May 4th, 2005

for the fuzzbucket lovers

My old lady of a cat (she's 16) has, in the past year, developed a very annoying behavior. I started noticing little holes in my sheets. Then more and more of them. Largest one about the size of a dime. I wondered where they were coming from until, one day, I heard my cat under the covers in my bed making some odd noise. I went to investigate and there was a new hole in my brand new sheets. When she is cold she will curl up between the sheets and the blankets on my bed. She has no front claws and I can't imagine they are caused by her digging with her back claws somehow. She has to be BITING these holes. She does this on my bed and the trundle bed (which comes out to be used about once a week). So far she has only done this to several sets of jersey sheets (t-shirt material) and none of the flannel sheets.

Can anyone think of a reason WHY she would be doing this or how I can get her to STOP?? If I shut the door to my room she just sits outside the door and cries all day, or so my parents tell me. I have tried tucking the covers in, she always finds a way around. Any ideas? I do not like buying new sheets every few months!
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Cartoon (anime?) question. And Cave of the Golden Rose.

I remember a cartoon I used to watch when I was young.
I remember it had this dance group and the teacher had some ring that took them into small worlds she had in a small room.
They could go into these worlds and usually had to fight bad guys.
They had wings and were like angels or cloud ballerinas or.. oh I don't bloody remember.
Anyway, I was searching through old boxes and found a action figure flying thing. Now I can't get it out of my head and can't remember all the same.

Also, does anyone know if it is possible to get the Cave of the Golden Rose (Fantaghiró) series on DVD or anything like that?

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I burned my arm on the stream press while doing my jeans the other day – I now have a nasty burn, the top layer of skin came off today and it hurts like hell!!
I had to put a sticky plaster on it to avoid it catching (which I know was a stupid thing to do!) and I have been putting antiseptic cream on it.
I am really not good with pain and hate scars.
What's the best way to make it feel better and heal faster?
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Yes I'm working on an assignment...and yes I'm getting desparate.

I've tried google but I can't find anything on chicago manual of style that covers this specifically:

I'm writing a history paper using chicago manual of style...I'm not directly quoting a book, but refering to a character in it in the text of the paper...Am I supposed to underline the title, or put it in "Italics and quotation marks"? Or does it really not matter just so long as I do one or the other.

I will love all of you guys forever if you can help me out.

Answered!!Thank you so much!!
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(no subject)

1. You know how there are websites where you can write something, and it will put it on a picture of those little candy hearts? This may be a little morbid, but does anyone kno where I can find a website like that for tombstones? ITS NOT REAL, JUST AS IN A PICTURE OF.

2. Don't you hate pants?

3. What are you looking foward to this month?
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My morning problem

If you went to work one day, like today for instance, and knew that almost every single person in the company would be out of the office for a period of at least a couple of hours, what would you do? Would you stay at your desk like a good lackey, or would you throw caution to the wind and maybe go outside, run an errand, take a stroll, and maybe read a good book for a while?

EDIT: I have nothing work-related to do here. I would just be killing time on the computer if I stay in the office.

Money orders and cowbells

1. How do you get a money order? Can someone under 18 (15) get one without their parents?

2. Can someone please explain cowbell to me? As in "more cowbell", "this blog has achieved cowbell", etc.

3. Why is my tailbone taking so long to heal??? I know broken bones take awhile to heal, but I broke in August of LAST YEAR (falling on my butt while running backwards during volleyball conditioning *blush*)...and it still hurts when I sit on it a certain way!

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Is it normal to go on a break with someone you love?

I love someone so much, and I know I want to be with them forever, but I feel like going on a break to just figure myself out. I am going through alot of anxiety over this. I feel like going on a break will help me realize what I need for myself and for us.

Have any of you ever done this and ended successfully?

Amoxicillin - a matter of some importance

Sorry for the second post, but - I can't remember if I took my medicine this morning. I'm on an antibiotic (liquid Amoxicillin - 2 tablespoons 2x a day) for a sinus infection. Will it do me great harm if I take it, and it turns out I had taken it before, so I will have ended up taking a double dose?

I'm thinking probably not, but I just want to make sure.

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so hello, hi.

ok, i joined a gym
if i go 3x/week will i feel the difference? nevermind seeing the results, that will come with time..

also, as per usual:

1. what are you wearing?
2. what are you listening to?
3. what are you doing today?

More food questions

What's your most irrational food hate?

I hate celery. I don't know why, I just hate it. I hate the smell, I hate the taste, I hate the way it feels - bleh! The smell is the worst tho - ugh.

I've also discovered that I hate cilantro in a similar manner, also for no apparent reason. Unfortunetly that's a lot harder to pick out of your food.
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(no subject)

What are well known quotes/sayings that people use that you absolutely despise?

We have all these rugby posters around here that say "Full force... and then some" i cant stand even looking at them, so thats my one. I mean it seems pretty dumb to me anyway, full force, and then some what?
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(no subject)

What do you do when your baby throws up his/her bottle? I know you clean it up, but do you feed them some more? or do you wait a while? My little one, when he throws up because he ate too much, he gets hungry and he keeps fussing, but I'm afraid to feed him again, ya know??

jill shadow

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Ok. I'm no computer whiz, and I've heard that just because you delete something from your computer or uninstall a program doesn't mean that it's all the way gone. do I get rid of something off of my computer for good?

(no subject)

When you set your alarm to go off in the moring, do you set it so you have extra time to press snooze? Or do you set it for the exact time you must wake up?

I set it so I can press snooze a few times.

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I'm confused. I'm a member of facebook. And for over a month now it won't let me log in. My e-mail and password are correct but when I try to login it sends me to a page that says "bad request". Now the really weird thing is that I can log in on other people's accounts on my computer but they can't log in under mine on theirs. Any ideas on what this is about or how to fix it? It's driving me insane.
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I was talking to a checkout girl at the mall a few weeks ago, about her makeup which I thought was really pretty (like vibrant teal & purple). Seeing as it was very hectic and noisy I didn't really get to hear the name of the brand, but she did say something about now it lasts ALL day no matter what and also how people make fun of her because it's supposed to be the brand of makeup that drag queens use.

*head scratch*

What brand is that? I really liked it.

Or what are some really nice long-lasting products for eyeshadow that are colorful & bright & cheery?

PS: Thanks to everyone who answered my questions last night. I'mma talk with my boss today.
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We've had my black lab for about 7 years or so. She's never been vicious. Well, one day when I was at school she supposedly attacked my min pin. The vet said we should put her (my black lab) down. I cried. We didn't put her down, which I thought was good, because she wasn't dying or anything so why should we kill her!? Anyway, just now she started barking really loud and growling and hit my old Beagle dog. I think both times it was like "THIS IS MY WATER! BACK AWAY!" or "THIS IS MY FOOD!" or "THIS IS MY COUCH." She seems to be territorial lately. Other than that she's perfectly nice and she's never bitten any of us and my mom wants to get "rid" of her. I'm not sure what that means. My mom is running out of ideas. My mom doesn't want to just give her to some family who might possibly abuse her or have her be in a cage for years.

I live in Connecticut. Where can we send our dog? What can we do?
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How long do you think it will be before DVDs and CDs become replaced by new technology? Records & cassette tapes are just about impossible to find anymore, and videos are definitely not as easily available as they used to be. Videos were the major form of media for 20+ years, do you think DVDs will last that long?

Just curious what you all think, because with how fast technology changes, I hope my DVD collection isn't worthless in 5 years.
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finals anxiety

So who else is stressed about finals? These are the finals I have, in order of how stressing they are:

1. Latin (on Saturday morning... I'll definitely be up most of Friday night studying)
2. Myth (I have the option of writing a research paper instead, due at the same time as the final)
3. Sociology (should be fairly easy)
4. Health (I only need to get a 50% on the final, so no big deal)
5. American Diversity (I'm the TA, so I'll just be grading them)

I guess I don't have it too bad this semester, but the Latin one is really getting to me. Since we are only graded on three tests including this final, I really need to do well.

Which finals are stressing you out?
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Okay, I don't get it. People keep telling me that "Brown Eyed Girl" is about anal sex. I cannot, for the life of me, see how you could possibly get that from the lyrics unless you were *trying* to turn the song into being about anal sex. Am I blind, or are people on cocaine or something?

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(no subject)

Nomad Jukebox Zen 30 Gig...

It's been dropped and the battery fell out. Now it's coming to the Rescue Mode and I tried to Reload OS but it tells me there is a harddisk error, for all 3 options (reload, cleanup, format) except reboot. I can't access the player on the computer and I can't access it in my hand.

Any ideas?

(no subject)

anyone know where i can find rather inexpensive cruises? i'd like to go on a short one, pretty much anywhere is fine (though extra points for italy), but stay around $1500 per person range. thanks. :)
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computer monitor

Sometimes my computer monitor makes this obnoxious high-pitched squealing noise. It only stops if I turn off the monitor for a few se3conds. I have no idea why this hapens. What could it be, and how can I make it stop?
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(no subject)

The Situation:
Class grades are weighed as follows: test one is 20%, test 2 is 30% and test 3 aka the Final Exam is 50%.
You've got a D (68) on exam one. And an F (65) on exam 2. The final's tomorrow and you're chances of making a B or above are VERY slim. (Even a C won't raise the grade to passing).

Question: Do you throw in the towel and give up? Or do you struggle and hope for the best, even if it's HIGHLY unlikely?
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(no subject)

If a date is written as 2005-02-03 is that 3 February, or 2 March?

If you were in a band, what would it be called? What type of music would you play?

What side effects could I expect, as a first-time user, if I took caffeine pills? How much caffeine is in 1 dose of No-Doz (with comparison to say.. Coke, or coffee, or something?)

Are there certain foods that make you think of summer? I didn't think of it really until I was eating Goldfish and drinking Coke C2 and realized that.. it feels like I'm eating summertime. What a happy feeling! Are there any other foods with which I could achieve this feeling? =D

What about songs? Songs you associate with summer? For me it's "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin,and "All Star" by Smash Mouth.
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(no subject)

How do you deal with jealousy? Two of my closest friends recently became very close to each other (they met through me). They hang out on a constant basis and the one friend's family always invites the other friend to all these awesome events. They never call me or invite me. I've told them how I feel and the one said well we're not trying to exclude you, he's just invited cause my family loves him and invites him everywhere. I still feel really abandoned and excluded. I don't think they're doing it on purpose but it still really hurts. To make matters more complicated, I used to date the guy so there's all these weird tensions there. (they are not dating, just friends). What I really want to do is tell them both how much it hurts me when they hang out and don't invite me. But, I think the guy doesn't really like me anymore. And the girl just complies. And I'm not prepared to hear that answer. SO, its probably better to just deal with it and let it go, I guess. But, how do I do that? I get so upset and jealous. I want to be included so badly and I hate faking being friendly when I'm so pissed at them both. If I keep being jealous, however, neither one will want to be friends with me because Jealousy is an ugly bitch. So what do I do? I feel so hurt and angry.

21.5% --> 70%

Mmkay. I currently have a 21.5% in Algebra 2. One quiz and one notebook check that I missed because I was absent are counting as 0/100's, but I will make those up. Classwork/homework/warmup work is worth something like 10-15%, notebook checks are worth like 20%, the final is something like 10%, and the remainder are tests and quizzes.

We have three or four more units, which equals one test per unit and 1-3 quizzes per unit.
Do I have any hope of pulling off a 70%? What would that entail on my part?

I feel bad, because it's my own damn fault that I'm failing (I don't do any homework or classwork, and my average test score is something like 15%). This is really stressing out my dad.

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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a program (preferably cheap) that I can make booklets for CDs with? I don't mean just the covers. I want to make an insert with lyrics and whatnot. I can't seem to find anything like that around. Thanks!

(no subject)

Drug question-

Ive been smoking pot to help me sleep and then doing speed during the school week to help me pass, and pain killers when I have a really shitty day. Im 16, my parents have found out, and Ive not been sober for five days, I havent been sober for this long in almost two years. I know I sound like a junkie, but Im really not but think what you will. Besides just trying to keep my mind off of it, whats the best way to deal with withdraw and just in general being sober again?
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Hey, I was bugging one of my friends, and she suggested that I ask this community . . .
1. Do you look at other people's LJ memories?
2. What kinds of things do you look for?
3. Did you just look at mine? :-P
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Ever had a book for a class which was just like. . . . . "OW, damn! That's pretty cool!"

One of our required books for my "Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Marriage" class is the Illustrated Kama Sutra. . . . :-P Makes sense, but still cool ;-)