April 2nd, 2005

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Okay, I'm moving to Oregon in August and I want to send interest letters with my resume to some land use planning/environmental planning companies over there, regardless if they're hiring or not. I haven't worked in the field in over a year now, so I'm a little rusty. I *do* have about 2 1/2 years of experience in planning, though, and 4 years of education on it, so this isn't a complete shot in the dark. I know I have a lot of time between now and then, and I'm aware that they may take my letters and pitch them immediately, but I feel like I need to give it a shot. I'm not planning on sending any letters until around May, so I still have some time to get something together.

So, what should I say in these letters? Has anyone here done this before or know someone who has? I have a few different cover letters that I'm going to work from, but I'm not sure how the first paragraph should go.

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I saw this commercial on VH1 the other day that completely boggled me. It was Bill Cosby talking about Daytona Beach and spring break while sitting dressed all nicely in some sort of interview setting. It reminded me of those the the more you know commercials from sat morning cartoons when i was little. What the hell was it a commercial for and why did they use Bill Cosby? I was so confused. What is this all about?

locked entries

Have you ever locked an LJ entry so only your LJ friends can see it, but one of them shared it with another person who was not meant to see it?

I was talking shit about a girl (because I was really POed about her canceling a road trip) and my friend showed it to her. Is it my fault that I expected her to use common sense?
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College letters

So I know the old story is "if the envelope is thin, you're rejected, if it's fat, you're accepted." But I know that's not true of certain schools, so...

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Boston College, Amherst, and Columbia. Anyone know about their letters? Fat envelopes, thin envelopes? And do any of them do online notification?

This isn't for me since I'm already happy at Dartmouth, but I need it for a character.

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If I'm going to have a very small, bare apartment, what do i need? So far I have plates/silverware, a microwave, and a minifridge (and not that i need them, but i have a tv and gamecube). I'm looking into getting a mattress, a small table and a chair or two, someplace to put my clothes, and a fan(because my laptop is such a POS that it needs an external fan). Anything else?

My legs and knees hurt. Badly. because I played DDR for about 3 hours last night(not straight, there were a few other people there, but still), and capped off with an oni course.
How do I make my legs/knees stop hurting? I'm going to have water and take a vitamin...
On speed


I asked this girl for her phone number in one of my classes and she seemed really enthusiastic about the whole thing of us going to coffee and such. She even told me her work schedule so I could call her and arrange a time, this was on Monday. I call her Tuesday after she got of work and left her a message on her answering machine (normally I wouldn't call the day after I got someone's number, but we do have class together every Mon., Wed., Fri.). She didn't call me back and she wasn't in class on Wednesday, I didn't want to seem like a stalker so I figured I'd talk to her on Friday and see what's what. Friday, she didn't acknowledge that I had called and I didn't want to push the issue.

Should I give up on this?
What the hell did I do wrong?
Did I mis-interpret what happened?

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1) What's an easy way to somewhat-decently fold queen-sized sheets when you a) don't have a lot of space and b) don't have anyone who can help you?


2) Does anyone know of a good mnemonic device to help me remember which is which between convex and concave? I can never remember.

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Are you upset about the Pope dying?
I think it is sad that he is dying as I would with anyone dying, however everyone seems to be going out of their way to express sympathy for a man they have previously despised, as even for a pope some things he came out with were out and out intolerant, so why do so many people act this way when the person they have previously despised is about to die, shouldn't they be glad to be rid of him? (To be blunt)
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There's someone that I know that I care very much about...I guess I'd call her a friend even though she has a position of power over me in regards to our relationship through the administration (which is how we met). At any rate...this person is a smoker...her and I have gone round after round about me wanting her to stop. I realize that what she does is her own business...and be willing to leave it at that, it's better than not having her friendship at all, however she's mad at me now. My question is, how do I make her understand that the only reason I've been so annoying about all this is because I care about her?

Edit: I'm not asking how to make her stop...just how to get her to realize that I am like I am about it because I care about her. I'm willing to just ignore her habit if I have to, but right now she doesn't even want to speak to me.

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If you have a dream and one of your friends is in it, do you tell them the next day?

[edit] I usually tell them if it isn't anything that might be awkward. For instance, I omitted the part where I kissed one of my friends in my dream, but I still told them that they were in my dream.
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Previous question about Anita Blake?... and more.

OK, I could swear that sometime in the last week or so, there was a question about someone who liked the Anita Blake series and asked for similar book recommendations. I have looked at every day in MARCH and searched for keywords and still can't find this damned post. I have also gone through the last 1000 posted on my friends list to see if, perchance, it wasn't asked in this community. NO LUCK!

Did I imagine it?

*shakes fist in frustration*

I have done nothing all day except watch 3 movies, nap, and sweat because it's 80 degrees inside my apartment. Should I feel bad for being such a sloth?

What is the strangest thing(s) on your desk right now?
[Mine a tie between the stuffed monkeys and the plastic sheep.]

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There's a street in my very colorful college town that people are afraid of walking down alone at night. However, this street is centrally located and full of restaurants and businesses that are open late, so it's pretty much full of people all of the time. I've never seen anything going on there that would make me fear for my safety (there are many homeless people there, and plenty of smoke shops, but that's about it). As such, I feel perfectly comfortable walking alone there, while some of the more-deserted (but not decried as unsafe) streets make me very nervous.

Which would you consider more safe: a well-lit, busy street with a colorful reputation, or a more deserted area that nobody worries about?

Note: I know that people usually won't help someone who's in trouble, and that I shouldn't be walking alone at night, anyway. However, sometimes I do need to go out and the buses don't go everywhere. I just want to know, from someone who's used to living in cities, if my reasoning is sound.
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When food goes moldy do you ever cut off the moldy bits and eat the rest?

I've heard that bread mold spores can cause you to go blind so if you have a bag of moldy bread, you're not supposed to open the bag, you're just supposed to throw it out. Is there any truth behind this?

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What's the point in buying a Final Four shirt? I mean, if your team wins, I guess that's one thing, but if they lose, your shirt is kind of useless after that weekend...


I am scheduled to compete in a talent show this coming Friday. I cannot find the instrumental version of the Mariah Carey song that I was planning on singing, therefore, I can no longer sing it. I would greatly appreciate ANY suggestions of other songs to sing. Any kind of music, any voice range, ANYTHING. I'm lacking ideas so the help is much needed.
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I can't ever get any of my real life friends to consult with me on this issue, so here goes:

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So I guess my two questions are: do you think there's any way I can get the SN, and/or do you know why I'm getting the conflicting messages? If I can't get the SN, should I do some variation on "mbmargarita" (if so, what) or something totally different so it's not confusing?


Tax question...

Okay, this may be stupid but I am clueless.

When I fill out my 2004 tax forms and it asks for my home address, do I put the address I live at right now (Which is a different state) or do I put the address which I lived at in 2004?

Thank you sooo much!