April 11th, 2005

complexion complications, part deux!

okay, so
i took some of your advice and threw out the harsh stuff and stuck to washing my face with water/ gentle clenser (dove: maybe this is the problem, but im at college with no car and im in a shit town, so i kind of have to just wait).
only now my face looks worse than i did when i was eleven. honestly, i don't remember the last time so many pimples/ zits have fit on my face.

i mean, i feel like the fat kid in america's dieting game. low carb! benzyl peroxide! all protien! salicylic acid! low cal! all natural! grapfruit diet! medium clensers! i don't know whether to be all natural, fighting tough with benzyl peroxide, "killing the weeds and roots" with salicylic acid, or what. i dont know if i should wash my face at night and in the morning, or what. i feel retarded.

the more i think about it, the more i realize that scrubbing the hell out of my face with all of this acid is NOT natural AT ALL. and if it is really so necessary, why doesnt the rest of my body have a problem? but why does my face have such a problem...naturally?

so this is like 10 questions in one but im just wondering what the hell to do before i pop every pimple in frustration.
ps: i dont wear makeup.
ps: yes, i am stressed, but ive been especially happy lately- in a normal sense. so im not terribly stressed/worried.


Those chairs that shronks have.... You know the ones... yer supposed to lie down in them and say what yer fucking problems are and shit...

What are those chairs called?
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Random question about Randomness

Okay so you are listening to your ipod, MP3 player, or whatever other media you use to play music and it is set to random. However, you keep hitting the random button until a song comes up in which you want to listen.

Are you really listening to your music randomly then?
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(no subject)

So to the vegetarians and vegans out there (or anyone who is close enough to someone who is, to answer this even. . . ). I really have never looked at milk before - I know what I drink and I grab it and go. But tonight we were at Meijer just looking around, and I saw organic milk between the "regular" milk and the soy milk. . . it said it was from cows that didn't have hormones and all that kind of thing. So I was wondering if that would be something that you might drink? Is the whole hormone and abuse thing the issue, or even if they were treated well and everything, is it just bad that it came from the animal in general?
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Acuvue commercial

Those Acuvue commercials... I know one of them has one of the girls from Lillix; Who the hell is the girl in the other one (Black, unusual voice)? She may not be anyone special, but, since the other one has a semi-celebrity, I wondered if the other girl was one as well.
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bash($head) while ($customer{iq}<20);
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(no subject)

About 50% of the time, when stating the name to be written down, I have to correct the person writing it. I've yet to meet someone whose name is this particular variation, but apparently they must exist out there somewhere to inspire the continuous error.


Does anyone actually spell it Micheal?
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the wedding

ok, so i know that charles and camilla couldn't get married in the church because they were both divorcees, and the church doesn't support that. but what i don't get is how the archbishop of cantabury could BLESS the union if he couldn't hold the ceremony. isn't blessing the union part of the whole wedding thing? i'm really confused because i don't think it makes sence theologically.
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(no subject)

I wear glasses/contacts and I'm sick of 'em. I know I could always get laser eye surgery, but the risk of becoming blind frightens me just a bit. Do you think anytime soon they'll come up with some time of vision correction surgery that is noninvasive?


I'm tired because I thought I was a superstar and I stayed up way too late. Now I want coffee, and the coffee maker in the office is broken. Will you get me coffee?
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(no subject)

I have the newest versions of Windows Media player... is there a way to change the colour of it? I know in one of the versions, 9 I think, you could change the outside colour of it. Not to a skin, just the colour.
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(no subject)

what were things you wanted or wanted to do as a kid but never could?

i'm not talking about nintendo or anything.

the two big ones for me were:
1. getting a retainer (everyone had one and i have perfect teeth so i never needed it. but i really wanted to play around with it in my mouth!)
2. mow the lawn (i'm allergic to grass so i was never allowed to mow and i thought it looked like so much fun)
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regarding jesus

1. I only just realized that I've never heard about what happened to Jesus after he resurrected. So, according to Christian legend, what happened next?

2. In Judaism, what does the Torah say about Jesus' death?

3. In Islam, is Jesus mentioned in the Qur'an at all other than to list him as a prophet of Allah?
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What are you thinking RIGHT now? Don't lie, answer with whatever comes to mind.

Three things *I* am thinking:

- I have to pee
- I'm excited because if I stay 20 mins later at work everyday I can have every other friday off
- I am going to stop being lazy and go grab a coffee

... also my clients have gone MAD

(no subject)

what are you going to do when livejournal goes offline? its bound to happen sooner or later...

what is the best way to backup ones' journal? i'll probably end up printing it out and saving it somewhere safe forever.

i had a ujournal, and it randomly went offline and i was terrified for months that my entries for two years would be gone. they put em on a new site and i backdated them on my lj, but i worry thatll happen again =/
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driver's license/turning 21

Okay, so today I went to renew my (Michigan) driver's license since I am turning 21 at the end of the month (so my current license expires). I signed some things, did a vision test, got a new picture taken and all that fun stuff. However, the lady informed me that my new license won't be mailed until my birthday, and she said some bars might not let me use my temporary license.

I'm a little confused about this (but the woman was sort of rude that was working there, so I didn't feel like asking her any questions). What's the point of not mailing the new license out right away? When I go out on my 21st birthday, am I really going to have problems getting served alcohol, if I show them my old license (that has a clipped corner) and the temporary (paper) license? Did anyone else have to show their temporary/old license to get served drinks? Am I missing something very obvious about the procedure? Thanks a lot!
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(no subject)

Is the Islamic "Allah" the same god as the Christian "God" or the Jewish "Yahweh"? What I mean is, are the three words (Allah, God, Yahweh) just three different terms for the same entity, or does each religion believe in a diety which is entirely separate from that of other religions?

Is there one common god for all the major monotheistic religions, or does each follow a different leader?
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food addiction

1. Do you think food addiction is legitimate? That is, do you believe it exists as an addiction?

2. Is this your opinion, or have you read studies about food addiction?

3. Do you believe, generally, that weight loss is a matter of self-control, and most obese people are simply lazy/lack discipline? Why/why not?

Nauseating scents

I've noticed that lately certain citrus scented air fresheners are making me feel really friggin' nauseous.
It's not all brands. So far the two brands that really make me want to hurl are Partylite (Pink Citrus) and Glade (I think the particular scent is Sparkling citrus).

Anyone have any idea what ingredient might be causing this?

I also get sick from regular Pine Sol and Fantastik. Could this also be a common ingredient?

Other brands of citrus and pine scent do not cause this.

The Receptionist Classic

Oh I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

So in a few days I'm going on vacation. (Collective cheers!!) And I get to fly on a plane!

For those of you who have recently traveled in the US by way of an airport... Are they still making EVERYONE take off their shoes and send them through the X-Ray machine?

And does anyone else have a hard time settling in on long flights? I always bring a book with me, but can never get more than a chapter or two read because I keep watching people and looking out the window... I can't ever sleep on planes, either.

Should I wear my pajamas (sweats and sweatshirt) or wear normal clothes (jeans and ... something)? My flight is at *gag* 7 a.m. and it's a 5 1/2 hour flight.

And now, for the New York City folk: I know of one cyber cafe place in Times Square. The apartment where I'm staying is waaaaaaaay way way uptown (think 170's). Do you know of any cyber cafes (or places where I can pop in to check e-mail) that are further uptown than Times Square? I'll love you forever if you can point me in the general direction! :)
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(no subject)

How long does your hair have to be for hair extentions?
What's the difference between synthetic and real hair?
How long does it take?
How much on average does it cost? Is it different for the two?
And how long do they last?

I am just talking about normal hair extentions, not put in braids or anything like that.
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(no subject)

Random question since we're on the weight topic today. If you met a person with all the qualities you're looking for (caring nice etc) Would you date him/her if he/she was morbidly obese? Would you date them if they were missing a leg? Had cancer and had 6 months to live? How much do looks REALLY count in your relationships?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

What's the average number of years that a couple spends together before they divorce?
What's the average age of divorce, or either or both members..or any specific event that occurs right before divorce(like both kids in college so no one will get hurt)?

Any one read any books that changed your philosophy or religion (or came darn close to)? From what to what, and why and such?

My female friend, is 18, and she's kind of..awkward..socially and with her body, and being a girl really..Anything she should read or watch that can help her delight in being the gender that she is, as well as become more comfortable?
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(no subject)

OK, a little history. I work at a fansite and got the green light to interview a voice actress at Sakura Con this year. When I showed up at the con...this happened.

People are suggesting that I hire a lawyer. What do you all think I should do? Do I really have a legal leg to stand on? If so, what would the charges be? If not, what other options do I have? (because I'm not taking this lying down)
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(no subject)

why is it that if i wash my hair at night and dont dry it completely before going to bed, i'll have a lot of build-up and an itchy scalp the next morning? when i wash it during the day and dry it completely, this never happens.

(no subject)

this may be confusing, so bear with me.

a while ago, i don't really know when, a cubs game was on rain delay or something to that effect. to waste time, they started talking to people in the crowd and such and ernie banks had on a hat that had the quadratic formula on it.

does anyone know why?
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unlicensed drivers.

i hope this makes sense:

say for example somebody is OVER 18 and has only a driver's permit, not an actual license.

they are legally allowed to drive only with a driver over 25 and with a valid license from the same state.

what are the consequences of driving ALONE with only a permit?

what are the consequences of driving with a same-state licensed driver under 25?

and what are the consequences of driving with an out-of-state licensed driver over 25?

say for example you are out with friends who have been drinking. you are 100% sober. so you drive but you only have a permit. and your friends are either under 25, or have an out-of state license. is the law more lenient in this situation than if everybody was sober and somebody else was capable of driving?

and while we're at it, what are the consequences in the first three questions for a driver UNDER 18? is it the same?
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(no subject)


I really enjoy this community and getting so many good ideas and insight. I am currently taking ASL II (American Sign Language). Lots of grammar … and I'm struggling. But, I realized the other day that the reason I'm struggling is because I am such a "word thinker".

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I have a real problem visualizing what I want to say. And since ASL is all visual, I'm getting lost. My question is: How can I become a more visual thinker? I know that once I find the secret to this, ASL will open up for me and I will be able to reach my goals.

Does anyone know of any books or videos or anything that can help me?

Thank you so much.


Me--State Fair

four unrelated, but detailed questions.

1. I currently have around 821 songs (3.56 GB) roughly on my computer. I don't have a burner, so I have no way currently to back up my music. If I lost it, I would be more than upset. I can't honestly decide if I should get a burner (around $100) or get an iPod to back up not only my music, but a good majority of my files. Or should I get another hard drive? Mine is 32GB, but that wouldn't solve anything, if something happened to my computer that drive might be affected. So I guess the debate is: dvd/cd burner or iPod? And do I want to get a new 20 gig or look for a 10 or 15 on eBay? Has anyone had a GOOD experience buying an iPod on eBay? I'm apprehensive...

2. In October, my 1987 Chevy Caprice died, finally, after driving it for six years myself and being in the family for at least ten years. My tags for it are up this month, and I need to sell it to put towards my car now [1994 Chevy Corsica]. I don't totally know what was wrong with it, the enging kept dying on a four lane highway, and my brother had to take the air filter cover off and rev the accelerator a lot driving it home. So I think with some fixing, it COULD work again. I live in an area where there are a lot of amatuer car races and demolition derbys...should I try to sell it as a fixer-upper, or a demo car? And then too, I have NO idea what kind of price to put on it. It has about 249,000 miles on it. I think with proper care and love, it could run again. I know I loved that car (I was the only one, and sssh, don't tell it, but I love my new one more!) My dad mentioned ONCE buying it back from me, but has not mentioned it since. We don't talk a lot, and I don't know WHAT kind of price to even suggest that he would buy it for. Argh. Complicated, and my mom wants it off her property SOON, so advice? Suggestions?

3. There is a girl at work that I have a crush on (I'm bi) and I can't tell if she's flirting with me or just plain leading me on. She's asked if I will miss her when she goes on vacation, when she goes back to the other call center in our company (then said something about "people should speak their true feelings") and she's given me a totally random scalp massage (which was almost too much to take, holy crap on a stick!). I don't know, is she being girly, or what? She knows I'm bi, but it seems very hot/cold when it comes to attention/'flirting'. So I guess I don't know...I've tried looking for subtle hints and clues, but I have no freakin' idea, and I'm not used to persuing--I'm usually persued. Advice?

4. If I have two journals that I use almost equally, how much paid time should I buy for each? This journal is for communities and general goings on, the other one (knittedberry) is for depression, crafts, and deep stuff. (hey, I put "knitted" in the name!) Suggestions?

Yes, these are long, but I figured background would be appreciated. :-)
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(no subject)

OK I posted this question on Saturday night and I got barely any answers at all. So, I think more people will be on now and I'm going to try again because I'd really like an answer to this.

How can I become less insecure? How can I not feel hurt and upset and angry when someone I really care about doesn't care back? How can I not feel jealous? How can I not care what people I love think about me? How can I not take things personally?
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dinner decision pt. II

You all were very helpful last time I had to make a food decision (I ended up eating the baked potato soup!) so I will ask for your help again tonight. What should I have for dinner?

1. Chinese? (probably sesame chicken)

2. A gyro? (from a local place)

3. A Caribbean pita from Chili's? (it's not on the menu but they'll make it if you ask)

4. Something else? (suggestions?)

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(no subject)

Do you know how to make balloon animals and hats?

Did you take a class, read a book, are you self-taught or were you an apprentice to a balloon making clown?

What lead you to want to learn to make balloon art?

What balloon item do you like making the most?

(no subject)

How do you find the average starter home prices in Los Angeles for example? i haven't been able to find any websites that might be helpful and it has to be out there somewhere!
Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Besides the obvious washing of the hands and not hanging out with the person, what are some other ways I can make sure I don't get the flu from my mother?

I am going to Europe next week, and all I need is the flu. So, help!
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(no subject)

Is the Nikon 2500 camera good?
Is there any beginner cameras that you would recommend, moderate in price as well as uhm..general ease? Is there a good mix between SLR and digital? If not, what digital and what SLR would you recommend?

If you don't know specific ones...how about company/brand name. Reviews?
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(no subject)

On metaquotes some fuckwit has posted a stack of images 99999 images wide - merely trying to access the page in firefox makes my PC go all BOS.

Would it be a bad thing to do to go in and stick an lj-cut in there? I'm not the moderator or original poster.

Edit: So the answer is that we can do nowt. If anyone fancies working on a device to punch people in the face over the internet, I'd willingly pay for the pleasure of twatting someone.
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(no subject)

Would you want to meet your parents/boss/teachers etc. as they were at your age? Would you think of them differently? Would you still like/dislike 'em? Tell me!

(no subject)

1. where can you buy plane tickets online?(i.e. expedia, travelocity, cheaptickets)...obviously not including those 3 if there are any others.
2. have you been to croatia? what places would you visiting?

go to the naughty corner!!!

I love watching those Nanny shows with the horrible children. I feel happier when I watch them, because I am childless!!! Also, I long for the day that when I HAVE children, I can hire a british nanny to make everything better.

Do you watch any idiotic tv shows *coughFOXcough* like I do?
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(no subject)

Hypothetical situation. You are trapped in a mountain pass. It is freezing. You know that within a couple of months there will be a thaw and you'll be able to escape, but until then you're trapped. You have clothes/bedding enough, and you have the means to make fire. The cold, in other words, is not your biggest problem. The only other thing you have, for whatever reason, is a freshly frozen human corpse. Nobody you knew.

So...would you?

(no subject)

Does anyone know the story of Dottore Dipinto?

He wears a white, simple mask with a long curving nose, and he's also known as the 'Plague Doctor' in Venice. If anyone could tell me more, or point me to a site with the backstory, that would be killer.

And for fun, do you like masks?
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funny or not funny?

What are some things that are funny? Make you chuckle, make you chortle, make you bust a gut and shoot pepsi out of your nose, as long as it's funny it counts.

What are some things that are just... not funny?

Looking for things specific and original. This is for an assignment, believe it or not.
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Embarassing Dreams

This is kinda personal, and to be honest, I am not excepting any real answers... But here I go.

I keep having these dreams about a certain fetish. Within my dreams I am totally fascinated (and I'll be honest, completely turned on). When I awake I am disgusted with what I dreamed. I used to just brush it off, as it only used to happen once in a blue moon. But over the past few months, it's been reoccurring over and over again. It isn't the same dream, just the same fetish. But now it's almost every night. And my conscious self is totally turned OFF by the idea, even shuns it. It's interrupting my normal sleep and really bothering me. What can I do to stop these dreams?
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without using the word "buttery" how would you describe the taste of BUTTER?

which taste bud group tastes butter?

why does refrigerated butter taste different than melted butter?

Sound settings on my car stereo

The CD player in my Suzuki Sidekick has a digital LCD. With the press of a few buttons, it lets me adjust the sound settings. There's "TREB" for treble, "LOUD" for loudness, "BAL" for balance, "BASS", and then there's "SLA". Any one know what that stands for? When I turn down SLA, it sounds kinda muffled. When I crank it up, it gets a little louder and the higher pitched sounds are more pronounced. It sounds a little better too. What could "SLA" be?

I'd look it up, but the manual got stolen years ago.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever done the mystic tanning thing? Im not a fan of tanning, and Im usually quite white, plus I dont even have the discipline to constantly lay out or go to a tanning bed. So Im entertaining the thought of getting a mystic tan? About how much are they, how long do they last, are they worth it?

Oh and also, what could I buy from Amazon.com for around $120 dollars? I got an online gift certificate and now I want to buy something. I want something electronic like...But, iPods are out of the budget and...so are camera's etc...what should I look around for?