April 6th, 2005



Where can I buy a stuffed thylacine online or by mail? eBay ain’t doing it for me. I’m in the US, but I’m willing to pay reasonable shipping.

(I mean a toy, not a taxidermied Tasmanian Tiger. ;-) )

I was in Tasmania in January, and I’m kicking myself for not getting one while I was there. I had one in my hands and I bought a boomerang instead. Oy, I suck.

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inspired by a recent post:
are allergies genetic?

if you could own a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would you want one and why? :o)
Me, I'd want one in Italy. Because I've never been there but I've heard it's beautiful, the weather is nice and the language is gorgeous. (and the men are hot). :o)

jobs, toothpaste

1) I've run out of toothpaste! What do i do, oh, what do i do??

2) Having recently become unemployed, I've been sitting at my computer for the past 3 days writing and re-writing cover letters for jobs I'm applying to. How do I keep myself motivated? Of course I need a new job ASAP, and I know this, but this is becoming so tedious and depressing that I just want to say "screw it" and play videogames until all my money runs out and I can go on welfare. That's not an option, by the way.

Bald question :)


I wanted to ask something that has been keeping me awake for the past few days.

I'm going to start shaving my head, I know it will suit me but..What will women think?

so here's my question

Women : with the obvious question out of the way (does hair matter!) would you (or your friends!) date a guy who shaves his head!

Men : do any of you (or your friends!) shave your heads and find trouble meeting women?

I know that this is reallly stupid. but I just need some opinions!

thank you in advance.
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More sleep/living questions

Okay okay..another one.
This is really my first time living in an apartment building. So I have no clue how to handle all this.

I recently discovered..mice. Just a few days ago. I heard them. Now I see them. I was woken up last night at 12:30am, because they were rustling the plastic garbage bags in the trash can (empty, I throw them out everyday). I'm not scared. I don't scream..but the noises make me uncomfortable and I keep waking up because they are unnatural.

What can I do to stop this mice stuff? I know its not my apartment that brought the mice. grr. I already put poison in a lot of places.

If anyone had this problem, and they live alone, how did you go to sleep?

BTW, this really sucks. Damn other people can't keep their stuff clean. I also think the mice could be coming from the big-ass park/woodsy area near me.
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How do I get a chlorophyll stain out of my carpet?

Last night I spilled vegetable juice on my carpet. I had just made the juice in the juicer from kale and cucumber and lemon. I tried to scrub the juice out with Shout stain remover and laundry soap, but this morning there was still a huge green stain. I assume the stain is from the chlorophyll in the vegetables. Can you suggest any products or methods to get the stain out?


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i just found out my boyfriend got stationed in san diego (he's in the navy)... and i'm in virginia. we had been hoping for norfolk (also in va) but apparently it wasnt meant to be like that. i'm afraid that being farther apart (he had been in chicago for the past 7 or 8 months) will make us grow farther apart. i've done long distance relationships and i dont have faith in them in the long run because i know my personally. i'm more needy than that. i would go to him, but i'm kind of in college here.

so my question is, what would you do? go to him or finish school here? (keep in mind i wont be done for 4 more years (stupid masters) and he'll be there for 5)

edit- i forgot to mention that i have a full scholarship here.

Grad school.

So when you're applying to grad school and they tell you that you need at least 2 letters of recommendation, should you only send 2, or is it better to send one or two more than what they ask for?

Also, I already have a Yes from a former professor for a letter of recommendation. For my second one, would it be better to ask another former professor OR one of my bosses?

I'm applying to a professional writing masters program. I've been an editor for the state for almost 4 years now, which is why I'm thinking it might be good to ask a boss to write one for me. 'Cause the field I've been in for a few years now is so close to what I want to get my masters in.

(And yes, you wouldn't know it from the grammar of this post, but I really am an editor! :)

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what are you wearing? what are you doing today?


I am wearing a white tank top, a light pretty blue fitted zip up hoodie type sweater, black boots, black dress pants. I had a black jacket on but took it off.
I am at work right now, and I just found out that one of my clients violated his parole and is in the Ottawa, Ontario jail.
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bisexual moms

I found out that the mom of a good friend is bisexual. My friend always talks about how her mom dates a lot of men. My friend doesn't know her mom is bi. She's actually very naive (er, ignorant?) about gay stuff, although she appears open-minded... just very sheltered, so sometimes she asks me questions that can sound offensive.

I've already decided that it's not right for me to tell my friend about her mom, but I'm just curious what y'all think.

What would you be tempted to do?

EDIT: My friend is 31 years old, if that matters.
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Hundreds of prospective jurors reported to a hotel ballroom Wednesday in the trial of Eric Rudolph, who faces a possible death penalty in the bombing of an abortion clinic seven years ago.

The potential jurors, called from 31 counties in northern Alabama, will complete lengthy questionnaires gauging their opinions on topics including capital punishment, abortion and federal law enforcement.

Putting aside your thoughts about the case, do you think it's right to ask prospective jurors such questions?

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So who here believes in "GOD"?
Even if you don't look at this

Suppose the "devil's" number is 666...
Take the square root of that
It equals
This is the century Jesus will return
take that and multiply it by 100 because there are 100 years in a century and you get:
the year 2580
If you take the square root of 25.80697580112788 you will get
which will turn out to be
the year 508
well if Jesus will return in "about" 2000 years well that's close enough
only off by 70+ years

Now that you've seen this... DON'T KILL ME

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So. I'd like to get a pen mouse. Dissent? Assent? Suggestions?

And while we're at it, could anyone tell me about college? Specifically, the typical enrollment process and financial aid? My family has had very little to do with higher education, so I'm kind of a little very much completely in the dark on how everything works. I'd appreciate any book references as well. :D
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Are there any USB/Firewire-drive capable stereos out there that anyone's aware of?

With all the MP3 CD players out there, the ability to read FAT's out there, I have yet to see or even hear of a single home, car or portable stereo that you can plug a USB/Firewire flash drive or hard drive into and get tracks off of.

I even found a patent some time ago, though I can't find it now, so I know there's gotta be plans in the works somewhere...

Not a flash card (SD, CF, etc.) but one you can connect an external USBFirewire, hard drive, memory stick or hell, a flash card reader.
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Return to sender

What are you supposed to write on mail other than "return to sender" when you get mail for the person that lived where you do before you? I have a whole handful of their stuff and I can't remember what to put on it.
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For all of you who are drivers, does the leg you use for the accelerator/brake pedals start to ache after a while?

I'm learning to drive and after a 50 minute lesson either my knee or my ankle are really hurting.

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I need a second opinion...am I overreacting in this situation?

Every morning my dad drives me to school. On the way there he stops at 7-11 for some coffee. There's a strip mall being built right up the street so a lot of construction workers are there in the morning too. Every time we go there the construction workers ogle me and stare at me in very discomforting ways. I've told my dad about this a number of times, that it makes me uncomfortable and I wish he'd park elsewhere when he goes in. But the only reply he gives me is that guys are going to stare at girls, I may as well get used to it. I even told my mother about this situation and she says I'm overreacting.

So am I?
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Anyone watch French porn?

I'm curious if it's anything like American porn. I don't watch either but it somehow came up in conversation the other day and I made up that they eat French Toast and French Fries in nasty ways, play the French Horn dirtily, eat Cheese Frenchees, and yell OUI! really loud while doing it, and maybe oui would be used out of it's regular context since it sounds like male genetalia. But now I'm wondering if it's any different than American porn... any thoughts/knowledge on the subject?

Whoops, screwed that one up twice now, first time I posted it to myself. This is difficult to remember to post to thequestionclub instead of myself...
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is there anything i can do for an ulcer on my tongue? it's really sore. i keep messing with it too so i'm sure that's not helping. is there any kind of ointment or whatever for something like that?
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REmix CDs

Every so often a popular group will have a CD done where other musicians will remix their stuff.

I have three such CDs. On all three, one of the songs has two different mixes on the CD.

Is this normal, or is it an aberration to end up with three CDs that do this?

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I've been googleing this for a while now, but I can't find the answer. Maybe I'm not searching with the right words.

Can an employee under 18 sell tobacco products at a store in New York state?

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Have any of you won anything other than coffee/donut/muffin/cookie things on the Roll up the Rim at Tim Horton's? I'm so friggin' fed up of buying large coffees and getting NOTHING, while me and my bf have gone three times and each time he won something! GAH!
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I live near Dearborn, MI which has the most dense Arab population in the United States. I'm doing a research project for my history class about Arab-American culture. I love living here so, so much because of the culture but I know other impressions of the "Arab-American" way are different than mine and those around me.

With complete honesty, please tell me your impressions on Arab-American culture, regardless of direct contact or not.

Sorry if this is a vague question, my project is actually very vague as well...

Digital Camera Question

I have a Sony digital camera and the other day I dropped it for the first time since I got it at least 3 years ago. Fortunately, it still takes pictures and functions perfectly...until I want to upload pictures.

When I plug it into the computer and turn it on, the camera screen comes up the same as it did before (USB MODE NORMAL, 4 dots that are initially red but turn and stay white). However NOTHING comes up on the computer screen like it used to. I plugged it into two computers and neither of them will automatically start the picture uploading wizard anymore.

What do you think is wrong with the camera? Can I fix it?

Because I've never paid attention to how much they cost...

How much do you spend on groceries per month? How many people and pets are you buying for? Do you budget yourself or clip coupons?

What grocery store has the best prices?

I'm going to be moving out on my own sometime this summer, working part-time and going to school full time, living off my savings and part-time wages (20 hours a week, hopefully somewhere around $8 an hour). It'll be me and likely two cats. Is it realistic for me to factor $200/month for groceries in my budget?
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I'm currently looking for a ring for a friend of mine. She used to have a ring of a female bent over (as if she was going to be spanked) into the shape of a ring, but lost it, and cannot remember where she bought it from. I've searched eBay for "woman," "spank," "female", but no luck.

Any one know where I could get a ring like this?

free ipods, what's the deal

This freeipods.com thing? I've heard it's legit, but what do you really have to do? fill out an offer? do you end up getting bombarded with junk mail? if you refer friends (is that how they give it to you?) do your friends end up getting bombarded with junk mail and hating you?
Has anyone done this and gotten an ipod with no strings attached?
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Ok. My friend needs help with finding a song. </b>Yes, I googled it for her, and she googled her brains out too.</b> Late 90s song, guy is talking about his backyard and all the dangerous stuff in it-- my friend mentions "dandy lions" and "tiger spiders" but neither pulled up anything on google. She also thinks it has to do with barstools.

What is that song?

Uh, she got it by a stroke of... memory.

So. New question. If you could learn any language in the world, what would it be?

Thanks in advance,
by mysticstaricons

I need help unlocking my samsung v206

hello can anyone help me with this problem, i bought a used cell and i cant get
the phone unlocked i thought it was unlocked when i bought it off of ebay...
i have service through cingular now....
and the phone was previously on the att&t network and the ppl at cingular slash att&t say it and they
could not it "cant offically"be done to look on the web etc...=(
arent att&t and cingular a joint company now???
does anyone have an unlock code? does anyone know
how to use the unlock code on the samsung v206?? has anyone else been in this
situtation and what did they do to get there phone working?? do you have to use the
software?? or just put the code in?? can i call samsung?? can i call att&t wireless???
i looked on ebay and ive looked at diff sites..im still alil lost...
can someone please help me with this??? THANK YOU =(

* i left sprint cause i bought this phone thinking it was gonna work with sprint as it
said on ebay but it cant..so i really dont want to see a great phone go to waste =\
so any help would be greatly appericated =)
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What exactly do you do when you wake up in the morning/fall asleep at night? Like, your daily hygenic routine. :P

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The thing is, I have this odd feeling I might be missing something, and I'm curious as to what it might be. And in case any of you *know* you're missing anything:

What do you think everyone should do as a part of their daily (hygenic) routine?
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