April 24th, 2005


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So which one do you think more like?

1) I may die tommorrow so there's no sense in wasting time trying to befriend people I don't like that much.


2) I want to befriend as many people as I can because I like to be living in a place where I can get along with everyone.

I'm the second one...

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Last night/this morning I was woken up by...something and as I was trying to fall back asleep I kept noticing that the tips of my fingers would go numb. Not exactly numb, but like when your foot falls asleep but it isnt that annoying pins and needle feeling. Anyway, it wouldnt do it when I straightened them out but as soon as I closed my fingers around my blanket or whatever they would go back to the numbish feeling.

Also ,I dont know if this is related, a few months ago my pinky would go numb...for an hour or so and then be fine.

Im 18 and fairly healthy, and its both sides of my body so I dont believe Im at risk of a heartattack. Could it just be a simple lack of circulation?
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This is a question for Christians really.
Do you swear? Or do you "take God's name in vain"?
Do you think that doing this is moraly wrong?
Do you think that it is a sin to do this?
If you do not do this, what is your opinion of people who do?

For the general public, what is your view on swearing?
Do you swear? How much? Why?
If not, why not? And what do you think of people who do?

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What's the name of that new song by that guy band where the lyrics go something like,
"And the stars remind us, that the past is real
And my problem is that I cared too much
I'm sorry I gotta move on with my own liifee"
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Hey, I guess I need some tips/advice on this.

My bf wants me to sell his electric guitar because he's so busy, and I don't know anything about guitars. I don't even know what model it is. I think it's Yamaha because it says Yamaha on the bag, but it says Austin on the actual guitar. It also comes with an Amp.

So I guess I'm asking is what model do you think this guitar is, and how much is a reasonable price to ask for to sell both the amp and the guitar together?

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My girl is thinking about immigrating to the USA from Canada. This would be for a Visa and more likely a work Visa or whatever else she would need to stay here in the states for 1-5 years. Cant have my doll sitting around eating bon bons and watching Days of Our Lives all the time. ;) She has a skill set, a Business Science degree from Devry. So anyhoo.

(1) What are some websites/phone numbers I or her can look into for information in regards to this matter?

(2) Are there any Canadians that have done just this? If so what were your experiences for obtaining the necessary paperwork to immigrate to the US?

Thanks in advance.

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first part of the bunch of questions.

I'm finally getting around to posting those questions I mentioned the other day. I'm breaking them up into groups of four each and keeping the original numbering, so don't get confused.

1. Does anyone remember Bananas In Pajamas?
2. What does a person with one leg/arm do with the other shoe/glove when they buy a pair? Is there an organization for the spares?
3. What is the closest natural body of water to where you live?
4. What do you use on your chapped lips?

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Alright, part two of I don't know how many is forthcoming...
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I'm going on a trip that is 6 - 7 hours of flight time. In case I don't make it there or back and I wanted to write a letter to whomever, but I don't want them to read it unless something happens to me, what should I do? I could post it in here, but they can open it anytime. I wanna make it say "don't open unless I don't make it" kinda thing. I don't mean to sound morbid, but im nervous enough about my trip and I want some very important people to know some things I want them to know. Suggestions please.
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One or the other...

1. Oranges or tangerines?
2. Chocolate or vanilla?
3. Knit or crochet?
4. Fiction or non-ficiton (literature)?
5. Do you say 'cinema' or 'movie theater'? Or something else?
6. High-class ski resort in Switzerland or sleeping bag and mosquito net at a White Thai village in Viet Nam?
7. Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt?

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hey... i dont know if anyone here has heard about "national pro-life tshirt day", which is the 26th.
the tshirts this year have a picture of a fetus, surrounded by the words "she smiles, she kicks, she hears, she feels pain."
which is some of the most disgusting propaganda ive seen lately.
the most obviously untrue of these statements being "she smiles," as birthed babies dont have the ability to do that for weeks.
im having trouble finding actual stats on when the rest of those attrtibuted abilities come into effect, but i figured there might be someone very pro-choice involved around here... maybe?
anybody know, or have a site to suggest?
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Upper lip soreness?

For years I've used some sort of lip treatment stuff every day. For about 6 years I used the white Blistex that comes in the red, white, and blue squeezy tube -- till one day it started drying my lips out. I then switched to Chapstick Lip Moisturizer. That worked well for about 2 years, but now I'm not so sure.

See, it's not that my lips are dry or chapped. My lips themselves are fine. It's the line just above my upper lip that's the problem lately. It's really raw and dry and sore, and it's always pinkish red so that it looks as though I've been drinking cherry Kool-Aid. I've tried switching lip balms, I've tried buying those medicated ones, I've even tried using lip gloss instead (and I hate lip gloss), I've tried putting unscented lotion on it.... nothing is helping. It's so sore that when I open my mouth too wide and that part stretches, I want to scream.

I'm beginning to wonder if it's some sort of weird upper-lipline infection, or a rash. What on earth might have caused it I don't know. I don't use lipstick ever, and as I said I don't usually use lip gloss, and I would think if it was caused by my lip balm it should have gone away by now. But it's just as bad as it started out about a month ago.

Please don't say to stop using all lip treatments altogether -- there is no way I can stand that. That would make me nuts.

And no, there is no chance in hell that it's herpes or a cold sore or any other nasty VD type thing. I haven't been even remotely sexually active in over 3 years.

I'd feel silly wasting the money on two doctors (an initial and a referral) to get to the dermatologist for this, but it's extremely unpleasant and I want it gone!

Any idea what this is? Had it yourself? Ways to treat it?
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second part of the bunch of questions

First part can be found here.

Okay, I'm bored, and you responded well to the first one, so here's the second one.

5. Question five that I was going to ask was asked this morning, so I won't ask again--and my answer is there as well.
6. Do you prefer pencil or pen? If pen, what color? Do you buy the cheap pens and pencils, or one nice one and get refills?
7. White out--liquid or tape?
8. What hours do you work? If you're a student, what hours do you have class?
(bonus since #5 got tossed out) 9. What's one thing you wish you knew more about? What's one thing you wish you knew less about?

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This comes from a conversation I had at a party recently... OK... if 1 is most probable and 3 is least probable... rate Ghosts, Aliens, and God(s)... and my god(s), I mean a higher power of some sort...

Oh, and you're have to rate them... No "all equally probable" please.

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Quick question:

Around how many "good" (interpret as you wish) colleges did the Senior class (as a whole) in your high school get accepted to?

Just wondering, 'cause I've always heard our counselors say "blah blah good school blah blah college," and we got a list of all the Seniors' college acceptances the other day. So I was curious. :)

(cross-posted to college_help)
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alright, as im sure a few of you remember, i made a post the other day asking a question for a friend of mine concerning his computer. ive talked with him, and now have a re-phrased version.

"we originally had Windows ME. then we installed Windows XP. XP got a virus later on, so we reformatted and installed Windows 2000 Professional. now we want windows 2000 professional to get off, but we can't figure out how."
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Ren & Stimpy

Does anyone know where I can find a list of the classical music used in old Ren & Stimpy episodes?

I've googled, it but all I get are episode information lists and sites that sell the cartoon soundtrack (but just songs like "Happy Happy Joy Joy" etc.)

To be specific...I'm trying to find the title and composer of the intense trumpet song paying in the background of "Stimpy's Invention" (when Ren's trapped in the glue socks and threatening to kill Stimpy) and I believe it also plays in "Space Madness" when Stimpy is under pressure to push the forbidden button.

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If they take a blood test for HIV/AIDS do they test for anything else while they have the blood, or more precisely while testing for HIV/AIDS can they find any other health problems?

If you go for an HIV/AIDS test can you request your partner or potential partner come in after you have been given the results just to let them know that you are clear?
Or is it possible to get some sort of written conformation that on the date of the test you were clear, or I guess what I am asking is that is there any way of checking a potential partners claim that they have in fact been tested and received the all clear?

screen capture

I hate it when my computer refuses to do my bidding!
I need to take screen shots from some DVDs.
I have WinXP, Win Media Player and Power DVD 4.

suggestions? programs?
I already tried Easy Screen Capture, and it didn't work :(
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New Member with a Question

I just found out that a good friend of mine has never had Ramen. Ever. Upon discussion I find out that there is a vast majority of people who have been shorted in such a way, and I wondered if any of you could add your experiences to it. These things you just assume everyone has had at least once in their life, you find they haven't, and it totally fucks with you. Honestly, who hasn't had a muffin?

1. Never had Ramen (submitted by cybernet3000)
2. Never had a muffin (submitted by chrysaliswing)
3. Never had cereal (submitted by osmiumdiva)

Comment to add your submission, cause it's totally boggling my mind.
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Is there any way to remove user names that are stored in IE? For example, when I type in my username for livejournal, a window drops down and it gives me a list of usernames that were typed in to attempt to log in. How can I get rid of them?

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Does anyone know how to record the stuff on a regular old camcorder onto a digital one? I can get it to play on it but I cant get it to record, or to even go onto the computer..

The regular camcorder is a Sony HandyCam
and the digital is a canon zr60
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What's your favorite comfort food?

Mine would be basically anything my mom makes that I especially like. For instance I love spaghetti, but I would take my mom's spaghetti over The Olive Garden's any day. Just the fact that she made it for me makes it taste so much better.

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I put a teacup of water in the microwave. first time, it wasn't quite warm enough. Second time, I could see it had boiled over a little, but it wasn't boiling. as soon as I popped the tea bag in, it started boiling.

Why does it do that?

Oh, Oh! and: What is Southern Comfort? Whiskey? Bourbon? It doesn't really say on the bottle.
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light out

my vision has just recently started to go become slightly impaired from what i can only describe as a bright blurriness, like if you had your eyes pushed in a little too much while sleeping. i dont know what initiated my current vision problems or how long it will persist.

what would you do if you suddenly went blind?
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end of the semester...

How much do college bookstore buybacks typically pay for used books in fairly good condition?

Does it matter if you got the books at the bookstore or even if you got them online, would they still buy them back from you?
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Would Collapse ) be appropriate for a funeral, or should I stick to all black? I'd be wearing it with a black skirt that hits a few inches below the knee, if that helps. The shirt is still crispy and new looking, also. I have a plain black button up, which I can also wear, it is just a bit short.

I've never been to a funeral and am not worried about looking cute, but I do want to look respectful, so any help would be appreciated.


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Anyone here use BitTorrent? I just discovered it and am downloading "Whose Line" episodes like crazy. A few questions:

1. Can I download stuff from multiple torrents at the same time, if my open torrent isn't using my internet connection to its full potential? (say 25kbps, when I have a cable connection)
2. If the person uploading from me is getting an awesome bitrate (100kbps), and my download bitrate sucks terribly (2kbps), can I do something to cure that?

Also, did you do anything fun this weekend? (This question is asked so I can shamelessly brag about what I did, heh.)
First, I got thoroughly lost in an upscale neighborhood while trying to find an Earth Day festival that either didn't exist or existed somewhere very far from where Google Maps told me it did. Then, I went to an improv show with Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie performing. It was awesome, and afterwards I hung out by the back door and got autographs as they left.

Last of all, what's the bizarre siren/alarm-ish sound coming from outside my window? It's not an emergency siren, car alarm, or the dorm fire alarms.
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ciel fave :3

Because I'm the queen of asking stupid teenage dating questions...


I've known this guy for about a year now, and we're pretty good friends. He is 20, I'm 16. We've hung out before a few times, and I think he's the biggest sweetheart ever. He lives about 45 minutes away, which isn't too bad I guess. I've always thought he was super cute and stuff, but just recently, I realized I'm beginning to like him as more than a friend. I don't know if I should say anything because I don't know what he thinks...or if he'll even consider dating me because of my age. Personally, I don't think the age thing is too bad, because he acts younger, and I'd like to think I act older...

So, basically, should I tell him how I feel?
Any/all opinions welcomed.
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Okay, So there's this guy who lives in my house(And when I say house, think more like gryffindor than like (greek letters)), who's fairly devoutly Christian. Part of organising this big christian concert thing on central campus. No Biggie. I don't really talk to him. I know that he lived in the house last year and there was actually a petition to make him move off, because he did a particulary asshole-ish thing.
Maybe a week ago, someone posted something on his board that was a fairly hardcore defamation of God and christianity and possibly him personally- I don't know, I wasn't there, I didn't see it(and I actually have an alibi for this). He was rather offended, and filled his markerboard with a chewing out that he hasn't gotten in anybody's face, he's kept to himself, he doesn't see why we felt the need to target him, etc. All understandable.

I'm fairly certain he plans to return to the house next year.

And... none of this would matter to me remotely, except that I think he thinks *I* did it. He likely also thinks I worship Satan (I'm Wiccan- and I keep accidentally typing Stan), and probably thinks I'm sleeping with my roommate. and her boyfriend. and my boyfriend.

So.... should I go over to his room with pocky and explain that my view on Christianity is kindof "Not for me, but others are free to do as they wish"- and That whatever offended him that much, I wouldn't do it?

Edit: I went over. He says he had not been really considering me as a suspect, and he denies thinking that I've been sleeping with my roommate. But he said he was glad I came over and what not, because it would have kinda sucked if I just never talked to him because I thought that he thought I had done it.

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Is it really that much to ask for your roommate to not have sex in your (shared) shower?

I live with three other girls. One has her boyfriend over all the time in our current place, which has 2 bathrooms, and she and I do not share.
We will be moving in 2 weeks to a new place, where there will only be three of us, and we will all be sharing the bathroom. Today, I casually mentioned her not having sex in the shower and she got really upset. I like sex in the shower as much as the next person, however, I consider the bathroom shared (public) space and wouldnt do it in a shared bathroom out of respect for my roommates. We have never fought before and we just had a big stupid fight over this, of all things.