April 17th, 2005


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Since the season is coming up. . . . . what do you do when the tornado warning sirens go off and you live in a third floor (the top of this building) apartment? I grew up in a house, so it was always down to the basement and stay away from the basement windows. So is it just go to the bathroom or kitchen (away from windows and outside walls), or should we like go down to the bottom floor's hallway or something (meaning, lower level). Or should we not worry about it if we know it's on the other side of the county, and only worry about it near us?

ps- oh shit I'm gonna piss myself. I always lived at home, and took my baby kitty downstairs if there was one anywhere near us, and if I wasn't home when the sirens went off, my relatives knew that if there was danger that the cat was the first one downstairs. Now my partner and I just moved to this apartment last september. . . what happens with the kitties, especially if we're both gone?? *nervous, as they're my children* Yes, I admit I'm a dorkish loser in this regard :-P

Who was the person who posted a picture of a badge from when they were a Girl Scout, that looked like it had a giant green insect standing on two legs looking at the girl?? I was flipping through my badges and signs book (from the early 90's) seeing if I saw anything like it, and Collapse )
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I tie-dyed some shirts at about 4pm on Saturday (and it's 2:30am Sunday now). I didn't read the instructions on the kit or anything; it was a program an RA was running so I was just playing along. When do you think it would be a good idea to rinse everything out? 12 hours? 24? I don't know.
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I was having a discussion with someone, and would like some opinions.

The situation:
There is a three-lane highway. A person is in the middle lane and has been there for many miles. A person is in the right lane and has also been there for many miles. The person in the right lane happens to be traveling faster than the one in the middle lane.

Is the person on the right required to move two lanes over to the left to pass the person in the middle so as to avoid passing on the right? Or is it acceptable for them to remain in the right lane and just go ahead and move past without having to move over and move back two whole lanes?

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okay, so add-on from my long distance relationship questions.(he recently moved six hours away and we haven't tlaked for two weeks) He signs on last night for about an hour and posts comments to this other girl's journal, but not to mine that were directed towards him. What should I think now? what should my reaction be, i don't want to over react

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For those of you that were in high school or college band, more questions.

1. Did you have chairs? (Not literal chairs, I mean placement based on skill)
2. Which chair did you sit?
3. Were you able to challenge someone for their chair?
4. Any interesting stories about it?

My answers:
1. Yes
2. 4th and then 1st.
3. Yes, but I never did.
4. Every 2 or 3 years our band director would have us try out for chairs. When I started out in high school band (which started out in 7th grade at my school), I just randomly sat in a chair. I think it was like 8th chair or something. Anyway, the higher the chair, usually the higher level in school. When I was in 10th grade, the director decided it was time to try out for chairs again. We had to play a couple of scales, one sight reading piece, and one piece from our contest folder. I practiced a good bit and did well at the tryout. When it can time to place us, much to my surprise I received 4th chair and upset a lot of seniors (three were placed behind me and three in front). After they graduated I moved up to 1st chair. No one ever challenged me.

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Do you have the Gmail notifier?

You are currently using 4 MB (0%) of your 2102 MB.
i posted a question a while back about the total MB going up and it's still going up...what's your total MB at now?
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Behold the power...

My Brother is stationed in Iraq, and my mom has started this crazy routine of finding stuff to send him. Usually we try to find stuff that he can use to get in trouble but this week we're contemplating sending him the stuff to make pizza's for his platoon.

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Does anyone remember, in the early 90s, a child singer who was only like three years old and was a one-hit wonder? I think he was French, and I think he sang in French. I seem to recall this his song was something about "bebe." I remember seeing his music video on VH1, and it showed two small children kissing and acting cute. I haven't been able to find anything about that kid, and it's driving me nuts.
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Pancake dilemma

How do you make pancakes?

I'm trying to work out cheese and potato pancakes, but the typical "blend egg and milk, grate potato and cheese, stir everything and flour" doesn't seem right - stirring a solid potato will do nothing, no matter how fine it is (unless it's completely mashed).
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Job ideas?

I've been so busy with college that I haven't really had the chance to put much thought into my summer job, but now that it's coming down to the wire, I'm not even sure where to look!

As some background, I'm finishing up my 3rd year, I'm a double theatre/politics major, and the past 3 summers I have worked in a florist (2 summers) and at a hollywood video (last summer). I could get good references from both and from other places too, and I could even go back to working both places... but...

I HATE selling things to people, and I'm awful at it. Also, I really need to make more than the $7/h I've had to settle for before.. and I need a full time job. I'd love some menial office work even, but I don't even know where to look for that, don't most places get slow in that department over the summer? I type like 75 wpm and am proficient in MS office stuff, and I'd be available for the better part of 4 months!

I'd try for a theatre job or a politics internship or something, except that the detroit theatre scene is crap, and most internships would have required me to be on the ball before this and/or do it for free, and I can't afford that.

Any ideas? I'll check into *anything*, I just don't want to lose faith in humanity like I always end up doing! Maybe I'm just not a people person :-/
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What does suphemism mean? I can't find the definition anywhere :(

EDIT: It was a question for English, but I can't find the word used in a sentence. However, I did find one on the internet: Also, instead of being called names like 'stupid , lazy, neglectful', we need asuphemism. From now on we will be know as the 'happys'"

Ah well.
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Mac question

I have a 5-yr old iMac.

If I have programs on it that I don't want on it, can I drag 'em into the Trash to get rid of them? Or is there some kind of uninstalling process on Macs?

EDIT: Question answered. :o)
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Making a cd

I know this has been asked before, so could someone please point me to the entry about a list of 'Sex songs'

or reccomend any if you arnt sick of it :)


Genuine - Pony
Missy Elliot - Work it
Beyonce - Naughty Girl
Khia - My Neck, My Back

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Why do places put up Now Hiring signs and put out Applications, and then tell you "We arent hiring actively but we're accepting applications." Ive called these places back, religiously and they never start hiring.

Also, why is the traditional image of a Traffic light yellow? I know they all arent, specifically San Jose and Florida. but here in MI they are and pictures etc are always yellow. but why? I know in the dark yellow is the easiest thing to see, but no one's gonna hit the lights...and they are always lit so...what gives? Why yellow?

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regarding breasteses:

small but real, or big but fake?

am i right to assume that, generally, men prefer large chests over small regardless if theyre real or not? i say this because of the prevalence of buxom ladies in our society.
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Thanks for the answers to my earlier cell phone question, but let me clarify. I have at&t service. I had a T-Mobile cell phone given to me. How can I have to T-Mobile phone unlocked so my at&t service will work for that phone? Thanks

salt, pet waterers and humidity

According to a post on a website about using salt as a humidity control, salt will pick up water from the air once the humidity gets above a certain level. So, two questions for the chemically inclined:

  1. How much salt would be required to control the humidity in an average sized living room or bedroom?

  2. The link above gives different kinds of salt that have different humidity thresholds. Is there one (or another substance) that would keep the humidity at 40% or less?

Oh, also... you know how, if you take a bottle full of water, and turn it upside down into a tray, it'll fill the tray to the bottle's nozzle level, but not further? Is there any way to modify that so you can have the bottle permanently in the tray, but can still fill it? You can't do it with a tube, right? It needs to be a vacuum, like an inverted bottle?

Thanks :)

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I'm thinking of a movie; the only thing that I can remember about his movie is that at one point there was a male character in a boat with a catholic priest and the priest is showing him pictures of his grandchildren, because the priest had gone into the seminary after his wife die.

What is this movie?

P.S. I'm dictating this to one of my friends who is not the best typer/speller in the world. Go easy on him.

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Inspired by a recent post -

If someone you knew came up to you and said, "I only have three days to live and I've always thought you were hot, will you make out with me?"

would you??? :o)

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ok, i'm very frustrated. there's this thing called websearch toolbar. i have no idea what it is, i'm assuming a tooolbar of sorts. i never installed it, but it installed itself on my computer. so i uninstalled it, and then a few days later it reinstalled itself. this has gone on for quite some time, and i'm fed up with it and have no idea how to get rid of it.

any suggestions?

Civil unions

My boyfriend and I don't want to go through the hassle of getting married, but we want to get some sort of domestic partnership deal so if some catastrophe occurs we can deal with it without meddling from our families (especially HIS family, but that's a long story). But I'm confused--are civil unions of straight couples legal nationwide, or just in Vermont, or is that state just unique in that they recognize same-sex unions?

All I could find when I was doing online research on the subject was on GLBTQ political stuff, and gov'munt sites aren't helping (probably because of same BLBTQ political stuff, they're avoiding the subject).
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