April 5th, 2005

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1.what's a reasonable amount to pay for a pair of jeans? favorite brand of jeans?
2.what type of eyeliner won't smear after about 2 hours? i've tried a few types and they always seem to give me a black eye effect.


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What exactly is the link between bad balance, no rhythm and dyslexia?
I have all three, I imagine the connection between bad balance and no rhythm, and I know that exercises that improve balance and making the brain recognise both sides of your body help with learning problems like dyslexia, but I’m not sure of the exact connection between all three together.
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I miss ASL. =(

So it's almost time to register for classes. My university doesn't think American Sign Language is a foreign language, so I am required to take 14 credits of a language. I didn't take any this year, so I've got four semesters of some language to look forward to. But I need help deciding. I would create a real poll but I'm a cheapskate and a free member. =D

Which language would you recommend?


I believe those are all of my options - at least, that's all I found when I glanced through course descriptions just now. Any comments are appreciated!!
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a question for those dating..

I'm going away for vacation in a month for a little more than 3 weeks. I'm kinda putting something together (a scrapbook of sorts) for my bf so that he could have something to look at while I'm gone. Any ideas on what I can put in there?

So far I have:
- pictures
- gift certificates for a couple food places that he likes
- a list of things I love about him
- and.. that's all. My brain is being eaten by exams and crap.

Any help would be much much much appreciated.
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Are your pets afraid of bubbles?

I got catnip bubbles forever ago and tried them with the cat who's afraid of everything.  That was a no go.  But last night I tried them with the cat who's not a wussy and she freaked.  Silly cats, those bubbles weren't cheap!

(It did amuse the hell out of me how far the not wussy cat went to avoid them.  And wussy cat will have a love affair with the floor after they've popped all over it, which is also quite amusing.)

Questions for YOU!

1. best and worst thing about being the sex you are
2. the best and worst thing about members of the opposite sex
3. if IVF meant you could have identical twins would you do it?
4. how often do you lie?
5. have you ever been unfaithful?
6. road trip.. where to? from? via?


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So, I got excused from German class to do my registration, because I was supposed to have to jump through hoops to register.
I finished registration early, class starts in 20 minutes.

Do I go, or do I go to breakfast instead?

Edit: Breakfast it is!

New question instead: I'm okay with apparently having gained the freshman 15 (more like 10, but whatever). However, I have apparently allocated some of this weight to my face, and it makes a little dimple where no fat is... on one side of my face. is there a way to target face fat?

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I would never date a man shorter than 5'10.

What is something you couldn't get over when dating.

And please do not post shit like "I'd get over everything, love is beautiful, and you are shallow". Spare me that crap.
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Jimmy Buffett

I'm going to see Jimmy Buffett in June at the Molson Amphitheatre.

Now, I admit, beyond Margaritaville and his version of Brown Eyed Girl, I don't know a lot of Jimmy Buffett.

Are there any must-haves for songs by Jimmy Buffett?

I feel dumb going to a concert where I don't know a lot of the songs, but I was given tickets, so away I go!
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Mailer query

Something I've been wondering for weeks; no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer, really.

Are those padded mailer things (typically 4x6 or 6x9 -- the kind sold at the post office, groceries and drug stores) counted as packages or letters by the USPS? Both?
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Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Anyone like to share their experience with having Carpal Tunnel Surgery done? How long were you out of work? What was therapy like? Did you have a lot of pain afterwords?
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Have you ever been afraid of adding someone to your friends' list because you were intimidated by them or their entries?

There's a few people on my friends list whose journals I used to read all the time, but I never added them because I always thought they'd go back and read my journal and think I was a complete spaz. [g] But then they added me, which made me feel relieved, and kind of flattered, I guess.

Is there anyone you haven't added but you would like to?

And: do you have a GreatestJournal? If so, do you update it as often as you update your LJ?
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SO my boyfriend moved(ran away) six hours away to the big city of Dallas. I want him to be happy but I miss him alot and want him to be miserable and come back at the same time, what shoud I do? Also he's 19 and I'm 17...that's still legal, right?

Just wondering...

To all those people who don't believe in sex before marriage....

What if you never get married? Are you ok with not ever having sex?

Would you change your belief system at any time just so you could experience sex?

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I need to put my rucksack in the washing machine because some disgusting person spat on my bag and got phlem all over it. The thought of hand washing it makes me gag so I'm just chucking it in with a wash load.

My question is should I leave the main part of the back zipped up or unzip it so the bag is open when I put it into the washing machine?
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I have a friend who writes, directs, and produces films – independent low budget films (nothing major). He is finally beginning to pull together his first feature which is a big deal since all of his other films have been shorts. He has written the script and is supposed to start casting in May. The script is basically about a woman being raped over and over again, and then in the end she gets revenge on her attackers by killing them. It’s supposed to pay tribute to Wes Craven’s “Last House on the Left” and “I Spit on Your Grave”.

My point: What is your opinion of this? Do you think it’s ok to show graphic rape scenes in movies?

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Deworming ...

I was wondering if anyone new of any good, safe, free sites that scanned and removed worms/viruses from your computer.

I have McAfee VirusScan and have downloaded all the patches I know of from Microsoft Update - yet my computer is getting more and more jammed up as time goes on. A friend told me I likely had a worm but I have no idea where to start if my virus program hasn't caught it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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I have the Kodak EasyShare DX4900 digital camera. and recently it was sent in to have repairs done, when we got it back we realized that every now and then when it would take the picture it would show up black on the screen, and on the memory card. Now, its also working as if it has no flash, the flash goes off but all of the pictures are very very dark. Im planning on taking it back to the service center @ best buy tomorrow but does anyone know what could be causing this?
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I often like to say to myself: I like being married. However, seeing how I moved out with my hubby only three months before getting married, I can't really make the difference between living together and being married.
(We literally woke up together our wedding day, like it was any other, except a bit earlier. We put on nice clothes, went out, got married and came back.)
Also, seeing how I spent the majority of my life living with people I didn't get along with, I have no clue if I'm happy being married or just happy living with someone I'm not trying to kill and who is not trying to kill me.
So what's the difference?

Is there a difference between being married and living together? What is it (or are they)?

*Note, I'm not looking for legal differences here, or money or tax breaks or that stuff, just emotionally - does it change anything for anyone?

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Question for the ladies...

My beautiful prom dress just arrived in th email and it *gasp* doesn't fit! Its about a half size too small. However, I am purchasing an overbust corset to wear underneath the dress. Do you think that the corset will sinch my waist enough so that I can properly fit into my dress?...Or should I just stop eating now, lol
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I know it's still a little early, but is anyone in the San Francisco area planning on doing Bay to Breakers this year?

And it's such a big deal here, I'm wondering: has anyone outside the area heard of Bay to Breakers?
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shower drains

so if your shower drain 'backs up'..

..and its obvious that its nothing topical/ like no gunk stuck at the tub's surface thats flush with the top of the drain

..what cleaning product would i use to fix this so that the water goes down in a timely manner and i'm not to my ankles in water by the time i'm through showering up?

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I had a really infected nose ring a while back with all this hyper granulation and scar tissue and whatnot. Today, I had a doctors appointment where my doc bruned off the scar tissue and this left over bumb with some silver nitrate stick (or something) and now, I have all this burned skin and silver stuff on my face.
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Now, it stings a little, and I light tried to wash off some of the black with a wet q-tip but it din't work. Can I put concelear on this? Is there any way to get it off? I have school tomorrow, and I just dont want to spen th whole day saying "its not dirt."
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Does anyone know a special trick for removing superglue?

EDIT: Someone fixed it while I was away, though I'm not sure how. :D Thanks for all of your suggestions- I'd actually tried nail polish before I posted, and it didn't seem to work. However, it didn't say on the bottle whether or not it contained acetone.

For those curious about the situation.....my housemates and I had a dispute over the heating this winter. In a fit of rage, the engineering student downstairs glued the thermostat switch to 'heat'. By the time I found it, it was already dry. I didn't worry about it, however, because I could still fiddle with the temperature, and at that time I just wanted him to stop leaving it at 30C and put it at a more reasonable 22C or so. But now it's gorgeous outside and the house has turned into a greenhouse, and with the superglue we were unable to turn the heat *off* and switch it to A/C to get the temperature down. But now the A/C is on, and the air is circulating. Hoorah!

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Why are people (guys especially) freaked out when I say that I am disabled? I say I have a heart condition instead of using the word 'disabled' but even that apparently is too crazy to even continue speaking to me. Because of my medical problems, I can't work or go to school. When I meet new people, that question comes up pretty quickly and I don't want to lie about it. I say I have a heart condition that prevents me from working or going to school on a continual basis. Why is that so awful? As soon as it comes up (which like I said is usually pretty quick when meeting someone new) any contact stops.

It really sucks. I'm trying to meet more people to attempt to have more then one friend I can hang out with but I can't get passed the what do you do question. Any suggestions? And why do people claim to be "tolerant" of differences when they clearly aren't? Bah!

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Is there a file on your computer that logs when and why your computer crashed? I just came back after being away from it for 10 min and it was at the windows XP sign in screen. I got a message from internet explorer that a serious error occurred and i should report it to microsoft.

more shaved heads

And inspired by the question a few posts down....

Would you (male, female, whatever) date a girl with a shaved head?

And if you're a girl, have you ever shaved your head? What'd you think? If you haven't, would you ever consider it?

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I'm cleaning. I need something to distract me, because I don't want to clean, but I like when things are clean, so I have no choice really..

Ask me anything you want to know, or point out anything you want.
Whatever, something I have to answer to..

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My mother is painting a small chair that will be used for time out. She is going to be selling it but she has no idea what to paint on it. She wants it to be suitable for both genders. Any ideas?

What is one thing you hate but everyone else loves?

What is one thing you love but everyone else hates?

What is your favourite song at the moment?

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For those poker fanatics out there ...

I'm thinking about getting a nice set of poker chips. Do you know of any places that have reasonably-priced, quality clay chips? Or even just a good company to get any chips from? (I'd prefer clay chips, but if they have to be a nice set of plastic or composite chips because clay ones cost exorbitant prices I'll be okay with that.) Also, what's a normal weight for clay chips? I've only ever used plastic ones, so I'm not sure what to get. And because I don't know ... what's the difference between clay and composite chips (in terms of quality, perceivable differences, etc)?

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I really should be doing my work right now, but procrastination is soo much more interesting than translating a paper.

What's the longest period youv'e ever stayed up, and why were you doing it?
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This is probably something ridiculously simple that will make me slap my forehead in embarrassment, but how do you keep track of where you commented so you can follow up if someone replies?

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Add on to the boyfriend running away from home (six hours away)

His mom is worried about him, and she's the reason he left. She's actually pretty nice, she was just tired of him walking all over her. Anyways, I don't want her to be sad, so should I talk to her and tell her how he's doing, or should I just leave it be?

Working out questions for those of you who do and don't.

1. If you workout, what is your routine?

2. How long have you been working out for, consistently?

3. If you're not consistent with it, why not?

4. Why do you work out? What are the plusses and minuses?

5. If you don't work out, why not?

6. What advice would you give someone who was trying to get into the working out habit?

Thanks sooo much! =)
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My friend gave me a journal for my birthday. I really love it. However, I have journals already, so I don't know what I can use this one for. I have a journal for my thoughts, one for drawings/scribbles, a livejournal :P, etc.

Any suggestions?

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if you won the lotto, and i mean BIG, like hundred of millions,
could you keep it a secret from everyone?
all your family and all your most closet/BFF/childhood friends, everyone.
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Is there anybody else on LJ (or, at least, in this comm) who doesn't know anybody on their flist in real life? Or am I the only one?

What's the ratio of RL friends to OL friends on your flist for you?
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OK, I'm trying to make more icons, and Paint Shop Pro 6 keeps shutting down on me! I can cut the images fine, but when I go to lay the text on, it either tells me that it doesn't have enough memory to do this, or it just shuts down completely!

I only have one other program open, and that's MSN Messenger.

So what should I do? And I don't want any joke replies like I got last time, I want *real advice*. Telling me to get Photoshop is *not* real advice.
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Does anyone know where i can find that video of Nickelback getting rocks thrown at them?? I just heard a terrible Nickelback song and I'd really like to see it.


Who do you admire more, The person who works there ass off to dot every 'i' and cross every 't' or the person who cuts every corner and somehow gets away with it?

and which would you consider yourself to be?

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In other aspects of life, I prefer a beauty that is unique and distinctly seperate from its fellows. But when it comes to boys, I like more of the same thing. This doesn't make sense to me, considering female beauties can appear in many shapes, forms, feautures. Males who are considered handsome seem to have similiar characteristics. Not to say that beautiful women share no similarities, but they seem to have a wider spectrum of features that can be considered beautiful.

Why do you like men/women over the other?

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Hi I'm new here, but maybe you all can answer a question I have about a really good friend of mine who I recently screwed things up with. We have been really good friends for a long time but I go into depressed moods a lot and get angry with her sometimes and this time I said a lot of stuff I didn't really mean and I want her to know that I didn't mean it, and I've tried telling her but she won't listen. I really do value our friendship cuz she has gotten me through so much and I have helped her through some stuff too so we have gotten closer because of that, but now we aren't talking. She has every right to hate me since I question our friendship so much and can be very cold to her sometimes, but I still want to be friends because we have had so many good times together. So how do I go about getting her to not hate me, or even back to liking me?

(Wow, just noticed that looks very stalker-ish, but I can assure you I'm not a psychopath. Just crazy...)
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So I'll go through periods of being scared of the dark. I have to quell this fear that when I close my eyes the baddies come after me..and my imagination is waaay better than any any movie so it's way scarier for me. So these nights I'm flipping out. They're so scary..all teeth and tearing and blankets don't help..and oh oh oh!

Any way to somehow go to sleep? I no longer live at home or with my fiance..so I have to sleep alone..oh so scary!

Help a poor girl out?