April 30th, 2005

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Networking Computers

I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to network a home computer network thingie?

We have five computers all hooked into one router, but I'm sort of stuck at figuring out how to network them so we can listen to each other's iTunes and the like.

Does anyone know of a link or tutorial or can anyone give me any instructions on how to go about doing this?

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(no subject)

I got a new license today and it sparked some brain waves..

On your license what do you have marked for donations? all organs? all tissues? nothing...why or why not?

I have everything going...Im dead..I dont need it, if someone else can use it by all means..I hope you enjoy it

what does your license (state) have on it.

Michigans has the Ambassador Bridge...I think...some bridge..cant remember if its the right bridge or not. and theres the watermarks of the state and the word "MICHIGAN" across my face, of course...

Does yours go vertical or horizontal? I suppose that depends on your age huh....

Mine goes Vertical..
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(no subject)

The previous questions about local words got me thinking about everywhere I have lived and how that has changed how I act.  I wondered if other people felt the same way about where they were raised and where they later lived.

1) What kind of area did you grow up in i.e. rural, small town, city, large city, etc.  How do you think this has impacted you and the way you act now.  Would you want to raise a family or encourage someone else to raise a family in the same area?

2) How does living near a famous place or attraction affect your views of it.  Does seeing/passing/using it on a regular basis change it or remove some of its importance?


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(no subject)

1. Why is my cell phone acting wonky? I thought I just wasn't hearing the alarm because I usually keep it on vibrate, but I grabbed it and it said the alarm had gone off at 5:40 am... which wans't right... I went to reset it, the "this is when it'll go off" screen said midnight, but when I went to set it it read the right time. When I went back to the "this is when it'll go off" screen, it still read the right time... but right now I'm thankful that the alarm is just a reminder, not something I don't usually do by myself anyway.

2. goddamn it, forgot again... gimme a sec... oh! I have a job application. It asks me my most recently attended school, which is the Uni I'm going to right now. The uni covers... I think three zip codes, maybe 4... so What do I put in that blank? what do I put for phone number, street address? Shuld I put my advisor's information where it asks about my teacher/counselor? my major under department? It asks my last grade completed, and my GPA- my GPA/my last grade completed will change in about a week with finals week. Should I put down that I've completed being a freshman(what I am right now) and estimate my GPA?
(NB: the place I'm applying to is in the same city as the college, so they should know that the university campus takes up about a fourth of the city [and the students make up about 70% of the population. ha.])
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Virgin Post

Hi, everyone. This question is probably mostly for ladies, but I'll definitely take help from anyone who can offer it.

I need a suggestion for a long-lasting lipstick that won't completely dry my lips out or flake once it's been on for a while. Money's not a major concern; however, I don't care to spend $75-$100 on a tube, either. I've worn Clinique Different lipstick forever just because I like the color (Tenderheart) and texture so well, but I have to reapply it every 20 minutes or so, and even more often if I drink anything--so I usually just wear Carmex when I'm working.

Anyway, I've rambled on long enough. Any help would be most appreciated--as would suggestions of communities where this question would be more appropriate. Thanks. :)
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(no subject)

whats the best water filter available?

we got pur water filtration system but i don't think its doing a good job of cleaning the water.

when i drink normal tap water, i have to go pee like instantly after(im thinking due to too much chemicals)
and when i drink bottle water, its like 30 mins to an hour later.


(no subject)

I tried searching in Google, but I still couldnt find the answer.

In this Moby song called "Lift me up" I cant figure out what language he is speaking, and I would like to know what hes saying.

Lift me up, lift me up
Aiah Nouwamba
Lift me up, lift me up
Aiah Nouwamba

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(no subject)

Have you ever opened a product that was made overseas and found a note or personal item from the person who assembled or packaged it? Like, reached in the pocket of a new pair of jeans and found a note that says, "Help! I am a prisoner in a Hong Kong sweat shop!"

I haven't. But I always check.
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1. What is the difference between 'teh' and 'the'? It's annoying me.
2. Take the current events in Cairo Egypt (Taba bombing in October, Khan el Khalili last month, and now the current attacks: http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/04/30/cairo.explosion/index.html). Would this/does this change any plans/hopes of visiting Egypt in the near future for you?
3. What's your favorite brand and flavor of yogurt?
4. Have you tried Pepsi Lime? Is it really that gross?

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(no subject)

I was actually thinking about this question even before letsplaygodie27 posted anything about it.

Do you think there's a certian reason why people like "rap" music or "rock" do you think it has to do with your brain, or parents or anything? It's one of my weird theorys. I'd love to hear what you guys have to say, like WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THAT MUSIC. other than "becuase they like it"

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can get an oldschool paddleball, like this one:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I've googled the heck out of it, I've looked at Amazon and Toys R Us, I'm not really that well versed in eBay so I'd like for that to be the very last resort, and I just don't know where else to look. Help, anyone? Please? :(

(no subject)

i graduate from high school in about three and a half weeks, and im thinking that as a graduation gift to myself i want dreadlocks.
i dont have a job, but i was wondering if anyone has ever had trouble finding a job because they have dreadlocks, or if you know of anyone who has.

edit: before any confusion ensues, i am attending college starting this fall, but ill need a job for the next four years while im in school (after school, dress codes wont be an issue, because ill be self-employed). i was just wondering if this would be a problem in finding a job in the meantime.
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(no subject)

How do insect brains compare to human brains? Like the equivalent of say a 4 year old or something? Does it depend on the bug? Can they even do comparisons like that?

What's your favorite kind of chewing gum and/or bubble gum?

2 unrelated questions.... plz could you answer both?

My bf and I were walking down the street today in the rain seeing all the worms on the ground... He asked me : What is the purpose of the worm?

so what are worms purpose? Do worms have a purpose? Why do they only appear when it is raining and wet? Like I mean I see worms at other times, but really on a 2 min walk I saw like 17 worms...

second question....

If you had the choice Which show would you watch.....

Desperate housewhives? OR Family guy and American dad(new show by the ppl who made family guy)?

ALL answers appreciated...
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(no subject)

It has been said that the EU has less bureaucrats than Kent County Council.
Ok, if that is true, it is amazing, but is it true?
"Of course not!" answers a tory supporter " everyone knows the EU is a bloated, inefficient bureaucracy!"
But is that actually correct?
Can anyone supply facts and figures on the size of the EU admin, as compared to Kent CC's civil service?
My thanks in advance to anyone who can...

(no subject)

I have this online friend who's in a real shitty situation. She lives up in the sticks of Washington, near the Canadian border, she's 18, and she's trapped. Her father is some religious nut, who's also an obese judgmental alcoholic guy with some mental problems. He forced her to drop out of school a couple years back because he doesn't believe women should be so ambitious or some nonsense. She has no friends, she's like 30 miles away from the nearest civilized development. All her neighbors are rural hick types, and they all just talk about agriculture and get drunk. Because her father is so controlling, he won't let her have anything. He takes everything away. He's hit her. He's her only means of transportation. She has no money, and her family is pretty dirt poor. The father sometimes can't afford to drive to work. My friend is feeling like a captive, with no means of escape, and no one to turn to or any place to go. All her relatives are equally poor and mentally questionable and really don't care about her at all. Her closest friend is another trapped soul who's 24 or so and still being controlled by his parents and equally as poor, and even then, they've never met online and he's living in the boondocks of Washington in a whole other location. She doesn't have a GED nor any transportation or money or friends.

So my question is, can you think of any way for her to escape her situation and start living her life? As long as she's living under her dad's roof, he makes all the rules and she isn't allowed to do anything or own anything. Any suggestion would be nice
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1. what is the most romantic thing that could be said, without crossing over to cheezy?

2. are people who live in humid areas less likely to suffer from chest colds? what about have clearer skin?

3. have you ever used someone else's toothbrush?

4. what approximate percentage of your entries in your personal journal(s) are public/friends/private?
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(no subject)

On soymilk.
Is it okay to simply drink enriched and goody-filled soymilk instead of regular milk? Am I missing anything by not drinking milk?
When the recipe calls for milk..can I replace it with soymilk..or does it have have to be normal milk? I mean they say you can use water..but that makes food bland.

On olives.
Alright..so first/second pressing..really, any dramatic difference?

Random crap.
Can turtles and snails mix in a tank? What about a betta and a turtle?
Any of you go to Hobart and William Smith college?
Me--State Fair

recording .wav files?

I have a voice mail message on my phone I want to record onto my computer, somehow. I have a US Cellular phone, Nokia 55something. Is there a program I can either somehow get it on my computer, or just record .wav files and hold the phone up to my microphone or something?
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anyone always say/believe they could never date a smoker...until they did?

and then find themself occasionally smoking around this smoker?

i've always hated cigarettes, and used to smoke them occasionally. a couple in 2003, none 2004, and then every day thursday to sunday! lol.

if we were ever really together, though, he'd have to quit.
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(no subject)

Why is it that a normal shirt fits me in one size and a stretch shirt two sizes larger fits me? Why can't shirts have standard sizes? Likewise for pants, skirts, shoes, etc... I hate having a pair of shoes in an 8, others in 8.5, and a handful of 9s...

strange words

+ How do you pronounce "eage" (Old English for "eye" I believe)? Is it just pronounced "eye"???

+ What is "Aegen"? A person? Place? I seriously can't find any information on it, but it keeps popping up sporadically in a hundred webpages. In most of them it looks like a misspelling of "Aegean" and that's it. ;_;

+ Are there any French words similar to these words? Or that is pronounced something like "AY-gay" or "EH-geh"?

+ Or are there any religious figures with the above criteria?

(There IS a logical explanation to all this. I'm trying to figure out how to translate エーゲ and I can't seem to find a webpage that has already done so. They all even have it romanized wrong D:)

Hmm...showing you what I've ALREADY translated might help. (They're song titles.)

"A swim in the sea of [Eage/Aegen/blah] ~The vault of heaven~"

"[Eage/Aegen/blah] ~With the passing wind~"

A million thank you's to whoever can help me out. ;_;
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To the plus-sized/curvy/voluptuous ladies here:

have you tried any of Monistat's new Soothing Care line? I'd like to hear about any of the products in it, though I'm particularly interested in the Chafing Relief Powder-Gel, since I have a lot of cleavage and do sweat more near my more obvious curves and get a lot of uncomfortable chafing because of it.

So.... experiences? Likes? Dislikes? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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