April 13th, 2005

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I need a fairly recent song that incorporates piano music to go along with a power point presentation. It should be something soft, maybe a little emotional..it's for how music has effected my life. Any suggestions?
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question about the xfiles

help help help

okay you xfiles people, i need help remember the name of an xfiles episode!

so... HELP!


so... in this episode, they are in a bowling alley. and i dunno what happens next, but later scully sees a dead girl in the mirror in the bathroom.

and mulder spills pop on the bowling alley lane and the owner is all "what are you doing, blah blah" and the spilled pop reveals a word, that i can't remember right at the moment.


tell me the name of that episode. because i want to watch it, lol

but i can't remember the name so i dunno which of my xfiles tapes to watch!

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Doesn't a lightning rod on top of church show a lack of faith?
Whats a question with no answer called?
Do bald people get dandruff?
Why is it that when adults have multiple personalities it's schizophrenia, but when a child has imaginary friends it's cute?
Why do the numbers on phones go down while the numbers on calculators go up?
Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink what comes out"?
Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out if its butt"?
If an atheist has to go to court, do they make him swear on the Bible?
What happens if you put this side up face down while popping microwave popcorn?
Why is there that little space inside strawberries, as if it was meant for a pit, and then the seeds are on the outside?
Why is Charlie short for Charles if they are both the same number of letters?
Why do we teach kids that violence is not the answer and then have them read about wars in school that solved America's problems?
How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
When a boy is named after his dad, he is called 'Junior,' but what do you call a girl that is named after her mother?
Why is it when we ask for the check in a restaurant they bring us a bill?
Don’t you find it weird we teach our kids: scrub a dub dub, three men in a tub?
If money is the root of all evil then how come churches ask for it?
Would it be possible for a solar car to travel faster then the speed of light?

Just a couple of questions. All answers are welcome.


1.What is your routine in the morning when you wake up?
2.What do you HAVE to do, or your days sucks?
3.Can I have a smooch? EDIT: wow, not many people would smooch me.
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Inspired by a response to the question about flushing the toilet:

Why do women complain so much about the toilet seat being left up? I mean, god, is it really such a hardship to have to put it down?

It seems to me that really, this shouldn't be a big deal at all, but we all know women who complain about it.
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A random spiel of random questions.

1. What comes to mind when you hear the term "mental illness"?
2. If youv'e graduated from college, how long did it take you to do so?
3. How's the weather where you are?
4. Is it really possible to get "ink poisoning" from writing on your skin too much?
5. Is it really logically possible to have an instantaneous rate of change? (I've got a philosophical objection to the basis of calculus, you see.)
6. What do you think makes a person the same person over time?
7. How does one go about getting a driver's license for the first time if one is over 18?
8. What are you thinking about right now?

Yep, just a-wasting time in between classes, whee.
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Bored and lazy

I really don't feel like working anymore. Anyone want to share some fun websites to visit, things to look at or read. Can't play games and I can't download anything but everything else is fair game (oh I guess no porn either).
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tumsy bitch.

how clumsy are you?

what was the last thing you spilled / broke / tripped over / etc....?

what was your WORST clumsy accident?

what is a clumsy accident that you seem to do repeatedly?

what is the worst clumsy accident a friend or family member told you about; or better yet, that you witnessed?
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another one.

has anyone noticed that kelly clarkson's song "since you've been gone" between 0:35 seconds and 0:45 seconds has a dinging that sounds like the warning ding in your car (like if you open the door with the keys in the ignition?)

is there any song that a background noise repeatedly makes you think of something else?

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Hi I'm stumped on a riddle I was given. does anyone have any clue as to:

what wears a crown without being a king and has scales without being a fish
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Ok, so I'm kinda dumb.

And I thought that dragging something from my favorites would make the link show up where I wanted it, heh.

I was trying to leave a comment in mp3_share explaining how to make a playlist from iTunes. And... I did something weird to my screen. Now the linky bit won't go away, no matter where I go. It would show up on my desktop if the wallpaper wasn't black... but if I stretch out my buddylist it shows up.. and no matter what webpage I'm in, it shows up...

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I'm figuring that the only way to make it go away is to reboot... but what if that doesn't do the trick? I'm not sure what happened. =| ooooops
The Receptionist Classic


Say you're going on a weeklong vacation.
Do you pack a week before you leave or the night before? (Okay, or the morning you leave?)

I have zero motivation to do laundry and pack. Motivate me!

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I know I could just look it up myself, but that would take too much time so I came here to ask.

I'm required to take my nose piercing out for my new (and first) job. I've had it for roughly a year so I'm wondering how the hole will be affected if I have to leave it out for 5 hour shifts on weekdays and 8 hour shifts on weekends. How long would it take a nose piercing hole to close up?
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Do you get nervous about saying Thank you to people? I do, Ill freak out about how to say it, when etc etc.

Whats a good way to ensure I get my eyebrows to match tonight when I have a much needed plucking session?
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Kitty Lick
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Latest Technology?

Can you recommend any interesting and informative (but not written in complete geek-jargon) websites, blogs, LJ feeds, LJ communities, or anything else that talk about the latest technology developments, breakthroughs, etc?

I'm not looking for new things that will help corporate businesses, but things that will effect everyday end users.

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(sorry if this is an obvious question)

1) I've heard that college's see *all* your SAT scores, even if you take it again, but then that they only count the highest score in each section. What do they mean by "count"? If they're seeing all your scores, doesn't that mean they're going to take all your scores into acount? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but it seems like they're contradictions.

2) When someone tells you it's impossible to do something (like lick your elbow, keep your eyes open when you sneeze, etc.), do you always try it, or do you trust them?

3) Do you like (to eat) Peeps?
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I like song covers that kick ass.

Travis covering Britney Spears.
Ben Kweller covering Vanilla Ice.
Ted Leo covering Kelly Clarkson.

What are other badass covers of shit songs?

Damn kids

Why do little kids always have to have cartoons on even though they don't follow them at all and the second they get you to change it, they stop watching, but if you do change it, all hell breaks loose?
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so i got a new job about a month ago
it has just come to my attention today that if you disclose what your wage/salary is with a co-worker you will be written up.

is this a policy at anyone else’s work?
does this seem as absurd to you as it does to me?
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Ipod help

I just bought an ipod and nothing seems to work.

For one I can't install the software because i already have itunes on my computer. Then when it says it's connecting to the ipod, the computer just freezes up. Actually whenever I connct the ipod to the cable the computer freezes. I tried to uninstall itunes but it won't do it, and it's still there.

Has anyone problems like this? Is it my computer or the ipod?