April 12th, 2005


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Anyone have any tips on how I can make myself sound sick tomorrow when I call into work? I know they'll be pissed because I just called in saturday & tomorrow I have a court date(for a speedind ticket) that I didn't realize was so soon.
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I'm hoping to go on a trip around europe someday...out of these places, can you recommend some cool places to see?

amsterdam, paris, london, madrid, barcelona, rome, popeii, florence, venice, interlaken, munich, prague, salzburg, zurich, milan, cinque terre, saint-tropez, san sebastian, bordeaux, brussels, vienna, berlin, prague.

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What is a good digital camera that is priced between $300 - $400?

I need to buy my sister's camera before her birthday and I'm having trouble deciding on which camera is of good quality.

Thank you in advance.
The Receptionist Classic

I swore I would never ask...

But I've got a relationship question.

Okay, suppose you're dating someone. You're a couple of months into the relationship, so the initial cloud of wild monkey-lovin' lust is faded a bit. At the same time, you haven't quite arrived at the "I love you" stage. At this point, you don't want to say "Bye, I love you!" when you are parting ways for the evening (or in the wee hours of the morning...) because he might just freak out a tidge.

What would you say? "Bye, babe, I lust you" or "I'm cozy with you!"? And how would you respond to the question "are you two in love?"
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What will you tell me today that will make me smile? Whatever is making you smile will do the job.

go go :)

I <3 cats. All of you rule at life today!
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Hello all! How is everyone in thequestionclub today?

(you don't have to answer that)

Anyways, I seriously need some help with my user info page. I know it says not to ask about lj related stuff. But since everyone here is so helpful I thought it wouldn't hurt. Do you know of any interesting graphics communities?

I don't want a bunch of cute stuff, or "_______ is love" crap. But I do need some help or a point in the right direction. Thanks.
Geeky Girls

Car Insurance?

In November of 1998, I had my license suspended. It was reinstated no later than February of 1999.

For the nosy ones, I did not pay a speeding ticket.

Currently, my car insurance company is using that against me to keep my premiums at a higher level. Does anyone know how long a car insurance company can do that? I know, in North Carolina, it is 5 years. Is that everywhere or does it vary state to state?

For what it's worth, I am in West Virginia.
Geeky Girls

US Citizenship

Has anyone went through the process to obtain their spouse citizenship? If so, how complicated was it? Was the spouse in the US legally or illegally?
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I'm a first year student of History and Sociology so forgive me if this question is a little silly.

I'm currently doing some background reading for my exams in May and I've come across something in some books that puzzles me. For example, I'm reading an edited book with numerous authors. Say that one of the authors is called John Smith. In John Smith's article he cites his own work from a previous book/article.

Now I thought you were meant to cite other authors not your own ideas. So why did this author cite himself?

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Any tried and true tips for staying awake during early classes? :o) I'm really interested in the material but I just can't stay awake for 1.5 hours of it. Any suggestions? (Other than getting sleep the night before, lol. I got eight hours of sleep but I just couldn't stay awake!)

I'm watching Soylent Green right now. For those of you who've seen it, do you think humanity will ever descend to that depth of starvation, overcrowding and poverty worldwide? I know it exists in some parts of the world and that thought gets me so desolate, but do you think it will become a worldwide phenomenon?

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Am I the only person who finds it highly irritating amusing that Word stops responding every time I try working on my technical writing project? The funniest thing is that I can work on other documents in Word without too many problems. Isn't that special?


SO CUTE! Now it went from nine pages to thirty-one all by itself.
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Questions on death.

1. Would you rather be kept alive on life support or would you prefer they pull the plug?
2. Would you prefer being cremated or buried?
3. What would you like to do with your ashes, or, if you're going to be buried, what would your coffin specifics be?
4. Mausoleum or regular grave?
5. What would you like inscribed on your headstone or memorial stone or whatever?
6. Are there any specific songs you'd want played at your funeral?
7. Church funeral or funeral home funeral? (or somewhere else?)
8. Do you believe in life after death? If so, in which form? (reincarnation, Heaven, etc)

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when we sparkle

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My friend invited me to stay at her house during Passover break. I feel like I ought to bring a gift to thank them for letting me stay/feeding me/etc., but I have no clue what to buy for a family of 5 (3 teenagers and two adults). Do college kids even give gifts in situations like this anymore, or is my gift-giving instinct outdated? Any suggestions as to what I should give to her family?

Edit: I am traveling on an airplane, so suggestions should be pack-able, and I am only 18, so I cannot purchase alcohol.

Thanks :)
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stewie tongue

is it possible to escape the wrath of ticketmaster?

the decemberists are coming to detroit in may and i really really super wanna go! you can only buy advance tickets through the hellspawn that is ticketmaster. the tix are $12 and the surcharge, per ticket, is $6.50. i REFUSE to buy into that shit.

should i take my chances and go the day-of and hope there are still tix left at the door? i live an hour driving distance from detroit...

A Dilemna...Well, Not Really

Currently I've got about $90 that I've saved up from allowance. The question: Should I use it to buy a new cd player (the one I have now is way beyond dead), the first season of Sailor Moon, or save up some more money and get an iPOD?

I'm sort of leaning toward saving for an ipod, but I don't know how long I can last without portable music *eek*
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Ice Bar Vegas

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What do you do, to help calm your nerves, when you're about to give a presentation?

Even when talking to a group of peers, in a structured format, I start sweating, and breaking out with hives.

mmmm, salty

With much sadness, i had to have my nose bridge piercing removed this past weekend. I had it for 6 years, i loved it, but it was rejecting. It was sore and red lately and in all honesty had never healed quite right.
(nose bridge= top of nose, between the eyes)

Now I'm faced with the same problem i was when i got it. I need to give my now lonely and metal-free nose bridge a sea salt soak every day, and i can't figure out how. When i had it pierced i would soak up the salt water with a cotton pad and mold it around the piercing, but it didn't hold the liquid for very long.
I need a new alternative. It's in such a difficult spot.

Any ideas?
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Computer stuff.

Why does my computer keep turning itself on?

It's not something I'm too worried about as there's nothing else wrong (pretty much virus-free, I believe), I just have no idea what's causing it .

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Time to play "What kind of crazy question will I ask this time?"

Yeah, good game.

Before I ask my questions, I will tell you I have Computer Apps 7th period and there is a lot of downtime, so I can read comments through email in there. Fun. So I will ask questions every once in a while and then hope people respond so I have something to do in there.

1) What is your favorite funny story about you or your friends?

2) If you could choose a weird career for yourself and it didn't matter how much money you did or didn't make, what would you pick?
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Study CD

I'm making a care package for my little sister, who is at University just about to launch into finals. I want to include a CD to listen to while studying. Can you suggest a song to put on it? Any genre is acceptable.
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Why can't tobacco products be illegal? Can they, and the government just doesn't want to?

I'm aware that people have the choice to smoke, but with growing cancer rates and such, aren't cancer-causing cigarettes a bit of a strain on the government financially?

This post inspired by Terry Fox, he's my hero, and he's effing hardcore.
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My dad And I always go out for sushi together, and whenever we go, he orders this thing calledf Futomaki. And everytime we try to figure out what is in it... and by the time our waiter comes around, we forget to ask. Collapse )
Can anyone fill in the rest?
i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.

Obscure children's cartoon

When I was a kid (rewind to the 90's, I guess?), I often watched this certain cartoon show. From what I remember, it involved a crew of dwarves and they piloted a flying ship, which flew through space. I think.

In one episode, a plant goes wild on the ship and grows too fast, and all these vines are exploding through the walls, etc. And I seem to recall one of the dwarf!crew being the ship's doctor.

Uh. Is this ringing any bells? XD Whenever reminiscing about children's TV shows, I always think of this cartoon, but I've no clue what it could be.
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Any tips on handling a panic attack?

I had one in class today. I have a prescription for ativan but I didn't have any pills with me and I want to learn how to control my anxiety on my own.
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far fetched but i'm desperate!

I need spark notes or at least a summary for a book. The book is called 'El Gran Pueblo[a] by Colin M. Maclachlan and I'm suppose to read it for Western Civilization II. I've tried every search engine I can think of and I've come up with nothing. I didn't buy the book and I have to write a thought paper on Thursday =/ [shoot me now?]

Any help is much appreciated! And please don't tell me I'm a procrasinator, I already know! haha
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Halloween 2008

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Are there any lines or poems you can think of (the mushier/tackier/cheesier the better) for a going away card?

A guy friend of mine is moving, and I'm making him a card and throwing him a party tomorrow (*grin* My best friend and I are dressing as school girls and we're going to a bar to flirt in front of our boss, believe it or not).

So, and cheesy poems? Rhyming ones would be even better.

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A couple weeks ago, my fiance and I smoked a lot of weed and then decided to watch Friends. There were two episodes on in a row, and both of them were crazy. Or, so I recall. Monica was fat, Rachel had a husband, Ross was married to a lesbian, and Phoebe was a serious business lady who had a heart attack. Now, I know that Monica did used to be fat, and Ross did marry a lesbian. But Monica losing her virginity to Chandler while she was fat doesn't fit in with the fact that they had sex later on and started dating. The way it happened in that episode didn't seem to indicate that they'd been together before. Also, Monica's fat makeup wasn't very well done.

So, did we imagine any of this stuff? Were those just special flashback episodes that I just never saw until now?

"things that never happened"

If you Google "things that never happened", you find that "[Five] Things That Never Happened To [Fill in Name]" is a very popular title for fanfiction of many different genres. Does anyone have any clue how this got to be so prevalent? Is this a big pop-culture reference that I'm totally missing?