May 1st, 2005

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a) Does anyone know where I can find a summary of a book that's not too long (Sparknotes' are too long), but that goes into some detail (i.e. not a blurb from the back cover)?

b) When you're writing a paper, what font do you usually use?

c) What's your favorite of Sophocles' Theban plays, if you've read them?

d) Is there a topic that you know a lot about, but most people don't? (What is it?)
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Does anyone have some positive experiences with online roommate search sites (us)?

I don't know anyone where I'm wanting to move, so I'm having to start from scratch. It'd be really great if I could find a site where people also posted some personal things like their hobbies. I'd like to have something in common with my roomie and be able to make friends, instead of just share a living space.

So, um, any sites, advice, tips?
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I need to write one last paper for my english class. We just finished watching the Motorcycle Diaries and the paper has to be a two page argument either proving or disproving this quote from the movie: "Let the world change you and you can change the world". We can either use the film or some otehr prominent figure.

Any ideas for a topic? Or someone else besides Che Guevara from the movie?

EDIT: I also have to use two other quotes besides the one I mentioned above.
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What's a good site to go onto to compare airplane costs? Like trips and such?

I'm waitlisted at college, any tips on how to convince that I'm cool and they should take me? Ie; if you were in my situation, what did you do?

Can you like double-minor in college? Or triple-major? Or like..double major and minor? Just curious if you can..

Girls; for those of you who started late (and I do mean late) playing around with makeup, what resources helped you figure that stuff out?

What is the most recent Ipod? What gen, etc?
Any of your first hated Ipods, and then got one, and liked it? Is it worth the hype and money? Any catch?
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Does anyone know of a good website that has routes and notes and such for driving from Palm Beach, Florida to Toronto, Ontario?

My brother and I are flying down there tomorrow and driving my parents' friends car back up. Except we don't know how to get home. Oops.

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Situation: You are in a long-term, long-distance relationship. Your partner is happy with the way things are going, but your needs are not being met and you want to break it off.

Question: Do you- telephone and explain the situation, write a long, handwritten letter or send an e-mail?

Meeting in person is not an option due to cost issues.
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Yet another thing I've talked about with lots of people and never thought to try it here...

Does anyone know of a singular, genderless pronoun? 'He' and 'she' are singular with a gender. 'They' or 'them' is genderless, but plural. Is there an obscure term that works for singular and genderless that the people I've asked previously just aren't thinking of? The closest suggestion I've gotten has been 'oneself', but that only works in a speculative manner. It can't be used in past tense, such as "Someone poured hot coffee on oneself yesterday." Themselves is technically incorrect in that sentence as well, as is the reply "Were they burned?"
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lineage and movie rentals

Okay, my mom's cousin's daughter just had a baby. (To make that easier: my mom's cousin Linda has a daughter Jenny, and Jenny just had a daughter, Sophia. She's so cute!) I know I'm related to Sophia in some way, but what would I say she is? My great cousin thrice removed or something crazy like that?

Also, does anyone here use Netflix or a similar program? Which program do you use, and how do you like it? I have the $17.99/m for 3-at-a-time unlimited rentals with Netflix, but I'm not sure I'm getting the best deal.
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Uber-light smoker

Are the risks of getting cancer significant for a very light cigar smoker? (I'm talking maybe 1-2 little cigars per month). There's info galore about cancer and heavy smokers but I can't find much for really light smokers.

Research Resources Question

I'm writing a research paper for my Philosophy class about the Theory of Just War, as it applies to three American wars from the 20th century. (and early 21st) I'm choosing World War II, the Vietnam War, and this "War on Terror" thing that we've got going on right now. I've already outlined which rules of Just War that our government has obeyed in each of these wars, and which ones they've broken. Now I just need to support my statements, and expand upon them.

My question is, what would be a good resource with which to find some good, relatively impartial articles about morally questionable things that the US has done in these wars? I'm using already, and checking out the links from there, but that isn't in-depth enough. I'm not wanting to just Google search because that would involve and incredible amount of sifting through bullshit, especially when I'm researching the "War on Terror." Do any of you know a good place to look, that would have such articles, or many links to other resources that would?
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Law & Order SVU

I was watching Law & Order: SVU last night but I fell asleep because I was really tired. It was on USA, and it was the last episode of SVU on for the night before Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

What ended up happening to the kid on trial for killing the 2 jocks, while in a psychotic state? I fell asleep somewhere after the point where they confronted the saleswoman in the flashy BMW who had sent out the Aptril (sp?) antidepressant.

(If there's a community where this question would be more appropriate, please tell me and I'll move it there.)


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I have been prone to ear infections and strep throat since I was a baby. And Ive mastered the art of getting and dealing with strep, but Im lucky enough to only get horrible ear infections every few years. The past few weeks though Ive had, irritation. like the inside of my ear will itch ( I know you've all been there) and Ill go through my usual attempts to relieve it, putting a finger next to my ear and shaking it, pressure etc. and usually the next day my ear would feel almost like its infected. Today is worse than it was about a month ago, and it isnt constant. Im going to the doctors on Tuesday to let them see my lovely ears yet again, and I have some ear drops that help relieve some of the discomfort but does anyone know anthing else I could do? or possibly what is wrong?
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I know this was asked here in the past, and I looked back but couldn't find it, and I couldn't find it on Google either.

Does anyone have a link to that website where you type something in and it translates it to 13 year old webspeak? I'll love you forever if you do.
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Aight, there's a restaurant in Berlin, Germany that is described as "an ultra-trendy establishment, run by a slightly crazy Argentinean, where you eat what you're given, then pay what you think the meal is worth."

Anyone know the name of the restaurant?
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I'm in a dilema, and I was wondering if there's a "ticket trader" for concerts, like if there's a two day show, (same show, jsut differet days) could I trade my ticket for day 2 for day 1?

Big Summer Classic, Schaumburg, IL - Night 1 JUL 8 Alexian Field Schaumburg, IL
Big Summer Classic, Schaumburg, IL - Night 2 JUL 9 Alexian Field Schaumburg, IL

It's the same show, but they're each only one day. I'm leaving for California on the 9th, is there a way I can give my ticket for the 9th and get one for the 8th? Are there any secure websites for that?
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Poll #485817 What Should I Do?

For lunch, I made some breaded chicken strips. I bit into one and hit something hard. I opened it up and there was a 1 1/2 inch chicken bone in it. I looked on the bag and there was no "caution" that said there may be bones. So, what should I do?

Send the chicken strip and the bone back to the company and complain about it.
Throw it in the trash, no need to worry about it, stuff happens.
Contact an attorney. There must be a way to suck some bucks out of this one.
Eat it! Bones are good for you!
Contact the store and demand a replacement bag of chicken strips. This bag contained defective product.

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my feet hurt when i walk alot in my canvas shoes and i went to a podatrist
and he said my big toes don't lock properly when i walk and that puts added pressure.
so i got some triad insoles today and they actually put more pressure on the bone under my big toe.
and he said the best in soles to get are the ones with a hard sole, but i cant seem to find one.

anyone have any ideas?

grade 11 math teacher, Brucio

(no subject)

1. What do you say to someone when they say they love you but you don't love them back? I think I said "thank you" but that was...weird.

2. What's your dream job?

3. Why do I procrastinate when I really really need to go study for exams?

4. What do you do if you hate all your friends but cannot escape them?
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e-mail address suggestions?

hi, um, i need suggestions for a new e-mail address.

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so to phrase this in the form of a question: do you have any suggestions for me? thanks.

edit: ok, so, gmail. got it. isn't available. so the rest of my question still stands. =)

edit #2: i decided (after much deliberation) on please tell me it doesn't suck.
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3 Physical Health Questions

When a male is curcumsized, is there sometimes discoloration of the penis?

(The guy I have in mind... the length of his shaft is a tanned brown (although he is pale), but about 3/4 of the way down, there is almost a black/brown jagged line around it, and then the last two inches are a reddish/pink. He was circumsized as an infant. I've never seen such coloration on any other penis.)

Could stress cause a collection of white zits (or zit-like things) around the eyes? What else could cause something like that?

Is there a home remedy for muscle pain (caused by moving heavy furniture up stairs ;_;). I tried a warm shower but that seemed to make it worse.
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(no subject)

I just bought an iPod mini. I have about 730 songs on my computer but my iTunes is saying that i only have 599. Is there any way to refresh my library list on iTunes so it adds what is currently missing? And how exactly do I add the rest of the songs onto my iPod? Is there a community specifically for iPod help?


Question for the guys:

Do you prefer a girl's hair straightened and sleek, or naturally wavy? (Specifically speaking, auburn/reddish-brown color hair)

My friends and I were wondering what the general consensus on this is.

Wolf- Fantastic Mr. Fox

A bunch of reincarnation questions

For those who believe in reincarnation: Do you believe people keep "recycling" forever, or do they only have a limited number of lives? Do you think souls cycle through lives in order to mature? Do you think souls choose their new lives? If you think children choose their lives, why do you suppose so many people end up with horrible, abusive families? Do they choose the circumstances for a deep, fate-related reason that's not immediately apparent? When do you think the reincarnated soul goes into the new person: at the moment of conception, at the time of birth? Do you think souls can live as animals and then as people?

Answer some or all of these.
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Firefox question.

Can somebody explain how tabs work in Firefox? I want to change over but I can figure out how they work. I can open them but I can't close just one. Also, does anybody how to move bookmarks from Safari to Firefox?
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its raining questions.

i have some questions:

are hermaphrodites bisexual?

whats sexier, an average looking guy being totally buff, or a really nicely proportioned guy being somewhat buff?

how do ambulance drivers not become deaf from those loud loud loud sirens??

ive heard youre not supposed to chug a lot of water at once, but sip it throughout the day. is this true and if so why?

as a guy, whats a good way to express to a girl who likes you that you just want to be friends without making a big deal about it or making her feel bad?


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Procrastination at its best (okay, maybe not)...

1. What's your favorite kind of candy bar?
2. Do you read/watch/generally follow the news on a regular basis?
3. Favorite card game?
4. Favorite website on which to waste tons of time (besides LJ or any other journals/blogs)
5. What's your favorite way to travel (train, plane, get the idea)?
6. When you were younger/still using these items, did you prefer crayon are markers?
7. Are you a cat or dog type of person (or neither)?
8. White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate...what's your favorite?
9. Godiva or Ghiaradelli (probably massacred that second one by way of spelling)?
10. What is the most annoying question people never fail to ask you?

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