April 9th, 2005

What do I do?

So I have this friend (same one I was posting about before) whom I have an on again off again friendship with. My mom thinks she is a nice girl, my dad thinks she is a the scum of the earth (my words) and she "isn't worth it" (his words) (I'm sorry Jill, even if we aren't friends anymore you don't need someone degrading you when you don't even know them and they don't know you.) She says she cares a lot about me, yet tends to neglect me a lot when there is stuff going on, lately using the cover of dating to pass it off as not not caring, but before shew as going out with her boy toy, we would always hang out as a threesome and it was essentially me doing something else while they fingered each other or were beneficial with each other. I go back and forth between the two extremes of agreeing with my dad and having a mutual feeling of care with her, and then there's some of my own hating her and feeling worthless and such in there. Even if she is the best friend I have ever had and probably ever will, is it worth it for all of the bad times and the accusations and the lies and the drama?
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What is your personal etiquette for passing gas?

Personally, I don't think you should need to say "excuse me." We seem to have something against flatulence which makes any situation like that awkward. I think saying "excuse me" just makes it even more awkward. So I won't say anything, and I would prefer other people don't either.

I just thought I would include that it's not that I think it's not rude, but I don't see why burping is less rude / more acceptable... they certainly seem the same to me. I don't think either is good to do in public, but at the same time, they're natural body functions, yanno? Why apologize for being human? (although still, I will definitely avoid it if it's at all possible!)

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For any British people. . . . it seems like half of the things I read about Prince Charles and Camilla getting married say stuff basically like "The British people aren't too happy about it, they still pine for Diana, and dislike Camilla". But then there's also a fair amount of stuff with quotes from people saying things like they don't care who he marries because it's his business, and even that they're happy he's marrying her because he seems to love her so much.

What do you think? From the people you know and have talked to, which do you think is a more accurate representation of people's feelings about the wedding?

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So, I wanna know what the specs for my computer's video card are, but have no clue how to go about finding out. Can anyone help me out? I'm operating on Win XP here and I'm semi-computer illiterate.

[edit] new question, is it even possible to change a video card on a laptop? Are there any video cards that can be stuck into the PC card slot?

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Does anyone know where I might be able to find a cool weather graphic for my user info? The type that constantly updates and shows the current weather in a part of the world?

Don't get me wrong, I love my weatherpixies, but I'm afraid they're out of style/don't really fit my persona. ya know?
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terms of endearment.

what is the worst term of endearment that has ever been used on you?

what is the worst in general, that hasn't necessarily been used on you?

what is the best?

the worst i can think of was when my boyfriend once called me "princess." BLECH.

the worst in general is "babe." GOD, who seriously says that anyway?

i dunno if it's the best but i love when my boyfriend calls me "precious."
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1. How can I tell what kind of RAM my [extremely old, but much loved] laptop needs? Is there a sticker somewhere inside?

2. It's a little sad that a second-year computing student has to ask questions like this, isn't it?

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What is your favorite thing to do where you live? (And where do you live?)

*I love in Fort Myers, Florida...so after 9 there isn't much to do aside from go to Wal-Mart, and eat at Denny's because they are the only places open 24 hours. But I would have to say my favorite thing to do (of course) would be go to the beach. During the day, at night. Whenever. Our beach is sweet, there's places to eat, and a club, and what not. And SWEEET sunsets. Haha.

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1.Has anyone here ever worked at a grocery store? 

2.Which one?

3. Where?

4. How long did you work there?

5. What did you do there?

6. Did you like it?

7.  Do you have any funny/crazy/outrageous stories about crazy customers, shoplifters, crazy employees you want to share?



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NSTMP folders

When I use Mozilla Thunderbird, I'd sometimes have random NSTMP folders showing up out of nowhere. Inow have about 9 of these folders, and I don't need them.

Can I safely delete them?

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Does anyone have the ultimate baked macaroni and cheese recipe? I know there are websites for this, but I want a tried, tested and true recipe. I'm looking for plain out mac n cheese, no vegetables or awkward additions. Recipes?

Who in your life do you try to avoid? And I mean avoid by do ANYTHING not to see them. Collapse )
Ahh! Babies!

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How can I become less insecure? How can I not feel hurt and upset and angry when someone I really care about doesn't care back? How can I not feel jealous? How can I not care what people I love think about me? How can I not take things personally?

Recording radio

Tomorrow morning one of my favorite singers is going to be interviewed on the radio, and I want to record it and save it on my computer. How do I do that, is there some kind of program that can record it for me? I'll be listening to it online, not on my stereo.

I REALLY want this interview!

Some more questions...

If your mom has to get cancer for your friends to show you they care, do your friends really care?

Going back to my previous issues, she brought up last night that I "owed it to her to come outside and talk", so does it mean I am in debt to her for good deeds she does every once in a while to get me to stop whining? I think you all might be right and we might want to go to being casual acquaintances and not "best friends" since neither one of us can handle that responsibility, or think of "best friend" as something entirely different. She's already got a boyfriend and a large following of people who love her so I am not really necessary and I don't like to have to split my friends with other people since they focus their attention on the other people more.

Am I being childish?


1) If your mom has to get cancer for your friends to show you they care, do your friends really care?

2) Am I in debt to her for good deeds she does every once in a while to shut me up?

3) Should I be okay with not having a best friend?

4) Am I being childish?

There ya go, lots of food for thought.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about but think you give good advice, the topic is a page or two down so go look for it and know the whole thing and then come back. Or you can advise me from just what you've read here, I think it is enough to go on.
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head banging

Boring but I need to ask anyway

Continuing on the recent trend of the resume/cover letter type of questions, I just want to ask a quick one.

Do you put your desired salary and availability/starting date on your resume or cover letter and which way is better?

Also, what do you wear under your gown for your graduation ceremony when there is no dress code?

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How do error functions work?

I have an equation and it says erf(x/2*root*Dt) = 0.5

I bet this is too vague...

I have a table to use, but I have no idea how to use it. My jerkface professor requires that we know billions of equations for our final when he has NEVER covered them. If any of you know what I'm talking about, it's an equation for carborization.
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I have a DVD- opening it up, the files seem to be .VOB, .IFO, and .BUP.
It's a DVD of a movie made with friends for a film fest.
I seem to be the only one with one of these DVDs who can't play it. I have WMP10, iTunes, and DivX. Is there a free player that will play this for me?

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What's your guilty music pleasure? The one band that you always get teased for, or only listen to on your Walkman, lying on your bed, doors locked.

Or the one that is just entirely different from anything else in your collection.

Mine's Good Charlotte. They're just so fucking cute.
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Give Peace A Chance

National Do Not Call Registry

Hey all...

I listed myself on the National Do Not Call Registry the 3rd day it was available. I have gotten 2 telemarketing calls today, companies that said I visited their websites - I can't remember the first one, the second just now was idish.com - but I've never been to either site.

Has something changed about the Registry that allows calls now? I said I wasn't interested on both calls, but if it continues I'm going to complain... I think. It was pointed out to me by a former coworker that the registry cut down on calls and therefore put people out of work, so I have to reconsider... but in the meantime, anyone heard anything?

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Can I get a hug? Or maybe some love? Anything? I'm in a super-huge mood right now. This is a tad pathetic, I know... and if you're reading, do you think this is how I wanted it to end? Do you think I enjoy being miserable and lonely on a Saturday night when I could be out with a good friend? But does the good friend really exist and care?

(Sorry if that's illegal to direct questions at people and have them not make sense.)
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brian justin street dance

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does anyone know of a good way to fluff a featherbed such as this one? mine is queen-sized and i'm not sure it'll fit in a dryer, and i don't have a clothesline to hang it on but it's all flattened out in the middle. i've tried flipping it over, then end-to-end, but it really doesn't help. all the fluffiness is at the edges and it's all flat in the middle and i have no idea how to move the fluffiness! help?

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Lots of random questions! =D

1. Do you put your flowers in a "vace" (face with a "v") or a "vohz"? I say "vohz" but people give me funny looks. (vase)

2. Who else here can't stand to have dry hands? I put lotion on my hands as much as 1-3 times an hour, if they feel dry. I *don't* have OCD, it's just a thing I have.

3. Why do you think it is that the average guy has far fewer pairs of shoes than the average girl? Yes, there are definitely exceptions, but most guys I know have 3-4 pairs of ordinary shoes (running/athletic shoes, sneakers, and sandals/flip-flops, not including dress shoes and sport-specific shoes), while most girls have far more? I have 24 pairs (all types, including slippers). It's the same with clothes in general.

4. Does it seem to you that wherever you need to go is nowhere near where you live, or where is convenient? I live in the heart of suburbia in my city, but nowhere is ever nearby. My volleyball tournaments are always 20+ minutes away in the North or South areas, my friends all live downtown or in other cities/areas 15-30 minutes away. I know rent/housing is far cheaper in the other areas but doesn't it seem better to pay more but be more centrally located?

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leave your turntable on

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For my speech class, we have to do an informative speech and present pros and cons for both sides. And I, being a complete GEEK, picked language and the alleged degradation of as my issue. It's easy to find negatives--right now, next to me is a book called Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care, and I have no fewer than two articles talking about how low verbal scores have been on standardized tests and the new essay portion of the SAT, but I can't seem to find anything explaining how more slang and netspeak can be positive for society, save for one article that was printed by the Associated Press.

So, anyone have any idea what sources I could use or go to? I've done everything I can think of, and I still can't find anything.
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garbage / flour / more garbage.

how much does a motor for a garbage disposal generally cost to buy and have installed? how likely is it that a disposal motor will burn out? i am going to try to convince my landlord that it just completely died out of nowhere, and i didn't get a huge piece of plastic stuck in the blade and tried for a few hours to get it out by trying to make the thing break it in half so it would go around again, thus resulting in a burned-out motor. if they don't beleive me, i'm going to have to pay for it. i need to brace myself there.

does flour go bad?! the bag i've got has a "best if used by" date on it. this seems odd to me. so...what does stale flour taste like? how do you know it is stale if it isn't already full of weevils?

don't you hate it when you go to mcdonald's and you get the old, gross fries that have been sitting all day? i only get cravings for fast food like, once a year, and it just happened that when i went, i got stuck with the brown, soggy old fries. serves me right. how often do you eat fast food?

if paul simon and art garfunkel got in a fist fight, who would win?
girl, cute

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are "sugar alcohols" just as bad as candy with the actual sugar???

Girls: When a boy opens a door for you do you say "Thank You?"

Boys: When you open the door for a girl do you expect her to say "Thank You?" Does it bother you if she doesn't?

*edit* i meant like... on a date... and the door is opened multiple times... should the girl say "thank you" every single time...? I've always wondered if i should say "Thank you" after the 2nd time... because I mean... it is expected, do i make any sense?