March 25th, 2005


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Im 18 and I have a high reading level but most of my trips to the Book Store end in frustration. Im having difficulty finding a book that is directed to the late teen early twenties group. Most of the young adult books tend to veer to the younger point of view. and books like Bridget Jones about a thirty something career women dont appeal to me because I have no idea what that would be like. and right now Im not interested in that. I read the classics, but right now I just want something...entertaining. Forget if a professor somewhere can have a philosophy discussion about the book. I want to be amused. Ive tried being a girl and pursuing the romance sections but honestly I get overwhelmed, and I dont want some harlequin romance Any suggestions?

Here are a few books that I have really liked in recent years (taken from both sides of the spectrum)

- Youth in Revolt - C.J. Payne
- Better Than Running at Night - Hilary Frank
- All of Dan Browns stuff
- Going Down - Jennifer Belle
- The Anite Blake Vampire Hunter series - Laurell K. Hamiltons (she's the only supernatural write Ive been able to get no Anne Rice sugestions..please)
- Eating the Cheshire Cat - Helen Ellis
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1. why do companies photoshop women's nipples out of lingerie ads?
2. is it better to have three normal meals per day, or one very large meal and a few small ones?
3. if you could only listen to one song for the rest of eternity, what would it be? only one! but you don't have to listen to it constantly or anything.
4. where is your favourite foreign vacation spot? what about in-country?
5. if all governments were in shambles, and a coalition of good-hearted, non-biased people decided to hold a worldwide election for ruler of the world, who would you vote for? (since it's hypothetical, the person can be dead, alive, real, fictional, whatever.)
6. do you balance your checkbook? how often?
7. do you want to come over and listen to some marvin gaye records?
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Terri Schiavo?

What do you think about the whole Terri Schiavo thing going on? I'm not against killing her, since well she can't be living a good quailty of life. What I am against is starving the poor women. Starvation has to be one of the worst ways to go....

What do you think?
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Blockbuster box sets?

I was just talking to some of my friends about Blockbuster's (relatively) new no-late-fees policy, as one of them is thinking of signing up there, and she brought up a question I really couldn't think of OR google an answer to, so I thought I would come here for it.

If you rent one disc of a box set (let's say, like, one disc of a TV series) and don't bring it back -- do they charge for just replacing that disc, or for the whole set? I know Netflix has some system by which they get individual discs, does Blockbuster work the same way?

She's worried because she's notoriously bad about returning things late, but her big reason for signing up is to rent TV. *g*
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hey everyone. need some help here with books.

ive been wanting to read a good book lately, and now that im done with just about every interesting book i can find, i need a new one. and i cant find my waterworld book at my house which is pissing me off. but thats off the subject.
on the whole, i have 2 questions.

·at the beginning of the move "die hard", the credits say that it is based on a book. i cant remember the author, and i dont know the name of the book, although its still probably die hard. can someone tell me the name of that book and the author?

yes, that was 2 questions, but i have yet another. that was more like 2 put together into one.

·like i said before, i have no good books to read. can someone give some nice suggestions?
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Is anyone else having issues with MSN messenger? For a few days it claimed I had a problem with my connection, that it couldn't get up and I should check to see if I was connected. I got pissed and switched to Trillian, and usually it's okay... but every so often it'll claim that it wasn't able to connect because of a bad password. and I say to it, "damn you, I haven't doen anything to the password and it worked fine yesterday!" and click reconnect, and it goes.

Is this just a me thing? What could I do about it if it is?

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Which is better - Netflix or Blockbuster Online? Why?

Blockbuster is a little cheaper, but I've heard Netflix has more choices and you usually don't have to wait as long (cause they have more copies). What do you use?
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I know, I know, I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about the Terri Schiavo case. But I have a question about it, and it's not an opinion one. Does anyone know who is paying her medical bills?

I know that her husband won the malpractice case and that most of that money went to her bills, but with the prices of health care and hospital stays, her bills must cost more than what that money covered, right? So who is paying for it all, if it isn't fully covered? Is it her husband and his insurance? If so, are her parents prepared to take over her medical bills if the feeding tube is to be reinserted? I know nothing about this aspect of it, so please enlighten me. Thanks!

help me recycle.

how can i find a recycling center in my area?

there is nothing listed in my local phonebook. i have tried googling but it just doesn't seem to be working out for me. i live in mcconnellsburg, fulton county, pennsylvania. (seriously, i have tried "find recycling center" "recycling center pennsylvania" "PA recycle" and like twenty other combinations.) maybe you'd have better luck finding it than i have had?

i don't want to throw away my paper and plastic anymore! i hate not recycling, but haven't been able to since i moved here because it's not something that people do around here. i have asked my neighbors because they look at me like i have six heads when i say that i want to recycle. i have heard a rumour of one maybe being somewhere moderately close, but nobody seems to know where it actually is. where is it hiding?

more book questions

anyone know of a good program for tracking books/book info in your own personal library? i've got hundreds of books and would like to know what they are. :p
the info i want to track would be title, author, isbn, date of publication, all that good basic stuff.


I've been curious about maybe going into temping, but I don't really know anything about it. What sort of skills and experience should I go in there with? I figure they'll be a typing test which I think I could do decently on (I type at least 75 wpm), but other than that, what should I expect?
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Does anyone know what this sickness is?

My friend is feeling awful. His back hurts terribly, he was awful chills, he coughs sometimes and feels very nauseous. We're worried that it could be mono..although we have no clue. I'm reading up on it..but it's all so vague, and he's not in full-on mono mode now. He can walk and move and swallow. His throat hurts him too, but he can swallow and all. He's very weak and tired.

Obviously I am very worried, so if anyone can help out, thanks.
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One for the Dr. Who Fans

Hey there, all.

Have been listening to a surprisingly-good radio show (made by the BBC, I think) about the Daleks taking over the galaxy. The Doctor isn't in it; or at least he hasn't shown up yet, and I only have 1 part to go, so I don't think he's going to appear.

My question is in regard to Dalek physiology. I know that there's a little semi-organic globule inside of that robot. My question is, to anyone who can answer, what is that? I know the Daleks were created by a crippled scientist, but where did that organic (if it is, indeed, organic) component come from? Did he grow them to work inside the robots, or is that a race that was "recruited" to serve as the inside of the Daleks? Is that the real "brain" of the robot? Is it able to do anything other than just squirm around if it's not inside the shell?

Any input, pls?
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temping for manpower

To follow up on the temping question just asked:

I've filled out applications for Manpower now, and tested "Master" level on all the software exams, even the software I've never used much like Access and Outlook.
I'd like to hold out for a "Manpower Professional" position, which might be a direct to hire job in my field, which would be lovely, or a temp job in my field (technical writing and editing).
But they had me fill out stuff for Clerical as well, and now I"m getting lots of offers for clerical jobs, and they pay decently too.
However, they haven't informed me of their policies, so I'm curious as to whether anybody has worked for them and what these specifics are. I'd like to decide by next week and of course nobody is in today or this weekend:

1. I know I cannot get paid vacation time until I've worked there a year. But I know I will need about 7 days total unpaid vacation time in the next year (wedding, family gathering, both are out of town, and I've skipped other gatherings and so I must go to these if I want my relatives to speak to me any longer, plus I'm the "driver" in my family so I've already agreed to take some other ailing relatives to both).
Am I allowed to take unpaid vacation time? I don't have a problem with the unpaid part, but I haven't heard anything about sick days or unpaid days, and that worries me. I don't need sick days at all, but I've been used to applying them (unpaid) for situations when I need to be elsewhere at past jobs. I really never feel like skipping work unless I'm puking and the last time I did that was 8th grade. I really need to know that I'll still be able to go to this stuff, and both occur over the summer. Otherwise I don't need time off (and I'll know the dates months in advance. One is finalized already, the other will be soon.)

2. They keep on offering me 1 year positions. What the heck do I do if I'm offered a full time job from Ford, Chrysler, or this radio station I'm interviewing at while I'm temping? Am I allowed to quit? They seem to be implying NO but haven't actually told me so. And that worries me too.

SO yeah, those are my two questions. I'd like to be informed before they call me back on Monday with more offers.
Any ideas?

Meat-induced headaches?

Has anyone who is on a reduced-meat (white-meat only, small amounts or none) diet found that you get headaches when you eat meat (especially red?)

I've had crippling headaches the past few days, and the only difference I can figure is that I have been eating much larger amounts of meat (especially beef) after weeks of little or none.

(I have already tried all my usually headache remedies including water, caffeine, sleep, and ibuprofen)
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Font question:

Does anyone have the font "Maestro" and is willing to send me a copy? I have Finale 2000 but I seem to have misplaced that particular font.

To avoid spam mail we'll make other arrangements for anyone who is willing to assist. Thanks for your time!

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How do you get rid of thread veins?
I think thread veins is the word for them, lots of little red veins on the sides of my nose, I've always had them but they seem to be getting worse with age, they are very noticeable even with a tone of make-up (..and I'm trying to stop using make-up too).
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Blocking users

Is there any way for me, not the community, to block a single user of this community so I can't see their posts or replies? There is one person here who consistently irritates the crap outta me - don't ask, I'm not saying who it is, and I'm not interested in flaming or other disrespectful actions - and I would like to be able to avoid it. I'm guessing there's no way to do this, no worries, it would just be a little more enjoyable.


so, i got a stomach bug/flu/virus thing. i feel semi-alright now, just tired and a little nauseous.
i haven't eaten anything all day, and am pretty hungry now, but am afraid of eating something
and then throwing it up....any advice? are there any safe foods for me to eat?
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when i was young, people said you shouldn't swallow gum, that it'll stay in your body for years... (i'm sure some of you have heard this before)...

do you think that the hydrochloric acid is strong enough to destroy gum in your stomach?

Teen's Privacy

I was just watching a news report about a bill that could restrict teenager's medical privacy in favor of the parents' "right to know." They interviewed a doctor who has her qualms about it, but totally re-framed what she said to mean something different. After quoting her about her hesitations, they said, "But she does agree parents have the right to know" and then show her saying "I understand how parents would want to know." Woah, understanding their desire and saying that desire should override the teenager's desire are two totally different things. But anyway, my question is - at what age do you think someone should have the right to privacy over their own medical records?

And on a totally different note, when sleeping together with someone (as in actually sleeping) are you a snuggler or do you need your space?

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I need to write an outline on rituals in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart. For those of you who have read it, what did you think are the most interesting rituals in the book (ie: the kola nut, the women and how they serve the food/the order, etc) by etc, i mean i can't come up with anything else....
Thanks in advance!
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A young man fell, injured himself, and has been in a coma. Before the injury, he lived with his roommate. Now he's woken up.

- Does his roommate get notified? When, and by whom?
- How long will the man be in the hospital? I'm assuming he'll need some kind of physical therapy to be able to walk normally, considering he's been in the coma for a couple months or so.
- Is there anything else about this situation I should probably know if I'm going to write a story with this in it?
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1. When you get a brazilian bikini wax for the first time, how long does it usually last?
2. how much does it usually cost?
3. Is it embarrassing to be in front of some stranger touching your crotch? (i've never been to the gynecologist)
4. How often will I have to get the wax redone to keep it?

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What's one thing you like that most people seem to hate, in each of the following categories? (You can justify it if you want, but don't have to)
1. Books
2. Movies
3. Music (can be a song, band, genre, etc.)
4. TV Shows
5. Food
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1. what demographic is nick-at-nite marketed toward?
2. do you watch nick-at-night? how old are you?
3. which is your favorite nick-at-nite show?
4. how long have you watched nick-at-nite?
5. what used to be your favorite nick-at-nite shows that are no longer shown?
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What ways are there to hide a hard-on while wearing sweatpants, so that no one notices, and you become embarrassed, and never want to wear sweat pants ever again for as long as you live?

...that was a bit dramatic >.>

EDIT: I'm only asking because they are mandatory during a new dance class I'm taking... so I want to be careful...
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