April 21st, 2005

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There is a term I am looking for, but can't think of and have asked around all over the place, but am not getting what I need. That's where you guys are helpful.

What is the word for a scene or picture of someone burning in a fire? I'm pretty sure it usually has some religious symbol in the background like a cross. Such as the scene of Joanna d'Arc burning at the stake, for example. Some people have said an effigy, but I don't think an effigy always has to have fire in the scene. I keep thinking it starts with a 'P' and maybe the word has "pryo' in it, but I could be wrong.

Do you know?
Or am I just imagining words in my head?

And example of what I'm thinking of:
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(I've concluded this week that there is a reason why I don't watch very many movies.)

So, I just rented the movie Closer, because I like Natalie Portman, and I heard the movie was good. I watched it, and when the credits rolled at the end the words, "What the fuck?" litterally left mouth.

Is there some kind of hidden meaning in that movie I missed, because to me for the past 2 hours, I did nothing but watch a European soap opera.

I think the acting was fabulous, and some of the lines were amazing, but I'm left a little confused. Aside from dramatic cheating, is there more to that I should be seeing?

Haha, man... I'm done renting hyped-up movies.
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Bad Advice?

Do you think this is bad advice?

A month ago I had a big presentation to do for school and my Professor, who knows I'm really shy and that I hate public speaking, told me that I when I'm up there I should pretend to be someone else in order to overcome my shyness.

I don't know...my first thought was, who am I supposed to pretend to be?!
Personally, if I was giving advice to myself for the presentation it would have been that if I knew my presentation well and was prepared, there wouldn't be a problem [or something like that].
Because when she told me that I was also thinking, why do I need to be someone else, am I not good enough??

Also....this is a stupid question here:

What does it mean when a Prof sends in an email: "Essays can be picked up ca. May 2nd" ?
What does the "ca. " stand for?

Does she mean "circa"?

So does that mean before, on, around or after May 2nd?

And why couldn't she just say it straightforward?

[I know I could just reply and ask her that but she's a really mean Prof and she'll probably fail me if I ask her that]
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dinner date.

when you go out to eat with only your S.O., do you sit on opposite sides of the table or next to each other?

when you go out as a couple WITH another couple, do you sit next to or across from your S.O.?

do you more often get up to leave just after eating or do you sit around talking for a while?

how often do you go out to eat with your S.O.?

how often do you consider it "a date" and how often do you consider it "getting something to eat cause we're hungry"?

on another note, what would a typical date for you and your partner entail?

and how long have you been together?

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Does anyone else fold their shirts so that they end up in a oblong roll about 3 inches in diameter and about 5 - 6 inches long?

Basically, take the shirt, lay it face down, fold the arms back into the shirt. Flip the bottom 3 inches under. Fold into thirds (lengthwise). Roll towards bottom of shirt. Tuck.

If so, why?
If not, why not?
If you know both, which do you prefer?

I tried to find a diagram, but was unable to. Perhaps I will make one up later if I have the time.
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fee five fo fum.

1. what are the artists that you know/have nearly EVERY SONG by?

2. do you separate dirty laundry in separate hampers or do you separate just before washing; and what categories do you separate into?

3. when you have no place to be, how long do you take to get dressed after a shower?

4. have you ever dyed a PET'S fur? what color and.....why?

5. what fragrance are you wearing today?

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hi, i'm michelle and i'm a very curious person. this is a really cool community. so, since i'm sitting at work and drinking tea, here's my question:

do you drink tea or coffee?
do you have a favorite blend or roast?
if you don't drink either, why not?


Has anyone seen glasses like these in a store whilst out and about?

The picture is of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich. There's just something uniquely cool about his glasses, and I'd love to find a pair for myself. Longshot, I know.

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why is it that when you are meeting someone for lunch, and then others for dinner, you wake up and

a. several new marks on your face that look like zits
b. eye swallen for some reason
c. huge headache

why does this happen?

Those boots weren't made for driving!

Is there any particular reason why you should wear shoes to drive?

My boots were killing me last week and so I took them off and ended up driving over 150 miles wearing just socks, and actually found it soooo much more comfortable than driving in shoes. It may seem like a dumb question, but if I were stopped by the police for whatever reason, would I get in trouble for not wearing shoes to drive? I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.

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So, Im about to start my spanish homework... after miserably not understanding something in my german class...

So... What languages do/don't have declension of adjectives?


And, speaking of this homework- As I'm typing, The spell check keeps changinf from being in english- and counting all of it wrong- to being in German, and counting everything as okay, even though I'm typing in Spanish... So my question is: Eh?

title and name of this poem...

i remember back in grade school i had to memorize a bunch of poems. the only one that remains in my memory is a poem that goes like this:

one fine day
in the middle of the night
two dead men
got up to fight
back to back
they faced each other
threw their guns
and shot each other....

i can't remember the rest but if someone could tell me the title and author i would greatly appreciate it. thanks in advance! :)
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I have a 1990 Ford Bronco sitting in my driveway. It needs a new transmission. Other then that teensy tiny detail, its in great shape.

I want to get rid of it, but try to get some money for it too. I'm not really interested in tax-write offs, as I need cash for a down payment on a new car. Any ideas how I could go about doing this?

Also....has anyone here had experiences with the Saturn Vue?

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I have a question about the Akon song, Lonely. Click here if you haven't heard it

Is that high-pitched voice supposed to be a chipmunk voice or a very high-pitched imitation of a female voice?

My friends say it's a chipmunk voice, in the style of "Alvin and the Chipmunks". I find this idea ludicrous and say it's supposed to be like a woman's voice.


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before I go off on my rant...

...what has compelled seemingly all the old women in the mall today to wear purple shirts and red hats?
This isn't the first time I've seen this particular combo, so what's the deal?

(I just would like to make sure it's not to increase awareness of ______________(disease) - so that way when I launch off on how hideous it looks I don't look like an asshole)

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*Inspired by a earlier Starbucks Post*

Last winter Starbucks took off their Tazoberry/Tazoberry and cream drink. It is something like the Strawberry cream they have now but not. Its much better. It was a blended ice drink. Anyway, it was my initial allure to Starbucks, its all I ever got, I started mixing thigs up but they took it away. =( my local store told me it was a seasonal drink so they werent gonna have it in winter. Alright I could accept that except they still kept the citrus something. Anyway, that spring...nothing. Its been over a year!! Where is my beloved Tazoberry?
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this might not make sense....

recently my boyfriend said to me "yeah i used to get cancer all the time when i was a little kid"

and my reaction was..... "huh...?!"

he described that he used to get an extra growth of skin in his elbow area that would hang down and then fall off, then grow back and fall off.....

i asked him "did the doctor tell you it was CANCER?"

and he said "no, but cancer is a rapid growth of cells...."

so my question is..... does the word "CANCER" describe a rapid growth of cells, or does "a rapid growth of cells" describe CANCER? does that make sense?

like, just because he had rapid cell growth, does that necessarily mean it was cancer? is CANCER actually a lot broader than i originally thought?
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So, next year I'll have the opportunity to do a Senior Project. This is when you work with a teacher to study a subject in depth, and then at the end of the year do some kind of project to present (at least some of) your information — like a research paper, or an art project, etc. There aren't really any limitations to what you can do at the end, as long as it presents some information.

Anyway, I'd like to do one on either a religion (probably Hinduism or Islam) or the fairy tales/mythology of a certain country. The problem is, I can't think of a good project to do. I'd like to do a series of short stories (writing's my "thing"), but retellings of fairy tales has been done so many times, and I can't think of a way to do fiction about religion without feeling like I'm disrespecting it.

So, any ideas for projects, or interesting ways to do the short stories?

(Thank you!)
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Changing for your Mate

I've had a question that came from a lot of discussions and situations I've been in recently.

Let's say that you are currently in a monogamous relationship with a great person.

This person is lovely and attractive and etc. There's a good chance that you and this person could last long term, perhaps even marry. You make each other pretty happy, have similiar ideals, etc. You aren't *perfect* for each other, but your differences aren't major problems, and there's a good chance they won't be in the future, and even so, you both are good at discussing problems and finding solutions.

Except this one thing which you or your partner firmly objects to (for personal reasons, moral reasons, legal reasons, whatever).

This one thing makes you or your partner very unhappy, but you two care about each other so much and you two work so well together that neither of you want to end the relationship over this issue.

Now for arguement purposes, this one thing isn't your career, religion, or some major aspect of your life that you cannot live without. It could be, for example: porn, alcohol, drugs, smoking, using blasphemy, etc.

Let's also assume that both of you/your partner isn't pyscho and wouldn't let the control go to their head (I.e., "Well if I can't do that, next you'll say I can't do this and this and this!).


1. Is it reasonable to ask the person to change this one thing?

2. Is it reasonable to ask the other person to try to accept something that makes them incredibly unhappy, uncomfortable, or upset?

(Yes, you should accept your partner for who he/she is, but this isn't something that defines your partner as a person. This is a thing or object which they could live without.)

3. Would you personally be willing to ask your partner to change one thing that made you very unhappy if the relationship was wonderful outside of this issue?

4. Would you personally be willing to change one thing for your partner?

5. If your answer to #1 and #2 is no, what do you think is the solution for such a problem?
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Two questions. :D

1. What time does it get dark where you're living right now? What time does it get dark in the summer? In the winter?

In SoCal, it seems to be getting dark around 7 right now, and I think it gets as late as right before 8 in the middle of summer. On the other hand, it gets dark before 5 in the winter. I know it's cause of the tilting earth, but I was wondering how much it affected other countries further away from the equator.

2. For those of you who can speak other languages, do you ever read the other language's instructions/ingredients on labels? And are they ever different?

I was reading the Spanish "Caution" on a bottle of soap, and I thought it was weird that it had something that the English "Caution" didn't have ("If irritation occurs, seek medical attention"). Isn't that not supposed to happen? oO;
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hello. i have a query.

i just bought a ring and its brass or copper or something. its quite rad.

i need something to put on it so it wont make my finger green, and also protect it from corrosion and color change. i want whatever i put on it to be undetectable if possible.


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Webcam purchasing help

Hey there,

I'm looking into buying a webcam, and I don't want to break the bank over the thing, but there are a few features I want in it:

-Ability to record video files
-Still photos
-Audio capable

The second one isn't AS important, but it's on there nonetheless. I know it's stingy, but I don't really feel like breaking 30 bucks over this thing, considering I know of ones that have all this that have gone for 20 or so.

So if anyone can direct me to any specific models or brands that can fit the bill of a cheap, utilitarian webcam that just does the basics, I'd appreciate it.


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A few questions on UK politics:

1. Newspapers, which ones are right wing, left wing, or whatever - why?
2. If I like the Daily Mail what does that say about me?
3. What exactly is left wing and right wing anyway?
4. I'm a supporter of the lib dems, constructive criticisms please, what is wrong with that?
5. What's so good about the other parties?

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okay, so, here it goes.
I'm a freshman in college. two things to know: i am slightly neurotic, and i have wonderful friends.

I eat dinner with some different people, and my good friend is usually one of them. we eat ice cream, meals together, etc etc. the problem is that he is ALWAYS smacking his food! my god! i just end up staring at him like I KNOW you are NOT chewing with your mouth WIDE OPEN so that I can stare at your food IN YOUR MOUTH while you are loudly smacking your lips together. AND IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!

honestly, this is one of my worst pet peeves ever, if not THE worst. I HATE people who smack their food/gum, but especially food because jesus christ that is just plain gross. no one wants to see your food in your mouth and i definitely dont want to hear you chewing it.

honestly, it gets so bad that I don't want to eat with him anymore. this is a combination of how bad he is always smacking and my neurosis, but my other friends are annoyed too. what do I say? how can I politely say "please change the way you eat your own food or else I'm going to freak out and never eat with you again?" think about how snobby it is to be like "dear 19 year old boy, watch how you chew your food!" but my god it drives me insane.

um.. me

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Can anyone help me out with this? I need to find a song (preferrably techno or something similar) that has 2 beats.

I would need the first beat, then the second added into it. It has to not be an overly-happy or overly-depressing type of music, pretty long (at least 1 minute of the 2 beats) and just those beats, no spoken words or anything along that vein. Can anyone think of a good song?

thanks :)

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I am going to get myself a laptop soon. Which brand do you think is more reliable/useful: IBM, Acer, Dell, HP or others that I haven't mentioned yet?

What are some of the features I should be looking out for if I want a laptop? Like what kind of programs and memory and so on that it should basically have, when I buy it.


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Do you put on your deodorant before or after you put on your shirt?

Because if you put it on before, you risk having lovely white streaks down the side of your shirt. If you put it on after, you have to wrestle your shirt out of the way. Half the time, I end up jabbing my shirt with the deodorant anyway when I try to do it the second way.

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it's a long shot, but...

anybody here familiar with AAA citation? (american anthropological association)

I have two articles by the same person, written in the same year. When citing within the text of my paper, how do I distinguish between the two? Joyce 2000A vs Joyce 2000B, or what? :o\ I'm kind of at a loss, and the paper's due Tuesday. Anyone have any idea???