April 20th, 2005

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I need some songs that have to deal with music..and I'm not saying that correctly.

Example: Existentialism on Prom Night - Straylight Run ..sing me something soft sad and delicate...

basically songs about singing or music.

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1. Did you take advantage of "Free Cone Day" at Ben and Jerry's? What flavor did you get?
2. Why is it that when I decide to hop in the shower, without fail, my roommate's boyfriend comes over and I end up walking in on them in my bathrobe? Edit: they're not DOING anything, per se. It's more about me being caught in my bathrobe. ;)
3. What's a fictional character you admire, that isn't commonly admired by people? This can be because it's not really an admirable character, or because it's so obscure that nobody's heard of it.
4. Is there a person who you don't find at all attractive physically, yet would still gladly date/marry because of their personality? This can be someone you know or a celebrity.
5. Have you ever slept through an important test? Were you allowed to retake it?

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Late night ramblings. :)

Ok... two questions... :)

First, what's something you've done recently that has made you proud of yourself, regardless of how others felt about it? :)

And secondly... I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this one, but I just wanted to see if anyone else is going through this. (A friend suggested that it's probably because it's almost Spring...wtf?)

Anyways... After 20+ years (I'm 26 now) of not wanting children... I'm suddenly in some ....alternate universe or something... Every single night I dream about being pregnant (It's impossible for me to be pregnant, trust me). I also find myself wanting to pounce on just about any half-decent looking guy around. It's like my body has suddenly decided it MUST HAVE BABIES NOW SO I MUST F*CK EVERYONE I SEE! And tonight, I found myself crying, repeatedly, while watching Uptown Girls!

I mean... WHAT THE FORK, man... My initial thought was maybe it's pms, but I have never, ever in my life felt like I do now. Hypothetically, I'm too young for menopause or the "body clock is ticking" syndrome... Besides, intellectually, I don't even want children.

It's just my body that is going crazy psycho thinking I must.have.much.babies.now.damn.it. (I know, incorrect english and punctuation there. It was intentional.)

Any ideas about what's going on? Or is this just part of being a woman of almost 30 years?

Thanks in advance for any replies. =D

ETA: I was raised completely by men. By very stupid men, at that. There's much about being a woman/what a woman goes through that I don't know yet. Things like this happen and I freak out, because I don't realize it's normal. So please forgive me if my question seemed stupid. =|
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drinking alone.

do you think it's pathetic to drink alone?

are there degrees of its patheticness? like, relaxing with a malt beverage and cuddling up with a blanket and a funny movie as opposed to drowning your sorrows in vodka in a dark corner? or is it all just as sad?

do you ever drink alone? in what situations? how often?
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what does the teal stripe across a black rectangle car sticker mean? i see them all over the place.

edit: i'm guessing it's the 'thin blue line' sticker. after some more word rearranging on the search engine, that's the info i got.

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i am doing a presentation for a religion class, and i'm going to make a venn diagram as a hand-out for the class... does anyone know if microsoft word has a template for that? or should i just make it by hand?
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For the song Eiffel 65 - Blue, what funny phrases have you heard to replace the "da ba dee da ba die" part? I heard some at one point, but I forgot them all.

How expensive is gasoline in your area? (Remember to include your currency and if your gas is sold by gallons, liters, etc.)
Gas has been hovering right around $1.95/gal for the past week or so - down from $2.35. I'm grateful of this, but I doubt it will last.
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Any high-level math folks?

I have a complex problem that has been called "unsolvable," but I lack the necessary math skills to make that determination on my own. The problem is a curious one that seems like it would have a simple proof, but I'm not the right guy to come up with that proof.

The problem:

Given a circle, and an equilateral triangle contained within the circle, what is the combined area of the regions of the circle bordered by the sides of the triangle?

Any ideas?
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In the US patent system, you aren't required to send in working models(unless you are claiming something like a perpetual motion machine, to prove that the laws of physics are in fact wrong).

What, if any, safeguards exist to stop someone from filling out an application for a plausible invention, that hasn't actually been invented yet? And then sitting on it until someone does invent it, and shaking the real innovator down for money?
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There are a couple of U2 songs I can think of where Bono sings: "Coming home late at night to turn you on, love."

Does that work for you? Do you like it when your partner comes home late and crawls into bed with you? 

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Why do people ask questions about things that are important to people, like their faith or their lifestyle, simply to poke fun at it and laugh about their answers? Does this seem a little, oh I don't know, childish and stupid to anyone else?

Personally, I have very little if any faith but since I went to 13 years of private schools, many of my friends are deeply faithful people. They are also some of the best people I've known, so I don't see religion as a bad thing or something to be made fun of for having. I also don't know much about pagan beliefs but I find the ideas of auras and things like that a little far-fetched for me. However I can respect the fact that many people deeply believe in such ideas, and that's their choice. I certainly wouldn't ask someone to explain their belief system to me just to make fun of them and laugh at them. One can definitely live his or her life without religion, but what's the point of poking holes in people's faith and laughing at them for it? Ugh, I get so frustrated!

Don't ask.

Ok, me and my friend are having an argument.

Let's say there's this guy. He's a virgin. In one passionate night involving a lot of booze and general incoherentness, he meets up with a girl--decides to lose his virginity to her. He puts on a condom beforehand.

If he had the condom on, would he still be a virgin?
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So, I'm 17, and have finally gotten my damn ears pierced.


Tell me.

1. When is it okay to touch them? I already turned the earring a little once and got a resounding chorus of DON'T DO THAT! (from the people at the jewelry shop. We went to a jewelry shop to have this done.)
2. Is there anything besides rubbing alcohol and cotton balls that I actually NEED to keep them clean and healthy?
3. What time of night should I be cleaning/turning them? More around right before sleep, or right after dinner, or ...?
4. When is the searing pain that I know most people seem not to get going to stop? (They weren't numbed.)
5. Aaanything else I should know? Further safety precautions, etc?

ETA: If there had only been a place to get them done entirely professionally, I wouldn't have attended a jewelery shop to do it - I notice that everyone agrees with me on that one. I used to think it was the Worst Thing To Do, Ever, but there are many many people around here who all got their ears done at the same place - the fact that it hurts me more than most people is because I'm really bad with any sort of prickly pain at all. 'Course, now I'm twice as scared of infection. Bah. Doom. >
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Does anyone have any ghosts in their house? Have you every seen/heard a ghost? Would you please share your stories?
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Can anyone help me to find a site that offers free photos and images without an ugly "copyright" plastered all over the images? Google, Yahoo etc. can't help me this time, the images they find I can't use. I need images that has to do with math, science etc. - real photos and drawn.

So are there any sites like http://www.fotosearch.com/ - without the copyright?
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Is the ability to feel emotions an imperfection? If a robot is capable of feeling emotions then is it not also capable of making decisions and making incorrect decisions? Or does it make the robot more perfect because emotions are something that cannot be programmed or taught and therefore define what life truly is? If you believe in God and you believe that God feels emotions, then does that make God imperfect?

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I'm working on an essay for my Law class which discusses the right to remain silent in Canada and how it is a critical right. I have my arguements and opinions and what not, but part of the assignment is that I need to have quotes to back up my points. Where can I go about finding quotes? Most of the few I can find on google are discussing America, and I can't use them. Anyone have any ideas?

And secondly, who/how did you celebrate 420???

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For as long as I can remember I get a really funny tummy in the mornings, it's cross between indigestion, sickness and an empty stomach, it means I cannot eat anything until a few hours later no matter how hard I try, I feel ill and I gag at everything – particularly brushing my teeth because of putting things in my mouth and because of an allergy to toothpaste my body instantly associates brushing my teeth with feeling sick even if I use a toothpaste I am ok with, this normally has me doubled over gagging in the bathroom most mornings - it hurts and makes me feel sick for the rest of the morning.
Does anyone else get this? What is it? How can I prevent it?

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Has any workplace etiquette entered your everyday life?

For example, I work for an engineering/plumbing/all kinds of labouring skills company and it can get very busy. Also, the workplace is fairly spread out so if you need to speak to someone it's best to send them an Instant Message (think Bridget Jones and the scene in the office when Bridget and her boss are sending each other messages). It's polite to end every message 'Thanks, *insert your name here*' no matter what the message is. I've now found myself doing that at the end of personal e-mails (not done in work time, may I add) and posting forum messages. It's driving me crazy!
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credit card question

right now i have the citi premierpass credit card that gives me miles for every dollar spent (yadda yadda yadda). i'm looking for another credit card where i can get points and redeem them for gifts. i'd rather be able to get something other than airline tickets.

something without an annual fee would be preferable but i'm willing to pay a fee.

any ideas?

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i am at work late today, and im bored because i finished what i had to get done for today

1. what were you thinking RIGHT as you were coming up to this question?
2. what did you drink today?
3. do you have a pet? if so, what is it?
4. ask me a question and ill answer in a reply
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Anyone ever sell anything on Ebay?

I just sold something for the first time and I'm a little confused as to how to get the money from my PayPal account into my bank account. Is this even possible?

EDIT: Question answered!

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My K700i on Orange doesn't seem to want to send email. I've set all the settings like the instruction manual says but it always comes up with "Wrong mailbox or password". Now, this may be because I haven't tried sending Orange email on my phone in years, so I tried their website. Only, the sign in email page doesn't come up. So...does anyone have any ideas? And...if you go here: http://www.orange.co.uk/emailandorganise/ and click sign in, does a page appear?

Help, I need email on my mobile.
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My sister's friend Soma is organizing UVA's ScavHunt.. next weekend I believe. And he needs help coming up with some ideas of what to put on the list. Do you have any awesome suggestions?

Check out this and this for some lists of the crazy stuff people ask for.

The only thing I could come up with was a life-size game of Guess Who? with 40 pairs of identical twins (which isn't really even my idea). Oh and also 42 points for picking up a hitchhiker. Things can be worth partial or negative points (Such as Π pieces of pie worth Π points)

Don't be afraid to get crazy here, most of this stuff is ridiculous!!

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To anyone who ever used the t-shirt iron-on printer paper, where you can print something off the Internet and iron it on a shirt, I am a little worried. The first time I ever used it, I printed a fairly simple design onto a white shirt and it turned out very nice (you can't even tell I did it myself). The other times, however, have not been so successful. So, do you have any tips to up the chances of the shirt turning out okay? And also, this time I'm really hoping to iron-on a picture that takes up the entire page; do you think that will be all right, or no?
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Buncha questions!

Does anyone else think that Miss Piggy is a drag queen?

I've been cutting my cuticles for a long time and I want to stop, but they keep growing back jaggedy and snagging on things. Is there a product specifically for dry cuticles that you'd recommend?

Olga's - a Californian based restaurant, I think? We used to have one at the mall when I was little. It served sort of pita-like meals and these wonderful things called "orange cream coolers" and had a mascot/character called Freddy Fresh Fry. Ya know what I'm talking about? What ever happened to Olga's? I haven't seen one around forever.

Do you think it's "okay" to be close-minded towards people who are close-minded themselves?

Do you like American cheese or nay? I love it :D
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Ok...i'm dying of some kind of cold here and I need to finish this annotated bibliography for tomorrow. I just can't figure out how to cite a yearbook, a high school yearbook. MLA format. Anybody?

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Any ideas wher I can get a hold of Revelations, the new series on NBC on the net(I tried my usual P2P with no sucess)?

I caught about 15 minutes of it and I'm intrigued!

Also, how many episodes have aired already?

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>:[ okay, for anyone that got their wisdom teeth out - did you originally, for the first month or so, have a problem opening your mouth entirely (like to yawn, or eat a big piece of cake, etc.)? i'm wondering how effing long this is going to be like this.. it's really crampin' my style. LOL

also, while recently driving through CT, i kept seeing these signs with a stick figure guy shoveling and the words "let 'em work, let 'em live." what the HELL was that about? ;) thanks.

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if you help me out with this, know that you will have never been more appreciated EVER.

okay....so my honors physics teacher expects me and a partner to become experts on a subject and, in turn, teach the entire class to become experts too. our subject is GYROSCOPES. we are in the process of designing our experiment. the problem is, we have no experiment to design.

does anybody have a link or a good phrase to look up in a search engine for a simple gyroscopic experiment with measureable variables and such?
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How come nobody makes exactly what I want in a cell phone?

The Samsung i500 is very close, but it's just a PCS phone, and I want a GSM one. Plus it would be nice if it used Windows Mobile or at least PalmOS 5.

I know Samsung considered releasing a GSM version, but I don't think it ever became public. WHY?