March 24th, 2005

_me 4/16/2006

Random Thursday Poll!

This is my first attempt to share a poll with more than just my friends list by advertising it in a few random places. I'm just curious what different people think about a few simple things. Random things. The results should be fun to look at after a few dozen people have voted!

Question topics include but are not limited to: God, cola, and gender.

The poll is on my journal, so the cut below is a fake one.

( Vote Here )

I'm not sure how well this fits in with the community. They are questions, and I think they're good ones. But I could be wrong. Feel free to tell me so. :)
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(no subject)

I'm going to be going home for a visit in a few weeks, and this will involve a very long plane ride. I intend to sleep through a lot of it, especially over the ocean, but for the rest of the time I'd like to bring my cross-stitch with me. I checked the TSA's list of what you can have in your carry-on, and it looks like blunt scissors are acceptable to bring. I have some of those, so I'm set there. But I didn't see anything on their list about needles. The needle I use is only about 1-1/2 inches long, and it's pretty blunt - a little sharp but I can't really even prick my finger with it.

Has anyone else had experiences with taking stuff like this on planes, or know where else I might ask to know whether this is ok to have on a plane?

Thanks! :)
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Ok so I know this might stir a little emotion, but I'm really looking for a opinion based on scientific meathod and reason.

Is it plausable to believe that a "homosexual gene" (or for that matter a "heterosexual gene") exists?

Again opinions based on scientific reasoning please
Geeky Girls

Another Infamous LiveJournal-er

Okay, I just read this in an article about Jeff Weise:

In another posting, on and dated Jan. 4, Weise wrote: "I should've taken the razor blade express last time around. … Well, whatever, man. Maybe they've got another shuttle comin' around soon?"

Entire Article at

Now, I am curious. Anyone have a link to his journal?

Nevermind, I found it, I think.


In case some of you don't know, he is the guy who shot up his high school Monday.
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(no subject)

what is the best shaver out there?

im thinking of getting the sonic one.
the shick quatro looks too painful.

or am i better off getting the $1.95 10 pack of generick(sp) and if so which one?


(no subject)

if you have mainly worked in grocery stores and restaurants and have limited office experience and you are applying to be a receptionist-how would your resume look like?


Pay as You Go Cell Phones

For those that have pay as you go type cell phones...
Do you like it? Would you recommend it? What service do you have?

I have a Tracfone right now, and it sucks. I like can't get service in lots of places. The battery seems to run out in about half an hour. And I don't have voicemail or anything like that. I can't have people call me on it because I can't leave it on without the battery running out, and it beeping at me.

I've thought about getting a real cell phone, but the lowest cost plans I've found is like $40 a month, which is more than I want/can pay.

So, are any of the other pay as go plans better? Maybe it's just my phone because it's several years old. Would you recommend any of the other services? Or just getting a better phone? I want people to be able to call me, and I want voice mail.

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(no subject)

I've probably asked for music recommendations like 300 times already.

What familiar songs from the 40's through early 90's are essential for me to know so I can be all pretentious and call myself a Popular Music Connoisseur?!

Haha, please, serious responses only! I want something more, well, "Summertime" like Porgy and Bess, or even light synthpop like the Thompson Twin's "Hold Me Now." Sweet and cool and Unforgettable, in every way
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(no subject)

1> ever wish you grew up/lived in a different era/generation? if so, which one and why?

2> when you go to sleep do you just HAVE to be in a certain position in order to fall asleep? like on your side, on your back or stomach? or facing a certain wall or something else quirky?

(no subject)

There's a problem in my Chemistry book that I don't know how to do. The examples and explainations they give are all in STP and this one is not. So, I don't know how to do it. Can you please explain to me what I need to do to get the answer?

The question is

What mass of AgNO3 can be dissolved in 250g of water at 20 degreees celsius?

(no subject)

I want to get cruise control put into my car. I have no idea how to do it. Does anybody know how to point me in the right direction?

Here's some info about my car if it can help:

1996 Saturn SL
135,000 miles (approx)
standard transmission

looking for a book title

I've been wondering about this for the longest time:

When I was younger (probably reading "juvenile" fiction), I stumbled across a series of books in my local library, which has now moved and mostly changed their collection (so I can't just go there and find it). I read these books, and they were by a female author, and they were about a girl with cerebral palsy and some of her friends. She wasn't all *that* disabled, and I believe they were older books, and they deal with her growing up and some of the crazy things they do and eventually how that disability defines who she is--and also how it doesn't.

I can't for the life of me remember character names, or situations, or what (I think she falls on her crutches getting out of the car once because she's angry, but that's not much to go on) but I do know that the books were old and well read then (mid-eighties) and that they *did* exist darnit! I really liked the stories and I'd like to look into them for a future children's/adolescent lit course, and to be honest, I just want 'em.

So does anybody know what these books are? Remember, we're looking for fiction. ;)

Amazon wishlist

How do you post your Amazon wishlist on your journal or website?
– I've yet to see that work, if you post the link it is only viewable to you if you're signed in to Amazon.

I want to show my friends my wishlist just in case they ever feel generous, especially with my birthday coming up and all ;oP

How many items do you have on your Amazon wishlist?
Are they all books?
How much does your wishlist amount to?
[Post link to wishlist if possible]

I have 364 items on my wishlist, all books, amounting to around £4640!
(By my calculations anyway)
Lets see if this works - My wishlist.