April 15th, 2005

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A couple random questions...

1. What is the difference between an astronaut and a cosmonaut?

2. What is your biggest, most teeth-grinding pet peeve?

3. If you drink soda/pop, what is your favorite brand/flavor?

4. How much time did you spend doing taxes?

5. What is your least favorite food?

6. What is your favorite remedy for headaches?

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(no subject)

1. Are you excited it's friday?
2. Is it bad that at least three different people have asked me to do something with them tonight, but I just want to sit at home and do nothing?
3. What are you wearing?
4. Do you really want to tell someone something (good or bad) but you are too nice to do it?

My answers:
1. yes 2. *i* don't think so 3. bathrobe :) 4. no, i just wanted a 4th question.
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(no subject)

Does anyone else get a really painfully sore stomach half an hour or so after drinking anything fizzy (i.e coke) on an empty stomach? Kinda like your stomach is being dissolved?

I do, its painful as all hell, and you either need to drink a shitload or water or eat something to get rid of it.

None of my mates claim to have ever gotten this before, im just wondering if anyone else does at all?
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Pet questions

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

How many pets do you have? What food do you feed your pets?

Any weird or interesting pet stories?

Edit: Why is jesterly's cat meowing right now? This silly ball of fluff is constantly meowing.
(He isn't in pain or anything--that's the only thing I'm sure of with this kitty.)
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broken toes.

1. Can anything be done about broken toes or is it a lost cause? If it's possible to set them and get them to heal, I'm all for having it checked out. If not, I really can't afford another doctor's visit plus xrays and whatever else they want to do. It swelled up last night, no bruising, but it feels like something on the top of it is out of place. I can't curl it all the way under no matter how hard I try.

2. What should I be wearing in the meantime, just open-toed flops? Barefoot as much as possible?

God I'm in so much pain. I want to cry.
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(no subject)

I'm perplexed by something....

1.When I think of the word "curvy", I think of an hourglass shaped woman, tiny waist, and shapely breasts and hips...with size ranging from probably a 6-11 (depending on body structure). But it seems like every time I see the word "curvy" on one of dating sites or livejournal or anything, the picture is almost always of a plus-sized woman.

I am in NO WAY saying that being plus-sized is bad or unattractive, I'm just wondering when you think of "curvy"..what do you picture?

2.Also...what's your favorite Italian food, if any?

(no subject)

I got the job!!!

Thanks everyone for the resume and interview help!!

It was appreciated way more than you all know!!!

Now for a question...

What was the best job you've ever had and what was the worst? What made them the best/worst?
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Forum need

I want to get a forum for some RP stuff my friends and I are doing, but I want one that can only be used by certain people, sort of like the communities on LJ where you have to approve who joins. Does anyone know of any? (Free would be great.)
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An update on the car situation and, yes, a question.

So I was the one who was having weird car troubles yesterday.

I took it to my mechanic this morning. He called just about an hour ago to tell me that some wire that connects something with the C02-thingie was disconnected somehow. So he reconnected it for me. Apparently, this thingie has something to do with fuel injection.

So thanks again to EVERYONE who helped me out! :)

And today's question:

What is one universal truth you have learned about life in general?
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hair communities never really answer the question right.

I have a friend who wants me to give him a faux hawk. I've only trimmed long hair before, and cut my own, so even though I know what the hairstyle looks like, I'm a bit nervous because I've never cut hair in an actual style before. It looks very simple, but I don't want to fuck it up because then he'll hate me. (Of course, who wouldn't? Haha.)

So my question is, if you have a faux hawk (or know someone who has one), or hell - if you've given one before - how do you do it?

A scenario:

    You're standing alone outside a tall building, taking a short break from work. Suddenly, from high above you, you hear a thud and a startled cooing sound.  A pigeon has flown into one of the windows on an upper floor.  As you watch, it struggles to fly, but fails. It plumets to the ground. There, it flaps helplessly for a brief time and then stills.  You move closer, and see that it is still breathing, and opening and shutting its eyes.  You cannot determine from looking whether it has broken any bones or is merely stunned, but from the height of the fall you presume it probably has serious injuries.  You are due back in the office in five minutes.

What do you do?

(no subject)

It seems to take a long time for my skin to heal from little cuts, scrapes, spots or whatever the last few months. What vitamin or mineral could I be missing?
Or anything else that could help?

Monty Python Questions

Was watching an episode of Monty Python recently, and got me to wondering.

1. Who is this Cpt. Biggles they keep making fun of? I'm guessing a pilot of some sort, but anything else we should know?

2. Are The Gumbys ("MY BRAIN HURTS!!") based on anything other than the Pythons' own sick imagination?

(no subject)

1) When one is described as having "olive skin", what tone is that? Do you have a picture of someone you'd consider to have "olive skin"? It keeps coming up in this book I'm reading and I have no idea what that means.

2) What's your favorite color to wear? To paint on the walls? To see in general?
(Mine are blue, green and yellow).

3) Do you read the synopses on the back of paperback books to see what the book is about, or do you just read the book and find out? :o)

my dresser.

i have this dresser that is just stained wood with a layer of clearcoat (what's it called--varnish? i don't know.)

but i'm not liking the look of the wood anymore, because it doesn't match my grayscale themed room..

i'm considering a few different treatment options.... one would be applying this faux metallic contact paper that i found at target (like the stuff you line shelves with, right? i'm sorry, i'm having an off day with words. please forgive.) but i was wondering... would i need to give it a quick sanding to scratch it up, in order to give the contact paper something to adhere to? or does contact paper stick to any kind of surface? has anyone ever used contct paper on a piece of furniture, and does it make it look cheesy?

or if i opted to PAINT the dresser black instead, is there anything i need to know? would it look better to spray-paint it or to paint it with paint from a can? would painting it make it look cheesy...?

are there any other options to giving my dresser a much needed face-lift?

have you guys ever altered a piece of furniture? what method did you use? any tips or suggestions? do you have any before and after pictures (i like pictures)?

oh one more question -- i have these two 12'' x 12'' pieces of glass. they originally came as the doors to my tv shelf but i liked the shelf better without the doors. so they've been sitting around waiting for something creative to be done with them. what would you do with them?
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Tu and Vous in France

So... you use 'tu' to a friend and 'vous' to someone you don't know. But you also use 'tu' to a subordinate and 'vous' to a superior. Right?

So, do French celebrities and/or snobs refer to shop assistants/drivers/whatever as 'tu' or 'vous'? Are they subordinate plebs, or are they people they'd never admit to knowing?

New eyeglasses

How long do you wait to say 'Hey these new glasses are effed up!' ?

I just got new glasses with a new prescription. I went to Lenscrafters yesterday and the first pair they made were really screwed up. I took them to the eye doctor today and they were off by .50 in each eye. Then I went back to Lenscrafters to have them redone and while these are better, they aren't perfect. I'm not sure how nitpicky I'm being or if I just have to wait it out and get used to it or what. Compared to my old prescription, these suck. Things in the distance are blurry, but with my old script they weren't. Is it possible that my old script was too strong but I just got used to it? With the new ones things seem more 3D, which is weird. And I'm not sure if my eyes are strained or if I just have a headache from switching from the old to new.

Nothing much can be done until Monday, so I'm planning on giving the glasses until then but I have no idea what to tell the doctor when he asks what is wrong with them :\ Is any of this stuff normal for getting a new prescription? I'm very tempted at this point to just have my old script put into the new frames since they were so much better.

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Favorite Simpsons episodes?
I love Homer's Barbershop Quarter and Lisa's First Words. :o) Top two episodes that I've seen.

Favorite non-nuclear family Simpsons character?
I adore Principal Skinner and Mr.Burns. :o)

Favorite Family Guy episodes?
I die laughing whenever I watch Brian, Portrait of a Dog and I am Peter, Hear Me Roar. :o) Oh, and Emission Impossible.

Favorite non-nuclear family Family Guy character?
I love Cleveland. That one scene when he's jumping on his trampoline and Peter cuts the power, and the trampoline stops working, priceless. :o)

man, i love those shows!!! :oD

EDIT: I always think of another question right after I post. :o) How many of your friends would you trust to set you up on a blind date?
I think there are only five people I'd trust enough to set me up with someone I might like. None of them are girls. ;o) My guy friends know what kind of guys I am comfortable with and would probably like, but the girls tend to set each other up with guys that they like, not that they think their friend would like. At least, the girls I know. :o)

(no subject)

when was the last time you vacuumed your bedroom?

I vacuumed mine two days ago, but before that it had been 3 months or so...visible dust bunnies aren't very good for my health.
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