April 23rd, 2005


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I have a couple of hundred MP3s that I want to burn onto CD, but I'm having trouble thinking of a way to "categorize" them on the CDs. I want to have some sort of order, but I don't just want to lump all the songs by the same artist, in the same year, etc. together. Anyone got any suggestions?

And just for the fun of it, what sort of categories do you use or have used?

herbal / health questions.

is anyone here into holistic/herbal medicine? do you prefer it over conventional medicine? why or why not?

i started taking st. john's wort on wednesday because i've been kind of depressed for a while. i notice that i've been really moody for the past couple days, and i'm wondering if that has something to do with it. has anyone here ever taken st. john's wort? did it help you? did you have extra moodiness, and if so, did it go away once you got used to taking it? 

don't you hate it when you go to bed when you're not tired, and then wake up exhausted? this happens to me every day. is there something herbal that i can take that will make me sleep better? i have tried camomile and valerian root, but these have little to no effect. i meditate and take warm bubble baths, listen to calming music, the whole nine. but yet, i sleep very little.

also, i have some wicked rash-type thing on my elbows. the skin is pretty dry, and i have little pustules/bumps which look kind of similar to poison ivy, but they don't itch or ooze or hurt or anything. there are patches of ashy/white dry skin. what do you think this could be? (it's not like eczema or psoriasis, i am familiar with those.)

i'm not going to the doctor for any of this stuff because it's not life-threatening. i don't currently have health insurance, and although i'm not broke, i'm not loaded, either. i don't take most prescription medicines, anyhow. i believe that our society over-medicates, by far. do you agree with that? i like herbal cures much better, they are way more friendly to my body.

what kind of vitamins/supplements do you take? i take a multivitamin, vitamin c, echinacea, and st. john's wort.

what would make your day today?
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Does anyone know what art therapy is? What you do and all that?
I have never expereanced this kind and I would just like to know what I might be doing. I was told I would be asked to paint and then discuss the painting... but does anyone have any more than that? Has anyone been to it?

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A few questions.

1) Trading Spaces fans. Where has Paige been? I know she had a role in Chicago, are the recent episodes from when she was in NY or what?

2) Again, TS fans..who is your favtorite designer?

3) Anyone have any tips/tricks for styling your hair. I have shoulder lenght layers with fairly long bangs and I can wear it curly or straight but Im sorta bored with it. Any ideas on a way I could wear it, a fun new updo? anything, I dont know exactly what Im asking.
4) How can I do a good part? like a zig zag one or something. I have the straight ones down pat.

5) What are some of your favorite communities on LJ?

6) Do you go to sleep with the radio or TV on? a light? or is it just dark and quiet.

7) Where can I learn how to sew, All I really want to do is learn how to make purses. simple ones..

uh, yea I think thats all heres a pic for the hair question.

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Please please can anyone help me understand this song.....

Does anyone watch american dreams? Where sam's helps his cousin by responding in songs...
I would love to know what this song is trying to say but truthfully it is very hard for me....

I really hope someone can help me out....

1) please can anyone help me understand this song

2) what song would be good to give back....? If any

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Of Stripping, Harry Potter, and Banana Chips...

1. This was discussed a while ago when someone had a question about their dyed hair. I, too, dyed my hair a darker color (brown) and my natural hair color is dark blonde. It was supposed to be 'temporary', as in twenty-eight shampoos, but that was two months ago (and I wash my hair every day). It's gotten lighter, but it's still dark and I don't think it's going to get much better. Someone suggested 'stripping' the hair at a salon...what exactly does stripping do? Will it simply remove the dye from my hair?

2. What do you look forward to doing on your weekend?

3. Has anyone ever transfered colleges/univerisities? When did you do it (what semester)? Was it difficult? Why'd you choose to do it?

4. Anyone looking forward to July 16th as much as I am?

5. Have any good study tips? I have finals in two weeks and I have to memorize a shit load for Arabic and archaeology, and I'm horrid at memorization.

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This question is mostly for the gals, since guys have some kind of natural immunity from this for some reason.

How many of you out there lose your cool (i.e. eyes filling up with water, nose turning red, voice gets shaky, bottom lip starts quiverin' etc.) when you're getting thoroughly chewed out by your boss?

How is one supposed to toughen up so to speak? What do you do to keep yourself from turning into a quivering pile of muck right before your boss's eyes?

I really hate it when I can't control my freakin emotions in a time when maturity is of the essence.
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How many of you use Vonage? Do you like it? Have you heard good things about it? Bad things?

I'm looking into getting it - as it's cheaper than my landline, but I don't want to get it if it's never going to work, you know?

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...So what happened to the Disco Squirrels singing Disco Sauna?! I haven't been on that site for a few months but I needed a laugh, so I tried to go on, but discosquirrels.com is now gone :(

Anyone know what happened, or of any mirror sites?

(Oh and this is OT - but here's a semi-replacement for the hilarity of Disco Squirrels: The Fat Kid Singing Dutch Techno Romanian Pop! No offense to any horizontally challenged or Dutch Romanian people intended...)

And a second question: what is the most politically correct way to say "fat"? My dad, who is overweight, uses "horizontally challenged" but what do the rest of you guys think?
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How many glasses of water a day do you drink?

I'm realising that all I ever drink is coffee. I wake up and have coffee. I go to school and have coffee. At work I have coffee. And other than that I drink some milk and iced tea but I can't imagine that's very healthy.

Do you drink the 8 glasses of water a day? Does it really make a difference and help you feel better? I've heard that water completely cleanses your system and stuff like that and I'm thinking of forcing myself to start even though I hate the taste of water.

Just wondering.
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Does anyone know where I can get the First Aid and CPR for the Professional Rescuer/AED certicitate?????????????????????????

Thanks in advance.
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After eating an orange, does anyone else here scrape the white stuff from the inside of the peel and eat it? I do b/c heard that it's packed with vitamins when I was younger and I think it tastes good.
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Money, money, money

I have about 2000 old Belgian francs (about 64$) that I've kept since we changed to the Euro. Should I change it to Euro or keep the Belgian francs?
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Imagine the happiest day of your life.

Now, an alien comes down and gives you 3 options:

1--relive that day over and over, be deliriously happy, but never experiencing something new.
2--relive that day, and have all days following feel the same. You'll never grow old, and you'll never experience something truly new, just echos of that one day.
3--continue as you are, not always happy, but at least experiencing something new.

Which option would you take?

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how do car companies name their cars? where do names like camry and corolla come from? do they mean something? how do they decide on a name?

2. when you do laundry, how many loads of laundry do you do? and how often do you do it? I typically do it once a month and have three to four loads.

3. How much do you pay for your electric bill every month? where do you live?

4. How much do you pay for car insurance? what state?

5. How much do you spend on groceries and how often do you go grocery shopping?

I pay around 65 a month for electric, 100 a month for the lowest possible car insurance through geico and I live in FL. I go grocery shopping every two months and spend about 200 bucks with little trips that cost about thirty in between sometimes. However I spend about 200 bucks every month on dining out and eating out......
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sorry, another question.

If you don't check live journal every day, how far back do you go to read the entries? do you go back till the last one you read or do you go back to the last couple of days? if an entry was three or four days ago, do you still respond?
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This is a strange question, I know, but here goes:

One of my friends (in the U.S.) needs a bi-lateral hernia operation.
He doesn't have any insurance.
Does anyone, who may have had this done, or know of someone, know how much the operation cost without the insurance paying it's part?

My friend accepted a settlement from his company of $15,000 and by getting this settlement he waived medical care. So, he's thinking he'll be able to have the operation and have money left over. I'm thinking that it's probably pretty expensive to have done without insurance.

Just thought I'd ask in the odd chance that someone would know.
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Which sounds better to you? I'm debating on eating a roast beef sub (which takes 2 minutes to make) or make a steak and baked potato? Which takes about a half hour to cook. I'm hungry now and I can't decide.*EDIT* I'm eating a roast beef sub as we speak! :)

What did you eat today?

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I'm studying for 5 finals this weekend and I was just curious what everyone's studying habits consisted of and whether or not you feel as though it works for you?

My answer: I type up all my notes from the class, print it out. Then put a keyword to each point I need to know and make a list of all the keywords and then quiz myself on those words and what the definitions are. And once I get to a question I don't know for sure I go back to the beginning and do it all over again so by the time I've gotten to the end I have been over it 5 billion times.

For essays, I write them out and make an outline and quiz myself on the outline.

If I need to memorize a list, I memorize them in alphabetical order.
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Has anyone ever done a walk like Walk America or Race for the Cure, or anything? Tomorrow my partner and I are doing Walk America tomorrow morning (it's the one for the March of Dimes. . . . which focuses on healthy babies. A big part of their focus is premature births. My partner was born 3 months early, so we decided to do the walk!). What was your experience with doing it?

ps- if anyone wants to sponsor my walk with a couple bucks (they take it as a flat rate deal) you can go to my walk webpage do so ;-) http://www.walkamerica.org/klbrown
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i know livejournal can track down a person's address and everything if they are at risk of seriously injuring themselves. someone on my friends list is claiming to have taken a large number of pills, and i'm really scared. how do i get lj to track her down and get the police?