March 28th, 2005


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Are there any good sites I could use to look up cheap CHEAP motels/sleeping places in London? How expensive is it to stay in London for...3-5 days? Other than the usual things, what else could a tourist do? And with that in mind, where are some great music stores?

How much money do you think an 18 year old would spend in 13 days all over Europe?

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there's a question in here somewhere, just be patient.

I fooled around in a squash court the other day for the first time. I think it could be something I'd like to do, but I'm confused a little about the balls. The only ball they had at the gym was this very very tiny ball that didn't bounce very high at all. This ball is probably good for expert players, but i need a higher bouncing ball.

I went to wal-mart to look got my own raquet and balls. I got a racquet that is probably meant for racquetball, but I'm not sure that willmake too much difference. The only balls they had were much larger than the one I had used at the gym, and I think they are probably meant for racquetball, too. Does it matter? I guess if I'm just playing around for fun, it doesn't matter if I specifically use a squash ball... but I'm just wondering. Are racquetballs and squash balls different? And.. do squash balls come in different sizes?
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Why is that when you dye an egg purple, it almost always has pink dots and lines all over it? (Does anyone know what I'm talking about?) Why don't other colors get screwed up like that?

Why do colleges care about legacy?
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Star Wars novels and comic books

I've recently been getting interested in reading some of them.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. I believe the number officially stands at "a shitload". Meaning, its rather difficult to know where to start.

I'm not so much interested in specific plot threads at this point, looking for a more general overview. Are there specific titles I should start with, or at least authors that cover the universe in a wider sense, to get the general trend of things that have happened? I'll delve into more specific stuff later, when I've got a better idea how things are going than reading the stuff at can give me. Basically, a story about a specific mission and the troubles along the way... not what I'm looking for. But a story that covers an especially critical time, such as the whole thing with Thrawn, that affects the story on a galactic scale, thats the sort of thing I'm looking for to get started.


My absolute worst phobia has always puzzled me. I am deathly afraid of having a full stomach. Like, come Thanksgiving or some special feast *ahemeastercough*, I can't eat too much because if I get stuffed, this paralyzing fear shoots through my body and I can't do anything except sit around totally still and silent until I've digested a bit of my meal and the super-stuffed feeling goes away. It only lasts a little while because by now I KNOW eating too much will do this to me, but I still go a little overboard sometimes because I LOVE FOOD ;_;

Oh, and I have fast metabolism ...

Do you have any phobias? I mean, a real PARALYZING deathly fear of something, especially something weird??

I was going to look for a website that has a list of thousands of different phobias, but do you know any off the top of your head? Sites, I mean. :3

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Today at work, I was talking with another lady about losing weight. I told her that I mess around with weights for 20 minutes a day, walk the treadmill for 25, and then swim some laps about 4 or 5 days a week along with eating a lot of healthier stuff other than what I used to. She told me she loses weight an easier way, by taking a weight control vitamin by one source, and Trimspa everyday. She claims to have lost almost 10 pounds this week because of it, which I think is impossible.

So my questions are:

Is it safe to mix those 2 like she does?

And can you actually lose 10 pounds in one week because of it?

TWO weightloss/control suppliments don't seem like a safe idea to me...
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jury duty

Would it be wrong of me to try really hard to get on a jury (I have jury duty tomorrow) just so I don't have to go to work? It's my spring break and I got scheduled 45 hours at work this week. I work at an accessories store in the mall and at this point, I'd much rather be on a jury than spend my entire week off school in that stupid store with an older woman who takes the job entirely too seriously. Or should I try to get out of it?

What are your jury duty experiences?

job emails

if I'm applying for a job and their ad says they want a resume through email, what format should i send it in?
.doc or .pdf ? one of each?
or should i just put it in as part of the email's text (the horror)!
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Can anyone get this test to work at

With Safari I can't draw the lines because the image moves.
With Firefox I just can't draw the lines.
And Internet explorer doesn't do a thing.

Edit: Got it to work.

Ofcourse another question: Are the results correct for you? They are for me. The trait snapshot is especially scary (as in it's completely right). How can they do that with a photo? How can the length of my nose decide if I'm secretive, strong or libertarian?
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Scrapbook help?

I bought a 12x12 scrapbook.

I bought colorful 12x12 scrapbook cardstock paper.

...Now what?

I want to organize a personal scrapbook, but I have no clue where to start, regardless of what I want to put in there. Do any of you have examples of scrapbooks to show, or maybe give me some kind of advice on this kind of thing?

What sort of things would you put in a scrapbook?
How would you arrange one?
Are there websites out there for the purpose of helping people make scrapbooks?

Any help is appreciated. I really wanna get this project underway, but I'm a perfectionist and don't want to just make a haphazard mess of things. I'm completely stuck with creator's block, and I need someone's guidance to begin at all. Thank you!

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1. If a journal has been deleted and purged, how long does it take for the username to be available again?

2. Has anyone else got a bad cough with dizziness and occasional earache?

3. What's the most embarrassing song on your playlist?

4. Does anyone else have trouble spelling words with two pairs of consonants, like 'embarrassing'?
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Last night a guy and a girl had a really big fight about goodness knows what righ outside my door. It involved a LOT of "fuck"s (from the guy).

The girl says: Where do guys get off!? What makes them think that ANY of those words or actions are appropriate for ANYONE!?  ESPECIALLY A GIRL!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!

Now, I can understand the 'anyone' part, but 'especially for a girl' kind of throws me off. Do you think that females deserve special treatment? I mean, if you're in an argument, do you think you need to soften what you say to her?

Personally, I think if she's going to be fighting with somebody she should be prepared to handle what he's going to say. I can appreciate not liking people to use that language, but does it really matter if you're a girl or not?  (especially if 2 minutes later you use the abbreviation "WTF"...?

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Let's say that a class grade is based on 3 test grades.

Test one is 20% of the grade, test 2 is 30% and the final exam is 50%.

I got a D on test #1 (a 69).

Assuming that I get a D or F on test number 2, yet I hypothetically make an A on the final, so I still have a chance of passing this class with a "C"?

tend skin

I've heard Tend Skin recommended on here before for razor burn, etc. However I've looked all over for it and can't find it! I know I can order online, but I would prefer to buy in the store if possible. If you buy it, where do you get it? Do you recommend anything else?

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Hypothetical Inheritance Question.

Say one lives in Europe; more specifically, England.

There is a man who has a 16 year old god-son. He has no other children of his own. This mans only blood relatives are two first-cousins, both of which estranged. If this man were to die, who would inherit his estate?

I'm assuming the god-son, however, he is under-age (then again, that is in the US, I'm not sure how this applies to laws in England). So here in the US, someone would be his appointed representive for the estate until he reached the age of 18. But then again, I could be totally wrong, if the estate would go to the blood relatives, instead of the adopted god-son.

This is assuming that the man left no last will and testament.

What do you think?

ps, extra points if you know whom I'm talking about
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When you watch a TV show like CSI and the detectives find a human skeleton the scientists are able to determine the gender and the race of the skeleton, how is that done? What are sex based and ethnic differences in human skeletons?


If you had a wedding, what was your budget?
How much did you spend on the cake? How many servings did it provide? How many people were at your wedding?

Also, are there any creative suggestions for a wedding cake substitute? For example, I saw on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" that instead of having a cake, they had tiers of cupcakes. I don't think it was a wedding, but I thought it was a cute twist to an original idea. What else can decoratively be put on tiers?

I'm celebrating my 10th anniversary. We didn't have a public wedding, so I'm going to make this more of a wedding-ish event (kinda... it's at a bar). I'm expecting about 200 or so people.
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what are some of your absolute favorite foods to make in the microwave???

i really could use some suggestions. my husband is the cook between the two of us and when hes not home i'm kind of LOST. help, please?! we have a gas range and i'm deathly afraid of gas ranges so i'm brought down to the microwave.

A British angle

I cancelled my DVD rental package with as I can't really afford £13.99 per month. This price seems to be the norm for most other websites. However, I was looking at Amazon and they have a package for £9.99 per month and you can get up to 6 DVDs per month or £7.99 per month for four DVDs.

Has anyone rented DVDs from How good is the service and the availability? Is there any other cheaper websites out there?
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Sometimes I'll be randomly looking at a person's profile and it will say "this person is in your extended friends list!".

Is there any way to view exactly HOW these people are my friend's friend's friend? Or whatever?

I'm really not good at navigating that site.
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This is probably suited in a Bible community but I don't know of any. I personally don't believe in God and have not read the Bible but these are some things I've been wondering about.

When I think of Jesus, I think of some skinny white guy with long brown hair, but in my mind I know this isn't true. He had to have been bigger, with a short cut, curly hair, with dark skin...or something like that. Right? Why isn't he pictured that way?

If God created Earth as is then how do people explain Dinosaurs? Are dinosaurs in the Bible?

For me, evolution is so clear. Why isn't it for others? We were not like this thousands of years ago yet for some people evolution is not even a thought in their mind. God created us as is (I'm assuming?)

Who created God? Doesn't something have to create something?

I heard on a television program Hell isn't even really mentioned in the Bible. That mainly what we think of Hell comes from Dante's Inferno Was the idea of Hell created just to keep people in line?

Also, I read Easter has more Pagan roots?

If God forgives and accepts all why aren't people more accepting of other races and sexual preferences? If He forgives why send people to Hell? Why would God make black people if he didn't like them. Where do some religious people get this idea that it's okay to hate on the gays? Where in the Bible does it say being gay is wrong?

Why do people believe in God and the Bible? How can they believe in something that can not be proven to exist? Isn't the Bible just a bunch of passed down stories and opinions?

Wow, okay. That's a lot.
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1. Does anyone think Scott Peterson is innocent.
1a. Why? Please be specific.

2. Despite what everyone thinks, I have to be Lead Defense Attorney in a Mock Trial..oh damn me, what can I do save my ass and uhm..make him be innocent?
2a. Can anyone give me any specific links or other research information.

3. Does vitamin E work in giving you happier hair and nails? Someone said it makes hair grow faster/longer/etc kinda nonsense.

4. Does anyone know where I can get the Mac Makeup Bible thingy thing without buying it?

Appreciate it!

Cooking Question

I'm planning to cook Macaroni au gratin for my boyfriend's birthday next week. So I went looking for my recipe I have that. In the Bechamel sauce section one of the ingredients I need is a studded onion (cloute). I seem to remember it involved what looked like four cloves stuck into the onion while being cooked in the sauce.

Can anyone tell me what these are?
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What are your absolute worst travel experiences? I don't mean something like, "I went to Wisconsin and it was boring"; tell me about your worst experience while trying to actually get somewhere (e.g. flight delays, car trouble in the middle of nowhere, etc.).

Also, was that semicolon above supposed to go inside the quotation marks? I know commas and periods always do, but I'm fuzzy about other punctuation marks.

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I have the blockbuster movie pass, the one where you have to go to the store not online. I was wondering if you could go to another store, I usually go to the one nearest my house but once I went to another one and they said it didnt work there. I should be able to go to another store...shouldnt I?
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It just so happened that I wrote up a US Postal money order for a transaction that did not take place. I am still in posession of said money order. What can I do with it? Can I deposit it on my own account? Return it to the Post Office for a refund? What?
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Random Questions

1. Do you think it's wrong to "taste-test" foods at the grocery store - such as grapes?

2. Do you think it's rude for people to start eating their food while they're waiting in line to pay for it?

3. What specifically makes a job not worth the money?

4. Do you touch/scratch the bottoms of your own CDs/DVDs? What about other people's?

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Old Kids Shows

I'm trying to remember the name of a particular children's television show that aired in the '80s. I'm pretty sure it aired on PBS. I remember it took place in a toy shop. I think a family of puppet mice lived in the store? I remember most of all that at the end of the intro, the door of the shop would open and a red tricycle would roll in, unaccompanied. I remember being about five and being a little creeped out by that. I asked my brother if he knows what I'm talking about, and he says it's Today's Special, but I could swear that's not it since that show aired on Nickelodeon and took place in a department store. Does anyone know what show I'm talking about?

EDIT: Sorry. The program on Nickelodeon wasn't Special Delivery, it was Today's Special.
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When is it okay to ask a guy who you've had nothing but friendly contact with to go with you out to a social event? We're both nineteen and we both have cars, and we've known each other since last semester.
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Question Club questions!

1. What's the best question you've ever seen on the Question Club?

2. How about the worst?

3. Have you asked a question here?

4. If you have, did you get the right answer in the end?

5. Is there such thing as a stupid question?
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in a recent chat among guys we discovered that a majority of moms and girlfriends are extremely keen on squeezing out blackheads and popping our pimples. imagine our surprise. is that coincidence or do many girls really have a dark fascination with that sort of things? If so, pray tell, why!