? How can I stop this?

There's also a staticy noise sometimes when I play and it doesn't seem to matter which guitar I use. Any idea?

Drug question. (Xanax)

What happens when you snort Xanax?

I have a prescription for it for when I get really upset...but when I take it, it just makes me really drowsy and puts me to sleep. I know people snort it, so I was just wondering if it has a different effect on you when you do it that way...because seriously, it just makes me want to sleep.
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I got a new hat today...its San Diego and I only got it cause I like the colors =) Yea, Im such a girl. anyway. It isnt fitted cause Im cheap. and aside from sticking the brim into the opening to fold it, what are other good quick ways to break in a hat? to make it seem less..stiff and new?

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Does anyone know if there is there such a thing as a 12-lead mobile heart monitor?

I have a little wrist heart monitor on right now but my doctor called and said they want to have a 12-lead on. I googled quick to see if I could find such an animal and all I can find are the big honkin doctors office EKG machines. I've had a 6-lead monitor on before and that was awful enough, so I'm hoping he meant they wanted to do an office EKG and there is no such thing as a 12-lead mobile monitor that I'll have to lug around :\ Please tell me it isn't so!
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I just got a new computer with a double layer DVD burner. I've been told I need to download a program off the internet so I'll be able to burn DVDs. True? If so, any recommendations? Thanks.

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i forget.
what's the site where you type in a music artist/band and it gives you other artists you might be interested in?

what do you think is the most overrated thing?
girl, cute

Computer problem

This is annoying the crap out of me... Okayyy. I have a PC and use Internet Explorer... recently it'll only let me have one webpage open at one time... if I try to have multiple pages out (like I always do) it'll just make the current Webpage dissapear (COMPLETELY) and open a new page. I hope that makes sense...What can I do to get it back to normal????

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I was on the expressway today and traffic was really slow, and ended up at a stand still. There was a bus on the expressway near me and also a big truck. They both flashed their 4ways when coming up on the slow traffic. I'd only ever seen that once before, at the same spot. . . . I presume that's a warning "Hey hey, everyone behind me SLOW DOWN!" thing? Is it something that I should've known, or is it mostly truck drivers and such?

Also, does anyone know of a website where you can put in a recipe and get the nutritional information for it? (the breakdown, calories, carbs, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, etc)

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Does someone out there have an MP3 of "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish?" I saw the HHGG film this afternoon (and yes, I loved it, and yes, I'm an enormous fan of the novels) and need to hear the song again, pronto. Either choral or Neil Hannon versions, I'm not picky. (They didn't have the soundtrack at Best Buy.)
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You know what REALLY drives me nuts??

Ordering Chinese food! I can NEVER understand what they're saying...and they NEVER understand me! It's such a hassle! (This is not meant to be offensive it's just a fact)

What really drives you insane? (Something little)

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Does anyone know where I could buy a well priced victorian top hat (they're usually taller than the top hats worn least I want mine to be taller)
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If I was giving a presentation, and I wanted to blow something up from the computer, like a picture, and have it printed out, how would I go about doing this?
Where would I go?
And howm much would it cost?

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