April 26th, 2005

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how much marijuana do you have to smoke for it to come up in a hair test? is it a certain amount, like in urine, or can smoking it once do it for you?

PS: this question is not illegal or asking illegal advice, just info about drug tests, so im pretty sure im kosher (har har!) with the legal rules of this community.

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Do you read the question club off your friends page, off the question club page, or with an RSS reader?
Is there any other way to check it out?

I'm switching QC to my RSS reader soon, because while I do love how active it is, it's swamping my friends page like mad.

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How can I get started on this speech that I have to do? I suck at public audiences (ie where I don't know most of the people). I have the beginning, but I cannot think of how to continue.
The speech is on conservation vs preservation, in favor of conservation. Any suggestions?

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Two questions:

1. How long does it take for 'vanilla oat clusters with flaked and almonds' take to go bad?

2. For some one trying really hard to eat healthy, excell in school, sleep normal, keep a clean house while living with quite the slob, yada yada yada... Just trying to straighten up before all hell breaks loose, do any of you have even the smallest of tips?

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ok so when i use the restroom at work the toilet flush is automatic.... the sink is automatic.... and the paper towel dispenser is automatic....

(just because there arent enough entries with diagrams i guess??)

now what i do is i just use my paper towel to open the door handle then throw out the paper towel in the trash right next to the door....

but thinking about it i dont get why everything that is used in the restroom automatic but then the second you reach for the door--the door is not automatic?? shouldnt the damn door be automatic too while they're at it??
....i'm so lazy
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Mini sewing machine things.

Has anyone used one of those little mini hand sewing machines? Not for anything really complicated, just hems and stuff. I don't know how to use a "real" sewing machine and I was thinking that might actually be a good idea for me to have.


(If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about one of these.)
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I have a collared shirt I use for a uniform, but the cuffs have literally fallen to shreds. So I've taken to snipping the threads joining the cuffs to the sleeves, and need to replace the cuffs with more material. How do I go about reattaching the new cuffs to the sleeves? (Yhe sleeves are made of a thick cotton that's pretty easy to sew through, and the cuffs made of a light denim. However, the sleeves gather where they would meet the cuffs, and this is what confuses me.) I do have a sewing machine, if that helps, but I've only hemmed on it before.

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Sometimes, my computer will just go into standby mode on it's own. Usually, my screensaver goes on after I leave it idle for a bit, but on some occasions, it goes into standby and it's incredibly annoying.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
I'm using WinXP if that makes any difference.
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Spanking as a form of discipline for unruly children.. what do you think?

Second part.. if you agree it is a valid form of discipline, would you allow your child's teachers, caregivers/baby-sitters or other adults to administer it?
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please help if you have any idea how to fix this, i'm computer-illiterate.

i think a couple of days ago on a popup I clicked do not let limewire connect to the internet, and remember that setting. Now it won't connect, although it says it's in the process of connecting, and I have no idea what to do to fix it. I went to the help site but the controls are slightly different on my computer and I've been playing around with it but I can't figure it out. It's driving me crazy!

someone please give me some advice...

(im sure theres a very simple way to solve this...im just unable to figure it out)
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wedding attire

Is it appropriate to wear black to a wedding?

I'm really not sure how formal the wedding is supposed to be, I don't know too many details about it, I'm just going as my boyfriend's date. The wedding is in the late afternoon if it makes a difference.

I have no idea what to wear.

iPod question

What is a good, free, spyware-free program where I can transfer all 1009 songs (at once) off my iPod mini onto my Windows XP computer? I want to back up the songs on my iPod (they've been uploaded from several computers, I want to have them all on one in case my iPod is stolen or crashes or something), and then move the songs into my iTunes library.
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Do you have a permanent account? If so, how did you get it?

Are you an early adopter? If so, when did you get your account, and how did you find out about LiveJournal?
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Smelly feet

These open toed sandals make my feet stink!! What can I use or do so that won't happen? I like to slip my shoes off at work at my desk, but I'm stinking up the place. All I know is that I think there's like this white powder but I think that's for sneakers, I don't want to walk around with white feet flip flopping white clouds of dust up everywhere.

EDIT: Giving up the shoes is not an option, I'd rather have stinky feet, just FYI

Pothead Music

I apologize for making so many posts...I always think of another question a few hours after I've already posted. =/

Anyways. My friend and I are jokingly making a "Pothead Mix" for our iPods. We have Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze and R.E.M.'s Shiny Happy People. What else should we put on there? Nothing so obscure that Limewire won't have it.

Also, would you classify the Beatles's Revolution 9 as Pothead Mix music?

(We don't actually smoke pot. It's a joke.)

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Oh! And can anyone translate Dragostea Din Tei? It's a Romanian pop song.

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Does anyone know anything about QBASIC? Or where to find some good help? I have create a couple of programs for my computer science class. My teacher didn't teach it well, and I'm so lost! I have to create a program that will tell the number of combinations of coins I have when I enter a certain amount of money and another that will keep track of the 100 (virtual) dice rolls and say how many times each number comes up.
Thanks for any help!
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Can someone please tell me why some people always feel the need to express their opinion without actually reading the entire post, or without understanding the meaning behind what was posted?

Thanks, this would be a great help.

eBay question...

So I went on eBay to buy the Tru Calling Season 1 DVD Boxset and I found one version for 40-ish dollars, and then another for like 18, with an extra 10 for shipping. This cheaper version says it is the Chinese version, but it still has English on it. Is this trustable and would there be any reason to not get it?

Here is a link:
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1. will a dvd in "european" format work in my american dvd player?
2. am i the only person who enjoys unheated hotdogs straight from the package?
3. is there a way for me to get ONLY english (as in from england, not english-speaking) television channels in the US? i hate american tv, but absolutely love english sitcoms (and bbc news!) bbc-america is cool, but it really isn't what i'm looking for.

4. in the song "genius of love" by the tom tom club, what the hell is going on in the verse which includes the lyrics "who needs to think when your feet just go?" and "james brown, james brown..."? i have seen about 20 different translations, and none of them really make much sense. are there actual lyrics in this verse?


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Im meeting somebody as a sorta quasi blind date thing tomorrow @ The Sweetwater Cafe (The one in Ann Arbor) Ive never been to one, and hell..I haevnt even been to Ann Arbor very often. What's it like? What's good there? Where would one suggest I park? Along the street or in a structure? Again, Ann Arbor Royal Oak and the like confuse the fuck out of me driving wise...any tips will probably save my life.

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what is a living, breathing organism that carnivorous homo sapiens do not consume?
i dont mean "bugs", but mammals, reptiles, amphibians...something that could as easily be a pet as dinner.
a friend and i were discussing this the other day. id spout off things once in a while like "badger", "hedgehog" and "chipmunk", but she swore that someone somewhere has probably eaten just about every animal i can dream up.
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1. Around how much does it cost to get a car detailed?
2. Has anyone ever had goat? What is it like, and what are some common ways of serving it?
3. If you had a friend that you just met not too long ago who was married (and considered their marriage to be monogomous), and their spouse started hitting on you would you tell'em? Tell the spouse that you're not interested for a number of reasons, number one being if they're married? Just ignore them? Would it matter how long you'd known your friend? (not in the situation, but have been)

Research Project - Studying Abroad

Hi all,

I'm doing a project for my Research & Presentation class on the how-tos of study abroad, and I'd like you to complete this survey for me. You can reply to these question as a comment, or email them to me at mydemand@gmail.com.

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Thank you for your cooperation and patience! :)

Red Elastic?

I need to find a large quantity of 3/4" or 1" wide bright red elastic. Preferably the kind that has the ridges that help stop it from rolling up but that's optional.

I have looked everywhere and all I can find in stores/online is white, black and tan which is not exactly helpful. (It's for dance uniforms, if that helps.)

Argh! Suggestions?
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I'm gonna feel dumb for this...

So there's an episode of Harvey Birdman. In it Harvey defends Boo Boo Bear, accused of sending booby trapped cookie bouquets to corporate heads. He is found innocent, and they make fun of some story and he falls in love with Boo Boo. He wakes up in his bed and finds a typewriter in Boo Boo's room, and it has a misplaced T that matched the one he supposedly wrote his manifesto on. He runs back to his apartment, and Boo Boo breaks in and brings a cookie bouquet, and when he tries to give it to Harvey, Harvey blasts him.

I know this was the plot of some book or movie or something and they were parodying it, but I can't remember the title, what was it?