April 28th, 2005

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if you pray (even occasionally), do you think that TYPING a prayer is as effective as getting down on your knees?

how often do you pray?

do you pray only during hard times or do you pray even during calm waters?

do you believe in the power of prayer?

have your prayers ever been answered?

have they ever not?

...........and what's your favorite kind of soup?

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How can I stop my arm from hurting after having blood taken?

I cannot give blood, it rarely comes out at all for blood tests, and I have tried to donate blood in the past but it resulted in the volunteers feeling very guilty because they got so little out of me, yet it was painful as hell for me - unfortunately this means I cannot donate blood, but try to gently coax my friends into going in my place.
I had blood tests done the other day that went fine, but now my arm is a little bruised and painful to move - I'm a big wuss and hate this horrible pain whenever I have to get blood taken, so can anyone offer any ideas to help stop the pain?

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Do you own your business?
Have you tried to?
Did it make your hair grey or fall out?

I'm thinking of trying to dive head first in to owning my own business (a book shop) and I'm wondering what it might be like. Personally I think it'll be an exciting challenge. Any stories you can tell, good or bad would be great, thanks.
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1. is there a way to make musicmatch stop asking me if i want to install the plugin for a portable device? i don't have a portable device and probably won't for a long, long time. yet every time i open musicmatch it gives me that popup and the only choices are "yes" and "later". i want "no" so it'll stop asking -- is there any way to make it stop without actually installing the plugin? the plugin will just take up space, and i don't need it.

2. my car has a manual transmission (yes, a chick who drives stick -- i'm a dying breed!) someone once told me that it's not good to sit at say, a stop sign or a red light, with my foot holding the clutch pedal down and the car in first gear -- it's kind of like pause, and saves me the trouble of doing a quick switcheroo from neutral to first when the light changes or whatever. i like doing it this way but i'm told it's not good for the car -- is this true? it doesn't seem like it'd actually put any strain on the engine... is it wearing down the clutch or something?
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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

I need to download another book to my iPod. I'm thinking more along the fiction lines this time...
Got any suggestions for me?
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(no subject)

1. When is the last time you cleaned your ears?

2. Have you ever yelled at a stranger in public for doing something absurd/stupid/dangerous?

3. What country can you just not admit that the stereotype is wrong for (with me, its Africa... I dont want to believe it's anything more than lions and gizelles)

4. If you could wipe one person off the planet, who would it be?

5. Do you like yourself?

6. Would you ever join the circus? What would you do there?

7. How many bandaids do you use a month?

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More questions. Yes, I ask lots. No, I am not bored, I just ask for happy things because I hear horror stories at work all day and I like a little pick-me-up.

1. What is the one piercing you think makes people look like a fool?
(for me, it's eyebrow. people always look like they are unclean and have a huge growth or zit on their face. i have never seen it look good and i personally think people look like white trash assholes with it. it almost makes me want to vomit)

2. Who would you hang out in person from lj, that you have never met but want to?

3. What are you wearing :)

Ask someone, anyone, a question, and make any random comment about anyone or anything that you want.

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so, what's the best physics review book that you know??

I'm at Columbia University, taking General Physics 1201m which is probably equivalent to AP Physics without calculus (ie, AP Phys AB) but a bit trickier and with a lot less explanation. (it's your basic Pre-med Physics course) some of the topics we've covered (to give you an idea of the course) are Heat transfer Convection/Conduction, basic Fluid Mechanics (ie buyonacy, density, viscosity), rotational motion, Conservation of energy, etc_

The final's in a week and a half, and I was just wondering if you knew a really really good review book (or even a few good websites) that would explain where my teacher and my textbook has failed.

Thanks so much, and wishme luck!

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what are your top 3 most populated communities?
(EXCLUDING icon/font/layout comms)

1. egl 3006
2. corsetry 2222
3. girl_gamers 1921

for students: what are you going to do after the semester is over?

me: rest, play lots of video games, probably get drunk
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urban canyon

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Is there much of a market for really dark, sick, twisted fiction?

EDIT: I ask because sometimes I wonder how my life might change if something really bad happened to me and I had a psychotic break (I'm not really at risk of this happening). Then my mind wanders in all sorts of strange directions and I wonder what it would be like to put it all down on paper.
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ok so i'm so fucking pissed....

i get an email from my brother saying this--
What's up?

Mom said something about Brian's mom coming in Brian's place if he can't
come to my wedding. Was mom talking correctly or was she mistaken?"

Brian is my husband. we got eloped at the beginning of the year and both my brother and his to-be-wife know Brian. My husband is a in the navy and he will be deployed at the time of my brother's wedding. so i thought it would be a great idea for my mother-in-law (brian's mom) to come to my brothers wedding with me. shed get to meet all of the rest of my family and she used to be a florist and wedding planner and my brother is having a HUGE wedding so i thought my mother-in-law would enjoy it.

so i call up my brother this morning to ask him what he meant in the email since my brother is passive-aggressive (and just spineless to his fiance). he told me that the idea of my mother-in-law coming "didnt go over well" with his fiance and that he "is not in charge".

oh and a side note. i am in the fucking wedding. i didnt want to be in the wedding at all, i was ready to turn it down but then my brother begged me to and my mom told me reasons why i should, so i did out of the kindness of my heart and for my brother. and i am the 1st in line brides maid. and not out of pity because there are brides maids down the line from me that my brother's fiance is good friends with. and my husband will be deployed so they wont let me bring someone else--someone else that is family--that would enjoy being there--this would be a great opportunity for my mother-in-law to meet more of our family--and i'm in the wedding and didnt want to be at first and i'm doing my brother a favor and he wont stand up for me in having my mother-in-law there....

i'm so irate...
to the members of this community i'd really just want to ask if this anger and resentment i'm feeling is realistic or is there something i'm missing?
like its her wedding so she decides who goes and all that?
i'm so confused...any advice anyone could give me please???
Izzy Puppy


My office just got a new printer/scanner/fax (HP LaserJe 4345mfp). When a document is scanned, it must be emailed. We are trying to configure the scanning/emailing function. The IT guys are telling us it will not work because our server does not have LDAP. I do not know much on the subject, the our IT guys are prone to talking out of their asses (one guy said that my outlook was not sending emails because I hadn't cleared my cache....qua? those are related how???). Anyway, does this sound reasonable? And how would I go about finding an LDAP? I have looked through all kinds of settings and couldn't find anything.
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Where did the phrase "no harm, no foul" originate?

What summer movies do you want to see the most? I definately want to check out The Island and War of the Worlds.

And if you have GMail: how did you get rid of your invites? I still have all 50 of mine.
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lesbian wedding

what does it cost to be a girly girl?

A friend of mine made a comment recently about how it's very appreciated when guy pays to take us out because we spend so much money to look good for them. I never thought of it that way before. But now it really has me thinking and wondering how much we do really spend.

Ladies, how much do you think you spend per month on grooming and appearance? Include costs for make-up, moisturizors, face creams, special soaps, lufas, exfoliation products, hair cuts, razors, deodorant, waxing, conditioner, hair dye, hair spray, hair gel, sun block, clothes, lingerie, accessories, perfume, etc.

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For the older folks in the community,

When did you start getting grey hairs? Did they come all at once, only one every few years or gradually increased to the point where they were highly visible?

Grey hair runs in my family on both sides, but I'm the youngest in my family to get it (I'm 20). I hate it so much.
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Looking for a word.

One word, not a phrase. I have the phrase already, but I can't think of just a one-word summary.

A person that is fairly overly cautious, somewhat secretive, but at the same time full of passion, lust and energy when you get to know them.

What would a word for that be?
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I need advice.

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my resume and interview, I now have 3 job offers!

I took that first one for sure, that offered only 25 hours but I have found a second job to make it full time. But this third job, I have an interview for on Friday. Do I go to the interview anyways? Even though I may not be interested?

How many hours would you say it too many to work?

Any other advice for me?



I've noticed that much of the general public find all forms of classical music to be annoying at best.

Do you find this to be true?
Why do you think this is?
Does the score from a movie piss them off as much?

I've been trying to figure it out. Now, i HATE country music, but I'll put up with it if i have to, i can just tune it out. But my dislike of country is nothing compared to how much these people seem to hate classical. Collapse )
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First Questions

My First Questions -

How long do you spend on Live Journal each day?

Does your Live Journal time happen at a regular slot each day? If so, when?

What's the balance between posting your own entries and reading those of your friends?

Just asking because I'm hoping that there will be other people more 'addicted' than I am!
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(no subject)

Is there anything you can do to get rid of a knot or kink in your back/shoulder? I've had one since last night, and it hurts every time I move. I'd rather not just wait it out, and massaging it hasn't done much. Thanks!

(no subject)

How do you think that humans came about?

How do you think that the dinos died out?

Are they correlated?

Do you use rechargable batteries? Why or why not?

Do you like bats, spiders, and other creatures that eat mosquitoes and other bugs?

What do you think that the world would be like if humans were not in charge?

How much longer do you think that the human race has to live?
Kitty Lick
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PC Games

I got addicted to Half-Life 2 and was just recently introduced to Halo, but I am only able to play these games at friends' cause I don't currently have high speed Internet (getting it soon thou w00t!).

Are there any other PC games like those (that don't require an internet connection)?

(no subject)

What are some TV shows you wish were released on DVD? Movies?

I wish I could get "Whose Line is it Anyway?" on DVD. (If you agree with me, you should totally go here and tell Amazon...they're collecting information on how many people would be interested in order to pass it on to the studio.) I think I'd also buy collections of cartoons from my childhood, like Darkwing Duck. Also, there's an obscure old Johnny Depp movie that I want to see (Cry Baby), but I can only find it on VHS on ebay and I really, really don't want to buy it, just rent it.

(no subject)

Do you live in a region where you have slang different than other places?

I was just talking to my friend and was wondering if anyone else (except New Englanders) uses the term chilly, in reference to the weather. We also say wicked, like wicked cool, and bubbler for water fountain.

Annd what do you call the remote control? In my house it's been called remote, clicker, & the buttons.

A few questions

1. I remember watching some scifi movie (it could have been a show, but I swear it was a movie) with my dad. I know it was a mid to late 70's to early 80's movie as I was 5-8 when I saw it (so somewhere around 84-87) and I remember it being that quality that we can pinpoint that era with typically. I thought it had the same guy from the original Dune, but I looked him up and couldn't find anything that sounded like it or fit the time. It took place out in the desert with a guy (average height and brown hair) and he was either with an alien or found the alien, but they were together for the majority of the movie that I remember. The alien had a baby and I can't remember if it was just the alien's or their baby. The alien was humanoid, but looked kind of lizardish I think is the best way to describe it. Anyone know it?
EDIT : Enemy Mine has been found.

2. To the girls: Do you feel more energetic wearing pig tails? (I call them energy antenna, they seem to perk me up and I don't know why)

3. What did you want to be when you grew up at about age 8 (second grade)? (I wanted to be an interior designer. I had my dream house all graphed out and the feet all calulated with drawings of the furnature. It all looked really good, but I can't find the pictures anymore :( )

4. Have you dyed your hair before? if so, what colors and what is your natural color? (I've been dying my hair off and on for the past 10 years. I've had it natural browns, blonde, blue, green, pink, and black. My natural color is a mousy brown)
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Alright, now I’m in this predicament. Just tell me what you think you would do…

I’ve been going out someone for about a month. Of course I really like him; he’s respectful and different than any guy that I’ve gone out with. I really enjoy going out with him and we're starting to become serious in our relationship.

Now, I have this creative writing class that I love. In this creative writing class, there is this guy who is really into writing screenplays and I love his work. In fact I think the guy is quite a character. We didn’t really talk much in class, but I really dig his work and he digs mine.

So today he came up to me and asked me for my e-mail address because he wanted to read some more of my writing. So I said sure. So then, just now he sent me an e-mail asking me out on a date. I'm all excited about it, but then at the same time I'm sad because I'm going out with someone right now. Although this guy in my creative writing class, I was kinda wishing that I could go out with him before I was going out with the guy I’m currently going out with now.

I know this isn’t a relationship advice column or anything, but I’d really like to know what you think I should do. Should I try and go out with the guy? Should I just tell him that I’m currently in a relationship? I don't want to hurt the guy I'm currently going out with because I really like him too. I guess you would say that I like two guys at once.

Just any answer or advice you have would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)

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What is your most embarrassing moment?

This one my ex boyfriend manocheese laughed his ass off…so too did his mother when he told her;
I don’t sneeze through my nose but instead through my mouth for a very good reason. When I was in middle school there was an older boy I really fancied called Carl, my friend and I would walk home with him, one day on walking home with him I sneezed out of my nose, and from my nose came an avalanche of snot! I had no handkerchiefs on me so I walked all the rest of the way home with my hands over my face full of snot.
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Musical instruments

1. Do you play an instrument? When did you start? How often do you practice?

2. If you play multiple instruments, have you noticed any interesting differences (not the obvious ones) in what they demand of you? (e.g. difficulty, learning curve, learning strategy, etc.)

3. What instrument(s) do you most enjoy listening to?

4. Are there any instruments you're thinking of picking up?

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lead me

random pick me ups

1. Do you ever feel the sudden urge to make out with somebody?

2. How do you keep your nails trimmed?

3. If you've got a cellphone with Cingular, what do you think? Comments, things I should be aware of, phone recommendations? They're the only major network that offers service out here so we're switching to them sometime in the next two weeks.

4. What do you think would be the coolest job to have?

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What exactly is deja vu?

I think its a premonition thats coming into the moment. However, you didn't know it was a premonition when you had the initial feeling. Get me?

Additionally, do you ever feel like you have psychic ability? Not like, mind reading or crystal balls, but clairvoyant moments, precognition or premonitions?

Thinking about someone you haven't thought about for a while, and then they call you?

Or playing a certain song that reminds you of someone then ten minutes later they show up?

Feeling really sad about someone, and then they call you out of the blue?

Getting a bad feeling about something undefined, then a tragedy strikes across the world?

What sort of psychic moments have you had?
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(no subject)

Can anyone recommend a site with a variety of sound clips? I'm trying to find one of Fonzie from Happy Days saying "Heeey," and a clip from Taxi with Christopher Lloyd taking a driver's test. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

I have devised a plan to take over the world militarily.
After each step, consolidation of power/rearming of the military/recovery of the local economies will take place.
Collapse )

Anything that I am missing? Please let me know, and you will be rewarded when I take power. Also, let me know if you wish to join me and support me.

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Nick Carter -> Aaron Carter
Jessica Simpson -> Ashlee Simpson.

and, it's all crap. but I remember thinking that there was some relative of an-already-famous-person, and... s/he didn't suck. S/he was a singer, the relative might not have been.

Who was this?
Detroit Rock City

(no subject)

1. How many years your junior would you be willing to date before you started getting creeped out?

2. In that Beverly Hills song by Weezer, what is that background girl saying during the chorus?

And lastly...

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There has to be a website where you can hypothetically enter all your information and see how much a lease for a car would cost you. I know theres a formula for it but I cant remember...I refuse to believe that there isnt a website that does it for you...do you know it?

nose hairs

I posted this a few weeks ago, but I didn't get any answers. (Is it okay to post again if you didn't get any answers last time?)

Does removing (trimming) nose hairs make you more susceptible to getting colds and flus and other similar things?

Oh, and a new question: What does heartburn feel like? Is it actually over your heart, or over your esophagus?

The musings of a language dork...

1. Is there ANY situation in the english language where the "self" words (itself, himself, herself, themselves, etc.) are absolutely necessary? They seem kind of superfluous.

2. Tell me, how is it exactly that English is said to be a germanic language when it has so many words based on latin and greek and stolen from all over the place? I say it's a mutt language.

3. What's your favorite word (any language)? What does it mean? Why is it your favorite?

4. Is the internet really going to destroy proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar? (WTF, its liek teh end!!!1!111!)

And now for something completely different.
5. What's good for keeping awake and alert that won't affect a heart condition (or ADHD, for that matter)? (Caffiene can give me heart palpitations, and these all-nighters sure are difficult going it alone.)

Edit: Wow, you made some good answers to #1. I forgot about those reflexive verby-type situations. Eheh.
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Collide's kaRIN

The Insane Antics of my Bipolar Parakeet

My parakeet is insane. I love her to death, but that little bird is just weird. Now, I've never owned a parakeet before, so I don't know if this is normal behavior or not. Is my parakeet normal, or is she just really crazy?
Collapse )

Final questions, just about parakeets as pets in general. How can I get her to be more accustomed to me? As I said, she will on occasion perch on my hand to eat millet, but I'd like her to do so even when she's not eating. The book I have about parakeets makes it sound like they love to play with their owners, and that a bored parakeet is a really bad and harmful thing, is this true? If it is, how can I introduce her to play-type activity?
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(no subject)

My other half remembers watching a film (when she was 'ikkle) which scared the crap out of her even though it was probably a kids film.

She thinks it was about a guy who tries to hide from the cops by pretending to be Santa. He ends up on a train that heads north. Suddenly it's a blizzard out one side of the train, and a desert on the other. The only other character is a skeletal santa.

Any ideas what it was?