April 3rd, 2005


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OK! so on the PSAT's i wrote in my email address as garth@therehabs.com. this was my email address from when i was in my band. my band has since disintegrated, as has the website, so garth@therehabs.com no longer functions, so colleges are sending information to NOTHING. i have a new email address, so how would you recommend informing all colleges of the change?

also....do you have a favorite belt buckle? pictures would be cool.

i love you.
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I've got a Velvet Elvis Heart

This pope thing is interesting. I'm not Catholic, so maybe it's something that's just lost on me. There's this little asian kid named Ben that I work with. I'd never known him to be particularly religious, other than as a rationalization for his twenty-six year-old virginity. Tonight, I ask him how he is. He says, a little sad. Why, I ask. Well, I'm Catholic, so... And he trailed off. It took me a minute to get it.

Is it simply a leader thing? Is it just that I don't have a leader in my life to make me understand how hard it is to lose one? My instinctive reaction is that it's sad, but ultimately not that big of a deal. The public's reaction to the Pope's death seems eerily similar to the public's reaction to Dale Ernhart's (sp?), so how can I really think of it as any bigger deal?

I'm not trying to be a shit, really. Can someone explain to me the average Catholic's relationship to the Pope? I mean, he's not God. He's just an intermediary of somesort, right? How is it that so many people can be so upset by the death of someone they don't even know?

Also, why are so many wonderful actors from OZ now on mediocre LAW & ORDER spin-offs?

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1. if you use an illustrated avatar to represent yourself, how much does it actually resemble you? post a picture of yourself with the icon so we can see.....just for fun.

2. am i the only one who prefers watching movies WITH commercials?

3. which members of thequestionclub are on your friends list? which did you know outside the comminuty and which did you meet here?

4. what is on the floor of the room you are in right now (other than furniture)?

5. do you think navy blue can be a "neutral"?

Sexual Openness

I have been wondering about sexual openness (as in open to experiences and experimenting with different things) lately. Is it a bad thing?

I'm noticing that guys who want to sleep with you think it's great while guys who might want to be more serious with you seem to want you to be all virginal. So what does being a sexually open person do to your marryable factor?
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multitude of questions!

1a. If you were at the laundromat and found a shirt or pants in your size, and it was obvious they didn't belong to any of the other patrons, would you take it?
1b. Why or why not?

2a. How often do you wash your car?
2b. How much does it cost you?
2c. Automatic or get out and spray it yourself with the power washer gun?
2d. Do you also wash the interior with any wipes or anything?

3. What kinds of things do you keep in your trunk?

4. What do you do with pop/soda cans/bottles?

5a. Do you tend to wear shorts in summer, or stick with pants?
5b. Reasons?

6. Is your hair straight or curly?

7. How do you part your hair?

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Does anyone NOT like pizza?

Like, I understand that you might like deep dish over thin or whatever. But does anyone not like any kind of pizza? And why not?

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Does anyone have a tattoo on their lower back? on either side, not in the middle? How bad was the pain? what size is it? What was your experience with your first tattoo, who'd you go with, age, what was the artist like etc?
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The Male Body

I was told about this community from somone in the geekygirls community and well, they told me I should ask my question here since ya'll seem to know a lot.
I have a rather tough question to ask. I do not know if anyone will have an answer or not, but I will ask anyways.

What is the function/purpose of a male nipple?

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So like, Im in the shower, right. And Im washin my hair. And my hand hits my neck. Its sore in one spot, so I poke my head out of the mirror, and I have a hicky/bite on my neck.

Anyone wanna let me know how long it takes for them to go away? Its my first one, so I have no idea, lmao... *embarassed*
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Fart cloud

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What's your fave body part on you?
(Pix are optional get as graphic as you like)

Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Would you consider it if you were able to get it for free (be on the Swan or any of the makeover shows that are on)

Have you had plastic surgery?

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1. Whats the process of refried beans? What's re-fried?

2. Why do people get bad breath in the morning? They aren't eating or drinking, so what is it?

3. If you just crush up peanuts, do you really get peanut butter?

4. If I know someone allergic to milk, but want to make them cookies or something along the lines of cookies, what should I do? They can't have chocolate or butter, so I'm stuck.

5. What are you allergic to?
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What do you do when you need to complete homework, but can't seem to?

It's not that I'm lazy - I'm not motivated. I realize I'm probably going to be working on it at the last minute and get stressed.

Any ideas?
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If you attended any sort of religious services today, what discussion (if any) occurred in regards to the passing of the pope?

Poll #467353 PhotoJournal Posts

If somebody is posting photos of an event in their journal, what do you prefer to see more? (Even if you would prefer a mix between the two, please select one.)

Documentary photos of them and their friends
Artistic photos that may or may not include people
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Okay. The muscle that girls flex to do kegels... do boys have that muscle?
My boyfriend can bounce his dangly-bits up and down when they're not being dangly(God, what am I, five?), and we were debating whether that's the same muscle or not.
(Edit: also, this makes me giggle a great deal whenever he does it.)

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I have a somewhat important interview tomorrow morning and I'm in a bit of a jam.

I asked a few days ago about resumes and now I'm working on it. I still have a few questions.

01. How important do you think having a cover letter is?
02. All the sample cover letters I've looked at to get an idea as to how to format it has a specific name of a person but I have no idea who to address it to! There really isn't anyway to find out who I should address it to until my interview. How should I address the letter?
03. Is it important to have the resume in something? A protective folder, or something?

Here's some background information:

I'm going for an administrative assistant job for a company that "fabricates glass, quartz, crystals, plastic and metal components for UV, VIS, and IR regions." This company has been around for almost fifty years, if not more. I'm eighteen years old and collectively I've had two years retail experience and six months in data entry. My past average pay rate has been $8.00 per hour. I have open flexibility and this job is probably full time. I live about forty five minutes away from New York city (just so you know the general area.). Knowing that, how much per hour do you think would be appropriate to get?

And what exactly is "UV, VIS, and IR regions."?

Thank you so much.
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lead me

not so cheap sunglasses

I'm probably going to get my eyes checked sometime in the next month and I'll have to have my prescription readjusted. Instead of just getting new frames, I'm going to get the lenses changed in my old ones... but I want one of them to be prescription sunglasses. I know you can get glasses with tinted lenses, but what about color-tinted sunglasses? I'm off to check the provider's website, but I thought I'd ask anyway...

Also, has anyone had any experience with Transitions lenses? I was thinking it would be great to have those but the only problem would be at night with headlights, or at least that's what my mom says.
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Ahh! Babies!

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help, I've tried googling it but can't find anything. Im looking for a website that can explain the risks, adavantages, disadvantages, differences, etc between all the different types of savings and investments like 401k and cds and annuity. It needs to be in plain english and needs to explain what all of these things are because i dont know. and it needs to compare whats best for my needs. Please help me find what im looking for. thanks.
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i hate my hair.

i need some (insignificant) advice.

i'm a natural blonde. a year ago i spontaneously dyed it black.

every couple months when the roots get ridiculous and people start commenting, i dye it black again.

now i'm bored of dying it black.

i tried adding highlights to camouflage the variant line. no luck.

i tried an overall lightening dye, and it ended up giving my natural roots (almost two inches long at this point) an orangish-reddish color, but the black stayed black.

i'm not experienced enough to try using an overall bleach cause, well, i'm scared to. my hair is pretty long (about belly button length) and i'm afraid of breaking it off.

i have a cosmetologist cousin who sporadically does my hair for me but she lives three hours away. she doesn't know when she'll be in town again.

i'm not working right now so i can't afford to pay $160 at a salon (the irony is that the places i've interviewed at point out that they want their employees to have tasteful clothes and hair... i think they are implying that mine is not).

so my question.....

would you.....
- just leave it and let the roots get ridiculously disgusting with variant stripes (the black, the orange, and the natural)?
- dye it black again, thus upping the risk of breakage when you are able to get it bleached?
- grow a pair and buy an inexpensive bleach cream at the store and do it yourself, not knowing if it will even work since this black dye seems to be made of titanium?
- get someone to drive you (i don't have my license) three hours to see the cousin?
- charge the salon trip to your visa, not knowing how soon you'll be getting a job and already stressing over finances as it is?

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If it was 12 degrees Farenheit out, would 24 degrees be twice as warm?
What would twice as warm as 0 degrees be? Is that possible?
If you transfered that to Celcius, doubled it, and changed it back to Farenheit would it be right?
The Crown

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About 8-10 years ago, there was a lioness named Messina (sp?) at the Washington Park Zoo/Oregon Zoo. She was moved/sold to a different zoo, so I was wondering if anyone either remembers her or knows which zoo she is at? Thanks! :^)
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Music recommendations? I'm looking for new music or new bands to listen to. If you're sick of this question being asked then I apologize, but I know people usually like to recommend music.

My fave bands/singers include The Shins, (old) Weezer, The Thrills, Ben Kweller, Coldplay, Iron and Wine, Ben Harper, Elliott Smith, N.E.R.D. (<3 pharrell), Jem, Deathcab for Cutie, Dashboard, etc....
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for thosewho live in the orange county area:
anyone know where i can find the bus stop for the la habra area?
i need to to take the bus to the fullerton metro station and see if i can get to burbank from there.


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Has anyone else ever tried to block a sneeze and caused snot to shoot up on their glasses? It's pretty gross.

Have you ever encountered something really gross at your favorite restaurant? A wood roach crawled across our table today.

Does anyone else, year after year, notice the same kinds a stupid drama bullshit in their social circles? It seems like same shit, different year right now, deja vu. Should I try to alert them or sit back and laugh? Yes I consider them friends, but if they haven't learned from their mistakes, what good would it do?

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hey everyone,
granted, i am on my period, but this is an ongoing thing.
i have a bad complexion. Yes, it could be worse, but I wash my face every morning, after I work out, at night, I exfoliate with salicylic acid twice a week, i have murad salysdlkjawerkj acid stuff to put directly on acne.

this is what i use:
in the morning, if i'm not working out that day- clean and clear morning sunrise orange smells-good-but-does-jack-shit stuff
at night- dove facial clenser soap foam stuff

**after i work out- DDF (doctor's dermatoligist formula, i realize that i can't spell) with 5% benzel peroxide --and if i use this, then i use dove in the morning as to not overdry my face. OH, and i moisturize with purpose.

am i using too many products? should i throw any certain product away? does anyone have this all figured out as I clearly do not? Am I doing something wrong, or should I just throw in the towel and order from proactive?

No, I have not seen a dermatoligist, but my friends who have haven't really benefitted from it. Many of them. And dermatoligists seem kind of sketchy. And I'm in Poughkeepsie, New York, so there's not too much offered here anyway.

thank you SO much for ANY information you have, it will be a bigger help than you know.
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I don't have a calendar, and Google isn't yielding what I'm looking for.

For Canadians: When is Victoria Day this year?
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I have several posts saved in my memories where the user deleted their journal or I get the "Error: No such entry message." How do you delete them? I tried to but I always get the message: "Error retrieving data to add a memory."

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Why does Kelis' "milkshake" bring all the boys to the yard? Does she use 100% organic milk, hand-picked strawberries, or fine imported chocolate?

Actually, how the heck did the word "milkshake" become slang for a woman's body and how she carries it?
ciel fave :3

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1. Why is it that the person I am most interested in right now has nothing in common with me? I know the saying..."opposites attract", but it doesn't seem to make much sense that I am so attracted to someone who I have nothing in common with.
2. Is it wrong/slutty/gross to have a...uh...crush (not the right word...but whatever) on more than one person if you're not actually seeing any of them?
3. If you could pick between spending a few days in NYC or Toronto, which would you choose and why?

Also, I figured I'd mention that I used to be __lockdownxbaby, since I'm pretty active on here. :)
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Wedding Songs

If you're married, what was 'your song' at your wedding?

If you're not married..but know what song you want to have, what is it?

I'm hooked on David Grey's "This year's love" so far..but I have no idea...that's a while away.

Does anyone know what song Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra used? I can't remember the name of it :/