April 8th, 2005

Will Power

Defaulted student loans?

Has anyone ever had a student loan go into default? What did you do? Did it ruin the rest of your life?

My friend just had this happen to him, and he has no idea what's going to happen or how it will affect him.
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Lots of questions in one post (go me!)

1) How many of you read the rules before you joined the community?

2) Anyone watch Jeopardy? (I assume so with the question-asking here)

3) What is the song with the most confusing lyrics to you?

4) Favorite expensive restaurant?

5) If you were an inanimate object, what would you be & why?

6) How many of you watch Tru Calling? If you don't, you should. Thursday at 9/8 C on Fox.

7) How many hours of sleep do you get a night on average?

8) Who else here is the biggest fan of Boulevard of Broken Dreams despite hearing it a million times?

9) Why do I ask so many pointless questions?

10) Why do people answer my pointless questions?

11) Why is Eliza Dushku the hottest woman alive?

12) Will I ever find love?

13) Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

14) Why is Family Guy so freaking hilarious?

15) Like my icon? (It makes me laugh)

16) Do you pick your nose when no one is looking?

17) Why are you still reading?


18) My face under my eyes is starting to tingle. What is wrong with me, or is there nothing wrong with me? Do any of you experience this when you are tired/at any other time of day?
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(no subject)

If it was your birthday. (Hey! It is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!) and say you expected someone to call you and wish you a happy birthday, like for instance your mother. If she didnt call my later in the evening would you call her yourself, just to make sure you talked to her on your birthday? Or would you not see the point, after all its more the thought that counts. The actual action of taking a few minutes to stop and think "Hey, its her birthday I should give her a call".

This also applies to a best friend, so would you do something different if it was a friend rather than a mother?
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This one needs it's own topic...

Okay, so I had a brilliant idea a while ago inspired by Scary Movie. As a male, I notice that I have to use urinals a lot, and they are pretty boring. Some people have newspapers over them, or if they're really fancy, TVs, but there is no fun in peeing becuase all you can do is shoot at the urinal cake or that piece of gum someone felt was necessary to leave in there and make more work for the custodian. I figure we have the ability to stand up while we pee AND over-competitiveness for a reason, so to spruce up urinals and bathrooms in general, I thought we should put a target in the urinal, and you could pay quarters to play for prizes against your friends or random bathroom goers, if you hit the target long enough to fill up your tube of liquid (like at the fair witht he squirt gun game), you would win and lights would flash and confetti would fall from the ceiling and it would make peeing a lot funner. Anyone want to endorse this idea/help me find a patent?
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Does anyone remember....

This song... it was some guy singing about his bisexual baby. I cant find it anywhere or even find out who sang it. It must have been about 8 years ago at least. Ive googled it but have come up emtpy handed. I would love it if somone could tell me what song it is.
Eddie McDowd


Does it bother you when you see couples going a little overboard in public displays of affection?
(i.e., constantly pecking kisses on each other, groping on a park bench, making out in the library, etc.)

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I'm falling asleep at my desk at work. I literally can't keep my eyes open no matter how hard I try. It really really sucks. I put on music, it didn't help. I don't drink coffee or tea so I had a cup of cocoa. Didn't help. Ate breakfast. Didn't help. Ate some chocolate. Didn't help.

How can I keep awake?!

(no subject)

Would you ever (or have you) married a person that you met online, and talked with for a couple of months, is a felon, and cannot leave the state, and you have only met in person for 3 days?

My friend went to Vegas to meet her sister (separated at birth or something along those lines) and while she was there she met this guy that she had been talking with online. She married him three days later.

How long do you think this will last?

Why do you think she did this?
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i don't know if i'm wording this right

i am asking this for a friend who is designing a website for our college for his internship.
he writes html in notepad. he can work on it and have it look right for ie, but is not sure how to get it to display correctly in non-ie (firefox mostly) browsers. he also seems to not be able to work on the code thru firefox (it just won't let him alter it.) what online sources can i give him for help on this?
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In light of all the dating questions

Would you ever date a friends ex?

About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine was left by his girlfriend in a rather dubious way when she called him up to say "I spent the night with someone else and you and I are over." Then about 2-3 months after that another friend of mine, who is also my roomate, began to date her and now it has caused a whole host of problems.

Would you ever turn your back on a friend for a relationship?
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(no subject)

1. what became of my laptop case? i can't find it anywhere!
2. what is the weather like in MI right now in the area of annapolis and lansing? i'm going to a clinic out there for an unknown lenghth of time, and have no idea what type of cloths to pack. i'm arriving on the 22nd, if that helps any. will it be snowing/raining/windy/cold cold/anything else? i'm from the desert and people are already wearing sandles and flip flops out here.
3. do you post in your own lj everytime you log on or do you sometimes just prowel your fl and not actually say anything about yourself.
4. have i asked enough questions?
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song rec for a wedding

I'm having a commitment ceremony with my partner and I'm asking my teacher to play guitar. He can play anything and make it into a classical guitar-type piece. In fact, he currently specializes in old rock songs (Beatles, Hendrix, etc.) I'm thinking about a modern song, something '90s or more current. I'm also open to traditional classic songs, too, but I don't know very many.

Any song recommendations?

This is the song that I want played as background music while the minister is conducting the ceremony... so far that's the plan but it's not set in stone.

(no subject)

How do the Victoria's Secret models boobs look like this?

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Because when you see alot of these girls in normal clothes, their breasts look relatively small...what's the trick? Is it airbrushing? Alot of those "chick cutlet" looking things? What is it?!

i wish i knew the name of that song...

i heard a song the other day and i have no idea who it's by or what it's called. it sounds folky - a lot like ben harper and the lyrics are about this girl named mary - a girl that all the guys in the town like. and towards the end of the song the guy sings about her funeral or something. OY - i wish i remembered at least some of the lyrics! does anyone know what i'm talking about?
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(no subject)

I remember a long time ago, I read this children's book. It was from a girl's point of view, and she had a little brother. There was this filthy family, of about five kids. They were horrible. They had "tamed" a bobcat and they kept all sorts of weird stuff. They sometimes went to school, and the teachers would always pass them, even though they shouldn't have, because they didn't want to have two kids of this family in the same class.

I remember that there was a Christmas play, and these kids took over all of the lead roles, by force. They just said "Hey, I'm going to Mary and this one here is Joseph. Okay?" The play director didn't want to displease these rascals, so he/she just let them, to the disappointment of the other kids. Of course, the play was a disaster and some lesson was learned.

Does anyone have any idea what book I might be thinking about?
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skin tone.

do you know your own skin's "undertone color" and what colors compliment it well? what are they?

do you try to wear those colors more simply because they look good on you, even if it's not one of your favorite color otherwise?

or do you just wear colors that you like regardless of how well they match your skin?

are you good at determining others skin tone? do you ever advise them on what colors they should wear?

would you be offended if someone pointed out colors that would look good on you?

i'm a green. on cloudy days, i actually look green. like pea soup. (very sexy, right).

i wear lots of greens (but only grass green. i can't pull of lime green or turquoise green...) and pinks. sometimes blues, even though i don't really like blue. i also wear a lot of red cause i like the color but it doesn't compliment my skin tone very well so i usually try to layer a white edge between my skin and the red.
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(no subject)

A question thats been on my mind is, does language shape the way we think?

I mean, if our means of communication were completely different, would the way we think be completely different too? What do you think?
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(no subject)

My friend hasn't seen very many movies. He said "whatever" to me yesterday and I was kind of reminded of Clueless so I'm going to rent that and watch it with him.

My question is: what other movies should I rent for my friend?
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It's been bugging me for a while now...

There's this Mitsubishi car commercial that has a certain rock-type song.

The only lyrics that they have in the commercial are "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yeah!"

So my questions: What is this song and who is it by? Was it made especially for this comemrcial?

I'm hoping that I'm not the only person who has seen this commercial...or has paid attention to it.
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Birkenstock repairs

I have a pair of Birkenstock sandles that I've had for almost three years and that I've never bothered to get re-corked. 2 full summers of walking in them has caused the heel to be completely worn down, past the sole and into the cork. I've been told that this cannot be repaired -- is this true?


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(no subject)

So let's play pretend.

Let's say that you are a girl, you're sitting at a table with two others girls, and you three are all friends. If they began to gossip with you there and yet when you asked a question they said you weren't allowed to know, do you think it would be rude of them to gossip with you there in the first place?
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I had several things stolen from my car this week, one of them being my little make-up bag thingy containing my make-up.

So now that I have to buy all new make-up, I thought I'd ask which brands/things you would recommend.

I'll need:

1.] pressed powder (previously covergirl or jane, and very light)
2.] cover up stuff (foundation it's called, I guess? I don't use it that often, but i used to have max factor)
3.] eyeliner (pencil, not liquid)
4.] mascara (usually covergirl, or maybeline[sp?])
5.] eyeshadow (i'm on a purple/gray/silver kick, but like all colors)

ehh, I think thats it. I keep going to look through my bag to see what items I may have forgot... err, duh! it's stolen.

I'm fairly sure God is a baseball fan

I'm moving to Arizona, but I've been a lifelong fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. However, I've always had sort of a soft spot for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Should I make an attempt at becoming a D-backs fan as well, or would this be an act of betrayal? Is it possible to be a fan of both, or will I eventually find my loyalties horribly divided in an irreconcilable sporting identity crisis? Please help.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any good free virus scanners? Or even ones you only have to pay about $15 for, I can't afford Norton or anything like that at the moment.
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Cooking question!

I have two or three skinless, boneless chicken breasts (fresh, thawed and in the refrigerator) and a cupboard full of various cooking spices, condiments and such. My dad wants dinner on the table by 6:30 (it's 5:30 now). I have never cooked chicken before, actually I've never really cooked anything complicated-ish before but I have to tonight. What should I do?

The side dishes are macaroni and cheese (quality from Whole Foods, not Kraft stuff), peas, and French bread. Yeah, it's not all that matched, but it was kind of thrown together because my stepmom *just* found out she's scheduled for back surgery...very last minute...and someone (me) has to make dinner.

EDIT: I'm thinking of a dish more on the plain side - something mildly to moderately seasoned, not that spicy. I really don't know how to cook chicken (pathetic I know, considering I'm 15!) so just basic suggestions.
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(no subject)

First, thanks to everyone who gave me advice about washing the cardigan. In case anyone's wondering, heh, I put it on delicate cycle and I laid it out to dry, and it's perfectly fine. I'm relieved.

Now, time for a random question:

If you had to be a tree, what type of tree would you be?

And for people who maybe don't know much about trees: http://www.arborday.org/trees/treeguide/browsetrees.cfm

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(no subject)

Wow. It just hit me! My little brother is turning 16 in a couple weeks. 16! Haha. *Shocked* lol. Anyways. what do 16 year old guys like?? Mind you he's a good kid-no drugs sex etc. He's into fixing up cars and things like that. Also I have to send his present in the mail. So nothing huge!


Thanks for everyone's advice! I'm going to send my mom some money to get him a gift certificate to an auto parts store up there. (Not sure if we have the same ones here so it's the best I can think of right now)

I'll also get him a poster or a book about cars (Mom said he's not big on model cars--he has a few but never uses them) And I have a pair of jeans for him.

(no subject)

I can bring my iPod to my volleyball tournament Sunday because my dad is staying. What are some good "pump up" songs, songs that make you want to go out there and kick some butt? Or if you're a fellow volleyball player - kill that hit, ace that serve, stuff that block, make that dig, etc. =D

Nothing too obscure that I can't find on Limewire...

(no subject)

So my boyfriend is turning 19 in May. What do 19 year old boys want for their birthdays? I also want it to be special to him, not just same old thing, ya know?

he's a nerd :P obsessed with his computer, but his mom took it away and still has it, so that's kinda out of the question. He's kinda dropped out of school, so he's trying to get a job but he's bored all the time. He likes video games, but I think all he has right now is a GameCube. And, he hasn't really decided what's important to him in life yet. He's trying to get it all straightened out first
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm trying to do a little research on why people cheat on each other, so if you could fill out this poll, it'd be greatly appreciated. Any questions you think I should add to it?

(no subject)

Should I make cake, cupcakes or brownies? The majority of this delicious dessert will be consumed by people at work, for no reason other than the fact that I have a horrendous supply of cake/brownie mix and absolutely no reason to eat it all myself. ;o)

If cake, which one? I have:
Butter Pecan
Hot Fudge
Banana Supreme

I love to bake. I wish they allowed you to bake and drop off tasty sweets at the local crisis shelter, but they are worried about people trying to poison/drug their tasties and don't let you. :o(
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meeting the parents

Any tips for meeting a new boyfriend's family for the first time? Parents and younger sister. The occasion is the sister's birthday dinner.

EDIT: Thanks everyone! Now I just need to think of a small gift for the sister...
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(no subject)

What can you do when you've got an itching nose or other body part and lotion doesn't work?

Scratching doesn't work but seems to make it even more itchy. *is in agony*
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