April 29th, 2005


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I used to know how to do this but I dont remember. How do you copy your backround image so you can use it as a picture? Something about copying it and going into paint...am I making sense?
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tattoo you

If you want to get a tattoo done, and you have a design but you want it smaller than the picture you have, is it better to take it in fullsized or shrink the picture?

(I gave up on my long list of questions...I just didn't care anymore.)

Do you think it is unreasonable to expect future dating partners to have accept your best friend of the opposite sex? 'Cause I wouldn't give him up for anything, we're tight.
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If you found out you were going to die, but you got to choose your own death (kind of like choose your own adventure!), what would you decide on?

I would be murdered. Brutally. Tortured, I think. By a serial killer for sure. Definitely cut up alot. I'm going to die anyway, might as well experience it. I'm also curious if I would feel the pain of it after a while, or if the chemicals in my brain would take over and I would just be watching without feeling anything.

Another vague memory ...

About eight years ago I read a novel that (as I remember) had a character who walked on water and swam through the ground. This character said that anyone could do this if they knew how. I seem to remember something about messiahs ... this person was a messiah or something like that. I remember that the book had a feather on the cover. Does anyone have a clue as to the book I'm referring to?
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What do you think of sex scenes in stories and novels? Should sex only be hinted at (turning off the lights then waking up the next morning)? Described in graphic detail? Described but glossed over and full of euphemisms? Can too much sex in a story be a turnoff and detract from the story? (Turnoff... heh, what a word...)

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I plan on getting a tattoo in the next few months. The place I'm going to is going to charge around 100 dollars an hour. This seemed expensive to me.

How big and detailed (colored or not) was your tattoo and how much did you pay for it?

Is 100 dollars an hour cheap or expensive?

*Shrugs* cuz I have no idea.

Thanks :D!
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when you have people on your friend's list on lj, and you have never ever met them, you read what they have to say and so on.
have you ever been suprised as to what someone looked like after you saw their picture because you've imagined them looking completely different?

-what are you wearing?
- what did you have for lunch?
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If your potential-mate gave you a website address with many pages of information about everything that they think you need to know about being involved with them... what would you think?

(Not like... "I'm pyscho run away" stuff, but wants, needs, desires, sex interests, relationship history, what they want in the future, etc.)

[Edit: This in regards to people seeking long-term/permanent relationships, potentially marriage.]
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Anyone know where we can buy an Ogo?

Three days ago I called up one the now totaling EIGHT numbers that my friends and I have gathered for ATT/Cingular Ogo service in order to purchase one for myself. It arrived yesterday and all seemed good. However one of my friends had hers break and my other friend still wants one and we are unable to buy one via those numbers anymore. Does anyone happen to know where we might purchase an ogo, aside from eBay? We already are looking at a lot of auctions but we're looking at all options here.

Oh and for those who don't know this is what an Ogo looks like...

It's kinda like a pager and allows unlimited text messaging, email, and AIM/Yahoo Messenger/MSN Messenger service for $17.99 a month.

As of today appearently there was an email sent out at ATT/Cingular saying the ogos were no longer available so that is why we're now very upset cause we were unable to buy one yesterday. If anyone can help that'd be great :)
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so, i took this second job at a grocery store for something to do, and to make some friends in my town. the more i think about it, the less i want to be there. i woke up this morning at 5:30 to get ready for my regular job, and got home at 3. i'm supposed to be at training for the second job by 5. i am really tired and don't feel like going. i don't need the money at all, and i don't care about this job. but, i feel like i have commited myself to something so i should be true to my word. (damn my ethics.)

should i go? why or why not?


Forgive me if this has been discussed before, but the topic was brought up in my physics class (don't ask) yesterday and it just blowed my mind...

Have any of you heard of www.savetoby.com? What do you think? Can you believe that he is actually getting money for this? I very well can't.

*shakes head sadly*
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Biblical Question

For a fanfic I'm writing involving angels, I need some information regarding stories in the Bible of humans who were once morally depraved or degenerate, but ended up becoming a key servant of God. Just a brief description of before/after and what caused the change will be fine. Thanks!
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Here's a question for all you physics-types:

At work today I was resetting spotlights. Most of the store is lit by spotlights, we have hundreds of them on track lights around the store. Anyway, my boss told me that if I have two spots next to each other pointing in opposite directions toward each other, that the light from one would diffuse the light from the other, making both lights less bright by the time it got to whatever it was pointing at. Is that true? It seems ridiculous to me but I haven't taken physics in five years or so. Will the light from one spotlight really affect the light from the other?
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EDIT: Thank you so much teffdogg for showing me how to get my awesome diagram to show up. :o)

Whoa Computer Help. Please.....

Desparate for Computer Help!

Hello all. A while back I asked about what would be the easiest way to go about transferring data to a new computer. I recieved some different responses and decided to do the "File Transfer Wizard"

OK, so I did that. Then it said I needed a cord. specifically a "serial PC to PC file transfer cable" I picked up a crossover cable at Radio Shack.

OK, so I go to plug both ends into each computer, (old and new) and lo and behold, my old PC doesn't have a female part that matches with the end of the crossover cable. So I go and pick up a "network adaptor" It say "10/100 Compact USB 2.0" Whatever that means. I ran the software that came with the network adaptor.

However, my computers cannot find each other on this cord! I get to the point on "File Transfer Wizard" where it says "autodetect [the other computer]" And nothing is happening.

I really need help here. I am most confused. Ask me about anything at all, but just don't ask me about computers... I feel so lame when it comes to stuff like this.

Oh yeah I have win XP if it matters...
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Boredom Strikes

A good deal of questions to keep you busy. :)

1) What are the things that happen every day for you? Specific articles of clothing/jewelry you wear? Things you say? People you see? Chores you do? Websites you visit? Etc.

2) Who: Comes first? Family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses, strangers, or yourself?
What: Was on your mind all day today?
Where: Do you spend most of your time outside of home?
When: Do you normally go to bed?
Why: Is life worth living for you?
How: Are you feeling today?

3) I'm sure I've asked this before, but I'm curious again. Suppose you have a really pleasant dream. Are you usually really happpy during the day because of that dream or do you feel badly that it never actually happened? What about if you have an unsettling dream? Are you usually unsettled throughout the day or happy that it didn't actually happen?

4) I based these questions off descriptions of astrological signs I got from This Website.
Aries: How hard do you work on something that just isn't working out for you until you get frustrated and give up?
Cancer: How well do get along with other people in general? Do you find most people easy to talk to or do people just piss you off?
Libra: How well do you usually plan out big, important events?
Capricorn: What is your current biggest responsibility?
Taurus: If you think you have a full-proof plan for a particular thing, do you listen to other people's ideas? Why fix it if it's not broken?
Leo: How dominant are you? Are you a leader or a follower? Do you get stage fright easily?
Scorpio Do you find it easy to forgive and forget?
Aquarius: Do you follow your heart or you brain?
Gemini: Do you stress easily? On certain things more than others?
Virgo: Are you a perfectionist?
Sagittarius: Do you open up easily?
Pisces: Do you have confidence in yourself?

Ok, that's more than enough for now. I just needed to pass time. ;P
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I've been having a very tough week, so I have a lot of questions.

1. Do you think that American Idol is a rigged show?
After Wednesday, I don't think I'll be able to watch it the same way. Constantine was one the the strongest performers, and had a very large fanbase. I don't think it was in any way possible for him to leave, without some screw up of some kind. I'm not saying this just because he was my favorite, but because I feel really strongly about this. It was completely unfair to Constantine and to the rest of the contestants, because it isn't a fair competition.

2. Would you re-vote if they had one on the show?
Over at constantine_m they're saying that they're going to have a re-vote because the results were so rediculous (sp?).

3. Is it true that there is a jail sentence if you skip jury duty? If so, how long is it usually?
My mom totally forgot about it. She was really upset when she left to pick up my sister, so I didn't really get to talk to her.
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So, I've been wondering about this situation that's always been awkward for me...

Say you're walking down a (more or less) empty sidewalk, and about 60-80 feet ahead, someone is walking towards you.

How do you interact with the person? Do you look away from them? Do you look at them until you meet? Do you ignore them completely? Do you say hi?

I never know what to do, so it always ends up with me looking back and forth for the 10-15 seconds or so that it takes to reach them and pass them, and that's a long time to ignore someone who's pretty much directly in front of you.

What's the "proper" way to react from so far away?
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i know this isn't really what this community is about, but there are a lot of members here who might be able to help me out.

i am doing a project on slang/foul language and am looking for racial/ethnic/social/sexual orientation slurs that you hear in use. the project is aimed towards teaching ESL students politically-appropriate terms to label (that sounds bad) racial and ethic groups (sexual orientation, too). i actually don't need only slurs; PC/Polite terms would help, too. thanks!

for each item, please list the following.

1. group the term refers to
2. term
3. whether it is PC, Mildly offensive or Strong.
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Geisha or No?

For a class, I have to create a proposal for a video game that kids from the ages of 8 - 10 would enjoy, and the main character is going to be some kind of crime-fighting geisha. I'm a little worried, however, that the teacher might point out that a geisha isn't an appropriate protagonist for a kids' game.

What do you think? Should I go with the geisha, and hope the kidlets don't really know what a geisha is (other than something like a Japanese girl*)?

*I do know that not all Japanese girls are geishas. But I know a lot of younger people think a geisha is just a Japanese girl, rather than a woman who entertains the gentlemen.
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DVD woes.

This afternoon I burned a DVD on my computer, and went to test it in my TV-DVD combo thingy. It wouldn't play without skipping, so I cleaned it and tried it in a different TV. It worked consistently the entire time I watched it, so I assumed there had just been something on the disk.

Jump to five hours later, I go to watch it again in my TV-DVD thing, and it keeps skipping. I test it in every other player in the house, and it's fine. I play other DVDs in the problem TV and they play fine. I know the disks are compatible, because I just watched a different movie burned on the same type of disk on the TV.

What's the problem here?
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