May 2nd, 2005

two completely different questions

1. In Shintoism--is there a Japanese name for those little charms/amulets you can get at the shrine? What are those called?

I thought it was "ofudo" but I don't think that's that even spelled right??

2. If Wiccans call themselves "witches," then why do some of them throw a fit if you call their magick "witchcraft"??? (Or maybe it was just these particular few >_>;...)

WAIT I'll throw in an extra...

3. Guys--what things about an attractive girl turn you OFF?
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abby genius


Do you believe that actions should have consequences? If not, why not? Do you believe that people bear responsibility for the consequences of their actions? If not, who does?

If it's dependant, or variable, please provide some examples for the differences/variables.
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Randomness in the wee hours of the morning

1. Have you ever dressed up in a costume to go see a movie? If so, did any wacky hijinks ensue?
2. I have over 500 points left on my college meal plan, and I'm leaving in 17 days. How can I get rid of them, short of eating constantly and feeding friends who are low on points? EDIT: If you're not familiar with the concept, let me try to explain: we get 1250 meal "points" to spend during the semester. Meals at the dining hall cost about 6 points. There are also a couple of campus stores that take points at par with the dollar (so a $5 sandwich would use 5 points, a $.99 pack of gum would cost .99 points, etc.). I have way, way too many points left.
3. Do you drink Odwalla juices? If so, what are some good ones? I'm a little afraid to branch out to anything more adventurous than orange, tangerine, or the super protein soy shakes.
4. Have you ever done the BookCrossing thing? If so, did people find and pass on your books?

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do you think that parenthod should have any effect over a person's choice of recreational drug/alcohol use?

like, if someone does drugs (namely cannibis) or drinks alcohol before becoming parents, that they should stop once they have kids? or do you think that people just should not do drugs or alcohol ever, at all, in any circumstance? or that if somebody can balance drug use and parenthood, then more power to them? or..... anything other?

and..... i'm really sorry of this sounds ignorant (so please be nice), but when a cancer patient goes through chemotherapy, why don't they have their hair cut off and made into a wig before it falls out? ..presuming it's long enough, that is.
Stargazer Lily

(no subject)

i notice after i work out (doing cardio for 30+ minutes), i sit down for a few minutes to relax.. and i itch.. i itch primarly on my stomach and chest area

has anyone experienced this?

any explanation?

(no subject)

Did you know some people are allergic to semen and other body fluids?

What do you think of the military?

Do you have a tattoo? If so, what is it and can I see?

What kind of toothpaste do you use?

How much longer until the end of school or your next vacation?

Biased news

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of any news articles (hard, soft, anything as long as it's news) that show bias in their writing?

I'm doing a presentation on them for our Journalism class but I'm running low on sources.

Links to said articles would be good.

Thanks :D

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(no subject)

So on Saturday night I met a lady. Her name is Andrea she is 22, blonde about 5'8 or so and she seemed very nice. I met her though a friend of my Joe who is seeing a friend of hers. (Got that) I ended up inviting them to my birthday party and I did end up getting her phone number, she asked for mine and then dialed it to "make sure she had it right" then when her caller ID ended up on my phone she very excitedly said "Save it, Save it." I talked to Joe yesterday, and he said she did not say anything one way or another about me on the way home. Oh and as a note, she has an 8 month old daughter named Mia.
Oh and as a note, SHE IS A GIANTS FAN!!!! The bad thing is that there was a lot of booze involved, this was her self professed first time out in a long time, and I'm afraid of the rebound factor.

Was her advising me to save her phone number a hint?

Do you think I'm putting to much into the fact that we were drinking and that she might be on the rebound?

Any other advise?


All right, here's a dumb health question... can you get the flu in the spring? Or is it really only a winter thing?

Edit: Okay, actually, no I take that back. My real question, then, is: If 30 inch burritos were made available to you in a restaurant, would you buy one?

Upset stomach

Every day around 2pm a co-worker near me makes popcorn. The smell of it makes me very very sick to my stomach and for the last hour and a half of my day I feel like I'm going to throw up. Is there something I can take for this on a daily basis? Something I can keep at work?

(no subject)

a recent post got me thinking about this, along with other posts in the past.

why are people soooo OMG! about cheating? i just don't get it. people always throw out this "! i'd never never never forgive even one indescretion no matter what!" and that is just beyond me. i mean, say you've been married for 10 years and have two kids. you're willing to let one screw up, no matter the reason, no matter how sorry the other person is, get between all that? it just seems so egotistical to me.. a sort of "how dare you cheat on ME!" like it's the end of the damn world, and you were so flawlessly about that. god forbid your partner isn't perfect too; like it's the greatest sin possible. *shrug* we all make mistakes.

i'm not saying i condone cheating by any means, but i am saying i don't understand an extremist attitude towards it. i cannot believe people would throw away an entire relationship with the history and the future and whatever else for one stupid mistake. i've been cheated on, i've done the cheating, and i've worked out all relationships with those sorts of things because they were meaningful to me and my partner at the time. if i was so willing to throw someone away for one mistake, why was i wasting my time in the first place being with them? and also, if i were willing to do that, that says some pretty crappy things about me as a (unforgiving bitch-like) person as well.

little soul

Gas caps.

Gas caps - those things you twist off after you open the fuel door, where you put the nozzle in? How important are they?

I mean, I forgot to put mine back on, so now I have none. There's a shutter so it isn't as if gas is leaking out at all or anything.

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This is probably so simple. I figured I'd ask here, since someone might now.

If I've got a domain skinned, how do I set wordpress up so it skins with the domain? I don't want all that crap on the side, just the blog itself.

I'm losing my mind here, trying to figure it out.

and for fun: do you have a website?

Fucking Semagic

Apparently Semagic is stupid and I forget to log out and end up posting shit on a community instead of my actual page. Now I'm extremely embarrassed. Thanks for deleting the post, though.

Otherwise, here's a question:

Embarrassing moments on LJ. This ever happen to anyone before?
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sleep of the dead.

we just had a new air conditioner installed in my backyard today, right up against the outside wall of my bedroom. there was lots of drilling, jackhammering and wall pounding to get everything installed and flowing smoothly.

incredibly loud from the inside, continuing for hours and hours.....

.......but, of course, i slept right through it.

so what was the loudest thing you've slept through?

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(no subject)

Oh sod it, going for a feminist question here.
Can anyone here suggest some cases where men are underprivileged?
I've come up with quite a few on my own, these can be see here, but can anyone think of any more I have forgotten?
Thank you.
rockin out two

its raining questions part II.

thanks to everyone who answered my questions yesterday.

i have follow up questions for two of them. one is to the question in which i asked, "ive heard youre not supposed to chug a lot of water at once, but sip it throughout the day. is this true and if so why?" the consensus was that drinking a lot at once causes it to just be peed out. makes sense, but here is my follow up question:

is it bad for you to drink a lot at once?

i also asked, "as a guy, whats a good way to express to a girl who likes you that you just want to be friends without making a big deal about it or making her feel bad?" i got a few good answers but heres my follow up:

wouldnt it be less hurtful and blatant to hint at the fact that you just want to be friends and letting her know without making a big deal about it instead of sitting her down and telling her?


Stare into the very eyes of evil.

(no subject)

I remember a post awhile ago asking how many people had gotten special treatment (free merchandice, price adjustment, etc.) because of their looks/gender/race/sexuality/whatever. Lots of people had. I know I have....

So I was wondering, have you ever done extra nice things for people like that? What, for you, decides what deserves the special treatment? A cute face? A nice butt?

Just curious :P

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(no subject)

I try to write out quotes on notecards that will make a person think or feel very happy and I stick them with letters I send.

I was just wondering what are some quotes you enjoy that I could mail out to people?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever seen a country music video where there is a girl in a wheelchair who falls in love with a midget and the father dosnt want them to be together? Theres apparntly a motercycle with a side car and flames and its done in like a sepia tone. I guess its based in some trialer park or something. If somone can give me and artist name or a title that would be great thanks.

(no subject)

Im so lonely and sad. What do you do when you suspect that a friend who used to be one of your best freinds doesn't like you anymore? I just have this gut feeling that this person is faking being polite to me and doesn't give a crap about me. Plus, we don't talk much anymore. I'm so lonely and sad. I want to talk to him about it, but I've tried talking to him before and he pretends like nothing is wrong. Yet he acts different and something is definitely wrong. Maybe he's mad about something and waiting to cool off. Maybe he just needs a break from me. Maybe he just doesn't like me and doesn't want to tell me and hurt my feelings. I want to call him and ask him if we could please work out the problem and talk about it. But, I'm afraid he'll tell me he doesn't want to talk about it (which he seems to say a lot nowadays) or he'll tell me honestly that he doesn't think I'm a valuable person or a worthwhile person to bother working things out with. In which case, I will get super drunk and want to cut myself and die because I already feel worthless. I know if someone doesn't want to bother working things out with me then they are not worth it. But, all I feel is that it means that I am a piece of shit and should be dead because people don't like me. I wish I felt valuable. Can someone please help me?
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(no subject)

Ladies: do you prefer to give a guy your phone number or to get his number from him?

Gents: when a girl you're friendly with gives you her phone number, do you keep it for future reference, call her whenever, or call her during a certain period of time?

And finally: how do you know when "he's just not that into you"? (I think the idea of "he's just not that into you" is kind of funny, as in "ha-ha yeah right, is there really truth in that?" funny)
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Damsels in distress.

Hi everyone, I was directed here by wavesandmoon, because I asked this question in my journal.

Everyone's aware of damsels in distress -- usually some dumbass girl has gotten herself locked in a tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon, and has to be rescued by a worthy knight, always a handsome male. So I'm working on a role-reversal story, but I cannot think of what the male in distress would be called. Is there a word like damsel that could apply to men in this situation?
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alice hat

Just Wondering -

Am I right to call someone superficial if they easilly admit to an inability to feel romantically attracted to someone unless they are beautiful?

Essentially, this person is only ever attracted to what is on the outside, so I believe I am allowed to call him a superficial person. If not deluded.

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(no subject)

I'm always curious about onomotopoeias and empty words in other languages...

What is the equivalent of "blah blah blah" in some other languages? Amusing animal sound equivalents? Anything really.
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lead me

word play

What are some words in different languages (or even in English) that mean "remembered" or "found"?

My cat just had kittens and when we moved them into a box (they were outside), we missed the little gray one. The mother was getting under the box to feed it and that's when we realized that we left him out. I'd really love to give him a special name. :)

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at seven

(no subject)

What the hell is going on here???

Sometimes the internet scares me.

Another question:
If a fairy appeared and was like "I will make you beautiful! What one physical aspect of yourself can I change for you?" what would you tell her? You can only pick one thing, the change must make you prettier, and I don't want any "Beauty is on the inside!" or "I'm perfect the way I am!" comments.

Me, I'd get skin like a porcelain doll. *Sighs dreamily* I am sincerely convinced that I would be a happier person and my life would improve if I had clear, beautiful, smooth, creamy skin. Sad, huh?
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(no subject)

So I downloaded LimeWire.

  • What music shall I download?

I like old rock (ACDC, Kiss, etc) emo, hardcore, screamo, acoustic.... None of the "slipknot stuff" though.

  • Thinking of a cute hair cut...what do you suggest?

I was thinking shorter with bangs. This is Collapse )

Weird friends

Anyone else have a really bizarre friendship that, when someone else looked at it from a distance they'd be like, "How the hell could they be friends?"

I'm progressively political, bi and genderqueer, and fall into the "more spiritual than religious" category. My best male friend on the planet, other than my boyfriend, is someone I've been friends with for almost a decade, and I would die/kill for him if need be. We're like brothers (or brother and sister, if you want to be technical about it). He's a mildly conservative Christian, pro-life, a little bit of a homophobe (doesn't hate glbtq people, just doesn't like being too close to them, other than me--I'm an ambassador!), is going to a secluded Christian college in KY and wants to be a pastor someday. Even I stand back sometimes and go: "Wha?" But we have way more common ground than differences, and we respect our differences in opinion and philosophy. And he'd make an awesome pastor, BTW.

(no subject)

My roommate and I have been cooking in the dorms.
So far we have cooked
Pop Tarts - using a lighter and a lamp
Beef Stew - Lamp
Soup - Coffee Pot, lamp
Tea - Coffee Pot
Rice - Rice cooker
Cofee - Coffee Pot
Marshmellows - Lighter
Popcorn - Lamp

More will be added via an edit later

How do you cook things when you don't have any of the traditional cooking methods available to you?