April 27th, 2005


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Okay, my roommate just accidentally (mouse jumped to the link) clicked something in an AIM message window called "check this out"- and then the instant she did, it rapid-fire IMed everyone on her BL who was online.
And now she's panicking and telling everyone not to.

What the hell is that, is it dangerous, etc?

Edit: apparently it directed her to a website with a pop-up "you ahve selected to dl this file" kidnof thing, and it was a very quick save-> run.

Edit2: It has now hit nearly everyone in my house.

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I need some picture pricing help.

I have this friend that I took some pictures of, and she showed them to the people she works with, and one of them wants me to take some of her.

I have digital camera, and a sweet printer that prints all sizes and prints them well.

I am eager to do something with my photography aside from taking it for my own amusement, so I am very willing to take pictures for this lady.

The problem is, I don't know where in the hell or how to price.


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Here's a long shot for ya:

Has anyone ever encountered a program that exports the "names" of the files in a specific folder?

Say, for example, I had a hundred poems in a hundred seperate files, each file titled with the title of the poem, all in one folder, and I wanted a list of poems to be pulled right out of the folder contents.

Anyone ever heard of anything like that?
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Could someone explain to me why the Internet has turned into one giant fap-fest over the trailer for the movie Serenity?

Sure, the movie looks pretty nifty, and it's probably something I'd go see, but I don't quite get why five or so people on my flist posted the link to it.
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I know every state has public schools that you can go as an in-state resident.

Anyone know what DC residents do? It seems like they may have one school, but it seems a lot less fair because there's less to choose from. anyone know?
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New Music

Do you ever purposely look for new music by surfing journals and downloading the songs they post?

If so, have you found anything really cool/strange I should check out? I'm pretty open about music.
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road trip

Hey, I'm going on a road trip across the country from MA to CA (coast to coast baby). Anyway, I was just wondering if those who have done this have some words of advice? anything crucial to bring that might not be obvious?
Anyone have any cool suggestions for places to visit. So far we're doing MA -> Nashville -> Kansas -> dont remember -> vegas -> grand canyon -> Mexico and then San fran.
Anything between those places that's not to be missed?
And is it possible to just sleep in the car (two people, just sleep in shifts?)
Feel free to also share your good/bad road trip experiences.
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Another standard relationship question.

This is for those of you who are in relationships with people you met in college.

How did you two meet, and how long were you together? (Or, are you still together now?)
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To those who work in fast paced offices and have your own desk:

How do you keep yourself and your work organized? I'm being strangled in a sea of work that is just ALL OVER THE PLACE.

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Ice Bar Vegas

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This last Sunday, my boyfriend and I were sitting at The Cadillac Bar on the Kemah Boardwalk. The view: Boats, Yachts, etc. passing by on the Gulf of Mexico. So, after watching all of them pass by, and reading their names, we started trying to figure out what we'd name our yacht, once we win the lotto.

What would you name yours?

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3. What is the appeal of Judaism to Christian people? I'm Jewish, and most of my friends (they're all Christian, agnostic, or Wiccan) think my religion is awesome. They like coming to my Passover seders and sleeping over on Friday nights and such. I agree too =) but why Judaism, why not Islam or Buddhism or something?

4. Does anyone else really love the song Shiny Happy People? Whenever I hear it, I break into a big goofy smile and dance around the house.

5. Why are there more people (at least in my circle of friends and family) that are deathly terrified of spiders than deathly terrified of bees/wasps? I'm scared of bees/wasps and my friends think it's silly, but it seems a whole lot more logical than their arachnaphobia.

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At what point do you consider have an animal put to sleep? What constitutes decreased quality of life? When does wanting their company become cruelty for allowing them to suffer?

My dog is nearly 12, a big Australian Shepherd mix... he was hit by a car almost a year ago and lost part of his hip joint... arthritis affects most of his back and legs... he still gets around fine, and tries to play, but he's in pain... he doesn't even try to run or 'herd' anymore... he has trouble getting up and down and maneuvering stairs...

At what point am I letting my love overcome good judgment?

The summer is easy for him... but should I let him endure another winter?
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High Speed

I'm switching DSL internet services in the next few months, so in your experience/opinion... which of these is best/worst?


For my area, RoadRunner is the most expensive. (Earthlink the cheapest.)

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In the area of my face where I'd put eyeshadow and where I'd get bags under my eyes, I have these little red specks. They're not raised or itchy or painful or anything- they're alot like the red dots in a hickey, except much much less dense.
I haven't been getting less sleep than usually lately(although I am a college student). I have, however, been sick (sneezy, runny nose), and I threw up a little this afternoon (grease+sniffles=no).

What are they, what caused it, when will they go away/what can I do to make them go away?
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I heard some article on the news last night talking about microsoft, and it said it was the 3rd biggest company in the world... what the hell comes in 1st and 2nd?? I didnt think anything was bigger than microsoft

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Is there a general term for "people who are sexually attracted to women"?

For those of you who are sexually attracted to women, does it matter to you whether your woman has shaved her legs or not? I mean on a daily, regular basis. I've only ever been with guys who didn't mind my fuzzy legs at all, and I tend to not shave for a couple weeks at a time, so that worked out, lol. But I was wondering how prevalent this outlook is. :o)

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I've got a couple of problems with media player that hopefully someone can help with because its getting really annoying now and I am completely computer illiterate!

firstly, somehow the program seems to have muddled up the song titles somehow, so that the song actually playing isn't the one that it says is playing, is there any way I can fix this?

secondly, whenever i play music files through media player they seem to have jumps in them, yet if I email the files to someone else and they play them, the jumps don't appear.

Any ideas?

Its Windows Media Player version 10 if that makes any difference

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As response to another question, what bands/singers do you absolutely love and reccommend to anyone and everyone?

Me- Loreena McKennitt, Howie Day, Rob Thomas, Modest Mouse, Enya, Something Corporate, From Autumn to Ashes, Moby, Inconnu, Tegan and Sara, Tenacious D, and System of a Down.

Yea I love a lot of different music :p


1. Are there any males out there that actually like women better with their clothes on? Just wondering...

2. Would you ever try out for a school cheer/dance team? Why or why not?

3. If you had to classify yourself as to the group(s) you were included in in high school, what would it(they) be?

4. What is your favorite question that you have seen come up in here in the last month or so?

5. Do you have a rubber ducky?

6. Does anyone else think alcohol and drinking is annoying, and makes people annoying?

7. Don't you hate it when you think of random questions during the day and end up forgetting them when you get on and asking random questions?

my answers in comments

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what is your favorite offensive joke?

I know this is a little late, but I forgot my personal favorite:

What's the true definition of endless love?

Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles playing tennis.

Prom question...

Did you go with your high school sweetheart or just a friend or by yourself?

Does going with just a friend make me somewhat inferior to everyone with real dates?

Was your prom night legal?

Did you wear a pink tux to the prom?
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There are a lot of girls here...

How many of The Question Club's posters are girls? (The real question being are you a guy or a girl, I am not looking for a smug answer such as "I wouldn't know I haven't counted" and if you put that now you will just look like a dumbass.)
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I can't really find a better place to ask this, so I hope this is a fitting enough question for this community.

Does anyone have a high-quality picture of Jean-Léon Gérôme's "Sorrow"?
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Never thought to put it to the thequestionclub test...

If someone of a different color was interested in you romantically, would your first reaction be to assume that they are only interested in you because of your ethnicity?

Do you think that it's specfically a good or bad thing for someone to be mostly interested in a particular ethnicity for romantic partners? (Feel free to separate these into two responses if you don't relate "own color" and "other color" for the type liked.)

Hmm, I thought I'd have more questions on the topic than this when I got the idea to pose the question. I guess I'll toss them out later if someone's answer reminds me. :) My answers will be in a comment...
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Have any of you tried the new Venus Vibrance razor? How is it in comparison to the older Venuses? I'm asking because the Vibrance runs by battery or something, and I'm just curious if that makes any difference.

Here's a link with a picture and information about it in case none of you have a clue as to what I'm talking about. XD (The article's old, but the razor is in stores now. I saw it the other day.)
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The kissin' diseeeeeeeeease!

My friend is pretty sure she has mono (her doctor thinks so too), but has no idea where she might have gotten it.

I had mono around this time last year.. is there any way she could have gotten it from me then, but it stayed dormant until now?

What are the ways you can get mono?
What can you do to make recovering easier?

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Is there anyway to find where a relative is buried? I want to go visit my grandmothers grave but I feel awkward bringing it up to my father and asking, and I do not want to go with him. I know the general area but I hve no idea how to find it. I could go and rummage through the house and eventually probably find some paperwork especially since my aunt who recently died is buried next to her...but, is there a database or something? For some reason I recall a website like that...but maybe I just made it up.

And also, when it comes to cemetaries..what is the whole open/closed thing. Is it just sun up to sun down or...what?

For you personaly, do you ever feel the need to go visit someones grave, when you're there do you feel more emotional than if you were somewhere else thinking about them? Do you like going with other people or alone?

Weird question...

So how many of you have a relative that knows livejournal exists? (My cousin is here and is questioning me on what livejournal is & what thequestionclub is & such so I was curious if anyone else has the same thing going on with them.)

Another question, do you tan? Why or why not?
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angry questions.

doesn't stuff like this make you really mad?

why do americans just sit around and let everything beautiful get destroyed? why don't we care about our earth?

and even worse, when these terrible things happen, why doesn't it become a big story in the news? why is britney spears' procreation mean more to us than the destruction of the environment, and the senseless murder of a toddler?

in short, why are so many people heartless assholes? what can we do to fix it?
unfortunate events

question about my compy --

01. What heppens if I empty that folder full of temporary internet files?

02. What's the best way to clean everything useless off my computer? EDIT: Is there a good way to seek these things out, so that I can delete them?

03. Have you ever done anything special to commemorate the loss of a loved one? What did you do?
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I watched the movie "birth" today and I guess I was under the impression that it was a very different movie. I seem to remember seeing previews for a movie with topher grace where he is someone's lover/husband something reincarnated and he enters her life again so many years after his death. Did I seriously imagine this movie? I remember something about the girl saying how this "reincarnation" did the same drawings, or paintings/photographs something artsy as her deceased husband....Have I gone crazy?
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Ahh! Babies!

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do you believe that bisexuals don't exist? Do you agree with people who think they are just confused? Why do you think this?

Why is saying I love you in a relationship such a big deal? I love a lot of people and I feel like I love people quickly. I don't understand why feeling love for someone should wait for so long. If you feel it and don't need the other person to say it, why not just say it? Why do people think its impossible to love someone after only knowing them a short while? No, I don't believe in love at first sight, but after getting to know someone for a month or so, I can be a pretty accurate judge of what they are truly like.
Ahh! Babies!

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What do you think you know about other question club members that you don't know personally, just from their posts? Post what you think you know about another question club member, how you see them, what you think is important to them. Then, it'd be interesting if that person responded with how accurate your views are. The reason I'm asking this is because we show such a small part of ourselves on the internet and it would be interesting to see if we are more true to ourselves or less true to ourselves on the internet. I'm also interested to see what kind of impression I've made on all of you and whether or not it is an accurate representation of myself or not. Am I more true to myself on the internet or do I only show a small part of me? So, anyways, please comment what you imagine each person to be like and we will see if you are accurate.
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I just had my baby on April 19th. Tried the breastfeeding thing, and it didn't work very well. He was not latching on the way he was supposed to and it was extremely painful for me, so we switched to formula. Now I have very large milk filled boobs, which leak constantly. I was told that if I did switch to formula, just to wear a tight bras and nursing pads and I will get engorged and in about 2-3 days the swelling will go down. It's been the 2-3 days and they still have not gone down or stopped leaking. . .

My question:
Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop them from hurting, being so engorged and leaking???? I've been told that there is something I can take that my doctor can give me that will stop the milk from producing. Is that true??

Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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How many times have you wrecked your car(s)? Feel free to include even the smallest of incidents.

I'm having a very very bad night. I keep wanting to cry about it but I'm trying to be mature. Help. Can you cheer me up?

(Maybe the questions are related. Maybe not. *shifty eyes*)