April 7th, 2005

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A Few Random Questions

1. What's your magic talent? (In the Piers Anthony Xanth series of novels you hear me rave so much about, every person born in Xanth has a magic talent, be it something as simple as changing the color of one's own hair or making tiny pebbles appear on the ground to things as powerful as transforming living things into other living things or communicating with inanimate objects. Therefore, if you had a magic talent, what would it be?)

2. Have you ever decided to make the wrong decision? I mean, purposefully and intentionally choose to do the wrong thing at the right time. Not regarding minor or childish things like playing a practical joke or whatnot, but more serious issues, such as careers or relationships, etc.

3. No More Late Fees. Are you really buying that?

4. Would the moderators be interesting in having someone / would there be anyone interested in sorting via Memories the contents of the Question Club?

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cheesecake for birthday present?

Parents: would you think a homemade treat from your offspring is a good birthday present? My dad's 60th birthday is coming up, and he is extremely hard to shop for. Plus, I don't have all that much money right now. But I make one hell of a cheesecake! I'm 20, so I don't want to get him something that is too "little kid." Can I still get away with making my dad cheesecake (which he loves) for his birthday?

attention geeks...

I have two computers, both not the finest in brands, but for what I do, they're just fine.

One, being an E-Machine. The E-Machine has around 3,000 pictures saved to it, programs installed such as photo programs, spyware removal, AIM, AOL and various others, and almost 200 music downloads.

The second and newer one is a Compaq. The Compaq, in addition to the E-Machine, has AOL installed in it. Ad-Aware SE and a printer that is never turned on. That is it.

Both computers are on dial up AOL, however...the E-Machine runs like it has DSL, and the Compaq is running basically like a dinosaur. I can stay online in my bedroom on the E-Machine for a week and not get booted once, and it's fast(er). The Compaq is beyond slow, and throws me off every hour or two. It's very aggrivating, because I got the Compaq for the printer I got. The printer wouldn't work on the E-Machine because it was lacking ports or something. So the printer works on the Compaq but its a bitch to stay online in the living room because its so slow.

WHY is it like that, and how can I fix it?
They both have the same dial up numbers, and I've removed all programs that aren't necessary.

Any ideas?
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Randomness at Three in the Morning...

Just some random questions because it's 3:20 AM, I'm bored, I can't sleep...

1. Who is your favorite artist? (I told you these were random, lol)
2. What is your all-time favorite book?
3. Do you have any guilty pleasures by way of television/music? (i.e., do you secretly watch The Simple Life or still listen to The Spice Girls)
4. Have you seen the movie 'The Ring' and did you find it frightening?

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old people

(no subject)

Let me preface this question by saying that i dont' listen to rap music, but i do enjoy driving around from time to time loudly playing the most ridiculous rap songs ever created. Rap music coming from a vw bug is priceless in my opinion.

What are some of the most priceless fun rap songs, that when compiled would make the most amazingly ghetto fabulous CD of all time?

Any comments are appriciated.

Thankssssss <3

Asking for help in advance...

Okay, so we just started reading The Great Gatsby and I already know there is going to be some kind of paper and I never really read books (yeah, it's a shame, there is a lot of great literature out there and I am just depriving myself) but I get unfocused easily and cannot remember what I read 5 minutes ago because English is so freaking boring.

So I guess what I am asking is who out there knows a lot about The Great Gatsby and would be willing at a later date to help me write a paper (not completely plagiarize a paper, just get ideas)?

Shower and homework, or homework and shower?

I am up really early cuz I fell asleep last night and now I have homework to do and I can't decide whether I should shower and get ready for school first and then do my homework, or do my homework first and then shower and get ready for school. I didn't shower yesterday for the same reason (still deodorized and such) so I am for sure taking a shower today, just don't know when.

(Maybe I should not be on here and instead start either homework or shower, no?)
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(no subject)

One more question (and no, I still haven't gone to bed; there is something wrong with me):

When clothing tags say to hand wash clothes, is there any way of throwing them in the washer anyway and having them survive? Perhaps wash on cold and low tumble dry? I just got this new green cardigan from my mom in the mail but it's hand wash only and I'm 1) lazy and 2) lacking the essential place in which to hand clean it, anyway. There's also no dry cleaning place around here close enough for me to walk to. It's 100% cotton. I'm guessing that if I throw it into the washer, it'll shrink or something horrifying like that, right?

Thanks a ton.

Mon Dieu!

I have a talent show to perform in tomorrow, and I was planning on singing a pretty dificult song. However, I have been battling a cold all week and overnight it seems to have taken a turn for the worse. My throat is extremely sore and I am so hoarse and raspy that when I speak you can barely hear me. Does anyone have any remidies or suggestion as to how to get my voice back into shape by tomorrow evening? I'm desperate, please help :(
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wisdom teeth.

how does somebody know if they need their wisdom teeth removed?

like, without the dentist telling you that you do.

i don't have dental insurance right now so i try to avoid having to go to the dentist. i have one wisdom tooth coming in the top right but it's not painful and it doesn't seem to be crowded; but then again i don't know how much room it's SUPPOSED to have.

i keep hearing all these people going to get their wisom teeth out.... is it just something everybody does or are their certain variables?
lead me

I'm not sure if I'm in the right place...

but this is indeed a question and diverse minds abound, so I'm going to give it a shot.

I'm in the market for a keyboard stand. Must be sturdy, able to handle a full size keyboard ~30 lbs, and under $40. I'm thinking more on the lines of an X stand but I'm open to suggestions, links, experiences...

Any suggestions?
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Two for the price of one!

My first question was inspired by an earlier post about your hygeine routine..and I noticed everyone (usually) brushes their teeth after the shower. But does anyone do it in the shower? I do, Its usually in between putting conditioner on my hair and the loofa. am I the only one who does this?

and also..does anyone know of an active dream analysing community?
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mug and books

(no subject)

I'm working on a research paper for my English Genres class, and the class focuses on horror films. It's a really neat class, but I'm having trouble with this paper.

Basically, I am writing an analysis on the movie Carrie. I want to write about the story line (and analyzing it for different meanings) as well as some of the film techniques used in the film (usage of certain camera angles, light, sounds, etc) and how they add to the movie. However, I'm having an awful time finding sources for it! I went to our public library and did a search for "Carrie" and the only things that popped up, other than the novel itself, were a bunch of young adult books that had a main character named Carrie.

So, any ideas of some sources I could use? I don't even know how to go about looking up information for this topic, so any leads would be greatly appreciated! So far I'm using an article in our textbook, the film itself, the novel itself, and IMDb, but I'm going much more than that. Thanks so much!

(no subject)

Is there way I can erase all the info on my computer at once and put it into a state close to when I bought it? I don't want to do it for performance reasons. I want to give my desktop to my sister and I don't want it to have all my files on there when she gets it. Is this possible?

Has anyone tried those programs that help you transition to a new computer? Like, putting your files onto your new computer. Do you recommend them?

How much do you think it would cost to ship a desktop across country?

Do you like that song American Baby?
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What does one wear to an opera? I'm going to see Madame Butterfly with my orchestra, and our teacher said we don't have to wear a prom dress...but don't come in a t-shirt and jeans. I haven't really been able to find the midpoint :/
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Some questions about self-improvement...

1) How do I ride a bike? I never really learned and now the other topic came up and I kind of want to. (Our little secret Jill and Anne if you're reading.)

2) How can I read faster? I am sick of using Spark Notes simply because I don't read fast and I don't understand what I read.

3) How can I get some self-esteem? I'm in counseling right now and it kind of helps but there has to be a way to speed things up. I like being happy, but I really hate myself.

4) Anyone know how to swallow pills? I have tried a lot of stuff. (I am full of things that I should be able to do but can't, once again our little secret Jill and Anne if you're reading.)

And now some random fun questions...


5) How long do you shower?

6) What kind of shampoo/conditioner combination do you use?

7) Do you have any weird shower habits? (I always throw water on my foggy shower door until all of the fog is gone, and then I feel accomplished, but then realize that I wasted 5 minutes throwing water.)

8) My bathroom is very cold after I get out of the shower. Of course I have no ceiling in my bathroom, it connects to the rest of the basement because it isn't completely finished. I used to put the blow dryer in the shower and leave it running on hot for a while after I was done so I would be warmer, but then I realized that might be kind of dangerous, so I stopped. Any suggestions on how to heat up my bathroom after I am out of the shower?
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(no subject)

this is driving me crazy...

call me stupid, but WHY did parents let their children go to michael jackson's house? they thought nothing of letting their sons go spend days at michael's neverland ranch? child molestation charges aside, if any star called me and asked me to let my child come hang out with them i'd be baffled as to why.

(no subject)

I was visiting my grandad today and he asked me the following question.

Why does K convey thousands in regards to money? For example we saw a newspaper headline I Stole £16K. We were just wondering why they used that. It was a British newspaper if that's any help.
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Five random questions;

01. Which do you prefer; red, orange, yellow or green peppers? (I'm not aware of any other colours they may come in).

02. Do you thank the bus driver when you get off the bus?

03. What are your favourite/preferred alcoholic drink/s? Why? (Yes, I'm looking for ideas :D )

04. Favourite highlighter colour? (Make it as geeky as you wish, I like highlighters)

05. What's the fifth question I was going to ask, but have now forgotten?

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help me!

so, i got home from work today, and my computer just doesn't want to work properly. i can't open a lot of websites, it won't load any pictures, and when i try to open music in winamp, it says that i have bad drivers or need to install a sound card. all of this was working just fine when i left this morning. i am pretty good with computers, but i can't figure out what's going on here.

i am running: windows xp home edition, mozilla firefox. i have these for protection: norton antivirus, spybot s&d, adaware, which i run once weekly. i have run them all today, and i still have the same problem.

what can i do to fix it? what is wrong with my computer?

(no subject)

What shows do you watch and enjoy very much? Lately for me it's been Tru Calling, Summerland, The OC, Joey, and Jake in Progress for new stuff, and of course Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, other cool animated shows that were at one time on Fox, and then there are some other not so important shows.
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Combating nerves

This must be a common question but how do you stop yourself from getting nervous?

I get really nervous doing (or contemplating doing) simple every day things. It's really interfering with my life and I want to get it under control. Breathing only helps so much. Any tips?

Inspired by a recent question...

What is your religious preference, if any? And if you have a reason/want to give one, we're all curious.


Maroon 5's bass player, I think, went to my high school a long time ago. (Listening to them right now so I thought of it.) Are you obscurely related to anyone famous?

And... just for the heck of it, are you 7 people away from Kevin Bacon? Prove it.
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Yet another question

Anyone else have a weird connection to a show that if you hear a single phrase, you know what episode you're watching?

I knew I was watching Family Guy, and I heard Bronze Age, and I knew instantly it was the episode where they lick toad.


Why do I always forget to tell it to go to thequestionclub???
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More communities... and a lyrics question

Anyone interested in joining a Tru Calling, Summerland, or The OC community? I would start it if there were enough people who would join. Or is there one already?

And can anyone find me the lyrics to Californiacation by Red Hot Chili Peppers? I looked and looked and all I got were stuff about the lyrics being confusing and how to play it on guitar.
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