April 4th, 2005


Calligraphy and sign language

Does anyone know of any sites for basic calligraphy and sign language?

A long shot; I think someone used some sort of sign language on me, taking my hand and if I remember rightly cicling my palm before then doing some other guestures - I was drunk and it was a while ago so I can't remember, but saying as I was using sign language (I can sign swear words and thats it) I assume that he was using some form of signing too - anyone any idea what he might have said to me?

between now and...soon

does anyone have the 7th edition of the norton anthology of british literature volume 1?
i left my copy at home and need to read milton for this afternoon's class.
no not all of it.
if someone could tell me what chapters/verses/line numbers are on pages 1171 thru 1774 and 1817 thru 1858, that would be very helpful.
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i ask, you answer. any questions? yes, four.

do you ever post a question and then hours later get really bored of getting responses, so you're tempted to disable e-mail for that post but then you'd feel guilty like you're not giving others a chance to express an answer to your question just cause you got bored? yeah, me neither.

what is the greatest age difference you've had with a partner, what were your ages, and how long were you together?

what do you think made your best relationship your best relationship?

what have you eaten and drunk today?
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(no subject)

What does your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse do that pleases you the most?

How come they don't have wireless earbuds? They have the technology.

Does anybody else eat the koolaid powder instead of mixing it with water?

Favorite thing about your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse? (intended to be different from above)

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Movie Adaptations of Myths

I've googled this, to no luck.

How many movies can you think of that are adaptations of myths (I'm interested in Greek myths the most, but am also interested in myths from other cultures)? I'm interested in everything from a direct transcription to the screen to a very loose adaptation. Movies can be set in any time period.

I have a pathetically small list so far:
Disney's Hercules (Greek myth of Heracles)
O Brother Where Art Thou (Homer's The Oddysee [that would qualify as a myth, wouldn't it? Even though myths are technically supposed to be authorless?])

Can you add some?
The Receptionist Classic

Oh the weather outside is...

Less than two weeks now until vacation! So, I need to start thinking about what the heck I'm going to pack.

I'm going to New York City to visit with friends for a week. I've been there quite a few times, but only in the mid- to late-summer. I've never been in the springtime before. I've been trying to keep tabs on the weather - it's ranged from horrible rainy and cold to absofrigginlutely beautiful. (According to friends.) I'm so confused.

What should this California girl pack for her trip? It's going to be strange having stuff in my bag other than tank tops and skirts.
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I went to a male strip club this weekend. The men weren't as good looking as I would have expected. Their bodies were nice, and most could dance well, but aside from that, I didn't care much for the experience. It was very cheap and sleazy. The men simulated oral sex on stage for $5.00. Any woman could go up and lay on stage or stand or sit with their legs open and they would place their mouth in the crotch area and perform oral over the pants. They also all watched themselves dance in the mirrors on the ceiling. The whole thing made me laugh.

For those who have been to a strip club, what did you think of it?

Mother's Birthday

This weekend is my mother's birthday, and I've been put in charge of making arrangements.

Besides the classic, "taking her out for dinner" or "cooking for her", what can I do that's special... and cheap?

P.S I am not asking for present idea's, I have one for her already... but what should her day be like?
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what would you do?

My job so far has been part-time, project based. So, it demanded just a few hours a day, few times a week, and I could choose where I wanted to work (at home, at office). My status has turned full-time and I start next week. I have gotten so used to going in to work only when work needs to be done and leave when I am done. It hit me last night that I will need to spend 8 full hours plus lunch at work regardless if I have work or not! :S Of course, with the responsibilities given I probably need 10 hours each day!! ;)

Anyhow, I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have one week of vacation before I start the full time...any ideas on what to do with the time? :) Or what would you do....


I'm sure it depends on who you ask or what diet you're on, but in general if I eat 4 eggs a day for a week am I just asking for it? I'm pretty sure eggs aren't really all that bad for you (although I'm eating the yoke, too) but I'm not sure if so many eggs in one week is really bad. For whatever reason we have an abundence of hard boiled eggs in our house now and so I've been taking 2 for breakfast and making the other 2 into an egg salad sandwich for lunch. So yummy.
urban canyon

(no subject)

So my foot has been vibrating since last night, and I have no idea why.

It's basically the area right behind my toes, the ball behind my big toe, maybe. It's like that subtle vibration you might feel in your clothes or shoes when a big diesel engine goes by. Not strong, but definitely there. It's also not terribly regular - it doesn't seem to correspond to my heartbeat or breathing. And it only happens to my right foot, not my left, so I'm pretty sure it's not an external vibration, but something caused by my foot itself.

ANY ideas on what it could be would be welcome.

(no subject)

In applying for a job related to drama and theatre, what kind of theatre practices might be helpful to know? Any drama kids out there?

Edit: Just a stupid office job. Nothing exciting. And it would just last a year, potentially, until I started school again. And I'm being as specific as the job description is, so maybe there's nothing really to say to that, I have a feeling it's not ALL too important to the job any way, other than insofar as it makes you stand out as an applicant.
leave your turntable on

because I like asking dumb questions sometimes.

What do you call a sleeveless undershirt?

Honestly, I call them all (whether they're for males or females) tank tops. Before I moved to Texas five years ago, I'd never heard the term "wifebeater" used in relation to that particular article of clothing.

So the next question is: about when did "wifebeater" become common for that? I saw some article in one of my local papers recently saying that it first became in use during the early '90s, but I can't be sure.
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(no subject)

(someone had an icon of this, and I asked them what movie it was from but they never commented back)

What movie is it where a guy is dating a girl in a wheelchair and she's obsessed with being hit in the shins w/ a stick, and giving the guy head? Then the guy gets a lot of money, and he tries to give her jewels but then she's like "I don't want your money, I just want to suck your dick" or something.

I can't think of the movie for the life of me. Help?
Stare into the very eyes of evil.

unrelated, misc. questions

A) ASL or Spanish - which do you think would be more useful to learn? Or should I try for both? Is it difficult to pick up two languages in one semester, even if one is ASL?

B) Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw - what house do you think you'd be sorted to? I got sorted into Ravenclaw. *shrug*. I don't think it was too accurate.

Speaking of Harry Potter have you pre-ordered the next volume in the series? I'm not going to buy it but I put a hold on the pre-copy at the library. I'm currently 19 of 44 holds *gulp*

C) OK there's a genre of music that I'm looking for but don't know the name of...it's music without words, synthesized, sort of like the music in the background of sci-fi computer games. Like Dirty Vegas only less dance. Is this techno or synth or synth-tech or 'electronic' or 'electro' or ...? Any musicians along this line I should check out?

Do you hug trees? I do upon occasion, if it is a particularly lovely tree.

(no subject)

So does the marriage tax apply to (married) gay couples in MA? I'm really fuzzy on this- if a married gay couple in MA moved to another state, would they still be legally recognized as being married?

(no subject)

So, now that this shitbox I call home-ish land has finally let me see what that "Sun" thing everyone was talking about from last year, what're some good songs to listen to on a drive to/from work that just scream, well, fun I guess?

Things like KC and the Sunshine Band - Shake your Booty
Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice

Stuff like that, just fun energetic stuff. And I said music, so no rap or emo whineyboy shit please.

Of Refridgerators and Movies...

I'm watching TV and it made me wonder about a couple things:

1. If/When you buy a refridgerator, would you get one that could dispense water and ice?

2. Is there a movie that you've seen many many times - in little snippets - but yet, you've actually never seen the whole movie? - for instance, do you catch bits and pieces of it here and there and you get the general plot of the movie, but you've never actually sat down and watched the whole thing?

For me:
1. I don't know if I would. It seems highly convenient, but my Mother always talks about how difficult they are to keep clean. So I dunno. Point to ponder.
2. I honestly think I've seen 'No Way Out' with Kevin Costner at least 50x since I was 5 (I'm 21 now). I see it on TV ALL THE TIME, but I've actually never watched the beginning... or actually most of it. I always see the ending, and I kinda get what the movie's about, but I think one day I should actually sit down and watch it.
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when we sparkle

(no subject)

What components do you think make an LJ userinfo biography good? Do you read people's biographies? Do you read their interest lists? Who do you think has a "good" biography on LJ?

Also, how do I open my lemonade? The top has a weird metal thing like this. Thanks :)
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(no subject)

okay, so i work at a starbucks and i love it, mostly because we have some awesome customers that come to our particular location (i.e. wide variety of interesting people). i also have really great co-workers (even though most of them are my mom's age, i get along with them really well compared to other jobs i've had where i worked with people my own age).

1. do you like or dislike starbucks (and if you dislike them, have you actually been to one)?
2. why do you like/dislike them?
3. if you like them, what's your favorite drink/pastry?
4. how much do you know about coffee?
5. do you think there are better coffee houses? if so, where?
6. how much do you know about the starbucks company (not just business aspects, but also service aspects and whatnot)?
7. anyone else here employed at a starbucks? if so, how do you like it?

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(no subject)

How formal would you say I have to be when writing an admissions essay to an art school?

I'm assuming that they're looking for something a little more creative than average, considering 1) they're an art school 2)the essay topics are a bit out of the ordinary. The one I chose is the less unusual: "If you could have any one verb posted above your desk, what would it be and why?"

Specifically, I'm trying to get into Columbia College in Chicago. Anyone have experience with admissions there??

It just seems like in order to break into a creative voice, I have to break out of a formal one. What I have now sounds a little more conversational. Do you think they'll disregard it?

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Me--State Fair

This is what happens when I'm bored at work.

I think of questions for thequestionclub! (my job is VERY boring--telemarketing)

1. How can I stop drinking Pepsi? I really need to quit, I'm at a very high risk for osteoperosis and pop is bad for me, but I love the taste, not the caffene or anything. If they'd just make a Pepsi flavored candy I'd be set, but alas, they don't (yet!). Any suggestions? I like water, but really cold, preferably and don't like 2% milk, I like AE (Anderson Erickson) chocolate and the Sweet A milk, but they tend to be expensive. *sigh*
2. What's something you left with an ex mate that you miss most?
3. Does anyone besides me rollerskate?
4a. Favorite clothing store?
4b. Last thing bought there?
5a. Favorite kind of shoes?
5b. Last pair bought?
6. Last book(s) bought?
7. What's the best picture of yourself online? (you can link to the URL, don't have to post.)
8. Do you want a frozen banana?
9. Favorite chocolate or candy bar?
10. Favorite recurring, non-main cast Simpsons character?
11. Would you rather phone or IM a good friend?
12. Piercing or tattoo?
13. Favorite flavor of Hamburger Helper?
14. Favorite flavor of M&Ms?

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Was this too many questions?
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I just posted this in my journal but changed my mind.

So this guy just left a message on my phone, I met him a couple weeks ago and stupid drunk me decided to give him my phone number. He obviously likes me, he's called me a bunch of times to do something but I have always had other stuff happening. I told him last week that maybe we could get together this week. I really have no interest in hanging out with him at all. I don't even want to be friends with him, I decided today.

So here's my question, does it make me a total bitch if I don't call him back, in the hopes that he'll give up? Should I even care?
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(no subject)

I couldn't be bothered cooking a proper meal tonight so I threw one of my stand-by microwave meals into the microwave. While I was waiting for it to cook I began reading the packaging (sad, I know). Anyway I noticed warnings such as "This product is not suitable for those with a gluten free diet". The one that caught my eye was "Not suitable for those on a low potassium diet".

My question is why would certain foods be unsuitable for those on a low potassium diet? And why would they need to follow such a diet in the first place?

My pesudo-chicken curry mircowave meal as a prize for the first answer!
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take it back, take it back!

I bought a book from Barnes & Noble almost a month ago, and I really don't want any more.  It's a study Bible, and I decided a different version would suit me better).

I don't have a receipt, and I paid cash.  Can I get them to take it back?  How?  (Store credit would be fine.)
Cadbury Creme Egg

(no subject)

Right-o. So...

Last year I wrote an article for a magazine under a pseudonym (fake name/pen name). This year, I want to do reviews (which are different to articles) for the magazine, but they have a strict policy of not letting reviewers write under pseudonyms. When I wrote my first article, I didn't let the editor know that it was written under a name that wasn't my own (I didn't think I'd be writing for the magazine again, ergo I thought it'd be all good), but now I feel like I need to tell her that I was writing under a pseudonym, because I'd feel guilty otherwise.

My question is:

Assuming you're the editor of the magazine, would you be a little angry at me for not telling you about my pseudonym in the first place? (And for extra credit, what do you think is the best way to mention it to her?).

(Edited because I swore and forgot until I re-read the post)

(no subject)

Redhead-specific shampoo: John Frieda's line or Pantene Pro-V's, and why? Cost is not a factor as they are close enough in price.

EDIT: I have thick, natural auburn hair.
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(no subject)

I just started going tanning. How long does it usually take to build up a base tan?

I go for 12 minutes at a time in the beds, I'm white, not too pale, but not dark either.

EDIT: Also..why do people turn orange? Is it some kind of lotion that they use? Or is it a sunless tanner?

(no subject)

1. If you ate nothing but, say, toast and water for a week, how much weight would you lose? (i'm not planning on doing it, i'm just curious)

2. How weird is it that I went for a walk to the cemetary by myself today?

3. How much do you love livejournal? Seriously now. Would your life be different if you had never gotten a livejournal? Mine would.

4. Tell me something totally random. It's not a question, I know, but it still requires an answer.

5. Do you know who Laura Palmer is? **edit** NO GOOGLING IT! ONLY TELL ME IF YOU KNOW!!!***
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(no subject)

Has it crossed anyone else's mind that the pope's funeral on Friday is a likely target for a terrorist attack? I just saw a headline that said the US prez and the first lady are both going to be there, plus who knows what other national leaders...
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