April 16th, 2005


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Why are all my web pages showing up with the text all the way across? so I have to scroll over in order to read the whole sentence? normally it breaks it up and moves it down a line...how do I fix it?
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this is going to sound really weird.....

i'm NOT actually asking whether they *are* or *are not*.... but do you KNOW whether or not your father was circumcised? (or your mother, to avoid controversy ::rolls eyes:: haha)

and if you do know, how did it come up?

[edit: there's not very many people who *don't* know! or they are just not answering.]

relationship question

This is my boyfriend's second sexual relationship... My 15th.
We're 2 months in.

I (unfortunately) asked him if he was looking for short-term or long-term, expecting his answer to be long-term, since I'm such a wonderful person and all... and he said short-term.

.. I asked why, and he said "Because I want to have the benefit of experiences with more women".

SO. My questions:
1. Would you be upset?
2. Is he blatantly thinking with his penis?
3. Would you continue knowing that you're in for heartache?
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New washer

Well, becgueule and I will be buying a new washer very soon... turns out the one we have is 30 years old and will cost a minimum of $300 to fix... I don't think so! I hate to spend the money on a new one, but the repair guy couldn't recommend a used place that he would trust, and that company has treated me so well that I trust his word.

So... does anyone have a clothes washer that you love? One that you hate? Any recommendations either way?
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Can anyone recommend a video game (for Windows, preferably XP) that has to do with ninjas? If this is the wrong place to ask, and there's a video game recommendation community out there, perhaps someone could point me in that direction?

Thanks in advance!

forgive my geekness =D

questions questions

1.Do you play any instruments? If so, which ones and how long?
2.When did you start learning your instrument?
3.HOW did you learn? (teach yourself, lessons, school?)
4.Did you ever play in band in school? (what bands?)
5.Did you ever march or do field shows?
6.What are your fondest memories of band?

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Addams Family question

Is Wednesday Addams supposed to be the older sibling or the younger sibling? I ask because in the old TV show, she looked younger, but in the movie and cartoon, she seemed to be older. Can anyone help clarify for me please?
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chocolate ganache.

i don't know if anybody remembers, but i recently posted (well actually commented in response to someone's request for recipes) the recipe for peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate ganache topping. so i just got around to making them tonight (for my first time ever!) for my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow. i haven't tasted them after they were cooked cause, like i said, they are for tomorrow..... but the batter tasted AMAZING; and the ganache....incredible.

well, the recipe for the ganache gives you like three cups worth of this chocolate creamy topping that you dip the cupcake tops in.... hardly using any of it at all.

so i still have nearly three cups worth of chocolate ganache going unused! it's SO GOOD that i can't bring myself to just throw it away, and i can't just eat it plain. (if you don't know what ganache is, it's basically semisweet chocolate mixed with creamer with a little bit of butter and corn syrup.... so it's essentially a liquid form of chocolate chips!)

my question: what should i do with it? what would YOU do with it?

edit: and how long will it last in the fridge? and, um, will it harden in the fridge?
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1. Does anybody here know English as a second language?
2. If you're in college, does your school's campus have wireless web access? Is it campus-wide or just in certain areas? My school's considering offering wifi.
3. Are you just asking for trouble?
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