April 25th, 2005

The Seven Deadly Sins

Pride: What was the last thing you did that you were proud of?
Avarice: What was the last thing you wanted?
Envy: Who was the last person you were envious of and what did they have that you wanted?
Wrath: What was the last thing that made you angry?
Lust: Who was the last person you kissed/has sex with/hugged/fooled around with/etc? ( whichever pertains to you.)
Gluttony: What did you have to eat today?
Sloth: What was the last thing you put off? ( Have you done it yet? ;P )

Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?
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five questions in the middle of the night.

1. what position do you normally sit in your chair when at the computer? standard back against back with feet on the floor, or something else?

2. is there any song you heard somewhere and you've been looking for forever but have yet to find? what songs?

3. have you ever deleted a post or a comment? in your personal journal or in a community? why?

4. which is your favorite: sweet, sour, salty, bitter? (am i forgetting any?)

5. how often do you wear a watch? on which hand do you wear it? which hand do you write with?
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Movie and book questions

There aren't much to go on but you guys are amazing at knowing these things, so I'll give it a shot.

1.) I saw this movie (or at least I think it was a movie. Could have been a TV show or a made for TV movie) when I was a child. The only thing I remember was it had a little ghost girl in it that had some sort of china doll, and she sang "Frère Jacques"....? EDIT: BINGO! it's "Child of Glass".

2.) Vague movie description number two.... A movie about a girl, either a runaway or orphan, and she's on a train. She has a dog as her companion, and I want to say at least one, if not two male leads that help her along the way. EDIT: The answer is "The Journey of Natty Gann".

3.) My question was going to be about a book I read a long time ago, but I actually just remembered the name: Bridge to Terabithia. So now my question is have you read this book? What did you think?

4.) What about the book Interstellar Pig? I hear they were making a movie out of this book. If you've read it, is this something you would look forward to seeing?

5.) Oh OK, I just thought of another book that I can't remember.... This one is about 2 kids, a boy and a girl I believe, in the future, and they are part of some sort of colony in space. They decide to escape, and they do. The book is about their journey outside of the colony. Sorry I can't give anymore specifics... it was very long ago.

I'll stop now. =)

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Where can I host a picture (for free) online that blocks the ability for someone else to save the picture?

Everyone I've asked doesn't seem to understand what I'm asking. I don't know if you've seen it before, but I know when I used to do reports, and I wanted certain pictures from websites, when I went to save them to print, it wouldn't give me the option to. Like there was a block on it, so people can't steal the picture.

Well, I want to post some of my stuff in communities, and forums, but I see a lot of picture stealing.

Any ideas, besides using a watermark - which takes away from the picture?
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Email spam

Hey all -
Here at work, I get 6-8 similar spam every morning when I come in, and usually several more throughout the day. They are all from senders with real words in their "names" (Emphases U. Washing, Reading K. Trendy, etc.), all have a greeting while the pictures load like "Hi doll!" and all about either Viagra or software. Others here at work get the same thing.

I've run Spybot and anti-virus software, not that I thought either would do much good. Does anyone know how we can get rid of this? Using "block sender" doesn't work either because they don't repeat themselves.

Help? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Nerdy Birthday Gifts

What's the best geeky gift you ever bought a guy?

(My husband is turning 25 and I need to get him a couple of small uber-geeky presents, since he just got a new computer and cell phone as his main b-day loot. But I'm not coming up with much for small stuff. Thinkgeek.com usually bails me out but he's got most of the stuff he likes on there.)

Outdoor cats

What is your opinion on having an outdoor cat? Does it make you mad when other people let their cats outdoors? Is there ever really a good reason for having an outdoor cat?

If you have an outdoor/indoor or outdoor cat, do you get him/her tested for diseases often?

Edit: Does anyone have a cat with any sort of illness? Feline Leukemia, FIV, diabetes...
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Less fishy fish?

Last night my girlfriend and I went to a rather nice seafood place. I don't eat seafood.

Well I gave it a shot and, honestly, it wasn't bad and I want to expand and try a bit more seafood.

My question is this. Some fish (like my halibut) have a much stronger taste of fish than others. . . I need to find out those others so I can try them.

Can you guys tell me about different fish that taste less fishy?

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Okay. This is both a computer-savvyness question and an mp3 request.

Let's say you just cleared out your recycle bin, and temporary internet files. And, now about 2 dozen tracks in iTunes won't play. You're beginning to think that those may have been downloaded to temporary internet file-ness. Is there any way to get those back? (I remember reading something about a "undelete" dos command, but I have XP.)

Alternately(Read: if i can't): Where can I get the HHGTTG radio show, and does anybody have Collapse )
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Robot Devil: Oh what an appallingly ironic outcome.
Bender: It's not ironic it's just coincidental. Now fork over those lady-fingers cookie!
Leela: (reading) I'll give you my hand...
Leela and Robot Devil: (singing) ...In marriage.
Bender: (singing) The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention,
Now that is "irony!"
Sooo...  people misuse the term "ironic" all the time.  We can go with http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=irony for a definition.  If people are using the term wrong, what is the correct term for the concept people are generally thinking of?  Something that would mean "negative coincidence" or "funny coincidence", but in just one word?

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What's with people having usernames with an excessive amount of underscores in the front or back of their username? You know, like _____omg. Why do they do that? I'm curious.
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1. If you didn't mail your taxes until the 20th, do they still get processed and everything? What happens if you mail them late?

2. Do you usually lie or tell the truth when someone asks if they look fat?

3. Do you think that Americans are stupid?
Today in my English lit class, we were talking about Harry Potter and the differences between the British version of Philosopher's Stone and the American version, Sorceror's Stone. The teacher was basically telling us that American kids are too stupid to understand the word "philosopher" or to read a book that didn't have pictures. I've read both versions and didn't really see much of a difference, other than a few words or phrases that were changed from British slang to American slang. But for some reason, the entire class was spent talking about how dumb Americans are and how that fact necessitated the different covers and everything. I was kind of upset, being an American myself and I don't think I'm any less intellegent than the average British college kid.

4. Do you think the government should give money to private charities? I don't mean just religious charities; I mean, do you think that the government should give funds to various charitable organizations? Why or why not?

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I have a wonderful boyfriend who tells me how beautiful I am many times a day. And I believe him when he says it. He also calls me sexy (which I just laugh off)...so why do I feel the worst about my appearance now more than ever?
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(no subject)

Ok ok, I have 40 minutes to decide a project to do for my college class. I've narrowed it down to working with either Javascript (which I'm not too fond of), DHTML, or XML. I can't think of anything that would be cool/fun to do with one of these languages.

Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I also would like to be at least slightly original.. so I'm not blamed for copying something off the net.
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Car question!

An automotive question that my friend M and I have been trying to figure out all day (it's her car). The car is a 1989 or 90 Beretta.

So, this afternoon, we run errands together, and then, pull into the parking lot of a local grocery. In the parking lot, the "Service Engine Soon" (or whatever that bloody thing says) goes on, and the car just.. stops. It's a nightmare trying to get the car in Neutral, because the brake pedal doesn't want to go down, and the steering wheel is *very* hard to turn. We get a jump, all is well. I go into the grocery, and M drives around the lot, afraid to turn the car off. Well, the same thing happens. She gets another jump, and we decide to head back to my apartment.

We get into the turn lane at an intersection, and, as she slows to a stop, same thing happens. We get pushed into a gas station lot and get *another* jump. At first, the car doesn't seem to want to start, even with the jump. The guy babbles about something (M thought I was paying attention, and I thought M was, it being -her- car) about an alternator. The car starts, and we head back to my place. We get there without further indicent, and park the car; M decides to let it run, to see what would happen. Sure enough, after about twenty seconds, it stalls/stops we turn it off, and go inside.

An hour later, we turn it on, and it's fine, while parked. We go to a gas station to see what happens, turn it off, turn it on, and get home fine. Then it dies again.

Now, about twenty minutes ago, we turned it on again, let it run, and drove around the parking lot for about 20 minutes. And it was fine.

So, M and I are stumped. Admittedly, we know nothing about cars, but even if we *did*, wouldn't that be odd? The oil is fine, no strange sounds, the tank is full.

So, any idea what the problem might be?
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I need an honest opinion so that I know I'm not losing my mind.
EDIT: I apologize for the randomness but for the record these are not the same people. The first one (Meghan) is a friend of mine who lives in Indiana and the second one (Megan Willis) plays softball for the University of Texas. By the way, Meghan (in the first picture) is drunk.

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Live Action Vampire

Ok, creating a character here, I only have Laws of the Night... Working on my character, as I was working out how his ghoul retainer came into his service, I realized he'd need permission... so basically, he got permission but now owes a major boon to the Prince of the city he was in for that permission. There are no appropriate flaws in the book, are there any in any of the supplements? Or is there a LOTN flaw that one of you would suggest as a decent, if not perfect, fit?

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1. I need a good, theatrical, non-Shakespeare monologue for my drama class. Where do I go to look?

2. When you are REALLY sick, but you have a ton of work to do, how do you force yourself to concentrate?

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I know this isn't ask_a_nurse , but this *is* a question and this community is a lot more active. Can anyone here who's had mono[nucleosis] tell me about what your symptoms were?

I started out with a cold about two weeks ago and it's seemed to drag out forever. At first I thought it was sinusitis but my disgusting sinus goopage has mostly ended. I've had a sore throat varying in severity for 2-3 weeks, I've been really tired, my appetite is erratic and generally decreased, I had swollen lymph nodes in my neck about a week and a half ago (not really anymore), I have an off-and-on headache, my vision blurs when I stand up after lying down for awhile, sometimes my lung/tracheal area burns a little or feels congested. My tonsils aren't really swollen, I haven't had a fever, I'm not nauseated or in abdominal pain. Right now, I got about 6 hours of sleep last night (that's completely normal for me, so that's not why I'm tired) and I've slept or just lazed around most of the day and I feel really wiped out.

My mom is thinking of taking me for a blood test.


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im getting ready to make my graduation/open house invitations, and sending invites to a lot of friends.
my question is this: say i go to their house often, and therefore talk to their parents as well (i mean, obviously i dont show up and hang out with their parents, but you get my drift). do i adress the invitation to the whole family or just my friend?
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Inspired in part by an earlier post:

How does your physical appearance correlate to how you feel inside? (I don't mean your physical characteristics that you were born with, I mean things you can change.) If you go out with your hair unwashed, with no makeup, and in sweatpants do you feel kind of gross and shyer than usual, or are you as confident as always?

Personally, I feel repulsive if I go out in public if I haven't showered & washed my hair for more than a day, even if I know I don't smell bad. I'm not as social because I'm so self-conscious about how I might look or smell.

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(no subject)

Last night, I downloaded two fonts in order to view and eventually use the new A Novel Conundrum style.

I installed them (it actually said 'Fonts Installed' or something similar) but I still can't see the style properly. This has happened with quite a few fonts I've downloaded, and any website that uses the fonts - is there such a thing as having too many fonts (as in, once you have a certain number any other fonts don't show up)? If not, what's going on with my computer?

(I know the community's policy with LJ related questions, but this isn't just to do with LJ, it's nearly every site I visit. If you still don't think this is the right place to post this question, flame and spork me then send me in the right direction to find an answer.)
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1. How much do they cost? (I'm in Australia, if that makes any difference.)

2. Can you hold stuff on there as well as music-- such as word documents, maybe powerpoints, etc etc?

Thanks guys!
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a bad time for academic freedom and personal safety?

As you might have already read in a comment I made to the seven deadly sins post, today I participated in the first stop of Soulforce's Equality Ride at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

Our purpose today was NOT to change Dr. Falwell's mind about homosexuality, but just to help him and his students understand the necessity for allowing more than one viewpoint in the hopes of bringing these students academic freedom (the right of students - and professors - to make their OWN decisions about things) and personal safety (make the university a safe place for students, particularly GLBT students, to be themselves and not need to hide themselves... Falwell currently has a "Convert (become an ex-gay) or be expelled" policy for openly gay students on his campus). We just want students to be happy with who they are and to know that (if they believe in God, which most of them do seeing as how it's a Southern Baptist school) God loves them the way they are. Also, Mel White (founder of Soulforce and the gay father of Mike White) has a frickin' amazing home in town and every Sunday is lesbian night where he lets local students hang out and watch The L Word.

I returned around 5:30 this evening and I grabbed dinner with a friend. I was explaining to him what we were doing in Lynchburg today and he said "I think it's a great cause and an important message, but horrible timing. There are much bigger things we need to worry about."

So I have a couple of questions:

1. Do you agree that this is bad timing to begin a nationwide nonviolence campaign for GLBT rights?
2. What's all this about getting rid of the judiciary branch of the government?!?!
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Dreaming question.

Anybody know what this dream could mean?
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Does anyone else have that when you're dreaming you know you're dreaming? You're asleep but somehow you know you're dreaming. I get that all the time. I can't stop the dream or wake up but I know I'm dreaming.
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Livejournal questions

1) How long have you been a member of livejournal?
2) How many usernames have you had in the time that you've been using LJ?
3) Do you actually post in your journal, or do you just use it for communities or to keep up with friends?
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Greek mythology questions

I'm writing an essay for my Greek and Roman Myth class, and I'm having trouble finding examples of a few mythic elements. If anyone knows mythology, could you comment with some suggestions? These are the elements I was hoping to illustrate with examples:

1. The power that a person's name has over them; someone hiding their true name or being vulnerable to their true name being spoken.

2. The power that a person's parents hold over them. I've been reading about the Furies and the punishment for patricide, but I need something about a person being vulnerable to their parents... perhaps a demi-god or hero?

3. The symbiotic relationship between gods and man; the idea that the gods need man as much as man needs the gods. I was thinking the myth of Demeter searching for Persephone may fit, since Zeus facilitated a compromise between Hades and Demeter to end the famine Demeter had caused. If there is a famine, Zeus conjectured, then there would be no more sacrifices to the gods.

Any ideas would be appreciated- thanks!

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Hypothetical backstory:
You've had a dog for about five months now, got him when he was just a baby. You love this dog to death, he's a great dog. You are a struggling college student twenty days away from graduation working fifty-five hours a week. The dog has had some minor health problems since day one, been in and out of the vet's office for the past five months or so with skin problems, tooth problems, and whatever else. It's a lot of money but hey, you love your dog, right? :o) So anyway, now he's taken a turn for the worse. He needs to have mouth surgery and possibly require monthly check-ups for a long, long time. The surgery costs around two hundred dollars. You don't have two hundred dollars. You're behind on your rent already, past due on two power bills and haven't paid your water bill since Christmas (they've just sent you a pink letter - yipes!). You're beginning to drag yourself out of debt by working overtime, but really don't have two hundred bucks lying around. Your parents are already helping you as much as they can by floating you a loan for tuition (their interest rates are a lot lower than Uncle Sam's). They don't have any extra money to give you either. Oh, and the vet can't tell if your dog is in constant pain or not, but the dog isn't eating as much as he should and requires syringe feedings once a day to supplement his intake. This too costs money. You've already tried advertising to see if anyone in the area is willing to adopt a problem-ridden dog. No one wants him either.

What would you do? Would you keep putting off the bills and take your beloved dog to the vet for the treatment he needs? Would you put it off, knowing there's a possibility he's in pain? Do you put him down, knowing there's no way you can possibly provide the treatment he requires to keep him healthy and happy? What would you do?

Would you do the same thing if it wasn't a dog, but a guinea pig? A hamster? A rat?
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(no subject)

How on earth do you pronounce Uffizi?

This being a gallery found in Florence, Italy. It's for a speech that I have to do on Wednesday and I don't want to pronounce it horribly =/

Computer Trouble

There's two things about my computer that have been driving me insane, so I thought I'd ask if anyone can help me out.

First of all - is there anyway I can physically turn my laptop screen off? I can set it to go off automatically by adjusting it in the Power menu, but if I want to leave it on onvernight to play music, the screen just keeps flicking on.

My other question is, is there a way to stop Microsoft from always readding the "Links" folder in my Favourites? Everytime I delete it, it just keeps coming back!

Thanks to anyone for any help they can offer.