March 23rd, 2005


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This might be waaayy out there but a few years ago my friends and I stumbled onto this video clip of this Asian boyband. I dont know if they were chinese or japanese or what. either way there were 5 or so guys and they were running around and dancing and singing, it was a music video. the guys were all dressed in tighty whities with fig leaves over their groins...adam and eve esque. Does anyone know what this video is?!
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i got my schedule for next year (junior year in high school) and i was wondering if anyone thinks i should change any of these. keep in mind i'm an OK student, like A's, B's, and maybe a C+ once in a while. i plan to do something medical in my career.

AP American History
AP Biology
Anatomy & Physiology
AP American Literature & Composition

and some other ones are easy but all of those are weighted, and i mean is it really possible to pass all of those or atleast handle them? i dunno, it makes me feel all scared to start the next school year haha. junior year is the hardest i hear, but i'm just making sure that i'm not putting too much load on myself and if i should maybe change some things.

also, has anyone ever been to medical school or know anyone who has been so and gotten a doctorate title or whatever, and if so what it was all like? obviously takes a lot of dedication and hard work but is it really worth spending like 10 years of your life on. hmm. thanks 8)

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How does a woman get away with joining in 'boy talk'?

Most of my friends are male and get used to me talking about sex as they do, as well as having to get used to my constant talking about cunts and menstruation, they sometimes get a little uncomfortable but they really have no choice in the matter and soon get used to it, I don't think men are used to women talking candidly about sex.
At work today I was having a smoke with a couple of guys, they were talking about the usual things of not getting enough and breaking their bed during sex, I attempted to join in as I would with my friends and all of a sudden I felt horribly out of place and they went quiet before carrying on without me. I all of a sudden felt like I needed to change sex/gender and grow myself some balls and a penis in order to talk casually with them, like they thought of me as a bit of an unwelcome joke within their ever so in-depth conversation. All the other people on my shift are male, they all talk about this sort of thing constantly, I feel out of place not being able to join in the conversations they have no problem carrying out in front of me but that make them uncomfortable if I join in, and makes me feel rather stupid if I try to join in.

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Windows XP.

My desktops have been the standard windows stonehenge background, an squirrel eating a bird, back to stonehenge, a labelled dragon skeleton, and now the background from the DDR song Sakura.

I have a password on my computer to log in and to get back on after hibernation. After I log in but before icons and such have loaded up, the dragon skeleton will show on my desktop. And, if I bring the computer out of hibernation, it'll show the dragon desktop before converting to the blue log-in screen.
I'm fairly certain I didn't still get stonehenge when I had the dragon, or evil squirrel with stonehenge... What the hell?
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Ok so I accidentally posted this in my own journal when I meant to put it here... =|

Have you been discriminated against? I'm referring to you personally, not just a group you belong to (age group, race, sexuality, etc.).


you know how people forward emails to all their friends, telling them to fill out this really really long questionnaires with questions like,

beach or mountain?
whats your favorite drink?
who was the last person u touched?

you know what i'm talking about. anybody have any handy?
i want to spam my old friends inboxes.

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Using C or C++, I need to develop a function that will close the program if the user inputs "0". How do I do this? Haha, SOMEONE help me...

ALSO, what are the maximum amount of values that i can put into a pass by reference function? i have five in them, and the function implementation and call and definition or whatever all have the exact same words/initializer things but it says that i am using too many initializers! wtf! that's the only error that i'm getting in the entire program :(
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oo1. what are some websites and/or snail mail addresses that you can receive free items from ((like product samples, et cetera))?
oo2. when you answer a question, do you ever research it before answering, or do you only answer questions that you know the answer to immediately? this excludes opinionated questions of course.
oo3. has anyone here tried a grapple ((an apple that tastes like a grape))? what do you think of it? is it genetically modified?
oo4. have you ever met someone in person whom you befriended from livejournal?
oo5. whatever happened to the cartoon cow and chicken, played on the cartoon network?
oo6. have you ever cheated on an exam? if so, were you caught?
oo7. what is the weirdest online quiz that you have seen?
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Musical genres

What are the core sort of musical genres that you think exist?

As a bit of background to this question, I have over 4000 mp3s in my main iTunes library and they're all tagged as about four thousand different genres. I want to retag them so that they're all one of, say, ten different genres, which will make it much easier to sort them with smart playlists. I'm just having problems thinking up generic enough genres for them. I mean - there's "rock", but what does that include? What genres would you use to tag the library? Keep in mind that I have everything in this from death metal to celtic to opera to disney to mainstream rock to jazz and so on. I don't think I have one style of music that isn't represented in this monstrosity.

So - genres. What do you think are the core ones?
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Okay, I read in a comment on here a...while ago that XP came with a FTP programme. I've looked all over my comp for one but couldn't find one, and I've checked out the net to see if they had any information, but they didn't have any. Can anyone help me out here? Or am I just going crazy?
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Two qeustions, one night, I know! I'm sorry! Besides, I deleted the old one.
I'm working on a character biography, and for fun, I'm doing those "If my character was a fruit, he'd be..." and "If he was a colour, he'd be..."

any ideas?
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I am looking to create a new livejournal for various reasons, and I can't think of a name!

So, I was wondering if you guys could help! :)

Can you think of some words related to light (i.e. luminous, illuminate), or supernatural things (i.e. haunt, ghost) that are maybe not as common?

I realize this is kind of random and strange, but I know most of you have a much larger vocabulary than me.

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I love regular tea, both hot with milk and iced, but herbal tea makes me feel ill, I herbals teas have lots of benefits so I should drink herbal tea instead of regular tea, is there anything I can do to make it taste better (apart from adding honey, which just doesn't work) or is there a certain type of herbal tea I should try that may taste better for getting used to it?

I've tried raspberry leaf tea, a woman's blend, peach spice, camomile, a night time blend and a detox blend, none of which were particularly palatable.

Batch Image Color Editing?

Hey folks, I need a tool that I can use in Windows XP to batch edit the brightness, contrast, or gamma correction of a group of Image files all at once.  I thought you could do this with Irfanview, but apparently not.  I'd prefer a freeware tool if one is available.  Are there any freeware tools that would work?

[Edit: Never mind... I have discovered that PhotoFiltre does what I want it to.]
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Poetry in Motion

I sit a glass of lemonade
on the nightstand prior to sleep
And I think to myself, afraid
Upright, I hope it keeps!

Morning comes, alarm clock shrills
and groggily, foggily, I fumble for snooze
Smack, crack, splash; Fuck! it spills...
Cup is up, towels down, and I let it ooze.

And sleep for another nine minutes.

My only question is...
Had I not thought about knocking it over the night before, would I have done it anyways?
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pro-life or pro-choice?

Poll #460501 pro-life or pro-choice

are you pro-life or pro-choice?


[EDIT: i should add that i disabled comments because i don't want this to turn into a flame war. we've all heard the facts for both sides and are usually unsuccessful in changing others opinions. i simply threw the poll up there to get a feel for the numbers. if you have the need to discuss your opinion on abortion, then feel free to make a new entry inviting people to discuss their opinions.]