March 26th, 2005

simply amazing, lol

This is completely random, but does anyone remember the New Dawn Singers? My friend Kristen and I were talking about them earlier, and we remembered when they came to school back in like, 3rd grade. Keeping in mind we graduated last May, according to, they are still around and perfom in schools all over the United States. Does anyone else remember if they came to your school as a kid? And do you know any small children who have seen them in school? Haha. I think it's amazing that they're still around, same members and all....

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Good digital camera in the under-$200-300ish range?

Preferably more $200ish but I'm willing to spend more if it's worth it.

Well, this would be my first camera so I'm not really sure what I want...

  • Good battery life

  • Flash, definitely

  • A screen where you can actually *see* the picture, not a teensy tiny little thing where you can barely make it out

  • Something made decently that won't shatter to pieces if I put it in my backpack or accidentally drop it....

  • Good quality pictures, definitely important

  • Good zoom

  • Good storage space, or at least the option of using memory sticks for additional storage (sorry I don't know the technical name for them)

  • Maybe a video recording option where you can take short little videos?

Wow I feel kind of dumb...what else should I want? Is it even possible to get all this for my budget?



1. Are you from divorced parents?
2. How old were you when they divorced?
3. Was it hard on you?
4. What could they have done to make it easier on you (other than not do it)?

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How come most online arguments end up being a grammar battle? Man I hate that.

What's your pet peeve? Mine is when people say "what" after I speak, and then when I start to repeat they'll say "oh" and answer my question. Saying "what" shouldn't be a habit, just stop saying it if you really hear me! GAHHH!
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If you're 18 and older, could you answer a few questions for me for my class? I need like, 30 responses XD

How often do you check the news:
Usual source: [edit: specific websites, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, etc]

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Is it a fashion faux pas to wear a denim jacket with jeans? The jacket in question is a different "wash" than the jeans, but similar in color. It's not like dark jeans with a bleached jacket.

I'm leaning towards "no" but opinions would be helpful.

EDIT: and how about a denim jacket with sweatpants? Not like ratty sweatpants necessarily...cute track pants too.

Thanks! :)

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I'm graduating college and applying for an adminstrative assistant position. How much money can I reasonable ask for salary-wise?

I'll also be asking about health insurance and the like.
american psycho.

tanning beds.

Do you use a tanning bed?
How many times do you have to go before you see any results?
Any tips/suggestions/warnings for me?

I'm not really considering it heavily. Just kind of thinking about it. I've had some terrible times with self-tanners and would prefer something a bit more natural and easier to use. I'm leaning more towards mystic tan than actually frying my skin under a hot bed of lights. Still curious though. Thank you.

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1. So, my hangover I had this morning is gone, but I'm still dead tired. I know if I go to sleep now and try and catch up from everything I missed last night, my sleep track will be 100% off and I hate that. I hate just sitting around and watching TV but I'm too tired to do anything. What should I do???

2. Do you ever have those days where you don't like the way your body feels? Like, you'd rather be detatched from yourself, just because you sort of want to be just a spirit and not have to drag around the tired, hot, physical part? It's driving me insane. Anyone else get this?

3. Is it illegal to smoke a cigarette outside, inhale, hold it in until your indoors in a no-smoking place, and then exhale inside?


Hi-- I used to be ask/answer lots of questions in this community, but lately I've just been reading the interesting stuff. Until now, because I have 2 questions:

1. I haven't been writing checks that long, and I was wondering what's the etiquette on asking people to deposit checks? When people hold checks, my actual bank balance doesn't coincide with my manual checkbook balance, and I'd like to ask people to deposit the checks I wrote them, but is that impolite? Like, is it my responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds whenever they decide to deposit it? Or is it okay to request their deposit?

2. I played with a friend's guitar, and it's unfinished, and it has a REALLY NICE sound. So, my question is: do unfinished guitars cost more because the sound quality is better, or less because less labor was involved?


Animated Kitty :)

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I feel like I've looked everywhere, but obviously I haven't b/c I haven't found what I'm looking for yet!

Does anyone know of a cool site where I can buy a garter belt set (garter belt, thong, bra (esp for smaller busts), and stockings)? I tried Fredericks and Vickies, but I can't find anything that would fit a smaller bust. So, any suggestions?
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I want to dye my hair, like red or pink. Cause I love color and I think it would make me incredibly happy to have something so bright and cheery around me all day.

My friends and family and co-workers think this is a silly reason to dye it.

Do you think so?

I'm not "punk" or "goth" or "raver" or "alternative lifestyle" or...anything...I'm just dorky, so long un-styled (what looks like currently) colorful hair might look a little odd, but if it makes me happy, who cares?
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Cheating parents

Inspired by the divorce question, I'd like to ask people who found out that one (or both, I suppose) of their parents cheated on the other:

  1. When and how did you find out?
  2. How did you react?
  3. Did they get a divorce as a result?
  4. Has the experience affected how you relate to your significant other?
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Do you think that the Anti-Spyware/Anti-Spam companies, invented spyware/spam? I mean you'd have to actually GET the spyware before you can buy it, so why not screw around people?

What other companies do this? Where they invent the problem so you come to them?
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random acts of boredom

1. What are the pros and cons of primarily using a debit card? I have one and I have no idea if I should be using it or not or when I should use it or anything.
2. What do you do for fun when you're bored?
3. Have you ever been to TJ Maxx?
4. Where's a quiet place to go and think?
5. What commercial annoys you the most?
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I need some advice please.

My boyfriend's exgirlfriend is still on his IM list and yet I'm on there more than he is. This girl has his old computer and he wants it back but he doesn't want to start conflict with her. Would it be out of place for me to ask her through his IM if he can have it back? It's been over 4 years that they've been broken up and I will admit that since I've never met her I have this morbid curiousity to see what she was like. So the main reason I want to do it is to talk to her and see what she has to say. Is this wrong?

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If someone wrote a poem for you would you rather:

A) The hand wrote it and mailed it to you
B) They read it aloud to you
C) They E-mailed it to you

I am not near this person so I cant read it and then give it to them. I want to read it to them (phone) because I want them to hear me and I want that instant gratification, I want to know the reaction. but I also want to write it out cause I dont know..that just seems like what you do I guess. also it isnt exactly romantic
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i am going to be a sleepaway camp counselor this summer for girls in the ages of 8-10 years old. now i know not all of my music is 'apporpriate' for them yet i know they proabally listen to it. does anyone have any good suggestions on music i should get for them to listen to?

xoxo courtney

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Okay. A friend of the boyfriend gave him a box of Samoas, the girl scout cookie. And it actually says Samoas.
I am positive that for 2,3,4 years they were *not* called samoas because of PC issues- maybe caramel delights or something like that. Boyfriend, boyfriend's roommate + friends all think I'm crazy. Am I?

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I made an apple pie tonight but I don't want to bake it because it's too late. Can I bake it in the morning? Should I just leave it out or put it in the fridge?
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