March 29th, 2005

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miss manners.

you walk into a room and someone is in there and starts making small talk with you. you politely smile and nod and tell them you have to get back to what you were doing as you start walking away. they say ok, but keep talking. you keep walking.

is it more rude to be the person who keeps talking when you just told them you have to get back to what you were doing? or more rude to walk away when they are still talking?

how do you handle the situation from either perspective?

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I just started using LimeWire (shhh! dont tell Metallica) and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer the files into a different folder so that they actually disappear from the original "Shared" folder. I can move them but they still appear in the shared folder also.
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What is your preconceived notion of people based soley on their names? Physical characteristics, personality, etc.

1. Katrina
2. Larry
3. Joan
4. Henry
5. Adam
6. Sally

Edit: Try to answer before reading the others' comments. Then compare. =)
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Does anyone have, or know where to go, to find a picture of..the woman in 13 going on 30..of her picture in the movie when she has those sticks in her hair? I wanna show my friend the jacket because I can't describe it.
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two questions, sort of

1) if you've been in the girl scouts, what was your experience like? i have a very active 5 year old and am thinking of enrolling her in gs. what kind of money per year am i looking at forking over? what about time? are there any similar groups to the gs?

2) what city/state/national parks are in your area (or have you visited) that are 'do not miss'?
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Is there a stereotype about your city/state/country that you'd like to clear up?

Not everyone in San Francisco is gay or a tree-hugging liberal.
And no, we do not surf to work in California. (Although, if it keeps raining, I may be rowing a boat home.)
Thank you.
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ACK! mac help asap!

i'm working on a digital story project for class. I am using pics and video clips shot with my digital camera. the program i have to use at school is imovie (;_;). the macs accepts the pics fine, but the video files are in *.asf format (whatever that is) and can't be read. what should i do? is there a way to save the clips as another video format?
thanks for your help!
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Somebody asked a question earlier that had me wondering...

How many lesbians do you know and do they have long hair or short hair (celebrities don't count)?

While I know many women with short hair, all the lesbians I know (four) have short to REALLY short hair (ranging in ages 18-50+).

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Anyone here with cats ever have this problem? My cat's been peeing RIGHT outside of his litterbox. He's not peeing all over the house like when he had a bladder infection or anything...he's just peeing right next to the litterbox. I can't figure out why! Has anybody here had a similar problem?

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Selling plasma- Are the requirements the same as donating blood? I mean, I figure that they would be other than, say, having a certain iron level...
But, specifically, I lived in Germany on a military base about... 1987-90 ish. I can't donate blood because of it, but would I be able to donate plasma?

I've called them about it, they say they don't give that information over the phone because then I could come in and lie about it. I'm not gonna go lie- I just don't want to waste my time or theirs, but I also don't want to be passing it up if I *can*.
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What can I do about my neighbor's thumpin' car stereo?

I am sick, have a headache and I really don't feel like listening to the bass from their car's stereo system.


They have now left, thank god. Thank you guys for all the suggestions and I will definitely keep 'em in mind for the next time it happens. Unfortunately, it happens too often but I usually just deal with it. It's just that, today, it was making my headache worse.
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I think a while ago some fast food chain was giving away/selling those things that count how many steps you take each day... does anyone know which chain? Are they still offering those?

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Does the Bible say anything about being against tattooing/piercing the body?

Does any religion have an opinion on whether or not body modification of that sort is good or bad?

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I feel kind of dumb because I read the comments on my previous entry and on mbmargarita's entry but...would someone please give me specific step-by-step instructions on blocking viewing of a certain Myspace?</span>

One of my problems is figuring out the specific URL, not the really really long one that's used when you click on someone's Myspace off their userpic.


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Do you type "correctly"?

ie, don't look at the keys, hands in the right position, etc?

I thought for the most part I did, but I realize now that I look at the key board quite a bit more often then I knew I did. 10-key I'm fine, I can do that while on the phone, answering a question, reading a book, whatever. But alphanumeric I look at the board. I found this out because I stayed at the office late and the lights go out after a certain amount of time of no one moving around, and so I was sitting here in the dark having trouble typing because I can't see the keys very well (ie my eyes haven't adjusted yet, when they do, I'll be fine again.)

Hm. strange.
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Do you own any shirts that have political/opinionated messages on them? (Ex: anti-Bush, pro-vegetarian, etc)

What do you think of people who wear shirts with opinions on them?
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Another one fer ya.

I have a quart of milk in my fridge. The date on the carton is 3/05/05. This is, I'm assuming, the "sell by" date. I have never opened this carton.

Is it safe to use in cooking?

EDIT: It smells OK, and I poured the whole thing into a glass to check for chunky stuff, they are absent. Soooooooo... I'm chancing it.
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what is the name of that song from the earlier nineties that had the video with the people dressed like bumblebees in it and i think the group that sang it was... blind melon? I can't remember though. it was featured on VH1.

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Can someone please tell me the correct way of formatting a formal letter?

I used to know, but I have forgotten, it's a formal letter to a company - do I put my address at the top right and their address at the top left? It is to whomever it may concern or is it dear sir/madam? How would it close? It just doesn't seem to look right and I need it to look smart.
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pregnancy in a dream

Have you ever had a dream in which you're pregnant even though you aren't in real life? Or better yet, has anyone had a dream where you're mysteriously pregnant all of a sudden and there's no logical explanation behind it?

Everything I've read in dream dictionaries is saying that pregnancy when you're not pregnant is a sign of personal growth that isn't ready to be talked about yet or creative growth. The fact that I was absolutely devastated by it and everyone around me in the dream was happy for me eases my mind a little, but still. For the record, there's no chance I could be pregnant in real life, but can anyone shed some more light on this weird subconscious metaphor for me?
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1. Do you keep receipts? For how long?
2. What does "plus dome" mean/refer to?
3. Anyone remember True Meaning of Life back when it had the really funny dicussion forum? Before they had to take it down? Sigh...
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Do you know what polyamory is?

If you know what it is, what do you think about it?

What's one thing you would ask a poly person, if you had the chance?
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