March 30th, 2005

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Does anyone else have problems reading white words on a black background?

It used to not bother me, but I've been headachy lately, and now I don't even bother trying.
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Misc: Cowboy Boots

I need help with math.

I'm horrible at math - can someone help me with this?

I'm trying to work out a grade for a course I'm in that I despise (and thus am doing horribly in).


50% in the midterm exam - worth 25% of the final mark
65% on the essay - worth 30% of the final mark
0% on the tutorial participation - worth 15% of the final mark
50% on the final exam - worth 30% of the final mark

What's that average?

What's the lowest grade I can get in the final or on the essay to give me a 60%+

Help? I hate being useless in math. Bonus marks and cookies if you can explain how you did this, so that I can recreate it on my own down the road :)
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1. do you think that when you're drunk is when the REAL truth comes out, or when a distorted version of the truth comes out? have any examples?

2. how long have you been a member of thequestionclub?

3. when you have a handful of unrelated questions, do you save them up to combine in one entry, or do you just post multiple one-questioned entries throughout the day?

4. do you ever accidentally post an entry to your own journal that was intended for a community?
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I have a ton of books that I want to sell and I needed some advice on where to do that. obviously a used book store but I know some are kinda picky about what kind of books. I have mostly fiction young adult type genres. Any tips on how to find one that will take my books? Also, I live in MI if anyone from here knows of any,


Im thinking of getting an iPod mini, but Im completely and utterly in the dark about them. I use MusicMatch Jukebox but Ive heard that you have to convert all your files or something. again, completely in the dark. If I get one is there no way so avoid iTunes and stick with MMJB? What do I need to know/consider before purchasing one?
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1.) I'm looking for the font used on the "Pop Rocks" package... does anyone happen to have it, or know of a place to get it? [I've looked at and, and yes, I googled]

2.) Why do people squint when trying to read small and/or unclear text? Does squinting help focus better or something?

3.) When wearing a skirt, and using the restroom, do you hike the skirt up around your waist or pull it down like you would pants? Does length of the skirt make a difference in your decision?

4.) A salaried employee goes to the airport to pick up a person from the corporate office. They get in an accident on the way back to the hotel to drop the person off. The accident is not their fault, they were rear-ended while at a complete stop on the freeway. They now have to pay, out-of-pocket, their 500$ deductible, car rental for maybe a month, and 20% of the repairs and hope to get reimbursed.

Since this was on company-time, should the company be paying for these costs?
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Couple of Music Questions

1. "Blinded by the Light" by Manfred Mann/Springsteen. What is the missing word?

"Blinded by the light...wrapped up like a ____________ of the runner in the night"

2. What's a good album to find if one is interested in getting into the Dixie Dregs?
this is what my user name is from

sproggy question

So question for ya (even if your child is too young for this to be an issue yet or you don't even have one!);

You come across your child been beaten up by another, slightly bigger looking child do you
A) stand back and wait for them to finsh and carry your bloody and beaten child home?
B) shout for them to stop, and if they do not wait for them to finish and carry your bloddy and beaten child home?
C)Try to yank your child out from under the agressor with out touching the other child?
D) Pull the other child off your child and take your child home?
E) Pull the other child off, beat them to a bloody pulp and tell them NEVER to touch your child again? (yes, yes it's a joke already!)

So, what do you good people say?
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Okay, I'm thinking of a movie. The title was something like "pink boy" or "boy in pink" or something with the words pink and boy in it. It was French, that's the English title. It was about a boy who wants to wear skirts and dresses and stuff, he's 7-10ish, and his parents are kinda freaking out and taking him to psychologists and such. He read a basic bio book or something, and thinks his other X chromosome missed the chimney and landed in the garbage when the stork dropped him in, and that's what he's trying to tell people. At one point he's talking about a boy he likes(and likes him back, I think) and says(subtitles) "We're going to get married when I'm not a boy anymore."
At the very end, I believe his parents still aren't cool with it, but he's outside playing in a skirt or something, and there's this kinda chunky kid with short-cropped hair sling-shotting rocks at him. The chunky kid's mom yells out something like "(Very obviously female name), Get back in here! and change out of those clothes!" and the skirt-boy gets this look of ":O I'm not the only one!"

What is this movie called? The line about getting married randomly popped into my head when I was on my way to class, and now it's driving me nuts. I wanna see it again, if I can.

kicking a bad habit

I think one of the worst habits I have is procrastination and everyone gets on me about it. My mom jokes that I'll probably buy my wedding dress the day of my wedding day.

I've tried to kick this habit of doing things last minute and not finishing things, but sometimes I just think it's better for me. I tend to get better grades on papers I write right before they're due. Unfortunately I get stressed days before and I just can't get myself to start things. My friends even get irritated at me a lot.

Also, I feel that I'll just procrastinate so much that eventually I will never get the things I really want to do in life accomplished, like my dreams.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get rid of my procrastination habits or how I can better deal with procrastination?

Or maybe now you're an ex-procrastinator, how did you get rid of this bad habit?
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Drink Me

what the??

ok, so i was watching The Mummy Returns this morning on DVD. in the 2nd to the last scene when all of the magjie (or however it's spelled) just defeated the first wave of anubis' army and are now facing the main body, the main maji who's been through the entire movie says "allah be merciful."
here's the question; if this guy is a maji, fighting to protect and preserve and defend, etc. all of the things of ancient egypt, WHY is he praying to allah? i don't get it.
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let's go

is everyone's layout messed up?
mine is, and it annoys me, i hate it.

1. What are you doing right now?
2. What are you wearing?
3. What have you already eaten today?
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I need snacks to eat at work, since I can no longer look at the protein bars without nausea. The snacks must be:

1) Not easy to squish or spill. (Since they will either have to go in my backpack or my gymbag on the way to work.)

2) Portable. (For the same reasons.)

3) Low in carbohidrates.

4) Low in calories.

Any ideas?
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Besides food and hygiene, what are some other causes of bad breath? What are some of the best ways to prevent it? Do charcoal pills help?

I'm pretty good on maintaining healthy oral hygiene but I'm always self-conscious about it regardless. I work closely in an office with clients & colleages and I'm terrified of even the possibility of me having bad breath. Weird, I know.

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1. For you fish enthusiasts out there, can my guppies eat freeze-dried brine shrimp? Will they like it? What about freeze-dried bloodworms?

2. Do any of you take half-showers and full-showers? I can't wash my hair everyday or it gets really dried out and nasty, so I wash it every other day. When I wash it or shave my legs (can't do both, not enough hot water) that's a full shower. When I don't do either and just wash my body, that's a half-shower. Am I alone in this?

3. It's a gorgeous day outside day. 70 degrees, sunny, just enough breeze to fill my apartment with awesome fresh air when I opened the windows. How's the weather by you??? Is it spring yet where you live? ;o)

4. Has today been a good day so far?
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I've got a song stuck in my head... No, I have a single line stuck in my head.

About 11 years ago, my family went to Europe. Everywhere we went, I heard this song in the discos and shops. It was a dance tune and all I remember from it was "Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey". I think I saw a video for it on Euro-MTV when we were over there, too.

Ring a bell to anyone? (I did Google the lyric and it came up with "Sweets for my Sweet" by the Searchers, but that's not the one I'm talking about. That's an oooooold song.) I've never been all that into the dance/club music, but this song is driving me crazy!
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Why do people ring you, and hang up before you get a chance to answer it? Ever had this happen, where it rings like once or twice, and then stops?

Secondly, if the phone is ringing and you accidentaly press the "hang up" button instead of the "answer" button, why doesn't the person who is trying to call you ring back immediately?

I'm waiting for a very important phone call and I think I may have accidentally hung up on the incoming call. But they haven't rung back!!!! Argh.
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What is your opinion on people's choices of icons. Do you think that if they're choices are usually pictures of themselves, they're conceited, or, on the other side, if they don't have pictures of themselves, do you think they don't like how they look, or are they hiding?

I always find myself going to the user info, b/c I like to see what people look like. I get a little frustrated when they don't have a picture.

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ok. i am 18, and my sister is 16, (this is irrelevent, but) and we swear that about 10-12 years ago, planters made a kind of chocolatey yummy goodness that was a soft peanut SHELL outside and creamy chocolate in the middle. i've brought this up to friends and they say "oh yea..."

do you guys remember this? what happened to it? it was the best thing ever.
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I just finished reading the play Hedda Gabler by Ibsen.

Have you read it? Do you think Hedda is a victim? Why or why not?

My professor usually referred to her as one...but I just couldn't find myself sympathizing with her.
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I just peeled the skin off a blister on my toe. I've got it wrapped in cotton and a band-aid to soak up any excess fluid.

1. Is it safe for me to go jogging tomorrow (and to the gym Friday)? Or do I need to stay off my feet till this thing heals lest it get infected?

2. What can I do to stop getting blisters? I've quit wearing boots to school since I do a lot of walking. But wearing Skechers sneakers isn't helping.
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approximately how much would it cost me (I'm in the U.S. -- New Jersey to be exact) to have a living will drawn up? nothing fancy, just something simple that basically says "If I'm brain-dead or a total vegetable or in a coma for more than... say... 6 months.. pull the plug, please, and give my organs to those who can really use them".

i'm 26 and hope nothing will happen to me anytime soon, of course, but i'm single and if a decision had to be made it'd fall to my mother -- and I don't want her to ever have to make that choice for me. But I don't really have the money to hire a lawyer, unless it's really cheap to have this thing drawn up. Or.. is there a kit I can buy and just maybe have it notarized?

Make your bed, young lady.

Do you make your bed? Personally, I've never seen the point. I sleep. I get up. I get back in. I sleep. Why should I make it if I'm just going to mess it up again? The only time I ever bother to make it up is when I change the sheets and it looks so nice and pristine, and then I get the satisfaction of messing it all up again.
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What does this mean?:

"...the time has come for dispassionate discharge of duty."


Here is the context:

"Any further action by our court or the district court would be improper," wrote Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr., one of the members of the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. "While the members of her family and the members of Congress have acted in a way that is both fervent and sincere, the time has come for dispassionate discharge of duty."
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someone's earlier post reminded me of something i was wondering about....

we were watching the movie POWDER the other day where the main character's mom was struck by lightning moments before he was born, so he had a condition where his skin was powder white and he couldn't grow body har (along with having paranormal abilities but that's beside the point).

so he has NO body hair, including pubes, eyebrows..... BUT he had eyelashes. why?

aren't eyelashes body hair?

my boyfriend said "OBVIOUSLY" they couldn't just remove his eyelashes JUST for filming a movie. but i thought....why not? they always do drastic things for movies.

and don't some people not have eyelashes to begin with, or even have to have them removed like for eye surgery?

so it's not like it would be that TRAGIC to have his eyelashes removed for the filming of the movie, especially when they already went to the extreme of removing every other hair on the body.

any ideas?

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can someone rec a community that is really happening? like one that i can play around on anytime that i'm bored, such as right this minute? this comm is really great, but i need more. thanks.
krazie kermit
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So, I have MSN as my e-mail, and I USED to be able to comment on livejournal from my e-mail, but all of a sudden, one day I can't.
It's such a pain to open a new browser and look for the comment

has anyone else had this problem?
and how do i fix it?

Thanks in advance
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Anyone know where I can find a GREEN iSkin-style case for my iPod mini?

A true green. Not that fugly neon-green one.

(Although if you have that one - is it as disgustingly bright as it looks online?)
omg double

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When you close your eyes and then really squeeze them, do you hear a sound? How would you describe it?

Which do you do more often: fill out only the Music option, or only the Mood option?

and … do you have a really great recipe for peanut butter cookies?
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