April 1st, 2005

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long distance relationships

are you in a long distance relationship?

why are you in a long distance relationship (other than the obvious, "because we love each other")

how did you meet?

did you live long distance when you met?

how often do you see each other?

how often do you talk to each other? on the phone or online?

how many long distance relationships have you had before this one?

how many NOT long distance relationships have you had?

if you're not in a long distance relationship now, have you ever been in one?

how did you meet?

how often did you see each other?

why didn't it last?

would you ever do a long distance relationship again?

if you've never been in one, what do you think of those who are in one? especially those who've never actually met in person?

do you know anyone who is in a long distance relationship?

in your own mind, do you see it as less of a relationship, again especially if they've never met in person?
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Another pronunciation question

An earlier post reminded me of a question I had had at one time....

How do you pronounce "Gaiman" as in the author, Neil Gaiman?

I've always prnounced it "GUY-MAN" but I've heard it pronounced "GAY-MAN" as well. Just wondering which is correct.

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Is your tongue supposed to get weird dark stuff on it after you drink, or did I just eat a spider in my sleep or something? I need to know if this is because of drinking before I go and ask my mom.
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Teaching in the UK

I don't know if anyone can help me with this question here, but I figured it was worth a shot.

I am a teacher from Alberta, Canada.

I am currently looking into teaching in the UK, through a couple of teacher placement agencies, Time Plan and Teachers Plus.

I have been to England once, five years ago. While I was there, we spent one day in London, one week in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and one week in Devon. The agencies want to know where I want to teach. The problem is, I have no idea. I know that I don't want to be in Central London. I wouldn't mind being close enough to London that I could take a bus in for a day or something, but it's not necessary. I'm really not sure what the nature of the education system is in the UK. Would anyone here know if there's a certain area in the UK that would be better to teach in than others? I liked the town of Harrogate, and I think I would like to live in a place of a similar size.

I'm ready for an adventure, but I don't want to be completely overwhelmed.

Does anyone here have any suggestions? I'd also be interested in hearing about a North American teacher's experiences with this sort of thing, if anyone in this community has done something similar.
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liberty leading the people
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corrupt elections

So between Iraq, Ukraine and now Zimbabwe it seems that whatever part of the UN that's responsible for overseeing elections has a lot of work to keep them busy.

When the legitimacy of an election is called into question ahead of time does it make more sense for the UN to allow the election to take place anyways, and watch to see if there really is fraud involved, and then re-poll if there is, OR should they just postpone the upcoming elections and run it themselves?

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is it true that you develop a dark circle around your iris when you have toxins in your body?
i remember hearing that once, but never gave it much credence.
however, i drank to excess the night before last (something i do, at most, three times a year), and noticed a decidedly dark border around my iris yesterday. i dont think it was there before.

anyone know?

Watch this.

My birthday was a few days ago, and one of my gifts was a wristwatch. I normally don't wear them, but since it was a gift, I've been putting it on lately. One question, though.
The bezel has the seconds marked off, and it can be rotated around the face. What for?

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Pigtails question:

Two ponytails vs. two braids vs. two French braids...which is classier? :o) Or do you think any pigtails look childish?

Who's your favorite all-time composer?
My all-time favorite is and always has been Beethoven. Sounds cliché, but there you go. I can listen to the 9th symphony for hours. and the 3rd. :o) But runners-up include Pachabel, Elgar and Gershwin. And I like John Williams. :o)
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Email auto-reply

I'm consigned to using Outlook Express at work. I will be away from the office all next week. Is there a way, using OE, to do one of those automatic "I will be out of the office until....." replies to any emailer, or is that only with other programs? It would certainly be helpful.

April Fools?

Is there any major website that's doing anything for April Fool's Day?

Gmail's offering Infinity+1 space, and then there's the whole LJ deal. Wikipedia has a really funny article as their Featured Article.

I can't seem to find any ther website that's celebrating it though. Not Amazon or Paypal or eBay or Google (if you don't count GMail) or Gaia Online. Shame.

Anyone got any leads?
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

When female dogs are not spayed, do they get their periods? How do breeders who don't spay their dogs deal with the blood? are there doggy pads? Also, how do breeders know that two dogs will mate? I mean can you just get a male and female of any breed and they mate? How do you know if both dogs are fertile? Is it complicated?
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computers and a music question

Which is faster on broadband, wifi or cat 5?

I got an offer for a gig the other day. This guy who was in the music store I work in when I came in on Wednesday said he was looking for a keyboardist and I, ambitious as I am, said, "I do keys." So he said they do older rock and some country, gave me some CDs of the stuff they've done, and that was it. Haven't seen him since and I was stupid enough not to get the guy's name (although it's all over his CDs so that's not that much of a problem). They're a local band and I haven't listened to the whole album yet, but from what I can tell it has a lot of that heartbroken lonely country on it and their rock tracks are weak, imho. Not to sound prejudiced but they're a group of forty-somethings and I'm 19, plus I'd be the only female and I've never played with a group before so I'm not very well-qualified. I'm going to listen to their stuff some more and see if I can find a place in it that I can identify with, but what do you think I should do? Do it just because it's a gig and it's experience with other musicians or don't worry about it since it's not really my game anyway and I'm out of my league?
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(no subject)

Does April Fool's end at noon or not?? I wish I could do a poll to get a majority vote..

I've always heard that it ends at noon, I learned that from the Simpsons.
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(no subject)

Do you read responses to questions posted here even if you have no intention of answering the question asked? If you want to reply to something someone has commented with, do you reply even if you didn't answer the question?

Sometimes when I read other people's comments and I want to say something I won't because I didn't answer the question or anything, and I feel that it's just out of place. Or maybe I'm just crazy.
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How old do you have to be to see an "R" rated movie in Florida or in the general United States?

And I mean without your mommy and daddy there with you.

At my local movie place I heard they are starting to ID people.

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So errr, I've read a lot about what happens when the Pope dies and how a new one is elected and how business goes until there is a new Pope, but one thing I haven't seen an answer to yet . . . does anyone know

Who presides over the Pope's funeral services? Would it be Cardinal Angelo Sodano who's the Vatican's Secretary of State, or Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo (the camerlengo) or. . . . ?

It says that the carmerlengo arranges the funeral in accordance with instructions the Pope left him, but. . . .