March 31st, 2005


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Help my little brother do his homework. ;o) We are both drawing huge blanks on this one.

We need an example from literature in which there are specific scenes that depict really bad working conditions for the poor/lower classes that are imposed upon them by upper classes. Can anyone point us in the direction of a piece of literature that has something like this? We'll bake cookies in your honor!

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Which one's which? One's Synester Gates, the other it Zacky Vengeance. BUT WHICH ONE IS IT?!

And is that a SpongeBob pass underneath the one on the right's butt?
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Are you also reading LiveJournal for the first time in weeks because you've been playing World of Warcraft every waking moment but they've taken the servers down for 3 hours?
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Exercise while sick?

Will my sickness get worse if I work out?

I started feeling like crap a couple of days ago (sore muscles, sore face, runny/gooey nose stuff, lethargic). I don't want to lengthen the duration of whatever it is I have by working out, and I don't want to give it to anyone else (not sure how long my "contagious" time is).

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I'm doing a powerpoint presentation for my english class about classical music. Any ideas of what I should include? It can be pretty much anything from bios of famous composers to the technical aspect of the music itself.
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Michael's Called a Meeting!

When I was little (so think mid-80s), I was in this Christmas play at church. It was the Christmas story, as told by the angels. Or something like that. There was a song in there that went something like this "I miss my mother's face, her warm embrace and I wonder, does she miss me?" (The girl singing it had been taken into slavery.) And there was another one "If it were up to me, I wish that he could go and be a great hero, someone everyone would know..." (that would be the angels talking about what Jesus should go to earth as) I remember other little snippits, too, but I think I have them mixed up.

So my question is, does anyone remember doing a play like this? If you do, what is it called? (I'm looking for the lyrics to the songs.)
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How many entries have you set your Friends page to show on a single page? (Main Question, never mind I spent more time on the other one. :P)

Is that related in any way to the number of posts you usually get on your Friends page per day?

When you say that you friend yourself to use your posts as a marker, what do you mean?

As for me, I've got the Friends page set to 50 posts per page, because it bothers me to have to scroll through so many pages of posts (Active comms. Psh. :P). It doesn't affect my loading time by much, so I just leave it like that.

And I remember someone asking why people Friend themselves, and people answering that they use it as a marker. How exactly do you do that? I mean, I never just make a post to mark where I've read in my Friends page... I friended myself because it makes it easier to read my own posts when I do post them, and 'cause I like seeing my icon. :P

Actually, I made a Friends Group out of only myself so that I could compare my most recent posts' icons one after the other, without having to scroll through tons of posts. I often use my icons as mood indicators, so it's interesting when I go through and see 5 posts with the same "angry" icon in a row. :)
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I can't get into my email account... does anyone else have this problem? I have msn.

I also can't get into paypal. Are these site just being wacky? or is there something wrong with my compy? :( It's been like this since tuesday night...

"This Page Cannot Be Displayed" comes up on both paypal and when i attempt to go into my email account.
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My finger just got slammed in a drawer, hard! It's already swelling and I can see a black bruise forming under the nail. Is there anthing I should be doing for it? Ice? Wrap? Etc.
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Eye bump

For a few months now I've had this little bump under my left eye. It's smaller than a pea, and it's hard.

Collapse )

Any idea wtf it could be? I was doing the whole wait and see thing, but it's still there.

ETASorry, I should add that it is under the skin, like it's inside my lower eyelid. It's not painful or anything, it's just this hard lump.

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whats the most comfortable skate shoe?
i have this thing where the bones in my feet don't lock properly when i walk, so i need something thats flexible like a tennis shoe but has that cool canvas shoe look.

Ice Bar Vegas

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I've noticed that a lot of people have anime (I think that's how you spell it) characters that look similar to them, and use them as icons. Where did you go to find yours? I want one.

**Note: if you draw them, would you be interested in making a little money? I'd like one of my boyfriend and me, that I can frame and hang in our house.

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What are some company slogans or jingles that just DON'T MAKE SENSE?

See, I think Canadian Tire's jingle is weird, because it basically keeps singing "I'll start with youuuu, time to get things started right, I'll start with youuuu" like, ok. You'll START with me? I don't get it, couldn't you start with that guy over there? And what does "start" connotate? You wanna fight?
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i was browsing a journal and on one page i saw two people's icons with pix of famous folks (one with sawyer - from lost - and harry potter, and the other with the beatles boys) and it said OTP on the picture.

what does this mean?

i googled and the only thing google came up with was that OTP meant on the phone. i doubt this is correct in this circumstance.

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long story short, a spider egg hatched in my car. they are these hairy brown 1" spiders, and i have severe arachnophobia, so i cannot drive my car until they're all gone. my husband has removed 10 of them so far, but someone (who actually knows something about spiders) please give me an estimate of how many of these evil bastards are in my car, so i know how many we have to seek out and remove before my car's "safe" again. AUGH AUGH AUGH!

Edit: they are "jumping spiders", Phiddipus audax.
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I live in the uk, and I can't seem to find a site that will sell prismacolor markers or copic markers, never mind ones that will ship to the uk. My local art shop does not supply them, do you think that maybe I should go in and ask if they will order them in for me?

Does anyone in the uk use them? How much do they cost? I know that a copi marker costs about $5.00 each and there is the Travelling Man which sells them for £4.80 each but not a great selection of colours, and I am really looking for a box set rather than individual markers.

Any help? Or any other place you think I should take this too?
Thanks guys.
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I've been working at a new job for two weeks (NOTHING SPECIAL), and today i called off because i didn't feel like going in. i just had other things i needed to take care of. LIKE MYSELF.

so, do you think it was a good idea to take a day off and just relax?

edit: i guess i failed to mention that i'm also attending college and i've been flooded with a bunch of school work. i've been scheduled to work 4 days for those two weeks and it's hard trying to manage everything. i just need to get back on track with schoolwork.

independence from parents

If one's parents disown them is there any way to declare independence without taking them to court?
Also, can anyone think of any job that would make good money? Or what are some steps you would take to secure your financial stability? like what kind of a bank account or something do you need to create? Credit card for credit history?
Any advice?

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last night i went to my local mall with my boyfriend to eat at the food court. i rarely go to the mall so i surprised to see the interior COVERED in posters and banners for the movie fever pitch. they were on the ceiling, they were on the walls. there was even advertising for the movie on the food court tray mats. is this like this anywhere else? it literally looked like 20th century fox had bought out the place.
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On iTunes, what's your #1 Most Played song? What's the play count for it? What's the most recent date you played it?

Mine is Rufus Wainwright's "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk," which has firmly held the top spot for as long as I remember. Its play count is 54, and apparently I last played it Monday, though I have no recollection of that.

Your turn.
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I have a month and a half ish(four weeks of classes, finals week, however long after that we can stay in the dorms) to find a job and an apartment/room in a college town before summer starts. Job comes first, because there are people I can crash with for a bit while I apartment hunt.

Can I do it?
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how do you even BEGIN to comfort someone when there's no way that you can even begin to immagine what they've gone through, what they've lost? what can i say, if anything?
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I signed up to do a speech in my writing class for next Friday as we have to do two speeches, so why not get it out of the way as soon as possible?

Anyway, by the time the paper that had the choices for speeches came around to me, they were kind of slim pickings. I ended up signing up for connotation/denotation.

The requirements are that it actually has to be about connotation/denotation, be five minutes long, and be entertaining.

Haha, so I've been trying to think of some "entertaining" ideas that could take up time. So far the only promisable one has been a mad lib of sorts.

As you can see, I'm having trouble trying to figure out how I can fill up the five minutes. If I don't, I will be forced to dance in front of the class until the five minutes are up.

Anyone have any ideas for entertainment? Or possibly ANYTHING that has to do with connotation/denotation?
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"i eat only protein.... so my body feeds of the fat cells, made of carbohydrates, for energy to break down the protein"
Okay makes no sense to me but I dont understand protein and shit, so like, does this make sense, or is it bullshit? Will it really work?


Leave a comment about what state/province/country youre from. Make sure to look in the comments to see if your state has already been mentioned and comment on it ;) Just to see how many people are where :)
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Removing tree stumps

I've got to remove a tree stump. Its very close to the side of the house.

We've got regular shovels and wide blade picks for the obvious dirt removal, various saws and axes to break through the roots. The problem is the side of the stump near the house. Regular shovels are very difficult to fit the blocked areas, and the picks are hard to aim right against the house(I'd have to be half inside the wall to do it conveniently) and don't move much dirt anyways.

Can anyone think of ways to make this easier than coming in the front, digging out under, taking out the roots there, digging out even more so the stump can be bent down into the hole to expose the roots on the other side for removal? It can only easily be approached from two sides, and a third if I remove part of the fence. Unfortunately, there are large roots going along the house side where I can't easily approach it with the obvious tools, so even three sides would be rather difficult to do.

I'm open to techniques with the tools listed, or even out of the box thoughts on how to use other tools I might have available that I'm not thinking of. I'm even open to using fire to get rid of it if I could make it work without risking the wooden house its less than a foot away from. I do not want to simply brute force this, that would take a lot of time and be rather tiring...

Backhoe probably isn't an option, too expensive to rent one, and I'd need to hire an operator who coudl use it to get rid of the stump without banging up the walls of the house or damaging the foundation.

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Has anyone heard of
They claim to send you free products in exchange for your evaluation of them through a survey.
It sounds too good to be true, but i feel like i've heard of stuff like this before and it was ok.
Anyone have any ideas?
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my feet are shrinking! MY FEET ARE SHRINKING!

Has anyone here ever had their feet shrink? I used to wear an 8 1/2 and now every 8 1/2 I try on is huge on me so I'm down to 8 and sometimes 7 1/2 fits better than that. The only logic I've come up with is that I've been working out off and on over the past few months and I've been losing fat in my feet but that just seems odd. It's not a monthly thing, I think it's been progressive since sometime last summer. The sandals I got last May are all of a sudden very big on my feet. For what it's worth, I'm 19 and female, not pregnant and a good 25 lbs overweight. It feels like I've lost a little weight but I'm not sure and if I got on a scale I'm sure it wouldn't show any change. Does anyone have any guesses as to why my feet are shrinking?
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I asked this at vaginapagina but no one seems to know much about it.

I was surfing around online and happened to start reading into Plan B/EC/MAP. Someone at an LJ communitity mentioned that Canada is working to get EC available over-the-counter.

Being that I live in NC, EC isn't readily available to anyone who wants it. You need a doctor's apointment, get a perscription, etc. All that takes time, which makes EC less effective. It's a conspiracy! interesting.

I stumbled upon a website called, which led me to a North Carolina website called is a website run by people like Planned Parenthood. According to the website, you dial the HotLine number when you need EC, they take some personal information, take your creditcard number, and fax a perscription to your local pharmacy, where you can pick it up.

This seems way too good to be true. Has anyone had any experience with an EC hotline? Don't you need an exam to get a perscription? I've never had any type of exam for birth control or etc. Would that deny me EC, or would they ask me to go somewhere for an exam first? What kind of information do they take? Does any of this go onto insurance records?

(Don't worry, I don't need EC right now. I'm just curious for the future.)

Also, they've mentioned that they encourage women to get EC ahead of time, just in case something happens. How long would the medication last? Is there an expiration date?

Oh, also as well: I've heard that if I need EC, I can go to a hospital and get it. Is this true? Do they do an exam first?

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1a) When you play dominoes, do you "count the cards" that have been played to try to win?

1b) In dominoes, have you ever blocked a game on purpose?

2) If you eat scrambled eggs, do you scrambe the yoke first or do you just crack it into the frying pan and scramble while it's cooking?

3) Why are "one" and "once" pronounced as if there was a "w" in front? (I don't want a scientific answer here. Give me your silliest answer.)

4) What's the most dangerous sport you participate in?

Edit: My answers Collapse )
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My first post!

Er, hi! *pokes out from behind a tree and waves* New member here with a question:

My friend is in dire need of a roommate, so she would like to host a foreign exchange student, preferrably from the university/college level. She's looking for the type of program that would give you a monthly salary for your participation, as well as a food stipend -- you feed the student breakfast each morning and dinner each night (or a certain number of dinners a week/whatever).

Does anyone know where she/I might find any programs which might offer this sort of arrangement? I recently studied abroad in Paris, and my host family had a similar deal -- I got breakfast each morning and 3 dinners a week. (But all this was handled by the school -- I had nothing to do with choosing my family) Any sort of help or any leads leading to help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!
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driving question

I'm going to explain this as best as possible to get opinions. Driving from my work to the expressway, the street (in my direction of travel) is divided into two lanes. Both are forward driving lanes (not turn lanes or anything. A seperate left turn lane appears at stop lights. The left-hand lane in a regular sized lane. The right-hand lane is larger than a regular sized lane because there is room for a parking lane. You can park there anytime excpet for Mon-Fri 7am-9am.

When I'm driving home from work, there is nobody parked in the parking lane. So cars use it as another driving lane. Which is a pain in the ass. Two cars fit side-by-side, but as you get closer to the expressway, the parking lane disappears, so all of the cars have to cram into the real lane and it causes traffic to back up *forever!*

1. Is it legal that people drive in the parking lane like that?
2. Do you do it? Why/why not?
3. If you're in the 'real' lane - do you nicely let people merge in, or no?

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Once speakers start crackling, does that mean they are pretty much at the end of their lives? Or are they salvagable after that?

I'm moving in May and my speakers are crackling (I listen to loud music, lol). Should I just throw them out when I move and buy new ones when I arrive, or is there some way to salvage them and make them not crackle?

my mom really wants me to go find a prom date

hello this is a very sad and desperate girl without much money who has a very dire mission:

going to her senior prom with a decent non-asiaphile/non-weirdo/non-ex-felon/non-ghetto/non-drugabuser/non-uncoolness type of person who i could bring home to my mom.

so like d'ya wanna go to my senior prom with me?

ok looking
can speak english
don't smell bad
can pay for yourself
and i have friends who'd like dates too. let's all have coffee.

ok, no sex, dude. yeah. that's about all i gotta say about that.

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Is it possible to get the marble out of a bottle of Ramune without destroying the bottle? If I have to destroy the blue lid thingy, what's the best way?

What are the odds that my boyfriend has noticed that I kiss with my eyes open, and is just opting not to bring it up? (it really bothered one of my exes)

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I was wondering how you would react if your girlfriend received this in a letter/email.
What, if anything, would you do about it? Would it matter if you had found out about it without her knowing that you know? (sorry if that is confusing)
Also, if the age of the sender is 15 years older than the age of the reciepient, would that increase/decrease/do nothing about any suspicions that you may or may not have?

Hope that life is treating you very well! i have been thinking about you lying face down on my warm massage table while i am pushing hot oil over your sweet back and looking at your adoring tat2!

i hope that doesnt distract ya 2 much!

Get with me this weekend if you want to come see me


Never had any reason to suspect that she is/was/would ever cheat on me, so I am just going to file it away and watch the situation. Agree/disagree?
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Why does this sign # (which I've now copied and pasted from somewhere else) turn into this • when I type it? It used to work. I swear it did.
I have an iBook G4 if that matters, which it probably does.

Also; why are my right ribs suddenly hurting? I haven't done anything that could make them hurt and they just started hurting yesterday.
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you know hersheys cookies & cream? of course you do! anyway when I was younger, they had a similar chocolate bar but with regular milk chocolate and cookie bits, and it was MINT FLAVOURED. it was one of my favourite chocolates ever and I was so sad when they stopped selling it...I haven't had it in years. :(

so my question's this: do you have any dearly missed chocolates, candy or "limited time only" food items? like the buffalo wing flavoured crispy strips they used to have at KFC? (it's not the same as the buffalo wings stuff they have there now.)
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Has anyone here ever had to use It's anti-plagiarism software. I'm so paranoid about it catching something that I didn't copy and I have to submit this essay on it tonight.

Have you used it? If so, how strict was it?
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World of Warcraft?

Whats the appeal? What makes it so addictive? I dont know anything about it....

....and here is another question...which gender is better for having LESS sexual experience?
Are inexperienced boys better in general than inexperienced girls? Why/why not? Can be a one word answer.

my vote is for boys - I think it's better for a boy to be less experienced than a girl.

I know this question is vague - it's not intended to offend, but if it offends you please let me know why - it's an insight =)
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