April 18th, 2005


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One more quick question:

Is anyone here in this community a single parent?

For some reason I really want kids, but I don't really want a boyfriend. ;o) I've been dreaming about my children a lot lately, babies and young kids and a teenager once (eek!), and I don't know what that means. But I was just curious as to how often that comes up in real life.
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Contemplating lifeguarding...

This summer im thinking of lifeguarding at Jones Beach state park, Long Island, NY
Anyone a current or previous lifeguard there?

-How is lifeguarding in general?
-Why did you decided to become one?
I'm going to contact them regarding physical exam requirements, but i think they're all pretty general.

-What happens when beach season is over?

Any info would be cool.
Thanks in advance.

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I have an unopened glass jar of peanut butter. It's been in the cabinet for a few weeks, but hasn't expired. However, it had separated where there's a bunch of oil floating around on top of the peanut butter. My mother refuses to eat it and wants me to throw it away.

Is it still good?

Edit: Answered. Thank you.

...unless anyone else has more insights into PB oil. :)
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do pictures of people kissing gross you out? can you put into words why it grosses you out? i think it's absolutely replusive but i don't know how to explain WHY.

and if anyone was wondering what i did with the chocolate ganache, i ate it plain. all of it. all three cups of it. no fondue, no fruit, no nuts. i just ate it. and it was good.

napolean dynamite.

I am often easily amused, and have a good sense of humor. Even a dry sense of humor at times.

Tonight I saw Napolean Dynamite for the first time.

It did absolutly nothing for me, and I would probably say it was THEE worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. I wouldn't watch it again if they told me it might save my best friend's life.

WHY in the hell is everyone obsessed with it?

Did you like it?
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I was watching the deleted scenes in Bend It Like Beckham. There was the scene where Jess was talking to her sister about the cancelled wedding, and her sister says "I should have slept with him" or "I shouldn't have slept with him".

Which one is it? I can't figure out if she said "should have" or "shouldn't have". Someone help please, thanks.

yay monday (not so much)

1. Did you learn anything new about anything or anyone this weekend?
2. I feel like I may be cranky today, what will you do to make me feel better?
3. I am hungry, but I don't know what I want to eat for breakfast, what should I eat?
4. What do you have to do today?
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pop culture music

+ so no argument with me that gwen stefani is beautiful
but in channel surfing this morning i came across two music videos of hers
has anyone else thought that she cant dance well/at all?
i guess with her just being such the large star that she is i just assumed she could dance

+ also, my husband and i were discussing mariah carey. what do you think about her 'come back'? do you consider her a real legend/diva/established artist to last and all that? or do you think shes overrated in being too much like all that spears/agularia/lohan bull?

cell phone question

I have a Kyocera SE47, and when I turn it on, it shows me a picture of a computer with an arrow pointing to a cell phone, and that's it. Occassionally it will shows me a glimpse of the main screen, but then it will go back to the computer/cell picture. Does anyone have any idea why it's doing this, or what I can do to fix it? Does it have to be "flashed" or does it need a new battery or something? I called my service provider and they said the phone was pretty much dead and that it'd be cheaper to just buy a new one. This was awhile ago, and I have bought a new phone... but I'd still like this one to be fixed, if possible.
Any ideas?

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Q for the Boys--> Think of the ugliest girl you know... no, the ugliest, meanest, rudest, stinkyist girl, and now, imagine if she approached you one day and offered you oral sex for free. Would you take it?

Q for the Girls--> What would you expect the boys to say?

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On average, how much does it cost to have a child? I'm talking hospital fees from conception to the baby finally arriving... Not counting military families and those who get fees waved...
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For tutorial purposes, what is the bit of html code that goes before the html code you are trying to demonstrate to keep the web browser from reading it? Something that will let the <> show. Does this question make sense?
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Has anybody here had the new-ish Invisalign braces? Also, what's the best way to go about getting coverage for just braces? I really want those Invisalign suckers, seeing as that my teeth are not terrible but could use some straightening. Also, those who have had them, do they work? Do you have before or after pictures??? How much were they with the coverage?

An unusual question

Well folks, what I want to know is why, sweet jumping jesus on a pogostick why just about every college student feels the need to booze.
I'm currently a freshman who's unable to drink due to medical reasons (and wouldn't drink anyways even if I could), and it's completely beyond me what's so fun about getting pickled, acting like a complete (pardon my language) asshat and vomiting your brains out every night. Where's the appeal? Maybe i'm just naive, but I'm also extremely frustrated with the behavior of the rest of the student body, and maybe, just maybe if I could know WHY, I'd be able to understand a little more. Why is breaking federal law (in many cases) in the U.S. so appealing? *sigh* I don't know about these other folks, but if all I wanted to do was to get drunk, I couldv'e done it a lot cheaper at home (without bugging the living daylights out of people who actually came to school to gee, I don't know, LEARN?!).
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So, tomorrow or the next day I may well be going to check out an apartment. The rent is such that they could almost be asking me to live in the space under my loft and I'd be good to go.

What questions do I want to ask?
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Also, I live in a dorm building. On the fifth floor. On a section of the fifth floor that is not attached to the rest of the fifth floor. The people you see up here either live here or are close friends/lovers of people who live here- and you can tell who they are because the floor has a distinctive "flair"(read:we're all crazy). And this is not a floor they show off in tours, because our rooms are smaller than average (and because we habitually write obscene things on eachothers boards... and draw obscene things on the walls with glow in the dark paint). So... What's with the striking number of People Who Are Not From This Floor showing up here lately? People usually stop getting lost and coming up here by a few weeks into the year.
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What are your biggest peeves?

One of mine is when people say EST when they mean EDT. Most of Indiana is on EST year-round, so if I don't know that somebody actually meant EDT, I'll be an hour late.


Do you have emergency contact information stashed somewhere for LJ Admin?

Is it used to contact you in an emergency or to contact someone if you're having an emergency?

I must have missed the memo on this.

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I'm going in to get my first tattoo on Saturday, and I have a picture at home I want to get done. Am I allowed to just bring in the picture, and they will be able to do it? Or do I have to pay more? I have no idea how this works, oh my, but I am so excited!

What your first tattoo experiance like?

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1. Has anyone here ever worked at Target? If so, did you enjoy it? What was it like?
2. I have an interview there soon. What sorts of questions can I expect?
3. What should I wear?
4. What's your favorite card game?
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A question brought up after seeing an episode of "Fawlty Towers":

What is the difference between plain old mayonnaise and "salad cream" [aka salad dressing, even though it looks a bit like mayo]?

Also: Miracle Whip is shit.
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Credit Card Applications...

Okay, filling out a credit card application to get a credit card from my bank...

It asks for monthly income and whatnot. Currently, I have a job, but I'll be quitting it in a couple of weeks so I can take a trip to Europe, and won't be working again until July and then back to school in September, but I do have sufficient funds to cover any credit card balances and whatnot, even if I don't get a job before my student loan comes in in September. The credit card application

Is it okay just to put my current income, despite the fact that I'm not going to have that anymore in a few weeks? Does it matter to them at this point that my income is going to change?

It's also asking for the business phone number... but I don't have a phone at work... and it's a required field (online application). What do I do there? Or would they be looking at that to contact my supervisors?

Oh, and EDIT: If my debit card has this symbol on it, does that mean I can use it at any cash machine anywhere in the world with that logo on it?
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I live in a townhouse on my college campus with 4 other girls and we each have our own rooms. I always lock my room when I go home on weekends because last semester someone used to break in to use my room for the extra bed. I don't mind someone using my room if they ask, but when I come back I find that my stuff has been moved. I've never found anything missing [to my knowledge]. One of my friends just asked me if I would leave my room open this weekend when I go home so her friend can sleep in my bed. I told her sure, but now I'm second guessing myself. I'm not sure how to tell her that I don't really feel comfortable leaving my room open all weekend while I'm gone when God knows how many people would have access to it. I'm thinking of just forgetting to leave my room unlocked, or lying and saying that I might indeed be back the night she needs the room. Anyone have other suggestions?

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weird question...

so my friend and i were talking, and he said "wowzers." Now, I know there was some cartoon in America in the late 80's and early-mid 90s where the main character always said that. (wowzers.) I'm pretty sure it was Inspector Gadget, but I'm not 100% positive.

Does this sound familiar to anyone??