April 22nd, 2005


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My digital camera (Kodak Easyshare DX4900) was submerged in water for about 2 seconds (seriously, dont ask) Right now theres a fan on it, and I think we have a warranty policy @ best buy that I believe (hope) covers water damage, but is there anything I can do to postpone my having to do that? =(
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Somebody's Mistress

I'm really hoping that someone might be able to help with this -

No doubt she is somebody's mistress,
With that Greta Garbo hair,
As she sits, mascara-lidded,
In the corner seat over there.

I have a clipping of this - headed 'Thoughts in A Train' - in a scrapbook that I made in/about 1990.
I'm not sure whether this is a real/longer poem, or whether it was just created for a magazine ad. I seem to remember that the ad was for make-up or something beauty-related.

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My boyfriend and I have been going out for 6 months. We've been friends before this for 4 years. His birthday is in the middle of July. Is it unreasonable for me to spend a LOT of money (like 300 bucks) on a birthday gift for him? This is not like me at all but he want's it SO bad and I know how wonderfully happy it will make him. Or is he going to think I'm out of my mind for spending so much money when technically we've only been going out for 9 months (by the time his birthday rolls around)?

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What is your opinion on the relationship between the prevalence of media violence/obscenity/pornography/etc. and real world manifestations of the aforementioned in culture? In children?

(i.e. would cutting down on media violence cut down on real world violence? does playing violent games or seeing pornography affect how a child interacts with the world?)
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Who here has had Lasik done? Was your experience good or bad?

And what is the recovery like during the 8 hours following the surgery? Blurriness? Discomfort? Can you get up and read or watch tv during that time or do you spend the time just laying in bed with your eyes covered? All the info I found on the internet covers the recovery in the days and weeks following the surgery, but not the few hours directly after.
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I'm reading all these news stories about the energy bill today, and one of the measures is to reduce energy costs is to extend daylight savings time? How is that going to help?

I can't find any articles that explain why, just that its included in the bill. In theory I should be able to logic out an answer but my brain doesn't want to work this morning.

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two pronged question.

so, my laptop broke awhile ago, and sony sent it back saying that it broke in shipping and it would cost way too much to repair so i should just buy a new one.


1. does anyone know of any good, cheap laptops that are good for college students? I don't need anything too fancy. It just needs to have wireless, a word processor, a fairly large hard drive, and be a reasonable size that I can carry it to class and such. I'm better used to PCs (my now defunct laptop was the new beautiful amazing Sony Vaio with the fabulous x-brite screen....tear) but if you know of a really good Mac, that could work too.

also, in the meantime, i'm using a fairly frankensteined computer, that a few comp-sci friends of mine made. But they put some weird version of Windows XP (Home Edition) on it, and now it keeps flashing and says I only have 4 days left till activation.

What does that mean? My boyfriend says I need an access code or something, but I'm not sure what that is or where i could get one/

I only have 4 days though, and i have like a million papers to write inbetween now and then, so help!!
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Ok I bought bleach today. I'm torn on what the hell to do with my hair. Should I do more highlights? Or should I bleach the whole head?? (My makeup looks like crap so please don't comment on it :p)

*edit* Haha I decided to go red :)
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So two of my professors are getting married in a couple of weeks, and a lot of their students who have had them repeatedly are getting them small gifts (movies, books, etc). I've had them both repeatedly, and she especially has been a pretty big influence on me, so I was thinking of painting something for them. I paint a lot, but my subjects generally range from sort of abstract to nightmarish. What kinds of painting do people actually hang in their homes? I honestly have no idea, because I hang my own crap up all over. And they're both in their 40's, but both kind of unconventional and funky types, so I hate to cop out with a generic landscape or something. Any suggestions?
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Have any of your personal journals or personal writings been read by someone whose eyes you didn't want on them?

My junior year of high school, I accidentally left my personal journal in my French class. It was missing for two weeks. My teacher finally recovered it, and when I opened it up, someone had written something by the last entry I'd written in there. I was talking about an extremely close (female) friend of mine, and the problems we were having in our friendship, and the twit had written in pencil "your gay". I was completely insulted and appalled, not just by their comment, but because of the fact that their grammar was crap.
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Discriminating based on sexual orientation

Can you believe that it is legal to discriminate based on sexual orientation?


The link above is to the news article reporting that Gay Anti-Discrimination legislation was voted down today in Washington State. Because of this, gays can be fired from any job for being gay, kicked out of any rental housing for being gay, turned away at a restaurant for being gay, or anything else that normally would be protected under this states Discrimination Laws. Washington would've become the 17th state to ban this type of discrimination. There is no national ban.

I really can't believe this. Oh well... only a matter of time before it does get passed.

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why do people get so edgy in this community?

i guess this is rhetorical. i've just seen so many snappy replied comments to people's answers, whether they're trying to be helpful or not.
could ya be a little less serious? kthnx.
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ok... issue.
here's the situation, my bf and i have been together for almost a year and a half. we're doing great BUT his parents H-A-T-E me.

no real reason.

in any case, when we first started going out, they werent too crazy about it, but they were ok-ish. then they were like "have her come over every now and then so we can get to know her" but they didnt get to know me because they are loud and drunk and shit, and my parents have raised me with the "children should be seen and not heard" type of deal (basically i was too quiet for them). summer before i left for college and him for the navy, his mom went on a big mission to break us up. we survived, but his parents are still going at this now. they try to break us up all the time. now, these are some damn stubborn people. they feel that i'm not good enough for their son, that i'm after him for his money (read: their money) and that i'm just trying to get pregnant so i can trap him or something (which is crazy... if i was trying to get pregnant, i'd have done so by now!)... they think that he needs to date more people and that i'm holding him back and all these crazy things that they're saying to him just to try and get him to leave me.

so my question is... what do i do? i really want to sit down with them and be like "this is where i stand, i'm sorry that you havent gotten to know me, but maybe we could get to know one another ...." blah blah blah. but my bf doesnt want me to do this because he says that this would just upset them more. so... any less confrontational suggestions?

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A person's true personality is revealed through the internet.

(Ie; Mary is very quiet and shy in RL, but whenever angered she gets really snappy. On the internet, she is really bitchy and rude. So in RL, Mary hides how she feels/her anger, but on the internet she feels there aren't any consequences for any of her actions, so she decides to be bitchy a lot.)

Agree or disagree?

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yesterday i had an awesome day, today i am having a terrible day, but i can't really find anything that is making me miserable

what will you tell me to make me smile?
what made you smile today?
what would you say if i asked you to make up something about why you think im upset?

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I have an .avi file I want to play, but I can only hear the sound and not SEE the interview. I have tried with windows media player and winamp. Do I need some sort of software do to that... or a converter? If so, where can I find a free version?

fries, cars and cops

In the movie Super Size Me, I didn't see the part that shows how McDonald's french fries doesn't look like they go bad over time. My friends who have seen the movie have told me about that, but I saw it on cable and it wasn't there. Is that part of the movie and I completely missed it? or is it a DVD extra? or a part of the film that was eventually cut from the film?

Have you ever been hit by a car while walking? Do you remember what happened?

Have you ever been arrested or harrassed by the cops or security but you didn't do anything wrong?

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Let's say you are in the following situation:

You take a class in which there are only two exams given (midterm and final). You miss the midterm due to illness and the instructor says that she doesn't give make-up exams when you approach her about taking one. She does however say that she will make your final course grade whatever you get on the final exam. Once that time comes, you receive your grades: 100 percent on the final exam and B in the course.

Would you be extremely disappointed that you didn't get an A since she promised not to penalize you for not taking the midterm, or would you be ecstatic to get a B after not even taking the midterm? Would you think the B grade is fair?
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Does anyone know of a program that will allow me to play mahjong on my computer (not on the internet)? I had the GameHouse Mahjong Tiles Deluxe game on a trial, but it ran out. I'd totally buy it, but I don't have the funds at the moment.

So - good, quality, downloadable Mahjong game (preferably very similar to the GameHouse one)?
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I could never understand guys...

A guy in my pre calc class saw me working tonight. I work at an ice cream shop and he came in with his buddies and bought some ice cream. At school he compliments me time to time and tonight he was winking, blowing kisses at me and called me a hottie 3+ times...

When I ringed him up at the cash register he put a 5 dollar bill in the tip jar and whispered "just for you." First of all I'm wondering... what kind of guy (who works) gives away his money like that? Does he expect something in return? ...I'm not complaining though.

In addition to that question, what's the largest tip you've recieved and why/how?
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