April 10th, 2005

Give Peace A Chance

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Massage

My wonderful becgueule, always wanting to take care of me and have the best of everything, has bought a book about massage. He loves to give me massages and wants to improve his technique. In the book, there is a 5-6 page section on oils to use, bases and essentials, with descriptions. We're pretty much planning on using grapeseed oil with wheat-germ for the base oil, and have been reading about the combinations for relaxation, energy, and other essential oil blends. The book is very specific about cautions, using top/middle/base note oils together, ratios, etc., and in researching a bit on the web it seems to agree with the websites we looked at.

So, keeping in mind that he has a severe nut allergy, so almond oil is out:

1. What essential oils do you find helpful?
2. Is there a certain brand or website that you use, order from, etc.?
3. What advice can you give a couple of rookies?

Anything you have to share is welcomed!

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How could you make yourself easy to find online?
I mean for example if someone wanted to contact you how could you make sure they could find your contact details, such as by getting your name and e-mail somewhere so that it could be found in a google search for example?
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Costume question

This is x-posted from my journal. THERE I'm sure that no one will tell me I'm a freak but here... yeah ya'll will. Anywho this is something I started a couple years ago and just sorta... do. I also go to an anime convention every year and was thinking of doing one of these for this year's con. I just wanted suggestions on what people would rather see, though I'll admit I'm leaning away from 001 simply because I don't want people to think I just want attention.

001 (tramp): pic one, pic two

003 (crazy): pic one, pic two (would require me to get a longer shirt b/c she doesn't do pants)

004/Alize (sweet): pic one, pic two

Doctor: pic one, pic two (did him last year)

And believe it or not I do use different masks for these. 001 and 004/Alize use a blood free one, 003 has one with lots o' blood and the Doctor has one with minimal blood.
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What's the deal with Baked Alaska? Have you ever had any? How does that work? I mean I know basically nothing about it, other than it involves FIRE.

Also, how long do you usually take to cook corn on the cob? As in, how long do you let it boil?

How long is lettuce usually good for?

Does anyone else like their salad without sauces of various sorts?

My nipples hurt! :(

RAMEN RULES! How come its good?

Why do people drop by my room in the middle of the night?

Is it polite to go see a friend at her work?

What is a good way (ie undetectable to the eye) to glue together a ceramic figure thats broken? (its mine)

When you get drunk, do you remember what you are like?

What is your dream car and why?

What should I do for a living? I want to be outside <80% of the time, not a lot of paperwork, not a lot of bullshit, not too much chem or biology?

How come windburns look the same as sunburns?

How long does it take you to go through a roll of scotch tape?

What is your favorite ficiton novel?

Favorite toothpaste?

Whats a good way to go to sleep easily when you are not tired?

Do you like Denny's?

What is a way to switch between tabs (without the mouse) in firefox?

Do you speak a foreign language? If so, which one?

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Stare into the very eyes of evil.

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is "can not" grammatically acceptable or must I always use "cannot"?

While my grammar handbook never uses "can not" I couldn't find a specific rule regarding about it.

(Funny how it came up, I was typing L337 on AIM to my cousin, and because (4|\||\|07 was pretty illegible I broke it into (4|\| |\|07 and he had a fit. *shrug*)


yeah i'm talking about the kind that goes on a turntable. and to delve further, how i fucked one of mine ol rekkids up. cos i am stupid. i recently bought it and upon taking it out of the sleeve, discovered that it was dusty. so, instead of leaving it alone like i should have, i tried wiping it off. now it skips when it plays. anyone know how to get rid of this dilemma? i looked online and all i could find was either:

a) instructions on locating the scratch is and i didn't read further than that cos i don't trust myself trying to do this. besides, i think it's a static/dust problem.

b) ads for cleaning solution.

so how do you djs deal with this? any tips? do you take them in to someone? help. s'il te plait.
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Could anyone explain how I would go about solving this problem?

1. Determine the values of a and b so that the solution set to the inequality -2<ax+b<7 will have the interval (0,1) as its solution set. I checked my textbook and notes, but I couldn't figure out how to solve this particular type of problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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I'm just feeling like the stupidest person alive.


I get that you're supposed to foil (x+__) (x+__)

But when I'm trying to figure out that number I can't find a product of -12 that adds up to be 5

-6*2 = -4
6*-2 = 4
-3*4 = 1
3*-4 = -1
1*-12 = -11
-1*12 = 11

What the hell am I not getting?!
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Anybody like Green Day and/or Maroon 5?

I have a concert ticket for each that I don't really want to go to either of them anymore. Maroon 5 is in Lincoln and Green Day is in Omaha, if anyone is interested in either of them. I forget how much I paid for them but I can look it up if anyone is interested, Maroon 5 is sometime this month and Green Day is May 15th. Anyone want some concert tickets?
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Last kitty update, I promise/Gum

Remember the whole deal with our apartment and the cat-declawing thing? My grandma has decided to keep our kitty, which is wonderful, as my grandma's a big-ass animal lover and takes excellent care of her pets (although she has a bad habit of giving her dogs ice cream). I still sent a letter to the company, though.


Anyone else on here try the Bubblicious Island Squeeze gum? Did it taste like maple syrup to you, too?
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For all of you current and former Girl Scouts, I have a question. I recently found my girl scout vest with all the patches on it, and I can't seem to figure out what one of the patches means. I have scanned it and put it under the cut.

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As you can see, it looks like a girl meeting an alien. What the hell? Anyone have any ideas? I went to the girl scout web page and looked at all the patches, but this is too old (from 1985).
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To the girls out there - Do you drink cranberry juice to keep yourself healthy? Do you like the taste of cranberry juice?
My answer - I drink cranberry juice every day if I can, and I do enjoy the taste. I love Apple/Cranberry juice lots.
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Kind of an embarassing question...

Well, not sure if this is the place to ask but...

I'm a 17 year old guy and to be honest, I'm quite the nerd/recluse/computer jockey, so I've never actually been in a serious relationship before now. Well, I have a girlfriend and I love her a lot, but there's kind of a problem on my end. Being as I've never had anyone in this capacity before, I've never needed to actually kiss anybody, especially in a way that I'm going to need to here.

So I'm just asking if anyone has any sort of tips for making sure that when you 'make out' you don't screw it up some how, and actually come off like you know what you're doing at least a LITTLE bit.

Thanks everyone.

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Ok, I know guys always say how it hurts so bad to be kicked in the gonads, but seriously...how does it feel like to be kicked there? As in a comparision?

Does anyone else here have tinea versicolor?

What's the best your mom joke you've ever told?

Is Jesus alive, dead, or a zombie?
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if anyone travels to cape cod often, tell me what i absolutely MUST do there when my husband and i go next week. we'll be staying in dennis, but certainly are willing to go anywhere on the cape. we have three full days to fill.. all i know so far is that we'll definitely take a day trip to provincetown and will go whale watching one day (even though it's very early in the season and we won't see anything, most likely). thanks!
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And I thought I hated country, too

How can I get the backgrounds of the text of my icons on my XP desktop to be transparent again? (I hope this makes sense..)

Has anyone else heard of Emmylou Harris? If so, what do you think of her? (If she's well known in the US I apologise for this question, I'm British)

Do you understand my icon?
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I bought bronzer because I am so pale that i am sick looking. How do I use it (where are the best places to apply it)?

Also, my face has red blotches that won't go away, not pimply, just red. It's on my entire cheek and it's embarassing, anyone know of any cream that would make redness go away??
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bunch of questions

1. what are some of your favorite poems about spring?

2. netflix or blockbuster online -- which is better?

3. what are your favorite things to do in new york city in the summer?

4. i waxed my upper lip a few weeks ago and messed up. the skin became dead and now there are dark spots there. is there anything i can do to get rid of it?

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Anyone else here think the "home cooked meal" is overrated?

I actually prefer restaurant food, fast food, food you defrost (but NOT TV dinners, those are yucky) to the "home cooked meal".

Who else feels as good as me right now?

So I have beaten my mind in this whole conflict thing and realized that if they want to be my friends that's cool, but I don't NEED them to live. I am just feeling very relieved and happy and enlightened right now, it is a good feeling. The hugs/support were very nice and appreciated, thank you everyone for the help.

So I'll put in two questions...

1) How good are you feeling right now?

2) Have you ever had a moment of feeling enlightened or like everything is suddenly okay because you figured it out?
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I'm currently involved in a theater production of Loot, a 1960s British comedy. The set takes place in one room, a living room, and we are in charge of making the set. What are some little things that you think would help complete the room?

How do you cure burns to the roof of your mouth?

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Can diet pills contribute to an aneurysm?
A family member has just died as a result of an aneurysm at the age of 22, they think it is beause of the diet pills he was put on - could this be the cause?
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Seriously now

Are there any weird or odd things that you like to smell? Not just flowers, or things that are meant to be sniffed.

I actually want to know. *^_^* Enlighten my senses please, I'd love to know I'm not the only crazy one in terms of using my nose for everything. XD

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umm....i know that they say you're never supposed to lie on your resume, like you're not supposed to say you're more quallified than you are.

but, what about lying to downplay your qualifications? do people ever do that?

like, you're desperately looking for ANY job; higher paying jobs don't want you for whatever reason, and minimum wage jobs don't want you because you're overqualified? would you downplay your job/education history to increase your chances of getting the minimum wage job? what if they somehow find out you lied?

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I have a lot of earrings and I have a nifty earring holder from...some store at the mall but I recently started wearing dangly earrings and they dont really work too well on the holder, seeing as most of them are longer than it. So, what's a good way to store earring when Im not wearing them? other than the empty wine glass Im using now?
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What do companies do with calendars they've printed that they don't sell in time?

What I mean is, where would I be able to get said calendars?

(I decorate my dorm room by cutting up whatever wall calendar I used the previous years and I'm getting sick of the ones I've got, I figure it's a good way to get a collection of nice pictures that are a good size for what I do with them, and wouldn't it be cheap since they can't be used for their original purpose as wall calendars anymore when the year is over? Just need to know where to look!)
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Something I thought of while doing research on the Kennedy assassination for history...

Now, when the president gives a speech are there ambulances and trained medics near by just in case there's an assassination attempt?
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game time!

I'm playing the "make a list of books to read" game, so please reccomend a book for me to read.  Can be anything: classic, sci-fi, comedy, political, theological, religious, whatever.  I'm open for suggestions.

Thanks :)
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ok on the movie "8 mile", where britney murphy licks her hand right before she screws eminem.....what the hell is she licking her hand for?? i realize she reaches down and i'm not quite sure if she grabs his penis or if she's touching herself, but she can't possibly using that licked hand for lubrication, if she would've spit then maybe but wtf was up with the hand licking?
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1. Is there any way to permanently set your Microsoft Word language preference to something other than English U.S? It keeps sneaking back.

2. Do you write your essays / other work long before the due date, or do you procrastinate 'til the last minute?

3. What is your favourite midnight snack?

4. Why is a raven like a writing-desk?
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In threads with a bajillion replies, is there a way to have them all show up (no links) and maybe just spill into more pages? (sorry if this is really obvious or on faqs or something, I'm having a slow night..)