May 3rd, 2005

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Well I guess it's about time that I noticed this, but I haven't until quite recently: I'm horrid when it comes to spelling.

So, my questions...

1. Is there anything that you've just discovered about yourself recently (it can be negative, positive, neutral, whatever)?
2. What's your favorite way to study/concentrate on what you're working on?
3. What's your LEAST favorite television show?
4. What's your LEAST favorite book?

I guess I'll comment with my answers this time.
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Remember in Mean Girls, when the girl Karen is dressed like a mouse for Halloween. Her friend asks her, "What are you"? And she goes: "A mouse!" *points at ears* "Duh!"

Was this supposed to be a joke? If so, what was funny about it? I didn't really get it.

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At what age did your parents/guardians stop doing things for you, like bathing you, making your food, doing your laundry, reading you a bedtime story?
How did you learn the truth about Santa, Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy?

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If you have an iPod, do you use the white earbuds?

I don't, because they hurt my ears and don't stay in properly. Instead, I have regular over-the-head headphones with a volume adjustment on the cord so I don't have to dig in my pocket every time I want to change the volume.

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I have a first period spare at school, and since second class doesn't start until 10:50, I dont leave for school until about 9:30. With my lovely sleep in, I set my alarm to 9, but of course, my body hates me, and I always wake up at 8:50 so I can moan and groan about those last 10 minutes. Now, on TUESDAYS, I go in early, because my ride can't take me any other time, so I have to be there at 8, hence setting my alarm for 7:30. Now, if my body is mean and cruel and makes me wake up 10 minutes before my alarm, but normally at 8:50, how come on Tuesdays, I STILL WAKE UP 10 MINUTES EARLIER BUT AT 7:20??? Is it psychological? If so, how do I stop this? I WANT MY SLEEP.
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I realise this has already been asked before, but that was without a poll - a poll is much better
(I also realise that 25 is there twice... my brain doesnt work too well at 7am with little sleep)

Male or Female?




What should I do for my 18th birthday?

I'm turning 18, and I'm super excited. My birthday is May 15th, that's a Sunday, but I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm going clubbing on the Thursday after, but what's a good way to celebrate my 18th with my friends that aren't 18? I've NEVER really had a party or anything, because my Mum is a Jehovah's Witness and so this is really the first thing where I'm doing what I want. How would/did you celebrate?
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Just a Spoonful of Sugar...

I know that there is tons of info out there about side-effects of taking a drug/medication. But what about the side-effects of when you STOP taking a medication?

I googled it, but maybe I'm not searching for the right terms - I keep getting side-effects of taking meds, not coming off them. Anyone know of a site I could look into? (P.S. Don't even suggest WebMD. I hate using WebMD like... so much.)
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a. does it bother you if you wear coordinating "holiday" colors?

such as

red & green
orange & black
red & white & blue


b. do any other color combinations bother you?

such as

yellow & black
black & white
your school colors

c. what colors should never be worn together?

such as

brown & gray

ps gray or grey?
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Lately, I've been a casual observer of British politics, but it's hard to get a handle on certain things when you're not right in the thick of things.

So, are the Liberal Democrats pretty much to the left of Labour on all issues, or are there some issues that they're more conservative on?
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Unconventional Fairy Tales

As part of our creative class, my group and I have to think up uncoventional fairy tales. Any suggestions?

My friend suggested that instead of the usual prince/princess theme, that we do a prince/prince theme. I think it's a great idea, but plotwise, I can't figure anything out yet.

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Do you find it pleasant or gross when you sit on a chair and its warm?

I'm the only one I know who thinks its comforting. >.<

Say you're two best friends are guys and you're a girl. One guy is more talkative with you, calls you, does things like grab your nose or feet. The other is a little more quietly clever, and never touches you. Almost like he avoids it. What would you infer from that?
I'm really confused on these two. They're so tough to read, particularly since I have a thing for one of them. o.O

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I'm home "sick" *cough* and I have many questions to pass my time. =P

1) Who do you think has the perfect body? It can be yourself, a model, your best friend or whatever. Pictures if you have them. (this is NOT a pro-ana thread so please don't turn it into one!)

2) What are you procrastinating on as you read this?

3) What food are you craving now?

4) What are you wearing now?

5) Did you wash your face and brush your teeth this morning? Be honest ;P

6) What item(s) are you planning on buying soon, or you want to buy?

7) Does anyone know if you can still buy the Urban Outfitters "Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl" shirt? I don't care that they discontinued it due to the stereotyping of the Jewish American Princess. I'm proud to be one ; )

8) Are iPod mini cases (specifically, the iSkin and the Agent 18 clear case) compatible with the iTrip?

9) Does anyone here have an iTrip or similar device? What do you think of it? I would be using it in the car or at home, and the iPod wouldn't be more than 5 or so feet away from the radio.

10) Who else's Phantom of the Opera DVD has shipped in the last few days?! *squeals with excitement*

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It's Tuesday of finals week. We'll all be gone by Friday. We're out of hand soap in our bathroom.

Should I buy more? Should I try to get the suitemates to buy some (because my roommate and I have bought 6 over the course of the year, and they have bought 2)? Should I donate my bodywash to the cause, because I have a lot left? Or something else?
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Okay, these pants make no sense.

I bought these black jeans awhile ago (99% cotton, 1% lycra). They were a normal fit when I tried them on in the store, but the first two times I washed them (washer/dryer, regular cycles), they seemed to get... bigger. When I put them on, I was almost drowning in pants.

Now, I just washed them yesterday, and they seem to have shrunk (as cotton tends to do), the way I expected them to the first time I washed them. But they grew bigger the first two times I washed them...

What's up with that?
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I have a Canon S410 digital camera and I don't know how it happened, but the LCD screen got cracked or something so now I can't see pictures on the camera. I'm pretty sure I can still take pictures though. Is there any way this can be fixed or do I have to buy a new camera? The warranty doesn't cover it and that makes me really sad, but I guess it is my fault for not having it in a case. Or is there a way the warranty would cover it? I got it a couple months ago and the warranty goes for a year.
So the question is: what do I do?

Side question: Have you ever gotten your money back for something that broke when it was really your fault?

Once my friend dropped her cell phone in water and she didn't want to tell her parents. She went to the store and cried and pretended she didn't know why it wasn't working and they gave her a new one for free.

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For those of you with MSN mail, how do you hide your "to" list from the recipients? I know its somehting very simple...just can't seem to find a link.

The following questions are for smokers.

When you accidently break a ciggarette, do you throw the whole thing out, or do you perform ciggarette surgery?

Do you ever stash a cigg for when you run out and can't get to the store/ are broke?

When you are in a bind, do you smoke your reburns? you know, your halfies?

Just Wondering

1. What do you feel is the one thing that you are great at doing?

2. Have you ever won anything from a giveaway/contest/raffle/etc.?

3. How many different e-mail accounts do you have?

And one more for the musicians...Do you keep your sheet music after your done playing instead of handing it back? Have you ever kept originals?


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I'll post things myself from now on, thank you.

Reason #957678 to never say "Oh, hey, you're going past the Post Office; Mail this for me?"

At my local Post Office (In MI, USA), they have an Automated Postal Center (or something to that effect). You can buy postage, weigh things, etc. Anyway. I had a package to mail to Ireland. My brilliant best friend (and yes, my actual best friend, not one of those "I have a friend..." things) printed (and paid for) postage to Great Britain. Ireland is not part of Great Britain. The parcel has been mailed.

My question... what will happen? Will it be sent back? Will it get lost? Will it eventually perhaps get to its destination? Does it matter? I've seen the International postage stickers, and can't ever remember seeing the *destination* on them, just the amount of postage paid, and the bar-code, so, I'm stumped.

Funny thing? The parcel was posted last week, and said friend just now told me "Hey... Ireland isn't in Great Britain, is it?" Dumbass.
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Which branch of the military treats their people better?

Does anyone know of a good LJ that I can get opinions from people who served for longer than one term?

What is your favorite book?

What kind of deodorant/anti-perspirant do you use?

Which do you use? (Deodorant or anti-perspirant or both?)

Do you like Kettle Corn?
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1. I have a feeling I'm going to get bashed or something for even asking this, but I figured I'd try...haha.
I have a paper due on Thursday that can be about anything I want it to be...but it's a research paper so I can't really babble on about anything. Now, I have this paper from another class about Salvador Dali...if I pretty much rewrite that paper and add to it to hand in Thursday, can I get in trouble? Is this a bad idea? Would you do it?

2. A band I absolutely love is playing around here on May 28. The show is 18+. Is there any way you could think of that I could get in? (I'm 16..)
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I've a few serious questions tonight, to do with my workplace.

I work for very a cafe run by a small non-profit organization. Recently, my boss asked me for a photocopy of both my SS card and my photo ID, with no explanation...I rarely get a chance to talk to him, and when I do, he brushes me off saying something how his supervisor lost our applications and needed some proof of identification. Is this a little fishy or am I being paranoid?

Now, today, his supervisor left me a note asking me for a photocopy of a paycheck stub from my last job as proof that I really was getting paid what I said I was on my application. This is what the note said: "Please provide the inormation requested by Friday, May 13, 2005. NOTE: paychecks won't be handed out until this is provided." Is this a common thing, and s it even legal to withold paychecks?!??

Also, less important, but I'm kind of wondering why I'm paid (part time pay mind you) $9.00 an hour before taxes, ya know, but on the daily reconcilation sheet, we're supposed to multiply part time hours worked that day times the pay to figure out the cost of the workers...but the number listed is $10.40 instead of the $9.00 we actually get. Why is this?

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mmmm, mucus. sexy.

does anybody have any suggestions how to clear mucus from your lungs?

i'm not sick or anything, i just get chest allergies where my lungs are flooded with mucus that seemingly never stops.
a never-ending supply of slime in there.

i've tried using a humidifier but it doesn't seem to have helped, i've taken dayquil and nyquil and it works for only a few minutes while the flavor is still strong enough to smooth my breathing....

so is there ANYTHING that will help, or do i just have to wait it out?